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MYSTERIOUS Things Found In The Mountains!

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Check out these mysterious things found in the mountains! From strange and bizarre objects to unsolved mysteries, this top 10 list of unexplained discoveries will give you the chills! Subscribe For New Videos! http://goo.gl/UIzLeB Watch our "Most MYSTERIOUS Things Found In The Jungle!" video here: https://youtu.be/TVJ54-DLKZ4 Watch our "Mysterious Places With NO Gravity!" video here: https://youtu.be/gLARqt_OUYA Watch our "Most MYSTERIOUS Lost Worlds On Earth!" video here: https://youtu.be/oX1rLjFYseA 9. Untersberg Portals On the German-Austrian border, amid the Berchtesgaden Alps, lies the Untersberg Mountain. It is one of the most mysterious mountains in the world. Legends tell of Roman emperors buried in deep tombs, lost civilizations living in chasms, and strange beasts prowling its forests. Supposedly, who was mesmerized by the occult was obsessed with these mountains. According to yet another legend, he built a house on a neighboring mountain and observed Untersberg through telescopes. Whether he saw anything is unknown. Visitors to the mountain, however, report missing time and waking up on other parts of the mountain. Sometimes, the distances involved are extremely long and could not possibly have been traveled during the stretch of missing time. There are many theories ranging from alien abductions to time warps, to portals to other worlds. Skeptics, though, suggest that the people who experience these things are really ill, dehydrated, or somehow fell asleep as they walked. Austrian writer Stan Wolf claims to have found places on the mountain where his watch ran faster than other places. He also claims he found men living in a cave who told him they were soldiers who hadn’t aged a bit over the decades. Pretty spooky to me! 8. The Creatures of Mt. Nyangani Mt. Nyangani in Zimbabwe has a chilling nickname: the “Swallowing Mountain”. It gained its name because of how often people disappear while climbing it. According to local tradition, Mt. Nyangani is a sacred mountain inhabited by ancestral spirits. It’s also said to be haunted by evil spirits and other supernatural creatures. Locals warn that if travelers come across a colorful snake, a pot with no fire, or a brick of gold, then it’s best to ignore those things and move on. Also, mischievous spirits are said to push people off ledges. Visitors often report feeling dizzy, disoriented, and nauseous. They also report strange sounds, lights, animals that follow them, and trees that twist into human faces and whisper. There are even rumors of streams that turn a blood red. In November 2014, 20-year-old British explorer Thomas Gaisford set out alone to explore the mountain. He intended to reach the summit that day and stay overnight. Later, he claimed a thick fog descended during the climb, which disoriented him. Heavy rain began to pour. He decided to camp where he was and wait for the weather to clear. In the surrounding darkness, various creatures appeared to circle him. This gave credence to warnings from locals, who told him to ignore any strangely behaving animals. Gaisford waited ten hours for the fog to clear. When it did, he left the mountain as fast as he could. Others, however, discount his story and say he was dehydrated and had imagined it all. 7. Snarly Yow Snarly Yow sounds like a Pokemon but it’s actually a mysterious giant black dog sighted on South Mountain in Maryland. Most sightings occur at a places where the old National road cuts across a brook and canyon. Some have compared Snarly Yow to the British “black Shuck”. The difference, though, is that black Shuck is connected tothe imminent of the eyewitness, an association that hasn’t extended to Snarly. Luckily. Also, witnesses claim Snarly’s coat changes from white to black. One witness described Snarly Yow as a headless, white dog dragging a chain. Sightings of this mysterious dog date back to an inn near South Mountain, which was built in 1790. The stories at the time had a common format: travelers passing through would have their horses spooked by a mysterious dog that appeared and then disappeared as soon as the rider was thrown from his horse. His penchant for mischief carried over into modern times. Travelers now report that Snarly leaps out in front of cars. The driver will swerve to avoid the animal and crash. As soon as they get out of the vehicle, Snarly growls and bears its fangs before vanishing. And like a typical dog, the creature enjoys simply chasing cars. It also frightens hikers by planting itself in their path and refusing to move. However, it stops short of actually attacking people, which makes it much nicer than the Dwayyo. Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!
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Phil Sergent (1 day ago)
Why the huge banners? I can. Almost. See what you're talking about.
godaikin6886 (1 day ago)
youtube's scary park/forest stories have done for me to hiking/camping what JAWS did in 1977 to people swimming in the ocean. o___o;
Space Man (3 days ago)
She sounds just like my ex wife :(. I cry every time I watch one of these videos. I miss you so much Jessica. I'm so lonely.
