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shane (3 months ago)
I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED THE FINALE!!! This was one of the best experiences of my entire life and Im so grateful for every second of it :') GO SHOW BUNNY SOME LOVE!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBL8IRJ5yHU&t=2s
Taken By Mellow (12 days ago)
Shane, You passed through my town, that was the Starbucks I visit every morning before school. ♡
Warewolfgirl (2 months ago)
Your awesome shane
Queen xxJ (3 months ago)
Mary Hanna (3 months ago)
shane I just want to say how absolutely incredible you are. I remember being a 9 year old watching these skits about eating disorders and feeling alone in the world, and it was like this amazing recognition that I wasn't alone and there was a community of people on the internet who was struggling with me. Then when you started the food videos I have to admit that I stopped watching because I didn't feel inspired or uplifted but now? holy crap! Shane these videos are so amazing and help so many people! The content you are making now is just so incredible and really brighten up my day. I love these videos so much because I can see you as a person who will and is making a huge impact on YouTube and people in general. These videos make people happy and sad and exited and emotional which is so amazing to think especially when you can spread so much positivity in such a short amount of time. Dear Shane, thank you so much for everything you have been doing over the past year and I hope you know that you are changing what YouTube is and making it SO much more... does that even make sense? Sorry for this extremely long comment btw - Mary x
Crazyshelby 53 (3 months ago)
SHANE PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Shane thank you so much for doing this. I knew before that you guys aren't happy but I didn't release how much you guys rely on us for happiness. Please never stop! Contact me some how if you need to talk to a fan that you don't already know and ill talk you through it. People call me a mini Shane (insert joke here because I don't want to offend my smaller half yes I said smaller I am over 200 pounds and im 13) because I act a lot like the u on camera. but no one noticed the anxiety attacks that we have, you know, the ones that are so bad that you can't move all you can do is cry. They didn't know how bad my depression was until one day I tried something horrible to never be sad again. I still have the scars. You were always someone I could run to when people got cruel (every day). You also saved my life in a way. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!!! if you could so im not blurting all of this out on the internet can you contact me on my instagram: shelby_bulkleythank you again. I don't want to seem like I just want you to follow me I could care less about that. I just want to TALK to you.
Ashley McFadden (1 hour ago)
That was so disrespectful. Bunny took you there to show you something she loves. She warns you and shows genuine respect towards these objects and you disrespect it. That's fucked.
Sushi Cat (2 hours ago)
I got my dog and hid in the closet with a pocket knife after this video
Missyrable Creature (3 hours ago)
Poor Garrett I think Bunny was a little bit hypocrite :\
Tania (4 hours ago)
Well done, Shane. <3
Jessica Coleman (4 hours ago)
U said ur gna need purell.. Uhhh yea ON YO NECK!!!
Jessica Coleman (4 hours ago)
Prilly cuz u touch everything in ur surroundings and then touch that open wound u have created on ur neck from pickin at it in every single video Ewwwww
Jessica Coleman (4 hours ago)
Yuuuck ur zit is all like full of pussss ewwww
Jonc Carlot (4 hours ago)
That girl is so fucking weird she has some demons
Sophie Cooke (4 hours ago)
Shane looked so scared grabbing his neck
Isabella Gorka (5 hours ago)
I fucking love bunny and dogman
Fae Drake (5 hours ago)
Has anyone mentioned how pretty Bunny's eyes are?
Joey Bodek (5 hours ago)
Shane don't cry. I cried when you did. I love you
heidip613 (7 hours ago)
You are the YOUTUBE WHISPERER!! Aka “white man Oprah” 😍it’s Awesome to see such a BIG Heart on youtube😘
frankieocnarf (7 hours ago)
I feel like, before you thumbs down a video, you should have to comment why you disliked it. Because there is no reason to thumbs down something like this, other than malice.
Azraelthegiant 19 (7 hours ago)
smkladeez (7 hours ago)
Garret just does not get it..... so awks.
Palm Tree (7 hours ago)
I've always wanted to go there and now even more - i find the same inspiration that bunny does in old things
David.vanvleet (7 hours ago)
I’m so sad I wish I could’ve met you while you were in Austin
Victoria Elizabeth (7 hours ago)
Bunny is literally so precious & I can relate to her love of creepy ass shit 🤣 you & your friends are so fucking hilarious I liiiiiiveeee
PANDA OTAKU (8 hours ago)
25:09 has me dead 😂😂😂👌👌
David Brillant (9 hours ago)
Shane you are such a fuckin inspiration. Everybody needs a Shane.😭❤️
Baileigh Biersack (10 hours ago)
5:25, I love Andrews laugh 🖤😂
Baileigh Biersack (10 hours ago)
Omg..... Garrett should be a country singer XD
Katrina Byrd (10 hours ago)
Aww!! I have been a fan of Graveyard girl's for quite a while now...and I loved watching this series...and I am So glad that she was able to open up about her issues with anxiety and things that she don't like to talk about, I am SO excited to see the outcome of this, I can't wait to see the next chapter of her videos...LOVED THIS!!
