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Nikon D850 Features: Fashion Photography

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Watch fashion photographer, Jerry Ghionis demonstrate how the #Nikon #D850 and its 45 effective megapixels combined with a superb 153-point AF system, and 1:1 image area option help him capture images with remarkable resolution and quality. Learn more about the features of the D850 here: http://nikn.ly/D850
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Alex Gomez (1 month ago)
It is a nice camera with a lot to offer, but detail and tonality is not as good as medium format. I’m still waiting for Nikon to produce a truly 16 bit sensor !
M7CVZ (5 months ago)
Ghionis is a master. And the D850 is the last gasp of the DSLR. Nikon, you are a decade late, no longer the leader. This feature packed monstrosity is a no-sale in the days of smaller mirrorless bodies. It's great for those who can afford it and want to risk their backs/shoulders lugging this bowling ball around.
Marcos Monterroso (8 months ago)
3,300 dollars for this camera. Body only. ! God is way to expensive !
Arabia (10 months ago)
Expensive for me!
Marino Casini (11 months ago)
Brav brav ...
Debashis Karmakar (11 months ago)
I saw that Chaplin guy on America Got Talent...
Fritz Asuro (11 months ago)
Lol, he's excited about 1:1/square format.
SIDDIKEE OVI (11 months ago)
Boss give me any dslr for free.
Nikon Asia (11 months ago)
Hi Crunchy, you can ‘Like’ and follow your local Nikon Facebook page to stay up to date on any promotion or contest they may be having.

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