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Most Beautiful Actors Who Ever Lived

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Most beautiful actors who ever lived, according to Natalie Miller, my wife. She made this video long before moving to the USA. She came from a city and a country where the African-American population is very low compared to here, so she didn't have a huge exposure to the culture. Believe me, since moving here all of that has completely changed. To those who are offended by the lack of color among the people in the video, we both apologize and did not make the video with that intention. In reality my wife thinks the singer Sam Cooke was one of the most beautiful men of any color ever. Tony Williams of The Platters also qualifies. She also agrees about Denzel and Sidney Poitier. https://youtu.be/gdnwzQngdmc link to the newest upload on our channel of The Most Beautiful Women. This was created by my wife six years ago, so please visit that video and comment/ debate there. Thank you.
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Avepike (1 day ago)
yes, bingo - i also miss Alain Delon, Paul Newman (The Eye) and others - for sure :-D
Silvia Tallarico (2 days ago)
All of them very classy...especially Gregory Peck and Helmut Berger
Hompoutou (3 days ago)
And where are Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, Eddie Murphy And so on? Shame on you!!!
Nandita Mondal (3 days ago)
Dermot Mulroney😘😘😘😍😍
Nandita Mondal (3 days ago)
Billy Crudup😍😍😍😍😍
Marilyn Duenas (4 days ago)
Helmut was so handsome
Marilyn Duenas (4 days ago)
Gene Kelly was not handsome.
Lacy .Knickers (4 days ago)
You left out Paul Newman.
razacriolla (4 days ago)
solo estoy de acuerdo con Cristopher Plummer, Patrick swayze, Jhonny Depp, y faltaron, Alain >Delon y Brad Pitt
Hannie Griebling (6 days ago)
Mel Gibson in his early days !
marianne fong (9 days ago)
Elvis #1. Yes. Could add Tyrone Powers to your list, but maybe he too far back for most people to have seen him.
smita k (10 days ago)
Al Pachino?
smita k (10 days ago)
3.36 Alexander the Great!
Irenee Shubert (12 days ago)
Not a bad list.
Xochitl Mejia (15 days ago)
Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Brad Pit, Keanu Reves, Elvis, Christopher Walken, Elvis,
glennsgirl72 (15 days ago)
Dan Fernando (17 days ago)
Tom Cruise, Christopher Reeves, Richard Gere, Henry Cavill
Sylvie Dage (17 days ago)
And Alain Delon ????
SHOE GAL (18 days ago)
You left a lot of obviously beautiful men from this video and some are questionable. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Kay Scott (19 days ago)
Paul Newman? Brad Pitt?
darlene h (21 days ago)
There's so many beautiful men...but I agree with you about Elvis as number one!
Ruby Staging (21 days ago)
it's a matter of opinions
jane moselfrau1 (21 days ago)
johnny depp ist mein favorit
jane moselfrau1 (21 days ago)
diese Amerikaner sehen ja fast alle umwerfend gut aus
jane moselfrau1 (21 days ago)
gregory peck käptn ahab der weise waal
jane moselfrau1 (21 days ago)
gaary cooper bekannt aus dem tollen alten Film 12 uhr mittags mit crace kelly toller alter film
jane moselfrau1 (21 days ago)
cary grant, war der schönste Mann der Welt sieht man auch so ein perfektes Gesicht hat keiner, hatte
Marina Mimbela (22 days ago)
And Jean Michael Vincent?
Amina Kechame (22 days ago)
U are more older than my grandfather
anna Kowalska (22 days ago)
Where is Tyrone Power .. ?
Lisa Lopez (22 days ago)
Love him
Fürst Krisztina (22 days ago)
I'd add Vittorio Gassmann and, like many others, Omar Shariff.
Миру Мир (23 days ago)
All these great men loved beautifull women, remember that. Nowadays many beautifull men love each other, it is very sad. So, the human race cannot have genes of handsome men, as far as cannot have children from them.
Миру Мир (23 days ago)
Where are their descendants? If also such a masculine, brute and manly?
Anastasia's dream (24 days ago)
Here's a few of my favorite,s that didn't make the list Omar Sheriff, Montgomery Clift, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Claude Van Dame,James Dean, and my absolute favorite that comes in first place that makes my heart pound tying in at first place is my husband ♥and Tommy Lee Jones in 2cnd place again a tie David Bowie,Steve windwood, and my absolute beloved Chuck Norris who is in a list all by himself isn't he lovely, charming, and beautiful.. However your composite of these men are spectacularly beautiful.-GREAT JOB!!!