Bob the Chihuahua (3 days ago)
The dwayyo isn't a monster it's a furry
WhatOkay (4 days ago)
What’s with the stereotype that dogs chase cars? I’ve never seen a dog chase a car nor have I had to worry about holding tight when a car passes when I’m walking dogs
Bill The Bull Gates (4 days ago)
Are you into BDSM?
Norah Tan (5 days ago)
3:11 It's the Grim from Harry Potter!
fck fracking (9 days ago)
What dumbass explores a mountain of such ALONE? Probably magic mushrooms sprouting and people smelling them instead of eating them making them dilutional
David Hajicek (15 days ago)
The mountain side in the Snow Saddle that looks blacked out, is really in it's own shadow. There is an overhang with a deep undercut at that spot, and depending on the lighting angle and your position, it can look like a black hole. With the right lighting you can see the rock inside the darkened area. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Kangtega/@27.7995451,86.8075976,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!1sAF1QipNUOwDtar1Hk3J-Q3WVI3nHJTMYCarZSg7KG6Fd!2e10!3e12!6shttps:%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipNUOwDtar1Hk3J-Q3WVI3nHJTMYCarZSg7KG6Fd%3Dw203-h135-k-no!7i4608!8i3072!4m5!3m4!1s0x39e906a69af246a9:0xdbd2304026941019!8m2!3d27.7995451!4d86.8075976?hl=en
How to Meow (15 days ago)
Great video to watch before you go to bed
MystiqueHorizon (18 days ago)
*upbeat voice "Now,,, who wants to go camping?" 😂😂😂
Draugr from Sweden (18 days ago)
Human FECES!!!! might you mean human FACES?
JacobPug Poirier (18 days ago)
5:47 I can't pronounce that so i'ma say _"The Big Ben Man... of Gray/Grey
Rosie Christo (19 days ago)
Snarly Yow does sound like a Pokemon lol
R B (25 days ago)
How does a dog snarl if it has no head? Lol
Markus Patients (28 days ago)
FUCK Adolf Hitler!
Draugr from Sweden (18 days ago)
I'm sorry to inform you that it might be difficult, because he's dead. You'll just have to find someone else to f*ck w/
Rob Karmic (1 month ago)
So, they cover up eruptions with UFOs?
Rob Karmic (1 month ago)
"Yeah, if you see a gold bar.. just ignore it.."
A man and a small child were walking deep in the woods one night and the child cried, "I'm scared. I wanna go home!" Then the man replied, "you think you're scared? I'm the one who's gotta walk out of here alone."
Lor Beast (1 month ago)
7:06 you said the name of the area wrong its Middle-Town and Fred-rick ok just letting you know
girlyMulle (1 month ago)
"Now who wants to go camping" 😂
Jon Bonda (1 month ago)
Dwayyo could be a supersized Fisher Cat.
Fresh Peppers (1 month ago)
I went on a hike with my family and we saw park rangers with guns walking towards us and they asked us if we had bear spray. Then we sat there talking to the rangers while I was drawing a square in the dirt with a stick.
CaptainsEyePatch (1 month ago)
4:56 no it's not.
Anthony Richmond (2 months ago)
All the Maryland mountains are in western Maryland very scary at night I have to drive through them all the time my daughter goes to school out there
JamesDIcaprio (2 months ago)
you see movie an see face you see it mid mid
Mason Thurman (2 months ago)
Theas videos suck that something interesting to see and when you go on thim and watch it's abunch ov bullshit
lee kennedy (2 months ago)
that last one was right out of Scoobydoo lol
Alfa Omega (2 months ago)
Monte wright (3 months ago)
Lost me at “Supposubly”
Mad001 p (3 months ago)
this is the dumbest video ive seen today
Bhimkumari Thapa (3 months ago)
Nepal is my cuntry
Elizabeth Sarah (4 months ago)
So Bigfoot? 😂
Douglas Roberts (4 months ago)
so cool
09nob (4 months ago)
Could be escaping gasses with hallucinagenic properties
Draugr from Sweden (18 days ago)
Let us go there...
Locomotive Breath (5 months ago)
I find it funny that the narrator puts on a Spanish accent to read Spanish words and names, but when it come to others, like German in this video, she pronounces it like she's reading it for the first time out of a text book.
