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Travi$ Scott - Don't Play ft. Big Sean, The 1975

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Travi$ Scott's official music video for 'Don't Play' ft. Big Sean. Click to listen to Travi$ Scott on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/TravisScottSpotify?IQid=TravisSDP As featured on Don't Play - Single. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/DontPlayTS?IQid=TravisSDP Google Play: http://smarturl.it/DPGPlay?IQid=TravisSDP Amazon: http://smarturl.it/TSDPAmazon?IQid=TravisSDP More from Travi$ Scott Sloppy Toppy: https://youtu.be/K2CDmPyrIGE Mamacita: https://youtu.be/RH9kl6XZixo Upper Echelon: https://youtu.be/X4MSlFq8bNI More great Hip Hop videos here: http://smarturl.it/HipHopUrban?IQid=TravisSDP Follow Travi$ Scott: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/travisscottlaflame Twitter: https://twitter.com/trvisxx Instagram: https://instagram.com/travisscott Subscribe to Travi$ Scott on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/TravisScottSub?IQid=TravisSDP --------- Lyrics: Drink slow to feed the nose, you know he likes to get blown Has he got enough money to spend? Leave? No. He's to and fro, he doesn't like it when the girls go Has he got enough money to spend? I ain't playing with these niggas I ain't playing with, I ain't playing with these niggas Know I need my dollars Know a nigga need my commas She was down when I dropped out of college Down, she was down when I rode Impalas Played with her pussy in the jeep Yeah, she was down with the foreplay drivin' Jumped in the car when she hit my digits Don't want nothin', just to pull up at the projects Easy to me my nigga Build it with a seam, youngin always seen with a killer Hand stitched by my dealer Dealing with a seam you ain't seen, what you mean Margiela? She even got the 'scripts for the cough In the H gotta hit Johnny for the frost, swirved off It ain't been a minute seen they seen a weird nigga From the corner put it on for the south On my momma, know a nigga be coasting Go nigga grab my bottles, go nigga grab my Chronic Keep ya head up in the air my nigga Niggas know gon be billionaires my nigga Fuck how much time that shit might take Niggas ain't playin' with em!
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Text Comments (5882)
Dj Ab (1 day ago)
no word !!!
Brunigga ECG (1 day ago)
Best ever
robby lebotha (1 day ago)
One of Sean's best verses. IMO
JAYYY (3 days ago)
Legendary song back when everybody wasn’t fuckin wit him. Now everybody on the wave. 🔥🔥🔥LA FLAME
The Dude (3 days ago)
its 2018 and this still hard
J King (4 days ago)
Aye 2018 and still bumpin harder than fuck.
shaft johnson (4 days ago)
I remember when this dropped & everybody was calling travis a weirdo, here we are in 2018 & everybody swear they a true
Carlos Maffei (4 days ago)
Still listening to this fucking song👂❤️🎶🔥🌵
Emmanuel Apalowo (4 days ago)
Are you here after listening to Sicko MOde? Same here :D
Nurse Vee (5 days ago)
Travis sound like Kanye
Ansharul Hakim (6 days ago)
Travis Scott X the 1975? Wow
ZoEpApA (6 days ago)
Straight up
Jaythegreat23 _ (6 days ago)
Who else saw the horse take a shit😂😂
Aryvon (6 days ago)
Doesn’t 90210 sorta sound like this
Yunus VK (6 days ago)
Antidote best
Mark Cervantez (8 days ago)
Matias Haikali (8 days ago)
Classic Travis 🔥⚡🔥
Sara Stephen (8 days ago)
This song got a forever legend,& a rising legend
O-H-I-O Go Buckeyes (9 days ago)
Damn Sydney Done lost some weight smh. That ass used to be fat back in this video
Michael Costigan (9 days ago)
Lame 😒
Aaron Clorox (10 days ago)
Girls who wear chokers and collars are the type that want to be dominated and controlled like a dog.
STARS Fashion Art Love (10 days ago)
Wavy ❤💛💚💖🌟
Edson Marinez (10 days ago)
Seems like my boy be playing Red Dead Redemption x)
I PLAY CRTICAL OPS (10 days ago)
Who here in 2018
Prod. Lil Rudd (10 days ago)
Just found out kanye produced this 🤯
Peterson TidalWave (10 days ago)
She is for hire.
berre durucu (10 days ago)
if he released this nowadays this would be a hit
berre durucu (10 days ago)
old travis is legendary
Mary Ellen Leach (11 days ago)
It’s between goin to see him or VSVP...opinions? I’m in East TN.
Samkele Qelani (12 days ago)
Big Sean he is insane
Joey McQuilkin (12 days ago)
Marry me
Joey McQuilkin (12 days ago)
Holy boner
Joey McQuilkin (12 days ago)
The baddest chick on the planet hands down
Christopher Aznavour (12 days ago)
Yo I have this banger on repeat at the gym for at-least 2 hours straight. Show me love.
