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shane (5 months ago)
I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED THE FINALE!!! This was one of the best experiences of my entire life and Im so grateful for every second of it :') GO SHOW BUNNY SOME LOVE!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBL8IRJ5yHU&t=2s
cheesy cheese (1 month ago)
BRIINATION SQUAD (1 month ago)
Shane I hope you and the boys go back visiting more (a bunch) of haunted places like scary haunted Places like ghost hunting
Kitty Cat (1 month ago)
Shane I just want to say this now...YOU ARE MY FAVE YT CHANNEL 💖☺️
Ava Bauman (1 month ago)
Taken By Mellow (2 months ago)
Shane, You passed through my town, that was the Starbucks I visit every morning before school. ♡
Mias Nicole82920 (35 minutes ago)
I love garret ❤️
Rose (1 hour ago)
: )
Narmada (1 hour ago)
Everyone else : blahbluhgruhfusnkkmnbcj Andrew : *haha haha hahaha haaaaa hahhahahahaha*
Kaitlyn Corn (1 hour ago)
You should go to the cecil hotel
Kimberly Diaz (3 hours ago)
I'm sorry, but that Poopoo ghost bit almost killed me. I can't fucking breathe. Edit: ugh, Bunny is a party pooper :/ Somehow this made me NOT want to subscribe to her lol.
Alicia (4 hours ago)
Bunny really ruined the whole video
Alicia (4 hours ago)
garret baby ):
Alicia (4 hours ago)
y’all are so mean to garret, he was just playing around
Amanda Badlands (5 hours ago)
*I spy with my little eye a human spine*
CapriceHolford (7 hours ago)
Honestly I love garret but I think he took it way too far, Shane literally just managed to get bunny to be comfortable and out of her shell and then someone he brought with him does something like that as a prank? When they all know how she feels about the paranormal. Honestly it was hugely disrespectful for him to do and I feel so bad for bunny...
Woohoowild Harris (9 hours ago)
In all fairness, I wish just Shane went on his own to do this with bunny. Don't get me wrong I like the others but all they Sean to do is fuck around and never take anything serious.! Shane is much more focused when he's by himself
BTS is LIFE (9 hours ago)
Omg i think 2 years ago i used to watch her vids... i miss her funny vids so yea imma watch some of her vids after. And yup, I LOVE CHAINSAW MASICURE also did i mention, how much i FUCKING HATE DOLLS!? 0-0... that baby dool is back! Ok... welp imma go... BAIII
Kayla Moore (14 hours ago)
Your good intentions are being seen through. I’ve watched all the series and this was the last one I watched. Jefree’s was my first and this made me cry so many times. Love. Love. Love. The ending. Ugh. So good.
Malu Barbosa (16 hours ago)
Shane is such a good and genuine person, it’s insane. He deserves the world
Random Fandoms (17 hours ago)
I ship Garrett and Morgan :)
Punit Asopa (18 hours ago)
This is actually scarier than THE NUN
marie guzman (18 hours ago)
I agree with bunny that wolf is cute
Fishforever (18 hours ago)
Bunny and her assistant literally get mad at Garett for pulling a prank when they were going to prank him? What the fuck that’s not ok. And the way *she* was playing the victim bothered me so much
marie guzman (18 hours ago)
Ghosts-are lost souls that cant make their way to heaven
I’m Lazy (19 hours ago)
I’m Lazy (19 hours ago)
_Garett is bae_
I’m Lazy (19 hours ago)
Junii Bonnii (1 day ago)
everyone made garrett feel bad :(
Alexandria KING (1 day ago)
my god bunnys got real issues
33:13 Ryland be knowing what Shane did
Bailey Ligan (1 day ago)
This video just made me not like her lmao
hail8351 hail8351 (1 day ago)
How Shane has fun 1 goes to a hunted location 2 finds out about the poo poo ghost 3 stands in the bathroom with to other men to make a ghost made for he can get scared da fuck
smite563 playz (1 day ago)
It’s gonna be sooooooo much fun
smite563 playz (1 day ago)
I’m going haunted housing next weekend and I’m only 13
riddle skittle (1 day ago)
As soon as they were talking abt the poo poo gist I said not tdy satin😂
Anyelin Lopez (1 day ago)
I dislike the fact that the trust was more important to Shane than Garrett’s feelings like he apologized I felt really bad.
SomewhatSavvy (1 day ago)
I was never a fan of graveyardgirl before, then I saw this series and nothing changed.
