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Would you marry a black guy? (Ukrainians answer)

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We made a video 'Would you marry a Latino?' https://youtu.be/EsuCNty54q4 find out if people answers in a different way
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YevhenCo Ukraine Show (8 days ago)
We made a video 'Would you marry a Latino?' check out this video https://youtu.be/EsuCNty54q4 find out if people answers in a different way
Money Mayweather (1 hour ago)
I’m not even interested in Ukraine women. They’re all over Dubai and Western Europe selling their bodies.
Abdoulkader Moustapha (1 hour ago)
girls are same everywhere; skin doesnt matter; money does!
That Guy (2 days ago)
I wish they knew English other wise my white ass would be over there dating.
Tony Satie (3 days ago)
Does it really matter if a handful of 6s and 7s on the other side of the world have an opinion? BTW: I am white. Time to eat a sandwich.
Luchon20082010 (6 days ago)
Because its zoophilia?
RR Sharizam (6 days ago)
Racism exists because of Black people. If Black people never exist, then there would be no racism against Black. #FACT
+Gary Sessler Myth.
Gary Sessler (1 day ago)
If there was no blacks there would be no YOU ALL either. Learn your history and come back to us
Ahmad Wali (4 days ago)
RR Sharizam come and kill us.... and do you know racism exists because of illiterate people like you
GOBO NIMO (10 days ago)
Maybe all Ukrainian are the children of Donal trump why they hate athor people
Shonenbased (10 days ago)
When will people stop making cringey videos like these?
Olusegun 7 (11 days ago)
White girl can't resist against black guy
anyone can resist except u, fuker
Kaiser Wilhelm88 (11 days ago)
I'm ashamed of my countrymen. Being Estonian myself, I thought that they would embrace their culture and traditions not abandon them. Hey cutie, at the beginning, my grandfather fought against Bolshevism as a Forest Brother. I need a girl who is loyal to the race, and need a good tutor to learn the language. Interested?
wordlington (12 days ago)
I have never seen an eastern European man look away from fine black woman
Urfin Dzhus (12 days ago)
I'm Russian and I don't know anyone who's married or Dating a black man. Even marriages with white foreigners are very rare. Russian men prefer Russian women. Russian women prefer Russian men.
KevinCummings Fitness (13 days ago)
In everyday life, it’s easier to stick to your own color
Erik Seavey (13 days ago)
It's racist for whites to say otherwise. I wouldn't want to have babies with them that's all. It's selfish and wrong to do that to those children. Some don't mind it but there are plenty who will tell you otherwise.
Sori Fury (14 days ago)
RACIST RACISM!! I don’t like that
Goldman Rothsteinberg (14 days ago)
Sissy white bois can't compete with the mighty BBC!
lol troll account oy vey
Goldman Rothsteinberg lol you wish
Stephanie Drake (14 days ago)
Women in general are more loyal than men. Men will screw anything not nailed - down. It’s natural to date your own race. I’m not offended by their answers. The world is not equal in the way humans are treated and I think people should date in their own race. Why bring children into a world where two races have constant social conflicts. People need to think about their future and stop thinking about the person they are with. It’s a selfish act. The term Love is love is bullshit in a world that doesn’t treat human beings as people. White supremacy needs to be replace with justice.
From Russia with Love (13 days ago)
awww white supremacccccy in ukraine now.
Saber Alam (14 days ago)
I'm from indian sub-continent my skin colour is white , 2 times I tried to do make relationship with black African girls thye refused me .
Jean Piérre (15 days ago)
Ukraine people is very stranges what about ukraine girl latin guys Rumania,italia,France,Eapana, Portugese
colin mccarthy (15 days ago)
Marriage is based on True Love between two people.There are many other things that support a Marriage. They are General Interests,Compatibility,Openness, Truthness,Reliability,etc. I would marry any woman in the World,if all the things I mentioned above were there.The Love in the Marriage will grow and this is very important.The sculptor can chip away at the stone to produce the final product.In away the couple in a Marriage must chip away the stone as well.
Guns N' Games (15 days ago)
Glad i'm not black
Quick Hands (15 days ago)
I'm not offended. But I feel like the women are lieing. Because if a man of any color comes around with the right amount of money/ status they would date them.
Lil Riq (15 days ago)
So the ukranian guys want some black girls 😂😂😂, they gonna come to the hood like “Where the black women at!”, “Where the black girls !!” 😂😂😂
Graham Houston (16 days ago)
So when people like Muhammad Ali went on TV and said no black man in the right mind would marry a white woman where then was the race baiting left to scream racist? Just as many black people if not more also don’t want to marry white people! Let people do what people want to do and stop playing the race police! It’s pathetic and racist.