Isabel Veidt (25 days ago)
LOL. Really? Is Elvis number 1? I do not know what you see in he. Good musician but handsome nothing. He is chubby, with a fat nose and disgustingly thick lips. He looks like a truck driver.
Jorge Contreras (25 days ago)
You left out the most beautiful actor who ever lived, Steve Reeves
Julia Utiasheva (25 days ago)
Clark Gable
Colette Van Berkel (25 days ago)
Cary Grant, for sure!
Steve reeves
Joyce Thomas (26 days ago)
Clark Gable should be first
Sterling Perkes (26 days ago)
You left out the most beautiful man of all time--Christopher Reeve.. And where's Paul Newman? Where's Robert Redford?
Jenny Purcell (26 days ago)
I would say these were handsome men, not beautiful, my idea of beautiful men are pretty, more feminine, Brad Pitt when younger, Harry Styles, they are 'beautiful', these guys are more 'manly' if you like, very nice, especially the first few and Keanu and Johnny.
Nancy Schaub (27 days ago)
Losing my mind. I forgot Gerard Butler!
Nancy Schaub (27 days ago)
And Alexander Skarsgård, Gabriel Byrne and Matthias Schoenaerts.
Nancy Schaub (27 days ago)
I forgot my Irish boys! Colin Farrell, Cillian Murphy, Liam Nelson and so many more who truly are worthy of being listed. Pierce Brosnan, Patrick Dempsey, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, etc.
Nancy Schaub (27 days ago)
I agree with Elvis, Johnny Depp, Keanu, Gregory Peck, Helmut Berger, Patrick Swayze, Bruce Boxleitner, Timothy Dalton and Dermot Mulroney. However, my list would add Tyrone Power, Jim Caviezel, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Harmon, Clint Walker, Jared Leto, Rob Lowe, Chris Hemsworth, David Berry (Lord John Grey in Outlander) and a very young Brad Pitt, and of course, Sam Heughan from Outlander.
Gwenhamara (28 days ago)
Dermot Mulroney takes my breath away - damn - he's beautiful.  But where is Jude Law?  Robert Redford?
Iahel Cathartes Aura (28 days ago)
Wonderful collection of actors & their manly beauty! I greatly enjoy the nostalgia of this most of all.
ferfoxakeladdy (29 days ago)
Kurt Russell!!!!!
Truthfears Guilty (29 days ago)
Elvis Presle = Kate Mulgrew
ML Feathers (29 days ago)
Not very original. Where are the black actors???
helen zapata (1 month ago)
where is john Wayne? and all the other actors of long ago?????
Camille Palmer (1 month ago)
You forgot Kevim Kosner
P Jj (1 month ago)
Yul brynner...tony curtis...gerard butler...rock hudson...paul newman...george chakiris...tyrone power...george peppard...steve mcqueen...charlie sheen...clint eastwood...richard widmark...sal mineo...ricky nelson...robert redford...antonio banderas...marlin brando...some when they were younger, but gorgeous nonetheless
Firdaus Rawat (1 month ago)
Sean Connery? Tom Cruise?
Shree Hiremath (1 month ago)
Not agreed
KONY KON (1 month ago)
rosie sims (1 month ago)
??????? Good job everyone has different tastes !!🤗
Catherine G (1 month ago)
It was the woman’s own personal list. Unsupported by any surveys, magazines or publisher’s.
Seymour Clearly (1 month ago)
Terence Stamp? Yul Brynner? Jeff Chandler? Alain Delon? Louis Jourdan?
Dorine Mort (1 month ago)
You forgot Connery, Cloony, Ferril( Colin) , Butler, DiCaprio, and my favorite- Jason Momoa, y-u-m-m-y !
Loli Damien (1 month ago)
Punki80 (1 month ago)
Helmut Berger... I warn you not to google him now, it is dreadful. Something terrible has become of him (body and mind), he even was on our version of I´m a star, get me out of here (the jungle show)...
marlies beushausen (1 month ago)
Karaktärer, personlig utstrålning, fotogeniska, mystiken, det dolda tänkandet, som ett naturligt utspel. De har en själ för mottaglighet omedvetet, lika våra mest kända kvinnor genom historien. De äldras med detta
southsidesisters (1 month ago)
Oh, come on! You left out so many, and so many shouldn't even be on this list! Elvis? He's the last, for me. Number one is Alain Delon! ;)
Kindred Spirit (1 month ago)
I guess as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Most of these men are ordinary.
Monica Medina (1 month ago)
Add Alain Delon, wow , wow. He was very handsome and just hot. Back in the day..
Да, нужно было произнести Делон smokes and smokes, a вообщем неплохи и paul newman и Роберт Редфорд и ещё Джек Леммон и Тони Кертис!
