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Born to be Wild: Taal's Water Snakes

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Doc Nielsen Donato wades through Taal Lake to study three kinds of water snakes. (Aired February 6, 2013) Born to be Wild Wednesdays, 11:30 PM GMA 7
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rabbit buster (3 months ago)
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/4025692 it says that the snake is venomous ,it is quite a shock for me cause I own one of these
Allysa Nipay (4 months ago)
An0 pwede ipakain sa duh0l? Kinain nya kase ung angel fish k0 at ung drag0n fin k0 😞
sawing puso (1 year ago)
September 29 pomunta aku jan taal lake nag picture aku KSU ang lumabas ahas .
LL Green (2 years ago)
Diga't mas matindi raw ang lason ng mga water snakes kesa karaniwang ahas-lupa? Maliban na laang sa cobra o black mamba siguro. Dibaga nangangagat ang duhol diyan sa Taal Lake? I grew up around that lake.

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