Sheffylu (1 day ago)
lilangie Plays (1 day ago)
When my grandma died I kissed her forehead and I’m only 8 years old
Audrey Brown (1 day ago)
holy shit the feels didnt hit me until the end and then i bawled my eyes out
Sienna Saenz (1 day ago)
Speedy (1 day ago)
I just peed on somebodys piece of poop.... Welcome to Texas xD
Ariella Stoltman (1 day ago)
That shit is 38 minutes away from my house
SpicyRedBoy (1 day ago)
Garrett: "you poo poo ghost, you probably can't eve- aren't even good at anything" Ghost: 😢
vain ivy (1 day ago)
Should have prepared first person view cameras, a couple of oil lamps and candles, turned off all the lights before entering the store, scattered and explored individually with as little commentary as possible and let terror ooze from the screen. This is what I would have liked to see, because it is what i would have done and now kinda hoping on doing it someday. You took out a lot of the atmosphere by exploring beforehand. Should have discovered the photos, the paper head, irene, the snake, all in the comfort of the dark.
Hobbes_ Cat (1 day ago)
I want to go to this store sooo badly.
Sondra Sebald (1 day ago)
I would love to take a tour of her house. I bet the areas we can't see are amazing. Her collection is probably legit.
Gracie Kitty (1 day ago)
I saw a orb at 4:36 🤨🧐😨😬
Bella Olbekson (1 day ago)
Shane:oh my god I already saw something scary...THE GYM Me:*trying not to laugh crazily in front of my crush
Jessica (1 day ago)
Garrett is so hot lol
tomas napierala (1 day ago)
23:06 it scared the hell out of me
Rajah McKinney (1 day ago)
Ryland is working them nail, yaaaas boo
Grejsi Mojs (1 day ago)
Wow, yes it was a really scary prank but i mean, chillax.
Lily The unicorn (1 day ago)
OMG if you look behind shane at 16:50 the is like a old man kinda looks like a wizard and he turns his head back 😭
Super Gaming (1 day ago)
12:14 who else heard that goddamn noise please help am I going insane or no pls held lol
AbbyMaclean (1 day ago)
Laughing at 25:23
Jeskia Palominos (2 days ago)
That so fake
mbom (2 days ago)
I HATED WATCHING THIS. I AM HORRIBLE WITH SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT AND FUCK I FELT LIKE I WAS GARRETT. i know the feeling of fucking up something like that too well, when you try and make a funny joke (especially pranking related) and it all takes a shitty turn and you're the one who gets in major trouble. story of my life. ily bunny but most of all ily garrett because literally same.
Weird Stuff (2 days ago)
You need to come to fife
Cindy Clapperton (2 days ago)
Cold Bure step
ana Barbierivlogs (2 days ago)
keep going bonny girl I know you can do it
Savanna Golownjew (2 days ago)
What there in the bathroom is me and my voices
Savanna Golownjew (2 days ago)
Omfg I still jumped at 23:10ish and I've seen it 3 times fuuuuuuck
Alexus England (2 days ago)
Bunny ruined it for me
Savanna Golownjew (2 days ago)
Can we please talk about how Shane use a my girl reference
Bailey Amman (2 days ago)
Leah H Li (2 days ago)
Shane’s documentaries are literally the best thing to happen in YouTube history.
Liberty valencia (2 days ago)
Am I the only one who laughed when they started being mean to the poo poo ghost?
CrackingLogic (2 days ago)
I want my ringtone to be everything from Shane and Garrett trying to summon the Poopoo Ghost
Dals07 (2 days ago)
kaylee wallace (2 days ago)
did yall get scared
kaylee wallace (2 days ago)
wassup peeps
Beep Leep (2 days ago)
Shane when he is scared: Ew Me when I’m scared: laughs
_Memedud _ (2 days ago)
We love a crusty sister
Hester Shaw (2 days ago)
16/10/18-- You got me crying shame 😘😘
Sugar Shark (2 days ago)
Plot twist. Its actually Shane haunting the shop the whole time.