Oh, eще Роберт Тэйлор красавец! А poor poor alain delon smoke and smoke, a belmondo вообщем лучше всех, а ещё кушать Жерар Филипп и немало немало ещё, однако Бельмондо и Делон ,ну-ка это же поговорка, можно, произнести, ну-ка он тоже не Ален Делон,ну-ка вы же не скажете, ну-ка он прям не не ....,кто у вас там в красавцах прогуливается, неа не катит,у нас Ален Делон!
Amy Peiffer (1 month ago)
Sorry you missed Franco Nero.
Catherine Garcia (1 month ago)
What? No Paul Newman, Brad Pitt, Redford, Peter O Toole, Roger Moore....
Nina Widyaningsih (1 month ago)
sonia G (1 month ago)
not all of them some are good looking but not beautiful
Nina Jones (1 month ago)
Elvis has never been supplanted as most handsome. EVER! I would have added Kevin Costner and Mel Gibson. Love your list.
lesley lee (1 month ago)
What happened to Marlon Brando, Franco Nero... to name only two
Marlon David Maduro (1 month ago)
Shame they forget the one I was named after. The one and only among the great ones: MARLON BRANDO!!!!!!
Aysha Aysha (1 month ago)
Where is Cüneyt Arkın and Ayhan Işık 😏
Roy Chefets (1 month ago)
So parochial. You left out the most handsome of them all...French actor Alain Delon. When Purple Noon was re-released in about 1990, the New York Times referred to Delon as "extravagantly beautiful".
Tonia Barringer (1 month ago)
How can you possibly miss Paul Newman? The most beautiful of them all. And Sidney Poitier. Hello.
meegikwang (1 month ago)
*Christopher Reeves and the young John Wayne should be in this list*
Michèle Boireau (1 month ago)
Apart from Jean Marais, poet Jean Cocteau's lover, all the men shown here are American and some of them quite plain . You did not mention splendid Rock Hudson and do not say it is because he was gay because you showed Cary Grant, who was gay too . His lover was Randolf Scott . In fact the most beautiful actors were gay . Too bad for us, ladies .
Ruby Wingo (1 month ago)
Burt Lancaster! Charlton Heston! Donny Osmond!!
Allison Chalon (1 month ago)
They are all handsome, but of course you can do a new updated list....what do you think?
Lena Nikiforoff (1 month ago)
Nothing-Special with these. Music (superficial -good for dining for English spoken , can’t stand stupid lyrics about nothing) ,superficial Hollywood crap together with “iconic Beatles “ , just marketing for not clever people , it sells , but another one hundred years -nobody even bother about it , much better to read good book or to have a look on a decent heroes , that usually very modest and private.
clare5 one (1 month ago)
ERROL FLYNN!!! Also, Al Pacino, Peter O'Toole, Philip Michael Thomas, Ken Watanabe, Brad Pitt, Tyrone Power, Don Johnson, Paul Newman , also Hayato Tani
Ronaldo Castillo (1 month ago)
Carol Patton (1 month ago)
NO PAUL NEWMAN?????? As for Elvis, I always he looked mentally-challenged and I find intelligence very sexy.
Elena T (1 month ago)
It's very subjectiv, #1 is Allen Delon ., especially for Europeans
Mary Merhy (1 month ago)
You forgot my father 💕
Officer Murdoch (1 month ago)
What about Paul Newman?
Shavauna Ronan (1 month ago)
# ! for me is Brad Pitt!
Ramy (1 month ago)
Few actors look better as they get older. Keanu Reeves is one of them.
Lois Barber (1 month ago)
Nice to see some lesser known names, but c'mon! No Clark Gable? and perhaps the handsomest man who ever lived was Steve Reeves! Chris Reeves was also the whole tall package!
Lois Barber (1 month ago)
I mean, she had Johhny Deep and Gene Kelly, but left off Gable! What woman hasn't wanted to scream at Scarlett, "You're picky Ashley Wilkes over Rhett Butler?"
lundilar (1 month ago)
...and DiCaprio.
Daysy Perez (1 month ago)
Where's David Duchovny?
Laura Pearson (1 month ago)
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
Indira Salazar (1 month ago)
Franco Nero, Alain Delon, Marcello Mastroianni, Terence Hill, Raoul Bova, Robert Redford, Paul Newman...
Denise Joyce (1 month ago)
Agree with #1
kpzcbttp (1 month ago)
Gary Cooper is gorgeous. My Great Grandfather who was Sir Harry Lauder, met him on the set of a movie.
BARBARA L. HASS (1 month ago)
Elvis Presley is the most beautiful man in the world!

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