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Wearing Clear Plastic Jeans For A Week

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Topshop struck again, this time with completely clear plastic pants ("jeans?"). I had to try them out as part four of my "ugly" clothing series and tbh I didn't hate them as much as I thought I would. What do you guys think? Check out Emma Blackery's Clear Pants For A Day video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bc0_hsYwbgk I said "Outfit" instead of "Day" in this video because I had to take breaks//didn't always wear the outfit for the entirety of the day and wanted to be honest. I did, however, wear the clear pants for 7 days! Don’t forget to click the bell to turn on post notifications! Safiya's Nextbeat: https://nextbeat.co/u/safiya IG: https://www.instagram.com/safiyany/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/safiyajn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/safnygaard/ Assistant Editor: Eric Simpson MUSIC Elevator Mind The Gap Black Lightning Man In Black Silent Pursuit Guilty Pleasures Busy Shopping Romani Reggae Dance Of The Cygnets I Want Action Swan Do What I Do Oohs And Ahhs Via Audio Network IMAGES Plastic Dress / Terry Disney Mini Window-Dresses / Fox Photos Fashion Winner / Fox Photos Flight Attendant Wearing Rain Helmet / Bettmann Yachting Fashion / Express Newspapers via Getty Images SFX via AudioBlocks
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Safiya Nygaard (1 year ago)
Hello friends! What do you guys think of these pants?! Just to be ~clear~, I ordered these pants a few weeks ago (you can check my twitter timeline) and wanted to wait to wear them at Playlist - and I'm so glad I did, because I had a great time and I loved sharing them with you there! I'm not going to stop tweeting and instagramming the videos that I'm planning, because I love getting your input and talking with you guys there - but I'm also going to take the time to make my videos as good as they can be and not "rush" them out just to be first out of the gate. I hope that makes sense! Love you all, and it's back to editing for me as I have another big video I'm working on for you guys (if you remember Tyler's thrift store vlog from a while back!). If you want to check out another video about these clear pants, I have put Emma Blackery's video in the description as well as shouted her out at the end of the video. Love, Saf
Your puns are ~clearly~ incredible
tony torres (1 month ago)
if they were holographic i'd have liked them a LOT better.
The Best (1 month ago)
Why does this video remind me of Ross from friends when he was wearing the leather pants lol😂😂
Anti-PC Cat (1 month ago)
missed oppertunity: NYLON!
vinnysgphone (1 month ago)
Safiya Nygaard impressed that you used USSR instead of just calling it Russia or something but I dig them with the leggings
Israel Mendoza (5 hours ago)
Imagine sharting your booty in these pants!!
Greta Schölderle M (16 hours ago)
The pants look sick with leggings
0:51 made me die 😂😂 WHAT THE F**K ARE THOSE.
Laharika Angel (2 days ago)
Did u wash them ??
kpop _svt_ (2 days ago)
jyp omfg, jyp artists watch out... he will probably make felix ware them or something...
Gauri Pote (2 days ago)
While u started the video before the first day u looked awesome girl
Emily Bates (3 days ago)
Eloise Brandi (3 days ago)
Do you feel like a plastic bag?😂
I did NOT need to see JYP in plastic pants! Jesus that's gonna haunt my nightmares😬😬
megan wood (3 days ago)
I actually like them 😂
Julie L (3 days ago)
Has holosexual
Hiro Smolbean (4 days ago)
they look amazing!!!
iKupcake (4 days ago)
Is that Sarah Baska at 13:31??? Omg lol
Marnie Kilbourne (4 days ago)
For some reason, that kind of crinkly noise bothers a lot of cats. All 3 of mine run out of the room when I shake open a trash bag.
Marnie Kilbourne (4 days ago)
It would be like making a pair of pants out of the packaging comforter sets come in.
Vianna To (4 days ago)
At 8:30 that man was looking at her pants this is his face😦
Piper Haupt (4 days ago)
Just imagine wearing those with an unprepared period 😂
Nonalola (4 days ago)
they could have put some clear mesh inside so they don't stick to your legs
Dionza Swift (4 days ago)
They look okay with pants under them, but why wear pants that you have to wear with pants?
Vironica Raye (4 days ago)
I'm just always impressed with how consistently sofiya credits other creators for similar work.
Rafael Couto (4 days ago)
That's so funny. jaja
Alelu pizza (4 days ago)
This girl is not embarrassed of anything lol
desi kimchi (4 days ago)
Oh please first i didnt get a single reason to wear such crapy pants second please save earth dont promote any plastic product without which everyone is happy we wear clothes to cover they should b comfortable and these pants are clearly not i see the pink and bluish shade of her legs her legs were crying
lexie gayle (4 days ago)
Tsubakisworld (4 days ago)
Cody Thompson (5 days ago)
I feel like these would be really cool for like a concert/party/rave or something, because they're loud enough to mostly cover the pants' sound, and they look really cool for that situation
a username (5 days ago)
After almost 2 years of thinking, I have come to the conclusion that these jeans were made for people who want to tan their legs when it’s cold outside (maybe to get a head start before summer?)
Eva Mihai (5 days ago)
I see you....shi holosexsual..
yoonicorn (5 days ago)
We are worrying about how much plastic is out there in the world and topshop be like "we dont give a fuck"
Patrick Star (5 days ago)
Easy to pick pocket
Carla Albuja (5 days ago)
Cassidy Johnson (6 days ago)
What u could do is put jeans shorts over the clear pants and i guess you could wear them in the rain?
Mokey8000 (6 days ago)
9:23 thats a good outfit
melissa Sinclair (6 days ago)
Wow another amazing video from safiya this is what I subscribed for
Stella Parker (6 days ago)
Dude.. you are going to get athletes foot on the entire bottom half of your body!
