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The RULES of TEXTING someone you like

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Text Comments (314)
John Galt (11 days ago)
If someone has to play this game, then I'm not interested. LOL ps you look like Ricky Martin
parkourbeastsvlogs98 (3 months ago)
Sadly there is no real answer the truth is it doesn’t matter who texts when you text it all comes down to the mental brain the ability for one to process what happened at a specific event, you see when one person meets another human being at any event and they exchange numbers they need time to think about weather they really want to spend time , however most cases , this isn’t true due to love at first sight , search example as where I found my girlfriend at love at first site !!! So conclusion it’s really not a game .... it’s your stupid Brain telling you to wait everytime , but really what’s the point to wait ? When you can start right away and work towards marriage ? People can end up killing themselves over this crap
Shirin Shourcheh (4 months ago)
You are so cute
MV SanD (5 months ago)
Oh my im experiencing this today.
J. W. (5 months ago)
Jackey Alvarado (9 months ago)
I love the advice but what if I just met him and I gave him oral sex the same day I met him and we exchanged #s after we finished but hasnt texted me :( it's been 2 days lmaooo
Island Breeze (11 months ago)
This guy has no clue
Jes Jackson (1 year ago)
I freaking love the " k bye" 😂😂😂
Bonnie Dedrick (1 year ago)
I hate games, but my friends try so hard to convince me that I should follow every rule you listed above, which I don't. Apparently the last couple of guys I tried to connect with (including an old high school boyfriend) also play by those rules. The only guy that does respond regularly & we talk all day, every day, is my cute, single neighbor, but he apparently doesn't want a relationship, or sex, but isn't gay, so we make out & other PG-13 stuff...its a confusing situation. (Help?)
BhARTi Taylor (1 year ago)
So true Chris.  I haven't had much experience at all with relationships, didn't even have a boyfriend in College high school, spent most of my life celibate and single, trying to learn what to do with a guy, hardly any experience and the last guy that approached me I sort of didn't know what to say, how to say it didn't even know what to do as I haven't had hardly any experience.  Have only been around guys in a platonic relationships or on a professional level.  I am usually a level headed person, but if I like someone I go abit wonky and awkward due to my inexperience with dating and men.  I have only had one real adult relationship and a couple of short term relationships and that is it.    I don't like it when guys try to pounce on me and want to unlock my legs on first go, that approach is really freaky for me, and I enjoy friendships first and like to take my time, defineately not a fast mover.
Susanne (1 year ago)
this is not a professional advice, it's an advice from someone who has nothing else to bring to the table what is out there anyway and wastes time. This is a person who is desperately looking to make business with anything. Please leave relationship advice to people who are professional and have profound knowledge.
Fatima fatima (1 year ago)
Hey! I really need your advice. I really like a guy and he likes me too but we never talked on a call and we never met each other. It's been 3-4 years and just texting and texting. He says he is too shy to ask me about things. He never asked me for a hangout or a call. What should I do? I don't want to sound so masculine Every time by making the first move. What should I do?
José Crisalide (1 year ago)
Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to learn about how to flirt in text messages with girls try Tarbetti Instant Text Tutor (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin got great success with it.
Ryptoll (1 year ago)
The only rule I go by is: if I'm already in bed, tired as fuck, and I get a text, don't text back before the next day unless I want to stay up all night texting and ruin my sleep. Then it can wait, otherwise, the rules you said I don't follow. I don't mind texting first, I don't wait around with texting however just writing one message takes at least a few minutes for me even if it's just one sentence, and I don't fake being aloof. This doesn't make me a dating expert however, I have other issues to compensate for it.
Laura Kaspar (2 years ago)
You are cute! Thanks for the advice.
Everybody Needs a Sam (2 years ago)
Myself, I don't text first because I don't want to bother them if they may be busy. If they text me, my responses are always quick and focused on them.......unless I am at work.......or cooking and cleaning, but if I am cooking and cleaning, then I suggest a phone call. I can talk and cook at the same time, because I am multi talented like that! lol
Everybody Needs a Sam (2 years ago)
Myself, I don't text first because I don't want to bother them if they may be busy. If they text me, my responses are always quick and focused on them.......unless I am at work.......or cooking and cleaning, but if I am cooking and cleaning, then I suggest a phone call. I can talk and cook at the same time, because I am multi talented like that! lol
samantha7971 (2 years ago)
if everyone just stopped with the games , no one will have to play games , does that make sense ?..well playing games gets me frustrated
Daniel Trinchete (2 years ago)
Ricky Martin?
Thara Messeroux (3 years ago)
I believe that it is a turn off when the person always text back within seconds, or even before you finish typing what you were typing.
Jay Tee (3 years ago)
I couldn´t agree more. I have the same problems..funny woman texting woman, men texting men - same problems..I am a woman and I had and have still the problem with men and woman..why are they so fucked up in holding a conversation or texting back?? whatever I think people like us should make a own chat and have great conversations ;)
Rainbow Luminous (3 years ago)
goddamnit I hate these lame ass texting rules..