J M (13 days ago)
Who's here for the horse?
FilthyMark (13 days ago)
Red dead redemption trailer is dope af
HaltsMaul (14 days ago)
Texas flag upside down. #Rednexxx
HaltsMaul (14 days ago)
Texas flag upside down. #Rednexxx
Helix Md (14 days ago)
You can hear the Kanye Influence in la flames voice how he bends words and has a smooth voice. Old flame was way better man.
Loveee_Lisi (14 days ago)
2018 ???
J P (14 days ago)
can't wait for that new new ft. D'Anthony Palms
Arjun Gadhiya (15 days ago)
Red dead redemption 2 mods existed before the game even came out wow
‏‏‎ (15 days ago)
Red dead redemption 3 looking good
Midhun 2401 (15 days ago)
Who came after sicko mode
djcnightwalker (16 days ago)
benjaminates (16 days ago)
play this while You play red dead redemption 2
Oliver Dantzer (16 days ago)
epic dab time
Kim Jones (16 days ago)
Yeah was wrong with black women the Becky addition is real with you
Bastian Andersson (16 days ago)
People talking about travis without autotune this and that dont realize it was his creativity with the sound that made him who he is today, if you just use autotune to use it youre a lame, if you use it to melodize and become part of the song and instrumentals, you have la flame.
Ugly Unicorn (17 days ago)
I love this song always
D 40 (18 days ago)
Really brings back Rodeo vibes this and other videos during this time really made what Travis thought the Rodeo was
odane stewart (20 days ago)
my pony watched this and turned into a pegasus..
Mateus Soares (20 days ago)
good music never get old.
Taylor Stamps (20 days ago)
Girl at the end is so hot
zjuchi (20 days ago)
damn no ways it's been almost 5years feels like 2yrs
Serekedde Andrew (21 days ago)
The 1975...
Kiruzzi (21 days ago)
long money to spend xD
Gerardo Gomez (21 days ago)
HELP PLEASE! Anyone know the name of this bar?!?
Young Prodigy - (21 days ago)
Why he always on a horse
Dog Is Not Amused (19 days ago)
Young Prodigy - cocaines
Miguel Sanchez (21 days ago)
Travis been love white woman. 😁
Nicolas00 (21 days ago)
Elijah Pacheco (22 days ago)
Big Sean on this beat makes this song
Jhordin Graves (22 days ago)
Great song, great collaboration with all the artist and great video as well. She’s beautiful too.
Hazim (22 days ago)
2:15 weakest daps of the century
En1gma Kish (22 days ago)
Autotune is just as bad your music....trash music.......
En1gma Kish (22 days ago)
Stupid music
Safia Siddiqui (22 days ago)
I m here Just for Matty Nd 1975
moeisme (23 days ago)
brian romero (23 days ago)
Bobby Digital (24 days ago)
le clavecin de l'enfer
Philip Kannyugera (24 days ago)
Travis u are great
FueledbyBenjamin (24 days ago)
whos that girl... asking for a friend
Bled.S Oldschool (25 days ago)
This beat is to start a war
Kyle K (26 days ago)
cant ride a horse worth shit my guy
Joppy Lip (26 days ago)
this melody on this beat is for level
Ada Konttaz (28 days ago)
What that girl name blonde one???if u know guys send reply
Halle Dangel (28 days ago)
Ayeeeee he needs to sit in that saddle he’s hopping like a fucking bunny
Robbie Bednar (30 days ago)
the reason I found out who Sydney maler is, and the reason I found out why travis rarely spits like this....cause everybody in the industry would be shitting themselves if he was still making verses like this. this song/video was a blessing fr
NFG bohnny (30 days ago)
this video on acid is sum else
JeepZJ 101 (30 days ago)
Chase Angebrandt (1 month ago)
why do rappers wear dirtbike gear?
Chase Angebrandt (1 month ago)
every time the horse took a step travis smashed into the saddle
Victor Gonzalez (1 month ago)
days before rodeo> rodeo
How did this track only get 27 million 👀
tyler korensky (1 month ago)
Old trav>>>>>>>
Slim Khalifa (1 month ago)
Naeva Lebron (1 month ago)
And know he got Karli heyyyyyy😘🔥❤️🎉
Augusto Cesar (1 month ago)
O cavalo fazendo cocô aos 0:50
Qtpie// Kiko (1 month ago)
<3 golden era travis
Cade Rodriguez (1 month ago)
beat go harddddd but Lirics low key kinda trash
Dylan Burgess (1 month ago)
that fox jersey is hard
Sam P- (1 month ago)
My first Trav Scott song
test test (1 month ago)
travis can't afford a bentley or a merc so he buys a $1k craigslist grand marquis
lil nasty (1 month ago)
I ain't palyin with niggas sounds trippy
prince katundu (1 month ago)
dope shit
97060949034034934983 (1 month ago)
Mxolisi nkosingiphile (1 month ago)
whose here in 2018?

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