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Dodgy & dubious electronics in the Heartland America catalog

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If you're looking for a 4 GHz Windows Vista laptop, 3000 watt amplified speakers, or a fake HD camcorder, you've come to the right place! Images scanned using my 1998 HP Scanjet 5100C parallel port scanner.
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remyronko (2 days ago)
Please make more of these if possible, they're insanely comfy to watch~
TB Moffitt III (3 days ago)
Yes, the disk resurfacer works fairly well... just not every time. If your disk has mild to moderate scratches it will bring them back to life, but the deeper scratches and nics might be harder to salvage. Also, if you do any reselling of media, you may have a harder time selling a resurfaced disk. But hey, if you just want to recover media for your own sake, its an inexpensive option that works often enough to make it worth your while. BTW, I've only used the hand crank model, never used the motorized which someone here mentioned could be an even better option yet. Maybe buy either one and do a video on that subject. Here's a tip: it will usually require more passes to make the disk readable again than the instructions might suggest
Hayden Mould (6 days ago)
i would get that windows vista laptop!
Jimmie Smith (7 days ago)
a lot of things can also be found in some dollar stores and flea markets i remember goldblatts used to sale those refurbished tv and stereos that only lasted a little while
Elektrokinesis (8 days ago)
this is painful to watch
Ivan Bracamonte (10 days ago)
jesus that win 7 laptop ad is hilarious
Untrepid One (16 days ago)
if Nakamichi knew about them using their name there would be some heads rolling unless those ARE real Nak headphones then that's a good deal.
ZeroLife (19 days ago)
Geezuz these catalogues looks like from 1990... even the paper quality & design is that old.
first i didnt check the date you uploaded this video and from all the items and the print quality of the catalog i assumed something 2009ish but hell 2016?
3:04 I picked up a quad-core 2.66GHz desktop with 4GB of ram and a 500GB hard drive for a touch over $100 delivered to my door about a year or so ago. Still using it. For $270 I can probably get something with 8 or 16GB of ram and a TB drive with quad-cores. You can pick up LCD monitors from thrift stores for about $20-$30 for a decent one of good size.
Sam Seriös (1 month ago)
Nice video. "Anders Nicholson" (on the crapophon) sounds a lot like some white van speaker scam brands. They've all got those fancy pseudo-classy names.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3B_KKyntQE
Kanbei85 (1 month ago)
The disk or skip doctor does work to buff out scratches that aren't too deep.
Fre1maurer (1 month ago)
MIDI on PCs was common until the early 2000s. Every soundcard had an combined joystick/MIDI port. And USB-to-MIDI or MIDI boxes are still the method of connecting all kinds of music equipment to PCs.
John Wascavage (1 month ago)
PU is polyurethane.
Steven Smyth (1 month ago)
They must know something about computers because I just looked at their website. I think you could save yourself some time by just doing a screencast and making this a monthly feature on your channel. The "best" computer deal was for a Pentium 3 laptop, and I quote; "With a price this red hot, it's no wonder why we can't publish the brand name. But we can tell you it's one you know well, trust and respect!" 277 bucks is the "red hot" price. eBay garage sale recyclers could learn a thing or two from these folks, and they take PayPal.
Thomas Pleasants (2 months ago)
OMG you crack me up love you man keep up the great vids
RoccoX95 (2 months ago)
1:54 Actually, you can buy a BRAND NEW Casio CTK-3500 for 150 bucks.
Pixelcitizen (2 months ago)
This looks like one of those mail catalogs that look like it hasn't been updated since, like, 2004. In fact, I actually thought you dug this up from your attic or something like that at first.
peter gildersleve (2 months ago)
no the skip dr does not work it just the makes worse
ShermanWare (3 months ago)
Ditch that old, slow laptop and replace it with this old, slow laptop! -VWestlife. 2016 *Now that's funny!*
Caleb Bailey (3 months ago)
8:03 oh boy I've owned a couple of them, and I'm still counting how many of my vcr's they have ruined!
Caleb Bailey (3 months ago)
Lol heartland america, my grandfather made the mistake of buying something out of one of there cataloges one time, and the amount of magazines from them that he received became ridiculous, he still receive's them in the mail and he passed away 4 years ago...