Meme Lover (11 hours ago)
Anyone bothered by the high pitched sound at the beginning?
Elizabeth Hanney (11 hours ago)
Shane=YouTube Opera 🧡
Goddess Sana (11 hours ago)
REALLY? She's just like pretending or acting tough on the camera. She mentioned that she already went to this place but when Garett pranked them. Pffft. Just loved how Shane dropped his last word before they went out. Like Baamm! It can be a jk but it means a lot.
Emily Terrazas (11 hours ago)
Shane should come to the wooly mammoth in Chicago
Kelly Castillo (12 hours ago)
Andrew lol... just stole the show for me lol
Ophillia Lamberson (13 hours ago)
Shane you are dead my screen would not focous on you are you hiding something i feel dizz and you oh you when you were in thebat room you had a face behind you in the mirror
Rosie Summers (13 hours ago)
Shane. Stop making me feel things 😂
Nicole Turner (13 hours ago)
my mom passed away five months ago and bunny's way of talking about the death of a loved one sounds really unhealthy to me. i'd recommend looking into caitlin doughty's philosophy on death and dead bodies (she has a youtube channel and books)--because i'd already watched some of her videos, it was in the back of my mind when it was time to decide if i wanted to see my mom one last time before they took her to get cremated. it's an incredibly personal decision and i never thought i'd want to--but i did and i'm glad. even now, i'm not sure i'd say i've touched a dead body because it was just my mom. it didn't necessarily give me closure but since she died suddenly in her apartment/not in a hospital, it did help me with , i guess, idk visualizing it?
R Books (13 hours ago)
You are amazing❤️
Georgia .•*•. (14 hours ago)
I'm dying at the fact that 5 hours later, Garret is still mesmerized by the rip in his shorts Where do I sign up for a friend like that
Ashley Von de Taehyung (14 hours ago)
Derhik Ashlock (14 hours ago)
47:38 those eyes! God damn!
Aimee Huggins (14 hours ago)
Shane was mad at him to like why are yall all up on Bunny and I would be mad to so just stop🙄
sophdogdancer (15 hours ago)
The clips that Shane adds to the video makes it so much scarier😱
Sheyenne Sayre (15 hours ago)
You have such a big heart.
most satisfying (15 hours ago)
Shane-*gets scared by looking in mirror* Me everytime I look in the mirror 💀
most satisfying (15 hours ago)
When they summoned the poo poo ghost I was done😂💀
Abigail Wilkinson (15 hours ago)
Omg can everyone lay of Garret he was making a joke if bunny can't take that then y is she so into ghosts. Even nice ghosts are spooky in a way. She even admitted she was pranking them and she did prank them.
Amy Thomas (15 hours ago)
"I just found a squirrel corpse" had me crying. I love Garrett.
francesca panzolato (16 hours ago)
Andrew laugh is everything. I need him in my life
elm1230 (16 hours ago)
Bunny needs professional help with her anxiety. Not YouTube videos and hour long rants to young kids who don’t understand what she’s experiencing. Her oversharing is what’s making her so unlike able.
tinasofea68 (16 hours ago)
She's like me. About dead people. They're not dead. They're alive. With us
Freaky Donut (17 hours ago)
Texas is not the way Shane made it seem
lulubelle (17 hours ago)
So, im in tears now. Shane this serie was amazing. Keep going.
Talia De Leon (17 hours ago)
Bunny is so annoying, she didn’t let them do shit. That’s why she has no viewers
Isabelle Feloney (18 hours ago)
Andrew and Morgan actually NEED to get together, like Jack and Rose, who?? More like Morgan and Andrew!!
Katelyn Solarek (18 hours ago)
Who else ships Morgan and Garrett?<3
Ema Stojanovic (18 hours ago)
rainbowburg .X. (18 hours ago)
Kawaii Goat (18 hours ago)
I love this so much
Kidmuzer 9921 (20 hours ago)
16.24 who was that guy?
PANDA OTAKU (8 hours ago)
Kidmuzer 9921 16:24 *
Honesty BestVirtue (20 hours ago)
Shane, you're just beautiful to the core man, love ya! XOXO
Eve mitchell (20 hours ago)
Ughhhh garett was only having a joke why did everyone get sooooo mad?? Like if i was their i would have found it amazing and said well done!!😂💞💞
Sandra Agbakoba (21 hours ago)
The editing tho god dangit​ who the fuck edits this they need an award.
Paul Manzan (22 hours ago)
I need a place where I can buy something like Garret's baby, like, it's a mood
jade parker (22 hours ago)
*says loves haunted and scary stuff* but when garrett makes a joke she cries .. umm??????
