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Funny Family Guy Moments

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Alejandro Beltran (15 days ago)
Ok, this is e🅱️ic
Rippled - Edits (28 days ago)
The original, the king
David Pearsall (1 month ago)
okay, this is epic
James J (3 months ago)
That countdown pisses me off
Crimson Exe (5 months ago)
Woah this is epic
Creepy Freek (5 months ago)
0:23 My favorite part lol.
Mason Treiber (6 months ago)
the show really fucking sucks
Lucas (6 months ago)
ThatToyVehicleGuy9000 (8 months ago)
Thanks but can you make the intro countdown timer 60 seconds long next time?
Stephen Sandin (7 months ago)
52-55 sek hahaha
Jalen Stimes (8 months ago)
1:18 Ah, I peed and poop! 😂😂
Mr.Gintil/ Craig (8 months ago)
0:56 I'll Do it Beside four Douchbags Still didn't gave me back my $100 My Grandma Gave me and SHE IN THE HOSPITAL
Kofú (8 months ago)
This countdown was hilarious wtf with that song😂😂😂
Evan Mitsakis (8 months ago)
1:00 lol
Anthony Nichols (9 months ago)
I still think it's awesome they got Frank Welker to voice Fred Jones in a cutaway gag! 😂
Tim O'Keefe (9 months ago)
Hey 🅱️eter
Nathan Lester (9 months ago)
Mission failed 0:28 XD
Bruce wayne (9 months ago)
A fucking countdown really ?
Quix (10 months ago)
hahahaha is the description of this video.
Flo Metzker (10 months ago)
Great, a timer, random content and terrible audio... thats all thumbs up of course
10 hour version of that countdown?
Nicholas Hammer (10 months ago)
3:11 Like when the Emporer figured out the secret to great Star Wars dialogue..
Nicholas Hammer (10 months ago)
Lakers fan4life (11 months ago)
What was that song during the Cheetos part
BFWRarest (5 months ago)
Tom Sawyer by rush
Siam Simte (11 months ago)
Thank god for the count down or i would have missed the entire video which i clicked to watch.
Freezingknave53 (11 months ago)
2:16 wot
Ryan Skye (1 year ago)
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Flo Metzker (10 months ago)
Ryan Skye What the actual fuck:... most hilarious and most stereotypical comment ever - so pointless and stupid... unless I don’t get the irony or sarcasm; but dude seriously
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AnonUserGuy (1 year ago)
funny guy family moments
Venge Ance (1 year ago)
1:55 - liberals when they argue.
ValcorTheConqueror (1 year ago)
1:20 Peter Griffin, Neighborhood Watch since 1999
Cailou (1 year ago)
3:44 blaCk guy looks like Joe
master drew t (1 year ago)
3:47 Man that looked bad for him:(
Venom's Pain (1 year ago)
Are we really bitching about the countdown???stfu watch the vid If you don't like it BITCH there are more vids like this so stfu Have A cup of tea And enjoy the fucking video Have A blessed day folks :)
Freshypool (1 year ago)
Free- write Document (1 year ago)
I really do want to watch their version of scooby doo, look funny as heck.
Gogeta ssg (1 year ago)
black Joe 3:50
Justafangirl yup (1 year ago)
The first one and the last get me every time😂😂
EpiphonesSG (1 year ago)
Your intro is fucking gay
Shark Dude 7 (1 year ago)
You’re right Scoob, we’re dealing with one-sick son of a bitch 😂
That intro was pointless
1:45 😂😂😂😂
The_Unnamed (1 year ago)
I loved that whole part at 0:25 so funny 😂
Gxrth (1 year ago)
1:00 when ur bully says he will beat u up
Did they actually bring in Frank Welker for that Scooby Doo scene?
The Brand New Swag (1 year ago)
3:26 YouTube prank videos in a nutshell
MrSupercar55 (1 year ago)
3:05 Ronald Mc-Goddamn-Donald!!
TheLegitGamer9071 (1 year ago)
I died from that
Disliked. Needed a longer countdown.
sex is overrated (1 year ago)
What the fuck is wrong with you?! STOP WITH THE FUCKING COUNTDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!