Ronard Droono (3 months ago)
I had a little vivitar cam...it was nice for the price.
Cooe14 (3 months ago)
Uhh... MIDI is still in WIIIIIIIIDE use. No offense, but that's obviously not your area of expertise.
D. B (4 months ago)
PU Polyurethane
Vyl Bird (4 months ago)
... I recognise the HP desktop. I'm watching the video on one right now. Might be the next model up, as this is an i5, but the case is identical. HP 8200 "Elite Ultra-Slim Desktop."
David bowie (4 months ago)
VWestlife you should go into comedy mate. Tears are running down my face listening to some of your reviews of these things :)
J. M. Pérez (4 months ago)
This are for old people who don't know anything about technology.
Michael Turner (4 months ago)
That $99 keyboard is about $30 in China...LOL
Fluttershy (4 months ago)
2:35 Oh I can get one of those..................... On eBay.......................... For much cheaper than $269.99
AsBi (5 months ago)
amazing and funny.
Lambie Gardner (5 months ago)
I lost it at crapophone
Andy Madden (5 months ago)
Yes, I want to buy a Windows Vista computer! (No, seriously, I actually want one!)
andrew gillis (5 months ago)
folks in 2 states and a territorial possession are safe from that camera rip-off
seventhday savior (5 months ago)
What horrible, overpriced garbage! That just blows my mind. And of course you can see the type of market they're trying to cater to.
Marko Vujovic (5 months ago)
Unnamed Internet Citizen (4 months ago)
windows none (6 months ago)
there is no i series dell laptop unless they were trying to say inspirion but still will be wrong
windows none (6 months ago)
first of all the dell i series laptop is actually a dell E 6410 series business laptop from 2010
SoulBlayzR (6 months ago)
The "massive media movie vault" on that Windows Vista laptop is probably why the hard drive is only 100 GB
TheZooman22 (6 months ago)
"Dubious quality and functionality " , that really says it all. Could you imagine being the guy who has to write all that stuff ?
Dodowrestlingfan (6 months ago)
why did you skip some products?
VWestlife (6 months ago)
Because they weren't that funny or interesting.
YouADamnWitch (6 months ago)
Heartland America? Aren't those old people dildo catalogs?
BertyFromDK (7 months ago)
PU = PolyUrethane ??
WESTEL Audio (8 days ago)
Appleboy78165 (7 months ago)
How has the FTC not investigated this company for false advertising already?
The Shadow Man (7 months ago)
They should be sued in to bankruptcy for false advertising
Nexfero (7 months ago)
19:52 "fake tweeters that look like dixie cups" lol
Mireille Montezuma (7 months ago)
I thought that VCR/DVD player combi looked pretty good, but I bet it had shitty build quality and output terrible video. "Protect Your Past" according to who, the marketing department of Heartburn America? And what do you think the highest processor speed Dell made laptops with?
Stewart the Sock (7 months ago)
This is your sassiest video. I love it.
strange biped (7 months ago)
Mr VWESTLIFE...Easter Sunday 2018. I bought the SKIP Doctor, & it only cleans about 20 times before you have to go to their website & order another bottle of cleaning fluid & another replacement abrasion belt-(which appears to be a smooth type of rubberized vinyl)-which are cheap enough but it's not good enough to clean up to 25 times as they state in the info which comes with your original order of the SkipDr". I want something better to take out the Deeper scratches that THIS product DOES NOT REMOVE no matter how many times I have to re-crank the handle on multiple do-overs! It takes about 55 to 60 revolutions with the crank handle to make one revolution when cleaning the disc!!! It does smooth off the faint scratches only! I won't be ordering another one & do not recommend this product!
