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AJ Styles - Phenomenal (Entrance Theme)

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AJ Styles - Phenomenal (Entrance Theme) Buy on iTunes: https://apple.co/2FndsGX Listen on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2EV4Vuw Listen on Apple Music: https://apple.co/2vt4eci Follow WWE Music http://wwe.com/inside/WWEMusic http://twitter.com/WWEMusic http://facebook.com/WWEMusicGroup Lyrics No, they don't want none No, they don't want none They looking scared no they don't really want none... We some southern boys With the farmer strength Ain't nobody man enough to feel the pain And you could be next You better give respect Cause ain't nobody breaking this red neck No, they don't want none No, they don't want none No, they don't want none No, they don't want none No, they don't want none No, they don't want none They looking scared no they don't really want none... I’m a mack truck Don't get run over We some country boys working over time for it Kings of the south We never had nothing Blue collar boys do it with our hands muddied No, they don't want none No, they don't want none No, they don't want none No, they don't want none No, they don't want none No, they don't want none They looking scared no they don't really want none... No, they don't want none No, they don't want none No, they don't want none No, they don't want none No, they don't want none No, they don't want none They looking scared no they don't really want none… [Repeats]
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Text Comments (4883)
Petri Pandelica (5 hours ago)
Ashwini Phulke (18 hours ago)
aj is my favourite😅😅
Zetodu 80 (19 hours ago)
Aj styles
Cameron Raney (22 hours ago)
Is it just me or should Aj join the Balor Club
Tasha Palmer (2 days ago)
I do
Nicole Kepes (2 days ago)
John DeFoe (3 days ago)
Gamer Justin Deh Dan (3 days ago)
Aj syles is better than sheamus
Saiful Azhar (3 days ago)
Aj the best
Kazutoide Wizard (4 days ago)
The Two Guys Group (4 days ago)
AJ styles vs Rey Mysterio World heavyweight championship
Sandeep jha (4 days ago)
I like AJ style tattoo I am from India
Arvind Bhandari (4 days ago)
Wari Boy Rafin (4 days ago)
AJ Styles vs Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship ?
Levi D Smith (5 days ago)
This theme song is terrible
Garrett Paulson (6 days ago)
Am is my favorite wwe wesler
Philip Cruz (6 days ago)
I listen Lita’s , Trish, Asuka’s, AJ, Samoa Joe, Lana & Naomi’s theme during workouts sometimes
Christopher Smith (7 days ago)
This isn't the house he built....
Tomaro Bud (7 days ago)
I want some Subscribers
madhusudhanan c (8 days ago)
Sujan Dutta (8 days ago)
The Underddogg (8 days ago)
Friend: do they want some Me: Nope they want none
R B The Ghost (9 days ago)
Aj is best Super music
Maaz Chohan (9 days ago)
ww e (9 days ago)
Hay otros canales de la musica de la wwe pero este es el mejor CANAL DE LA WWE
KhAtml dUwAnZaH (10 days ago)
Aj Styles is best
Jad Sameer (10 days ago)
Aj styles vs demons Kane
t rex (10 days ago)
on of the best
manohar bodake (11 days ago)
AJ Styles vs CM Punk WWE Universal Heavyweight Championship Main Event at WrestleMania
Aj styles vs Chris Jericho fastlane 2016
kpop lover (11 days ago)
Paul Carpenter (11 days ago)
and just think this song was supposed to be James storm song If he signed
Icarus Munyoz (11 days ago)
We some southern bois :v
Shaughn Young (11 days ago)
This Sunday AJ Styles is gonna kick Samoa Joe's ass at Hell in the Cell.
RAKIB HOSSEN ROKY (12 days ago)
This is really phenomenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal
Dee Kay (13 days ago)
Oo Wendyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. :D
palwinder singh (13 days ago)
He is my hero since TNA...
andree lanse (13 days ago)
Jericho best : AJ Stiles he the best
vijay disroctio (14 days ago)
Hey lyrics r in discricption 👆
Shaughn Young (15 days ago)
AJ Styles has to beat Samoa Joe at Hell in a Cell .
anjali swain (15 days ago)
United states champion Wwe champion Tna champion Tna x champion
Jenaro Bravo (15 days ago)
Is this dmx singing
soofe Haire (16 days ago)
AJ styils he king😍
mine yard (16 days ago)
Best player of all time
Nghīa Trung (17 days ago)
Theme song "Phenomenal AJ Styles so beatiful.