Brent Cook (16 days ago)
Ukranians are RACIST
Robert Bell (16 days ago)
No, no, no!!!
Ridha Almishari (17 days ago)
I would say that we should know it's not about colour in some conditions, it's about many factors, for example, religion, culture, and other things.
YevhenCo Ukraine Show (17 days ago)
Watch our new video "Who is more handsome Obama or Trump" https://youtu.be/_BPen19GVo0
Brian Brown (17 days ago)
Fact is that you can get the recessive from the dominant, but you can never get the dominant from the recessive. Carbon copper toned native originals are The Parent's of Every Inhabitant on this planet. Alkebulan is The Motherland and birth place of everyone. These are the facts. Original native carbon copper toned was first before us there was none after us there will be none. Respect your original parent's show respect.
Brian Brown (16 days ago)
+From Russia with Love the references you post are incorrect and we are not "Negro or Negroid". I posted "Original", defined as the first none prior. Before us there was none and after us there will be none. More than 150,000 year's ago 2000 boat's left Alkebulan navigated the ocean's and landed on various masses of land that was originally connected to Alkebulan. We are everywhere and we have been everywhere since the beginning of time.
From Russia with Love (16 days ago)
+Brian Brown Except it's always been much more than skin color. Indians and whites , are part of the ancient Aryan group. The Aryans were different than Negroid sub Saharan Africans. The color of carbon doesn't have to do with anything.
Brian Brown (16 days ago)
+From Russia with Love it's a genetic impossibility for two carbon deficient gene's or recessive gene's to procreate and the results are dark skinned offspring. The opposite is possible for dominant gene's to procreate and the results will be the entire spectrum from dark to light a day all in between inclusive of you.
From Russia with Love (16 days ago)
+Brian Brown Except I'm not a descendant. If you are willing to go back 50 - 100 thousand years, then lets go back to the ape like hominids as well. They are the true ancestors.
Brian Brown (16 days ago)
+From Russia with Love the truth is "EVERYONE", came from a single mother and father and they were "ORIGINAL DARK SKINNED COPPER TONED NATIVE". NATIVE IS NOT INDIAN, but from the continent called "AFRICA". The true name is "Alkebulan". You are a descendant of the land and those parent's. These are the facts that you have to face.
James J (17 days ago)
My question is would a black man date a Ukrainian woman or would a black woman Date a Ukrainian man. I see this question posed a lot to many different races would you date a black man or black 👩🏽 , Because we seem to be less than other races. So no this black women are gorgeous black men are handsome and nowadays we’re both well educated so there you have it we’re both great catches
J Diggiti (17 days ago)
White women would never say Yes in front of a white Man . Meanwhile women from all parts of Europe are flying to Africa to have sex with black men , there’s an entire sex tourism industry based around it . Same with white women in America flying to Jamaica .. same with husbands paying black men to have sex with their wives . Look it up
From Russia with Love (16 days ago)
Your delusional. A few whores flying to your country somehow makes a correlation to the average person.
Colton Huff (17 days ago)
I Wouldn't Date Them Pink MFs No Way!! They Can't Take The Sun 😷 They Smell like Wet Dogs And Mayo 😆 Fuck Them Pork Chops Aka Cave Ppl💯 Blue Eyed Devils😈
Denis (17 days ago)
Ukraine is also getting slowly brainwashed, i guess.
Andres Kastillo (17 days ago)
Ukraine girls are not that stupid as American girls Never ever ruined your race.plz I know Ukraine Are really smart to pay attention to black shit
I don't care whether you are from a hellhole or the best city in the world, whether you're of whatever color. The heart sees nothing but human being and wouldn't mind once we hit the road it's a done deal.
Andres Kastillo (17 days ago)
Any white girl shouldnt marry any monkey They will ruined the races. They brainless . No education at all plus they are good for nothing . Just for bad things
I am No One (17 days ago)
Most of the Ukrainian smells bad,.specially when you are in a public place,,they don't care about their personal hygiene..
Matygoo (17 days ago)
It's a dumb question, you should marry someone of any colour if you like them, but not just only because of their colour, it's that simple
Steve Morelli (17 days ago)
Basically asked the women would you ever be a Mudshark answer no no no no no Mudshark
Nubian Pharaoh (17 days ago)
All these sluts will be getting their butts gaped in porn for food money
Jeff Woods (17 days ago)
Im not atracted to them so no. Asain maybe if they speaked good english. I rather have someone close to my age thats white. Someone with in 3 years.
E Michael Pwnz (17 days ago)
American's seem to have this sick fetish for wanting the rest of the world to mix Non Black women with Black men.
Devon Duke (17 days ago)
Give them bitches some Black dick and they changing their whole minds😂🤣😂
johnny d (17 days ago)
I'm white and dated a black woman it didn't work out our cultures got in the way .