Zzyzx Wolfe (7 months ago)
I have one of those "4.0 GHz" laptops. The one they're advertising with Vista on it. It's a Dell D620. They came with Core Duo processors, not even Core2 Duo. They didn't even support 64-bit. They offered 1.66GHz to 2.16GHz, with the T2500 being 2.0GHz and fairly common, so yeah, they're definitely multiplying the speed. It definitely doesn't have a 7th gen i3 in it!
mxslick50 (8 months ago)
LOL based on the claims of the electronics, makes me wonder if the shoes they advertise are pre-worn.. "Get genuine Converse Hi Tops for only $29.99" and in fine print: *Customer returns with slight cosmetic blemishes and mild foot funk*
Travis Combs (8 months ago)
Oh man, this video inspired me to check out their website. Very first laptop I look at: Refurbished early 2000s Dell with a 1.4GHz single-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 30GB hard drive, and Windows XP, all for the low price of $220 plus shipping! The site claims "Lightening [sic] quick speed, proven operating system, loads of storage, productivity boosting software & more!" and adds "You don't have to be rich to own a powerful notebook computer or settle for an underpowered netbook. Just order this commercial- grade Dell! It has all the bells & whistles you want." They're right, what more could I possibly want out of a laptop? Plus it has this: "BONUS! When you order today, you'll also receive a DVD game pack with 40 games - perfect for entertaining yourself on long flights!" because that battery will totally last the whole flight!
mrfurball (8 months ago)
I had that DiskDr in the 90's I bought it to fix a PlayStation game, it did not work on light scratches, then it broke
Cordell Kelley (8 months ago)
18:44 ... *3000 WATTS?* That's *25 AMPS* at 120 volts, right? Lets rename it the "House Circuit Breaker Tester". (If your house burns down, the the breaker failed the test.)
Josh Derak (8 months ago)
My god, that catalogue looks like a reprinting of something from 20 years ago.
Nathan Huth (9 months ago)
This has been your best video to date. I can't yet enough of your dry humor. More heartland (or similar) please!
Centrevez (9 months ago)
I still have my vivitar camera somewhere. frankie croft smales
Goedzooi F. (9 months ago)
"Great close-ups for pixels" XD
doorhanger93 (9 months ago)
Damn, I always wanted to pay $170 for a *_blazing fast_* used dell from 2007 with pre-installed WINDOWS VISTA
David Perkins (9 months ago)
13:30 - I'm guessing it can automatically switch from 'intruder' to 'friends' mode .
Gianluca Saccone (9 months ago)
I actually got the Teac CD changer on eBay and it works well. But I paid 80 dollars for that including shipping 😅
Ash Kitt (9 months ago)
The Night Eyes machine can tell a friend from an intruder by measuring how dark the skin of the person is. X3
johnny dark (9 months ago)
best video i've seen in awhile.
BootlegScarce :0 (9 months ago)
You could buy a real tablet for £30 more and the laptops are £100 on ebay and they come with windows 7
Scott McClure McClure (9 months ago)
Skip doctor does not work
audiocrush (9 months ago)
Used Nakamichi tape decks run here in germany for around a thousand bucks... and now you can apparently get headphones for 8.99? xDDD MAN the sold their soul, something must have really gone wrong in that corporate tower :D
Richard Cline (9 months ago)
SkipDr...I have one and yes, it actually does work. The only problem I've ever had with it was the first pad came loose from the wheel but I ordered a replacement and also got another bottle of the cleaning fluid. It has saved quite a few CDs and DVDs that got scratched or that I have found at yard sales and thrift stores. The price they quote at $19.99 is what I paid for mine locally. It does leave a distinct mark on the disc much like a light sanding but in vertical lines.
Diggy Dude (10 months ago)
The lens is awful on those big floor stand magnifiers.
Brendon Mills (10 months ago)
I'm surprised they don't offer payment plans at crippling interest rates.
Simon Han (10 months ago)
Ditch that old, slow laptop and replace it with this old, slow laptop! - VWestlife
Alex Power (10 months ago)
I actually that exact cobra CB radio. Works great actually but I have a good antenna
TheNascarfan14 (10 months ago)
SkuldChan42 (10 months ago)
I think its funny all those laptops and pc's are old enterprise models (usually they have things like vpro, trusted platform modules etc). We get rid of them for like 30-50 bucks each through state surplus.
DeepPastry (10 months ago)
My mom got suckered in by these catalogs. She couldn't quite grasp how it upset me that she was paying department store prices for this dollar store crap.
Bill A (10 months ago)
"PU" stands for Poly-Urethane plastic, and yes 2ghz x 2 core = 4ghz... mlfao!! By the way that large flashlight is really that big, for $62 they'll give you a lot of plastic filled with a hole lot of air, it's huuuugee!! ;) Sadly they probably target the elderly who may not be hip to the latest stuff.