Kat McKinzie (6 days ago)
Fog around the crotch! 😂
Sujoyata paul (7 days ago)
basically rain coats for legs lol
ersheri (7 days ago)
So noisy! Can’t imagine you running in them.
Neon Unicorns (7 days ago)
That women tho 6:16-6:30
Isabella Storer (7 days ago)
The noise of the jeans is like amsr 😂😂
Emily Hall (7 days ago)
I saw the holo merch
Ella McCauley (7 days ago)
The song in back of pool scene is “the swan” by Saint-Saëns and she looks like a plastic swan pool floaty
dhaygdhig (7 days ago)
JYP PD nim!!!!
Yuki Cross (8 days ago)
I’m so happy that you talked about JY. Park in the History of clear pants!!
Beth-Ann L (8 days ago)
So you can wash your pants with window cleaner.
Holly norton (8 days ago)
Oh no no no me no likeyyy very uncomfortable
Ella Stanifer (8 days ago)
how do you wash those pants??
Jisoos Christ (9 days ago)
I heard JYP and I was like "what?" I never knew he wore plastic pants before, but that's probably because I only know who he is because of his company.
Ali Williams (9 days ago)
She’s so angry about them
picture perfect (9 days ago)
lol you could wear some really long socks with them that might be kinda cool
Jesse Smoot (9 days ago)
with the fishnet leggings is a look
Jesse Smoot (9 days ago)
i honestly am here for the clear clothing aesthetic like i love shoes and jackets like that
Courtney Osborn (9 days ago)
Honestly, this feels like something teenaged me would wear to troll my high school’s clothing policy..... Principal: you need to change I can see your skin Me: why? I don’t have any holes in my pants.
Rainbow Unicorn (9 days ago)
You know what ruined those photos.......................THE TAGS 😡
Laina Chan (9 days ago)
You may have ligma now
Her second look wasn’t that bad but the third one was good
anonymous. K (9 days ago)
skz stay (9 days ago)
jkjsksks as a kpop fan i got excited for no reason when u searched JYP wearing the clear pants
Julia G (8 days ago)
TotAlly me but papa JYP was slaying them . Love you stay!!
Akshata Bodke (10 days ago)
I have same grey top...
Jadyn Davis (10 days ago)
The guy in the back 8:28
Poker Face (10 days ago)
Good pants for a rainy day.
BTS BLACKPINK (10 days ago)
What if u put like something in your pocket is the pants and people can see the thing lol.
Sophie Speliopoulos (10 days ago)
Ngl I’d wear them but I also would wear bellbottoms so my pants opinions are probably invalid
Agena N (10 days ago)
This is pretty funny. The steamy crotch...omg lol
Hannah Fisher msp (10 days ago)
They actually are not that bar
T Angie Huck (10 days ago)
She had a change of heart *last surprise playing in the background*
3 OF A KIND (10 days ago)
We need clear pants with denim patches on the knee anyone?!
3 OF A KIND (10 days ago)
We need clear pants with denim patches on the knee
3 OF A KIND (10 days ago)
We need clear pants with denim patches on the knee
3 OF A KIND (10 days ago)
We need clear pants with denim patches on the knee
keygurumi (10 days ago)
when they came out with those plastic jeans I immediately thought of jyp
Elizabeth (10 days ago)
What a great couple! 😃😄
humankind101 (10 days ago)
i think it'd be useful when it's rainy season but you still want to look fashionable 👍
Emma Campbell (11 days ago)
If you wore those in "the quiet place" you would be the first one dead XD
Get Exposed (11 days ago)
can't find them anywhere! help
Leslie [] (11 days ago)
*whispers* JYP
L&A GANG (11 days ago)
*JYP* 😜
januda games (11 days ago)
jyp hmm
The Roblox Myth Leaks (11 days ago)
i mean someone can see everything you own and steal it same with clear purses '_'
Poppy Hall (11 days ago)
8:29 LOL
Amazing Gaming (11 days ago)
I just noticed but you are wearing simply nailogical merch near the beginning
Martha Aguilar (11 days ago)
Maybe they'll be good on a rainy day?
Amia Evans (11 days ago)
Who else noticed the woman behind safiya starting ar 6:15 following her
julia - (11 days ago)
Idk What to write here (11 days ago)
This is soo bad for the clima.
Aoibhinn Corcoran (11 days ago)
They're no more questionable than her alien tshirt that looks like it came from a 12 yer olds tumblr wardrobe
Lessie (11 days ago)
Lol I love how JYP makes a random appearance
James McCaskill (11 days ago)
Nothing like saying your gonna go to bed early, "Come on bro you can do this, be alseep by 9pm, you can do this". A couple hours later.....CLEAR PANTSSS..YAYY! "Is that the sun?"
Cassandra Amore (11 days ago)
I really thought this girl would be living in a big mansion because she's got so much viewers watching her video it's unbelievable what is YouTube doing why they're not paying well or if they are what's going on
eliza washington (12 days ago)
How do you wash these???
nicole p (12 days ago)
Damn take the tag out!!!!
alexandra1013 (12 days ago)
At 7:16 JYP entertainment popped up as a suggestion :P
alexandra1013 (12 days ago)
Anybody else notice the lady in the green dress was following Saf? 6:15
Try hiding some tampons in there. 😂
Kaitlyn Kelble (12 days ago)
For some reason when I saw JYP he kind of looked like Tyler if he were to wear the pants (especially with the pic where his head is squished)
Blink Army Once (12 days ago)
*7:17** JYP... (1 option) Entertainment* 💜😂
Carol Watkins (12 days ago)
Call the clamps
LPS Potato Produtions (12 days ago)
Just got an ad for some thingy saying "plastic is killing us" irony will kill us.

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