Renekoo (22 hours ago)
This made me also cry a little in the end because I subscribed to her around that time, when I found out about her from you.
amber (23 hours ago)
garrett really needs to know his boundaries tho. clearly bunny was not happy with all of this
Pushpa Rajput (23 hours ago)
That Garrett prank looked like setup for me and I think everyone knew that. Proof 1) I've been watching shane for a long time and in every video andrew never starts talking until someone says him to. And if he does they probably edit the part too. But at 34:05 he starts talking from nowhere in order to hide voice of something behind or something. And also when they hear the voice immediately after lights turn on so dramatically and they show shane standing in such a creppy way that a ghost has possessed him and when he turns around it going to be scary.(at 34:20 look how scary they make shane look standing in that position) This scene is implied on the fact that shane made fun of that poo poo thing and now he's possessed.(Caught ya!!) But it was good planning and creative. And also they just arrived at this place that they have never visited in their life and how did Garrett get time to access all the music systems or whatever they used.(it was a setup and everyone was involved in it.) But stiil love you so much guys.
amber (23 hours ago)
the music when they were disrespecting the ghost in the toilet, im fucking deceased jfjfjfjrjf
Kyle Spurgeon (1 day ago)
That’s why she is losing subs
Reilly Hew (1 day ago)
omg Shane is honestly the best You Tuber i have ever watched. This series is beautiful and you can see his beautiful soul too. Keep up the good work Shane! It's paying off.
Riding Riva (1 day ago)
I ship Morgan and Andrew
T Vanna23 (1 day ago)
Her boyfriend seems like a liar. I used to like Bunny but I don't like how she was so sensitive. I'm a sensitive person but she was pranking them too. She's acting like me when I was a child and would ask my dad to scare me and then cry when he did.
christmeme o (1 day ago)
But why is nobody talking about how scary this is
J Montgomery (1 day ago)
this whole series made me burn like 100 calories from laughing
Suzen MSP (1 day ago)
Shane Dawson is like the doctor. phill/therapist of yt
Billy Foster (1 day ago)
Whos tina?
crazzy catt (1 day ago)
being a youtuber is hard and iv tried i only got 50 subs after like 4 years but i agree trying to make vids that people like is so hard
Benjamin (1 day ago)
I'm going in full screen, wish me luck.
Kat Space (1 day ago)
I miss drew :’(
crazzy catt (1 day ago)
wtf garrett edit:nvm he cool
Emma Fangirls (1 day ago)
I almost choked laughing when Garret was doing creepy things with the baby
Elissa Walshe (1 day ago)
I live in Austin!!! Love y’all so much!!! 😜
Harmony LeBlond (1 day ago)
I honestly cried. You are a hero Shane, a great, funny, awesome, hero!
Ariana Langdon (1 day ago)
WOLFQUEEN (1 day ago)
Omfg instead of arguing of what happened in the past we should instead be happy that everything is fine and dandy between them. No one was hurt, they apologized, they good. The end. Ok now move tf on 🙄 y’all just over analyzing a situation that is already over with, too much.
Sarah Farrell (1 day ago)
That end quote was so true!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Sarah Farrell (1 day ago)
I'm crying too! I just found out about Bunny this summer with the e-bay mystery box, and I just love her! I also love you too!! Thank you for helping Bunny!! :) You both have helped cheer me up when I feel down, so thank you. By the way, that sound scared me so much, I thought it was a demon! LOL
Courtney Simmons (1 day ago)
This literally made me cry
Sarah Farrell (1 day ago)
I'm so scared right now as you walk into the store.
ivette monserrat (1 day ago)
And at the final part i cried on my salad my salad has been through so much in this series
ivette monserrat (1 day ago)
When they shut the lights off and that noise sounded so much i literally choked on my salad
Lilli faith (1 day ago)
😂 💕 this whole video ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew can we just all agree Shane is AMAZING 💕
Aliana Charles (1 day ago)
Awwwwwwww the end had me in tears 😍😍😍😍
Sarah Farrell (1 day ago)
"I think that's someone's house!" so funny!
Lily Jayne (1 day ago)
x0kayLa0x3 (1 day ago)
I feel her when she talks about pretending people are still alive
Sarah Farrell (1 day ago)
Great Finale!
April Lydia (1 day ago)
Can't stand Garret
Eleanor Coffey (1 day ago)
April Lydia i still love him
willie morris (1 day ago)
Bunny reminds me of this lady i used to know who you had to play by her rules and you had to say the things that please her otherwise you’d get shouted at or judged by her
Baby Girl Ariel (1 day ago)
although she got more subs, her views are the same as before..
Barb P (1 day ago)
Bunny high key killed their vibe but like I’m not hating I get it she’s had trauma but girl
Leïla 1234 (1 day ago)
I’m sur she did this sound like bunny did it ! We can see her just a second doing a weird face just like she’s doing the sound so yeah. For some reasons I think she just didn’t want them to stay at this place anymore
Barb P (1 day ago)
Why did she go ghost hunting if she was gonna freak out when something happened

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