_踊り (10 months ago)
Those flashlights are actually preeeety good but not for that price
Steven Hoelderich (10 months ago)
What are you doing ; are you trying to put the store out of beeswax? Well your doing a good job of doing so !!
Major League Swag Out (10 months ago)
Change the title to "Old man doesn't realize he'll be buying from this magazine in 5-10 years"
VWestlife (10 months ago)
Old man? I'm a millennial!
Răducu's Computer (10 months ago)
The comments + the awfully nice catalogue create the best entertainment platform.
MrOpenGL (10 months ago)
I bought in 2007 that SkipDR thing (it was slightly different than the one pictured but had the same brand and same rotating wheel) and it did work most of the times, but only once: if you scratched a CD that the SkipDR already fixed it would render it totally unusable.
toonamivhs 2 0 (10 months ago)
I bought a skip doctor (just like the one in rhe picture. ) it made my game work, but it destroyed itl (it liooked like the disc had been chewed up by a scrub brush thingy.
SlowCooker (11 months ago)
>scratch proof >ABS HAHAHAHAHAHA
I actually bought that 19 dollar dashcam you showed briefly in walgreens (just for kicks), the quality it shit but i like the infrared illumination with genuine night vision mode.... HOWEVER it doesnt work in a car because of the IR glare on the windshield :P
dooterscoots (11 months ago)
who needs 10 usb ports
iEuropa (11 months ago)
4:26 Photonicinduction would have blown everything with 10,000 Amps or 50 kV for sure
lexpee (11 months ago)
Do they have no Consumer inception service there? That also checks for misleading offers. They do not have to try it here within a day, the inspection is at the door.
WOLF STONEHENGE (11 months ago)
Robert Sand (11 months ago)
Do this with hazard freight catalog (harbor freight)
Robert Sand (11 months ago)
That skip doctor is basically just a nice cleaner at best. Doesn't fix scratches at all. It's nice to clean smudges tho
Scott Strang (11 months ago)
I haven't laughed this hard in weeks. YOu cracked me up. Loaded with TEAC quality. hahahahaha Sounds like an old DAK catalog. Nakamichi headphones? The mighty have fallen. No longer a great Japanese company but a cheap Chinese seller paying for the Nakamichi logo. Nakamichi used to manufacture amazing audio gear.
NJPurling (11 months ago)
The only other time I saw that much crap in one place was in the corner of a farmyard & steam was coming off it. At least genuine crap can be used to fertilise the ground. that catalogue crap is only ever going to end up in landfill.
Marshall Smith™ (11 months ago)
So according to their math I have a i7 running at (overclocked) 9.6 GHz
Kamion King (11 months ago)
LMAO “great closeups of pixels” 😂
Brent Fisher (11 months ago)
0:59 2D FFT will reveal all..
James Siebold (11 months ago)
HAH! I bought an RCA 5 disc CD changer at the Salvation Army store for $10 just like the one in the catalog. I also found a TEAC brand dual cassette deck for $10 as well. The bad thing is both of these players are of better quality than the stuff I was able to afford as a teenager. Like my Emerson stereo system from Hills Department store. When I was around 18 or 19, I went to K-Mart and bought the cheapest VCR I could afford. It turned out to be a Goldstar. If I remember I paid $180 for it. Given I was earning less than $4.00 an hour at the time, do the math and you will understand why I didn't go after the "big box" name brands like Sony. Funny thing is that VCR lasted for more than 20 years. As of 5 years ago, I was using it as TV tuner on an old CRT analog TV before Charter Spectrum turned off their analog signal for good. It still worked the day I threw it in the trash.
Tim Moses (11 months ago)
Have you ever seen the stand-up routine where David Cross goes through Sky Mall catalogue? Priceless! ;)
Tony32 (11 months ago)
"Ditch that old, slow laptop" and replace with this old, slow laptop. ROFL
Brickman C (11 months ago)
Compare at $420.00
BilisNegra (11 months ago)
If it's true that anybody is actually paying that much for those refurb computers, I'm feeling an urge to go into massive PC reselling!
yeshua (11 months ago)
I'm pretty Shure those disk doctor disk resurfacer is discontinued

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