Draugr from Sweden (18 days ago)
Intresting point, I myself noticed that as well 🧐
Sarah Fonda (5 months ago)
Ive seen the dwayo. It standing up is just a legend. Its a wolf the size of a cow. Big dog honestly. The one i saw was standing up on the trunk of the tree. I believe to catch birds. Yes it did attack. It just seems to be a very large wolf with bear like tendencies. Scary but so are the bears. We shot it and got a good look too. Its just a 250lbs dog. Like a mastiff.
luis ponce (5 months ago)
Those places are censored by the government because they don't want the people knowing what's thier
Natasha Bertrand (5 months ago)
I've been to South Mountain Maryland- It overlooks Burkettsville better known to us as Blair- where the Blair witch legend originates.
Draugr from Sweden (18 days ago)
Isn't it supposed to be originated from "the BELL witch"? The Blair witch is purly fiction, if you don't mean Toni.
Touch Me (5 months ago)
5 unskippable ads in 10 minutes.. Are you kidding me? Guess I need to use adblock on your vids if you're gonna pull that move from now on. It's not very difficult to take the information of others and put it into a neat format lol why do you think so many channels do it?
Saggitarius Samuel (5 months ago)
Home in my house is the safest place for me , i easily get scared
`- insomniac - ` (5 months ago)
#4 Hahaha the furries are running wild, lmao
Benjamin Moore (5 months ago)
Ole snarly would get a big surprise jumping out in front of me.
Mythic Tiger (5 months ago)
I was recently walking with my 3 legged tiger thunder who is 8ft 4 standing and 490 pound through the Appalachian mountains when a large black dog tried to attack me and thunder got it instead she is was 3 times its mass and made a loud crunching sound then it limped away whimpering she won and protected me again
Touch Me (5 months ago)
dreadhelix hunter is that a joke im not getting?
Frankie Camacho (6 months ago)
Let's go camping
Draugr from Sweden (18 days ago)
What are you waiting for? Let's go NOW!!!!
Drone Wars (6 months ago)
the last one yea they should brought guns
Draugr from Sweden (18 days ago)
it's always safest to bring guns, especially to your work or school; big guns..... 🤔 Hmmmm.... Yes, yes... big motherf*ckin' vicked assassination guns, yes, yes then you'll be safe... Yes....
Smi-Le nguyen (6 months ago)
They should create a pokemon named snarly yow after u now.sounds pretty cool.a cute dog like pokemon with a chain n shit which could be part of it's power or somethin.
christopher serna (6 months ago)
Just found this binged and subbed
Valeria Paez (6 months ago)
Nope too spoopy
Avery Games (6 months ago)
The picture of that dog actually scared me half to death. I jumped off my bed and dropped my phone on the floor when I saw it
Draugr from Sweden (18 days ago)
I have the same problem when I look into the mirror every goddamn morning 🤪
snarly yow? wow. sounds similar to the drizzling chits. people will believe anything but the truth.
Brandt Sommers (6 months ago)
the way she says "bye" is ...
Kevin Parle (6 months ago)
I'm going to 10
Vivian Marquez (6 months ago)
You again! are God is Jehovah. I think satan is tricking you?
Alex Gutierrez (6 months ago)
Good info! nice one!
ABeeGal Werner (7 months ago)
Some fool looked up Kangtega on google translate and saw that it was a Chinese word.
Valeria Paez (7 months ago)
Dr Squid (7 months ago)
The black dog looks fun! I wanna pet it!
MsJinkerson (7 months ago)
I love your vids because they have nothing to do with the royal family
Jj Habres (7 months ago)
The big game Bigfoot like monster could be a Chinese monster with smells like Rotting Flesh but it doesn't have any eyes that has teeth it looks like a circle on top of it and has two legs and it's yellow
Ryon Hatcher (7 months ago)
What if the dwayyo is another American werewolf aside from the Beast of Bray Road?
Shweta Chavan (7 months ago)
I love how u use funny pictures in between... Makes it more interesting!!
Kamoonra The Wolf God (7 months ago)
That snarly yow and dwayyo both sounds like my spirit animal that follows me everywhere I go but sometimes will disappear for short periods of time. My spirit animal is more werewolf like than regular wolf like because of his size.
susie o'hanlon (7 months ago)
Yeah, Whoops Google
mary thomson (7 months ago)
# 8 the air was to thin and add hiking all day then, dark lack of sleep all night = early morning creepers
ME MO (7 months ago)
Dwayyo more like da-way-yo
Touch Me (5 months ago)
Brighton Manyau (8 months ago)
This is true this mountain has a long history ask the locals the weather just changes anytime. A lot of people have vanished
THUNDERDOG87 (8 months ago)
Where’s the kholat mountains in Russia
Touch Me (5 months ago)
In the kholat mountains in Russia.
