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Seasnake Sanctuary of Olutanga Island

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Waluwalu Seasnake Sanctuary of Olutanga Island, Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines is a well-known tourist spot in Western Mindanao. Around 8 thousand seasnakes of different shapes and sizes are taken cared of by Noy Tiro. From Zamboanga City, a boat going to Olutanga Island costs around 320 pesos. Travel by boat is overnight. Trips are only during Mondays and Fridays. From Olutanga Island proper to the seasnake sanctuary is only around 45 minutes. You will be renting a boat from Noy Tiro (the seasnake caretaker) that can accommodate at most 8 people. You will pay 1,500. This is already good for back and forth. The most ideal time to go there is during early in the morning because it is high tide.
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Mark Joseph Dequito (1 year ago)
this is our sea snake sanctuary, he is my father 👏👏😚😚😍😍😍
fielsvd (1 year ago)
regards kang papa nimo dong.
Em Ayah (7 days ago)
tae na! bobo tong nagvivideo! wag mong i.blur or ibahin yung kulay kung naka.focus sa ahas! hindi naman sex scene yan, bobo!!!
Angelica Araza (4 months ago)
Yuck thats walo walo SEA snake I hate that thing
Cereal Eater (4 months ago)
Belcher snake to ah. The most venomous snake in the world. On single bite can kill 1000 people
Blackzen Sensie (1 month ago)
nope! its not, but one of the most venomous in the world. the most venomous is australia's 1st is the inland taipan 2nd australia's brown snake 3rd is the Sea crait or philippine walowalo 4th is the sea snake 5th is the philippine cobra.
Monette Melegrito (5 months ago)
music title?
juan pedro luna (5 months ago)
pag natuklaw ka nian d tatagal ng isang minuto buhay mo.
Rasha Mae Baena (1 year ago)
dati may bato cya na parang itlog na lumiliwanag pag hinahawakan.nag nakakapanggamot
Mayra Que (1 year ago)
upo.doun po yn sa amen sa subanipah olotanga sibugay province...
Sheela Yecla (1 year ago)
totoo po yan..
Dr.Stephenzel Hawking (20 days ago)
Sheela Yecla Oo sa dagat pala yan sa Siquijor marami ganyan pero nakakatakot pala
fielsvd (1 year ago)
yes :)
Ken B. Nique Nique (2 years ago)
Justin Baya (4 years ago)
Great Job !!!
Joel Yu (4 years ago)
Prank Video. Banned pls...........
Donaire Gealon (6 years ago)
ano yan?
unknown known (6 months ago)
Donaire Gealon belcher's sea snake most venomous snake in the world

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