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Back In Action Segment: good posture while walking

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Fitness Therapeutics provides an effective non-surgical, non-drug approach to back pain relief that we call Back In Action. Our goal is reduce and eliminate the pain so you can enjoy an active pain-free lifestyle.
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Oscar S (3 months ago)
Erect posture anyone 😂
Orion Jones (1 year ago)
Was searching several posture treatment methods, and made a decision to quit on this Posture guide “doso shocking guide” (Google it). It turned out simple to follow. Upon giving it a go for the whole day, I discovered a positive change. I`ve been putting it on every day for a month now, and already see good results.
Paris Keith (1 year ago)
There`s a treatment method for posture known as “doso shocking guide” that you could search for on Google. I`ve been suffering from poor posture with painful slumped shoulders however this made a huge difference. Now, I have much better posture without back pain.
Verity Rose (2 years ago)
0:45 no idea how to do that👍

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