Tera Aubrey (17 days ago)
The hotter ones would marry black so who cares
Dane Hart (17 days ago)
2:18 yeas!.. if he’s a good person why not??....
Job Wesley Cox Jr (17 days ago)
Where are there so many racist in the comment section happy to hear no like they believe that race mixing or simply dating means the extinction of their race? It's actually funny lol
Jesse Mitchell (17 days ago)
I’m white and I would not date anyone black but I have seen some very beautiful black girls. But I’m not attracted to them I’m not racist but it’s not the color of their skin because they have very beautiful skin. It’s just too much of a culture shock to me. I’m not into rap music I’m not into the hip-hop lifestyle and some women are very hood and thuggish . I’m just not into that . I don’t like rap music and I have a friend of mine who is one of my best friends and he’s black and he has taking me into the hood before to meet friends and it was an absolute culture shock to me because I’m not used to that . But like I said they are absolutely beautiful black women in this world but I would have to stay with my rice because it’s just that the culture is way too different between myself and the black community . Like I said I’m not racist and I have some black friends and I have seen black women that are absolutely stunning but it’s just my personal preference and I hope that doesn’t offend anyone .!
Cornelius De La Soto (13 days ago)
Whsn society has gone so low you have to say you're not racist.
Aaliyah Koroma (17 days ago)
It's not racist to not want to date outside your race
Steven Sandhu (17 days ago)
Why always the colour of the skin! why not about personality, attitude, remorse, achievement, giving. Some how we gratefully ended up on this rock and we want to kill each other over colour and religion. How sad and pathetic.
Aaliyah Koroma (17 days ago)
Their reasons are so clear and smart, other countries could learn from them
Aaliyah Koroma (17 days ago)
Why are they smarter and kinder than white Americans😂😂😂
Michele Zhang (17 days ago)
There are wealthier black men for Ukrainian girl.
Michele Zhang (17 days ago)
Yes, they should and not be prejudiced 🏆🥇🥈
Greg Maggio (17 days ago)
It's interesting how People are so afraid to say anything negative about different races, especially since white people are mocked and ridiculed without concern, but I myself am not attracted to dark skinned people, and am not in love with the ineviable cultural baggage either..in the work place also the cultural drama is definitely noticeable with different races, but I suppose you don't have to marry that situation,,lol.
LUCIFER BELSEBUB (17 days ago)
Why do all black and asian people finds whites more attractive , but rarely the other way around.
david murphy (17 days ago)
Only a nasty cheap slag will marry a black guy . White women that go with blacks always look like whores .
Mika 161 (17 days ago)
east eu and russian gold diggers. who want to marry one of these!? just bring youre wallet.
Anime #1 24/7 (17 days ago)
Some Ukrainians racist idiot. As for me, I can date whoever I like. I don't care about the color of their skin. Because we only human people!
Javier Herrera (17 days ago)
Why even ask that question. That's all white girls are marrying.
T Nailz (17 days ago)
They would marry a 1 legged dickless drug addict if it got them a green card 😂😂
KYY (17 days ago)
Thats right..i wouldn't marry a black too!
Kharifhele Netshilema (17 days ago)
Stupid so called whites don't real know the hidden history about white skin. Ukraine is a Christian country and if they are still suffering from polarization, it means they don't understand they religion or Christianity itself is fake.
410 Kane (17 days ago)
I wouldn't marry a Ukrainian. I'd fuck her though.
Dilber Khan (17 days ago)
Hello Ukrainian girls what do u think about brown guys Pakistani or Indian? Plz remember they can adjust in any environment... Ok 👌 I mean no Black no white 50 50
Random Shot (17 days ago)
Your asking this question as if it's an achievement that Ukrainians would marry BLACK people why don't you ask BLACK people if they would marry Ukrainians.
Andre (17 days ago)
Why ask such stupid question. Very racist in itself
Revert Harun (17 days ago)
I wouldn’t marry them either lol
Amadey (17 days ago)
Is a people right to like or not other race. Terror of stupid political correctness created idiots. We should fight again for freedom of speach. Thanks God in Eastern Europe people can still say what they think. And nobody cares about being called racist etc. If somebody is racist and he is not doing anything against other people he is fine. And is nothing wrong with that. I'm strongly against immigration to Europe from Arab countries and Africa. I don't want any of them to live in my country. Because they are looking for easy life on our cost and are to different to be a part of our nation. People should stay when they belong. And most people in my country think exactly same. That is right and good. Only we can decide about our country.
Baldoxxx4000 (17 days ago)
your kids will hate you
Marya Hevi (17 days ago)
Bitch are u blind Asia are white too dum ass
Issaka Ismaila (17 days ago)
Where are my Black Queens...... And I love the crazy once....