Ricky Stevens (1 year ago)
DO IT 3:17
none none (1 year ago)
Intro was too fucking long
joe tie (1 year ago)
Back when family guy was good
TheReccher (1 year ago)
1:35 sums up women nicely.
Anthony Cepeda (1 year ago)
To be honest, the Ben Affleck thing was funny, but I still like him as an actor
DIY Name (1 year ago)
Yeah let me just give you guys a TEN SECOND COUNTDOWN BEFORE THE VIDEO STARTS?
G e m i n i (1 year ago)
You right scoop we are dealing with one sick son of a bitch
JayCookies (1 year ago)
That countdown was mentally retarded
A Furry Boi (1 year ago)
Oh dear What is it? I've spontaneously combusted Oh I am quite sorry Oh it's quite alright I was tired of living anyway
Revan (1 year ago)
Stop the countdown dick
mack black (1 year ago)
There's no f**king better drummer than neil peart xD
Mani Prince (1 year ago)
shut the fuck up
ٓـLexy ٣ (1 year ago)
why the countdown dumbass? im not a jolly-fuck lesbian
Brandon Hollingsworth (1 year ago)
1:20 My favorite scene.
Katelyn Shuffield (1 year ago)
"it aint easy being cheesy"
White Wumbo (1 year ago)
Video starts at 0:10, thank me later
austinthehotty (1 year ago)
video starts @0:10
s2mann (1 year ago)
Please delete the stuff after the countdown, it's distracting.
Mike2500L (1 year ago)
Where's vagina-boob?
Space Potato (1 year ago)
Carlos Fuentes (1 year ago)
Years of practice boy funny cut off
AdventureWetpaint (1 year ago)
classic funny moments
captainbrookee (1 year ago)
Drummer Kam (1 year ago)
Busʜɪ 1͎9͎7͎ (1 year ago)
It ain't easy being cheesey.
Young Turk (1 year ago)
that was great! except for the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, and... oh wait... shoot. this is not great. no.
steve foxx (2 years ago)
Heshmaster 420 (2 years ago)
these are not even funny unless if you are watching the whole episode
UNKNOWN (2 years ago)
But bacon WAS in Footloose
mercuropheliac (2 years ago)
I love that they actually got Fred's voice for the Scooby-Doo bit.
Clorox Bleach (2 years ago)
TomboyVale (2 years ago)
put 0:58 in slow motion i'm gonna laught forever ahahahah
Shane Cunningham (2 years ago)
To this day I can't hear Chris's laugh without screaming like the donkey "HEEEUAGH HEEEUAGH!!!"
mike angel cortez (2 years ago)
the stubborn mule scene is the funniest.
Absurd (2 years ago)
Vuxxy (2 years ago)
1 day I plan to be this funny, but till then I will sit bored in my bed room playing video games :(.
Patrick The Tickler (8 months ago)
Vuxxy Here?
Introvert (2 years ago)
Wtf, vuxxy here of all places???
Joe Dowle (2 years ago)
"In my neighbourhood, I don't think so!!"
RangerHunter (2 years ago)
Weird hearing actual Fred from Scooby Doo saying 'bitch'
it an't easy being cheesey
Angelo Yakkala (2 years ago)
lol (it aint easy being cheezy
Okemo Spike (2 years ago)
0:56 killed me!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jacinto Celio (2 years ago)
MrDuderivers (2 years ago)
got to 1 finished this message and gone.
FLYINxGODZILLA (2 years ago)
This guy could be a threat to me Chuck wapow!!
Mintpolar456 (2 years ago)
family guy best English steryotype that doesn't piss me off
Kit Kat (2 years ago)
Blaise Telfer (2 years ago)
Chris laughing annoyingly for 30 seconds straight made the list?
Lil Exotic (2 years ago)
What ever is happening here just knock it off Your right scoob we're dealing with one sick son of a bitch Uh , I peed and Pooped Im my neighborhood I dint think so No No No No Noo Nooo Nooo Noo HEHUHHEUUHEUEHHEEEHEUEUHEH UH GOD THEIR WAS FUCKING DRUMMER BETTER THAN NEIL PERT DICK CHANNY SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMTHING DARK SIDE SOMETHING SOMTHING COMPLETE

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