Bad Dog (18 days ago)
Remi Ihejirika (18 days ago)
make it able for it to be downloaded
ASHUTOSH VERMA (18 days ago)
Maf Goddes (19 days ago)
September 2018💕?
Leonardo ISOLA (19 days ago)
A Great Music! AJ is a Best Ever Champion!
Shaughn Young (19 days ago)
I want see Rey Mysterio & AJ Styles for the title .
Shaughn Young (19 days ago)
AJ Styles will beat Samoa Joe at Hell in Cell. Cm Punk vs AJ Styles for title at WrestleMania. But CM Punk is not coming back to WWE though.
Hazza 2K18 (20 days ago)
put it on 1.25 speed your welcome :-)
Ethan Tee (20 days ago)
Oml I was playing my new wrestling off my mum for my birthday I did phenomenal forearm and knocked him out by accident 😁😁😱😨
Tye Jeffers (20 days ago)
I've watched Aj grow from TNA impact to a triple crown winner in that Company an seeing him now that talent has truly been a phenomenal wwe Champion an assent to the smackdown live Roster.
No,they want none
No they none want........
Elisabeth Moorhouse (22 days ago)
I think aj styles is going to kick somoa Joe's ass at hell in a cell
Samuel Kunta (22 days ago)
I feel the thunder in this phenomenal track
Hikari (23 days ago)
Hdiwwc Vdieoen (23 days ago)
Aatish Gawas (23 days ago)
Aj styles. He is awesome🙌🙌🙌🙌
Maaz Chohan (24 days ago)
WWE Super Fan (24 days ago)
The Phenomenal One and WWE Champion AJ Styles
Antonio Ferente (24 days ago)
Derrick Meredith (25 days ago)
Aint no 1 breaking this redneck
Brock Lesnar (25 days ago)
to walk elias
KK Productions (26 days ago)
I Like Him But I Love His Song
Khaled Dangerous (27 days ago)
Rajahuli Hebbuli (27 days ago)
He was.... He is.... And Always will be PHENOMENAL 1
Amroo Moon (27 days ago)
AJ styles this is song l biutefall
Amroo Moon (27 days ago)
AJ styles this is song biutefoll
I am the best phenomenal in the world A BETTER THEN J STYLES
govind bohra (28 days ago)
BE phenomenal
Devandr Chou (28 days ago)
All wwe superstar's are legends
Inita Weekes (28 days ago)
two years later and hes a two time wwe champion
Shaughn Young (29 days ago)
I can't wait for Hell in the Cell AJ Styles vs . Samoa Joe for the Wwe WWHC.
mikey Sawchyn (29 days ago)
Hes a star but will never capture the same success he did in tna dudes like 10x heavyweight champ over there plus he won the x-division tital a few times
Andrew Garza (30 days ago)
aj styles was always beter then cena
SezzDeni (1 month ago)
Shaughn Young (1 month ago)
Samoa Joe went to far with AJ Styles's family just get in AJ Styles's head . It did work though.
Shaughn Young (1 month ago)
This rivalary with Samoa Joe & AJ Styles is not over .
Shaughn Young (1 month ago)
AJ Styles & Samoa Joe fight too. I know AJ Styles will kick his ass cuz Joe don't want none .
Lianis Delgado (1 month ago)
why does aj styles' hair always look like a wig? is it?
PRO x NOOB (1 month ago)
Xavier Woods:Who wants pancakes? Me: *No they don't want none, No they don't want none*
MYGA Community (1 month ago)
Theodore Tsikitikos (1 month ago)
2k19 phenomenal
Who’s your daddy?? 😂😂
Fabiola Doku (1 month ago)
Do not change aj styles theme please
vipan dadra (1 month ago)
Georgina Jimenes (1 month ago)
Georgina Jimenes (1 month ago)
Do you know what now do you
BULLY J (1 month ago)
Here's an interesting known fact. This theme song was not intended for AJ Styles, but for a certain "Cowboy" who had a short stint in NXT, but decided to go back to Impact. You do not believe me, here is the article to back it up https://prowrestlingstories.com/pro-wrestling-stories/aj-styles-theme-music/
Benny Abraham (1 month ago)
He had awesome entrance music. No they don't want none
Niya Williams (1 month ago)
no they don't want none
munsif gaming (1 month ago)
مهيب الركن (1 month ago)
Monchi2006 (1 month ago)
is that dmx
bhavya bajaj (1 month ago)
Chris Ramey (1 month ago)
It’s funny how this was developed for James Storm but it works great for Styles.

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