Brendan Haran (8 months ago)
So I am from Northern Virginia about 30 miles from south mountain MD, and about three years ago me and a bunch of friends though we heard a giant snarling dog charging at us, but is suddenly disappeared. We all thought we were crazy, but now hearing about this Snarly yaw kind of scares me.
Pia Salvato (8 months ago)
The Untersberg portals go into an underground chamber where a legendary King sits with his Knights at a round table .. his hair has grown through the table but they will all awake at the end of days and defend Bavaria.. see legends of Untersberg
Little Dikkins (1 month ago)
Sounds like King Arthur of legend.
Matt Nobrega (9 months ago)
But where's waldo! :* (
johnathan busha (9 months ago)
Its Fredrick like fred not "free"drick.
Troy Shearer (9 months ago)
OMG pronounce the town in MD correctly fred-rick not frEdrick
Bongtasia (10 months ago)
Jake Paul Wants to Go Camping xP
Lisa Bisson (10 months ago)
The valley in the north west territories is actually called headless valley because two miners were found headless because there buddy went nuts but from gold fever(greed) two body's were found with out their heads.the First Nations band they speak of was real but wiped out by the 1900s.they were famous for beheading there captives but lived closer to Alaska then the valley that they speak of. What they say about the First Nations band is true they were slave trading psychopaths that wore masks and armoured themselves.often beheading persons that would not comply with there slaving ways! I've been there and know the legends
nick chester (10 months ago)
I think you need to work on your sound quality (voice clarity issue)
Roomy (10 months ago)
I bet Hitler never gave a shit about "the occult", but rather talked to a fortune teller one time, and over the course of decades it gets telephone gamed into Hitler seeking a glowing blue cube and a hellspawn monkey to power his psy-soldier devil army so that he can take over the world for Cthulhu.
Touch Me (5 months ago)
This comment section is full of loonies, eh?
Rob Johnson (10 months ago)
4 adds?
Swank Mann (11 months ago)
The Naha tribe is Vikings
Emma. Love (11 months ago)
Not me☺🙂☺🙂☺🙂
Smi-Le nguyen (11 months ago)
Only dumbasses go to places with scary ass names.they are given names like devils hill,valley of headless men,swallowing mountain n shit for a reason.
Roranoa Zoro (11 months ago)
Amazing how many of these mountain phenomena cause people to feel light-headed, drowsy and losing time. Almost as if people on the mountain were experiencing altitude sickness. But that can't possibly be.
Brendan Haran (8 months ago)
Roranoa Zoro well the Appalachians aren’t that high, and about 10 of my friends and I thought we heard a huge snarling dog charge at us before suddenly disappearing without a trace. Sooo who knows
AlcatrazTheBat (11 months ago)
omg, when she said, Da-wayyo, I was just like: Do U No De Wae?
Touch Me (5 months ago)
I'd rather you didn't make fun of urban legends with your child-speak
Abdul Smith (11 months ago)
Orgins Explained keep up the great work!!!
maggs131 (11 months ago)
Its baby not bebe lol
mastrofnone (11 months ago)
It's always aliens fault ......Or Trumps
mastrofnone (11 months ago)
The Big Grey man.... I was in the woods once and heard a lot of crunching sounds , It was a squirrel digging in the leaves for nuts. I don't have to dig through leaves to find them. Just look for videos.
mastrofnone (11 months ago)
yep If I see a brick of gold I'm moving on . To an essay office or the cops.
mastrofnone (11 months ago)
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Whats in the mountain is magic mushrooms
Lorren Pickering (1 year ago)
I'm from wales what part of our country did this happen, I've never heard about this before.....
David McManus (7 months ago)
Well...that wraps that up...
subash bist (1 year ago)
omg why they always used area 51.why america always talk UFO lol
puidwen (1 year ago)
I would call pushing people off ledges more malevolent then mischievous.
Cess (1 year ago)
I’m from Maryland. It’s pronounced Fred rick. Not Freed rick
Graeme Lastname (1 year ago)
Spookie to you, lies to me.
Daniel Keating (1 year ago)
I guess they could be Nephillem.
Jadon Triebre (1 year ago)
the naha are now relocated to DC.
Krystle Barnes (1 year ago)
"Snarly Yow. I chose you!! O-oh god go back in the Pokeball! Nevermind!!"
Heru- deshet (1 year ago)
Snow Saddle isn't blacked out on Google Maps.
Heru- deshet (1 year ago)
Damn it. Snarly Yow keeps getting out of my back yard and I've got him tied with an anchor chain!
David McManus (7 months ago)
Sounds very SandLot-ish...doesn't it? For-Ev-Er

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