Kelshawn Miller (17 days ago)
Why don’t they just admit they scared of the BBC 🤦🏾‍♂️
Kelshawn Miller because they got their men who have BWC
samar thakur (17 days ago)
Question : would you like to marry a guy who has 12 inch dick Answer : yes i would Question : what if i tell you its black guy with 12 inch dick, will still marry that guy? Answer - i already answer, now give me that 12 inch dick
Rajib Islam (17 days ago)
For brown color plz?
me myself (17 days ago)
It seems this girls watched a lot of black porn movies ..simply they're scared ;)))
Boitumelo junior (17 days ago)
This is just a simple example of racism we are the same colour under the skin
Martin Hansson (17 days ago)
Yo dis video bein' racist 'n sheet!!!
Move that thing (17 days ago)
What argue over such a subjective ideal?
Amal Devasia (17 days ago)
If women are interested in Asian colour contact me I'm single... Wanna marry a European girl. As I'm ready to care and love..
Geranamo Free (17 days ago)
I find the woman’s answers funny because love makes things happen. Love like laughter is universal. The world is opening up so many of them may be exposed to different people. Pull down your blinds and lock your doors because love makes things happen lol.
Diego Rodriguez (17 days ago)
Fucking racist mother fucker ask about " black people's" . i really hate and dislike people's who are haters and racist against African people's and the other race color. I wish we all can be cool each other .
Arlo Marlo (17 days ago)
Stay away from mixed marriages.
Nihilanth1982 (17 days ago)
they say they dont discriminate on colour yet this is exactly what they are doing. white women are narrow minded and racist, as proven here.
Amadey (17 days ago)
And what? LOL Nobody in Eastern Europe cares about it.
Border Music (17 days ago)
I just came to read the comments since a nigga never going to the Ukraine 🇺🇦
Perse Reikänen (17 days ago)
I just love these girls! 😍😍😍
Deep South New Zealand (18 days ago)
lots of hotties there by the looks of it
sky rim (18 days ago)
Its not a matter of race, belief or culture, if you fall inlove thats it...
colin mccarthy (18 days ago)
If I was not married,I would probably marry a woman from Russia,Eastern European Countries and Japan.I would say the women in these countries have that Appeal to me which I like.To me they are the Icing on top of the Cake.
Eagleoneradiogod (18 days ago)
As a italian who grew up in Los Angelo's county. I grew up around mostly Mexicans and blacks. And beacuse of this white girls are extremely hard to come by in los angelos so now iam single at 31 cause I was not really attracted to what there was in west covina where I grew up so now I really like white women now that I live in arizona. But I will probabley die single but iam ok with that. But iam speaking as one who grew up in one of these so called diverse communities and beacuse of that I only want a white woman. Cause I see how much more rare they are becomming. And yes I do know a couple of white girls over here that are with black guys witch iam ok with. But they show body lauange towards me that says that they might regret there life decision. Yes they are nice girls but KNOWING this I will only keep them in the friend zone.
Mr. W - The Wanderer (18 days ago)
wow they are like the italians: If there are too many black people around them, they get upset
Thetequilashooter1 (18 days ago)
Very beautiful women.
H M Khalid Mahmud (18 days ago)
It depends on the attitude of the person. If the man is great in personality like Barak Obama or something like that there shouldn't be any reason not to marry a black guy.
KGB Smirnoff (18 days ago)
White women are fascist nazis
Project D (18 days ago)
Ask if they would marry a MEXICAN
YevhenCo Ukraine Show (10 days ago)
I just posted a video 'would you marry a Latino?' check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsuCNty54q4
Mr. Logic Man (18 days ago)
Project D they would probably burst out laughing and walk away
Antonio Carlos Botelho (18 days ago)
Uhh ucranianas lindas
Mr. Logic Man (18 days ago)
Antonio Carlos Botelho shut up taco
kaykay Evans (18 days ago)
The feeling is mutual, not mad at all.
kaykay Evans (18 days ago)
Yeah I was speaking for myself that’s why I said not mad at all
Mr. Logic Man (18 days ago)
kaykay Evans not for everyone though, think about how many different kinds of people there are in the world
Mike River (18 days ago)
Someone get ja rule to make sense of all of this
Amin Yap (18 days ago)
It is not about black or white or purple...it about beauty....and attractiveness..... An ugly white to my eyes is a big NO NO NO a beuatiful what ever colour to my eyes is YES YES YES... NOT ABOUT COLOUR BUT BEAUTY TO THE EYES OF BEHOLDER...... Whoopi goldberg yes yes yes Amanda holden no no no
colin mccarthy (18 days ago)
If my lady friend in the video said she would not mind and that she had a lady friend ,that would make a foursome.Nothing is impossible in Life.(Or is it).

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