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Batumi Georgia Tourism Video

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Batumi – Georgia Second Largest City In Georgia 374 Km from Tibilisi bordering Black Sea with the views of Georgian Mountains Batumi is a must see place during your Georgian Tour. if you visit Batumi at summer you will notice Batumi has a different level of energy , Entertainment and other touristic activities. the best thing in Batumi is you can reach to Batumi from the land , sea or Air. From Tibilisi , Azerbaijan, Istanbul or Moscow you can take a Train to Batumi. it is an international railway hub. if you are already in Georgia, From Tibilisi You can take a Train for about 20$ per 01st class seat. ride bus from Tibilisi to Batumi 20-25 $ or Ride a Taxi to 300-400$ depending on the agreement. you also can take a domestic flight to Batumi from Tibilisi but the amount of Luggages you can carry are very limited. so I usually use Train and it is very comfortable, cheap and reliable. to see more Click https://bakpacking.com/georgia/batumi/ or To know all about Georgia Click https://bakpacking.com
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