Ryry’s Style (2 days ago)
Why does Garett carry around that baby
io-isla Isla (2 days ago)
Calls it heaven on earth but cries because of one sound
Emma Parker (2 days ago)
Bunny reacted the way she did because of her experiences, she knew full well that the others wouldn't be afraid of her pranks (proven by the fact that Shane laughed and said who did this.) And if people did freak out about what she did, do you really think she wouldn't apologise as profusely as Garrett? Bunny was allowed to be scared, just like everyone else was when they heard the sound and no one owned up to it, and yes her reaction may have been more adverse, but she also has her reasons, and most people overlook how disappointed Shane was and the words he had with Garrett after it happened, as if she was the only one who was sacred or upset. You can't blame Bunny for her reaction and you can't blame Garrett for his actions, they both had good intentions and worked it out in the end, viewers need to realise they are respectful and polite people and their relationships as people go a lot further than what happened. People also seem to love blaming her for going back into the store after what happened to her. I got hit by a car and I still cross the damn road, Bunny went through a terrifying experience (to her, regardless of if YOU believe in the paranormal or not, it doesn't make her unwell, believing in something is subjective, so if she believes there is sufficient proof, then there is sufficient proof) but that shouldn't stop her from being allowed to see the things she loves, and she's even exercising caution- you need to remember that this incident wouldn't have happened normally. And yes it sucked for Garrett after he was just trying to have some fun, however in that moment everyone felt awful for different reasons and they accepted his reasoning. Garrett handled the situation really well! Now, back to the fact that all those people put in effort to help Bunny out in her time of need, and the interesting opinions Bunny has throughout the video, which is why I will never understand why people dislike her. She offers a lateral perspective on things in a cute and bubbly way, it's refreshing and insightful. And the fact that this series was made to show the truth of Bunny, so it was directive choice to leave that part in, it was purposeful as it was raw and real. Bunny has complex emotions like every human being, stop blaming her for having a reaction and stop blaming Garrett for his prank, that's not the reason why that segment was included, don't disrespect these youtubers and make this video about a prank gone wrong, even though thats pretty much what I just did.
Sushi Roll (2 days ago)
Shane is truly a hero, honestly.
Laura Lzo Channel (2 days ago)
Shane Dawson's series is in another whole level! I'm so glad to see someone that understand the struggles of youtubers ! Please reach out to Michelle Phan Shane!
BlackDoge (2 days ago)
garrett as a friend is a hit or miss for me.
PEM (2 days ago)
omg that doll jumpscare, i wAS DRINKING COFFEE, NOW IM HOT! and not in a good way >n>
Jazmine Corrigan (3 days ago)
You're such an amazing person and your having such a great impact on so many people and I think that's so great.I love you.
Gabrielle Breton (3 days ago)
Honestly this was really neat I know Bunny feels like she's weird but it really just seems like she's a sensitive especially with objects. There's a whole bunch of people who are "touch pyschic" and for them objects give them the feelings/or connection to previous owners. Also she has great instincts, something growls hecking bounce.
Laura Breakey (3 days ago)
Shane, I just recently found you on YouTube and ever since the first video I watched, I felt like I was one of your friends because of the amazing journeys you take all of us on with you. And the fact that you reach out to other people in the social media community and help them realize that it’s ok to be a real person with real problems and that they don’t have to be a flawless face on the screen is so inspiring to me and I deeply connect with you and love the fact that you are so real and down to earth. You are amazing Shane. Plain and simple. Thank you for being the amazing person that you are and for sharing your kind heart with all of us! ♥️🙏✨
Yahya El Tahir (3 days ago)
desiredstars (3 days ago)
"I'll scare you, just you wait" foreshadowing *garrett planned it all along*
Sugar Shark (3 days ago)
Im dying
Sandy Ketchup (3 days ago)
34:03 and 34:06 what the actual fuck
Sandy Ketchup (3 days ago)
Garret and Morgan are me and my brother high on sugar after a plane flight😂
Magui Rozan (3 days ago)
i know im really petty... 0:4 ...*many*
Samiboi Polaris (3 days ago)
6:26 😲 Wat The Hell
T-Jin (3 days ago)
hahahahh garreett is so fkkn funny XD
T-Jin (3 days ago)
graveyard girl is the most stupid person ever
The blob Ruiz (3 days ago)
9:29 uh who’s that girl in the back of the truck?! Or car🤣👏🏼
Mando Flores (3 days ago)
one of the cute ones where people get murdred
Emily lol (3 days ago)
Geez, Bunny is such a big baby. Anyone that can't take a joke is such a drag to hang out with. Poor Garrett felt so bad.
K D (3 days ago)
13:12 Balloony from Phineas and Ferb
jocelyn Alvarado (3 days ago)
Bunny was literally an ass to Garret
Clorox Bleach (3 days ago)
39:17 mmmmm ima go to that flea market
Bryan Sainz (3 days ago)
I loved the fact that shane was shook by the toilet
Taylor Osborne (3 days ago)
I feel like Garrett is that friend that you can't take anywhere and I relate to that so much- he's my favorite.
McKynah Harp (3 days ago)
I love her she is soooo funny 😆 like I see her vid a lot

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