Ln A (3 years ago)
i think text games are shit. great video
Finding the Truth (3 years ago)
Ok this has nothing to do with texting but. I'm trying to get to know someone but I always have to start the Conversation first every single time and I feel like the person don't like me or something? He will talk to me after a start the conversation but he will never start it. So any advice anyone??
Maureen Kitty (3 years ago)
Am I the only one or does he look a lot like Ricky Martin?
Beerus (3 years ago)
+Maureen Kitty Manu Bennett
Harry Pham (3 years ago)
+Maureen Kitty You must be new.
cjrie (3 years ago)
These games are foolish, just act like a normal human being. If you click with someone all these rules and little games are obsolete anyway.
Solvai KT (3 years ago)
The "text game" is the dumbest thing. That being said, I'm genuinely terrible at texting people back, not because I don't like them or am trying to be aloof or whatever. I just see a message, think 'I'll get to that in a sec" and the forget about it for an hour. Or a day 😅
Molly Burke (3 years ago)
THANK YOU! More people need to watch this..
Anna Flaherty (3 years ago)
lol I don't use these rules they're silly...if you wanna talk just text hahaha
Bella Nikolaievna (3 years ago)
great video!!!
Angelika Ro (3 years ago)
I find it stupid as hell..
Meme Jumpp (3 years ago)
I do not follow these rules it's pointless and wasteful
Ceci R (3 years ago)
It pisses me off that this texting game is a real thing because if it's stupid but if I don't play the game, I come across as desperate or boring.
maphuti mothata (1 year ago)
Ceci R YES.
xfirstly (3 years ago)
I feel the same way about the whole 'texting rules'. like... why is it even a thing when all of them are illogical??! And why do people even think that acting in such a dumb way will get them somewhere? I wish more people would see the nonsense of it
lakenessa (3 years ago)
am I the only one who lives for the "IM BUSY" every vid lol
ashley vallot (3 years ago)
I am not even joking I just laughed for waaaaay to long xD ''hey whats up, K bye'' xD
marishkaspirit (3 years ago)
i'm did completly the opposite and guess what..the other person did it like you described..makes me soo frustrated but i really like the guy...so it make me wonder sometimes if it doesn't make me look too desperate?
marishkaspirit (3 years ago)
+esther faith totally...that's what i did i toned it down..but then we don't talk for days....i know i should do this but it makes me feel insecure somethimes..i just wonder is better like this? i mean sure i don't wanna seem too desperate but i don't wanna seem too cold either and then loose the conection with him completly...so it's confusing...i can't seem to read this guy (and they say women are hard to understand)..but right now there's nothing eles i can do...like yous said it's the same for mee too..we go for days without talking, we talk at time..but i guess it's better than being way too desperate and completly chase him away..only that this balance of desperate/ignoring is hard to maintian and to understand ..
esther faith (3 years ago)
+marishkaspirit Omg, see I was just thinking about this. I really liked the guy, so I wasn't playing no games... but he didn't seem interested in the convos. Sometimes you just gotta tone it down, you know? For the sake of your dignity, hahaha. We'd go for days w/o talking at times, but it is what it is.
LoveResidentEvil4 (3 years ago)
lol i did all three..., haha.
Laura R. (3 years ago)
Yes! And you're like... ok... is this person not interested, or just trying to play it cool? Well, they are acting like they don't like me... so I might as well assume they don't.
random commenter (3 years ago)
any one else waiting for your crush to text you back?
Miss Panda Cupcake (3 years ago)
Thank you! There's this guy who's trying to play this game with me... no. I do not have time to play.
space monkey returns (4 years ago)
Dude I've broken every texting 'rule' tonight. I can't play it cool! Lol grr
Micah Nightwolf (4 years ago)
The last rule of texting is that you must do it while you are driving. Because your 160 character-limited, abbreviated conversation is way more important than your safety and that of everyone else on the road. Yeah, no.
mahadewiiii (4 years ago)
Life is too short for games! If I like someone I don't mind if they know it... I can't stand when they take ages to reply.. it totally makes you feel like they're not interested! But at the same time... it totally works with guys, if they are slow at replying or not replying at all,,, stop texting for a while and eventually they will text and pursue you! I can't stand mind games,, but some guys respond to nothing else! I guess it's human nature that you want what you can't have!
whitedragon7 (4 years ago)
Love your girl voice!  Plus, I had a feeling that while you're talking about texting and silent phones that yours would go off.  Oh, the irony!  Hehehe!
Angela Avalos (4 years ago)
I think these rules are completely stupid both people should be in the moment and should be completely uninhibited and honest with themselves how else are you going to know if your conversations carries that spark, that something  that takes the conversation to the next level of incredible, and if it doesn't then it just doesn't, don't read into it don't try to create it it will come and it will come naturally with the right person, with whom you happen to be compatible with.  
Ninad Nanaware (4 years ago)
Girls tend to play that game a lot. An its annoying.
Joshua Petersen (4 years ago)
Dude you're pretty fucking awesome, I'm going to watch a lot more of your videos even though I was only looking for this specific issue.
Rachel Farrow (4 years ago)
This is GREAT advice ... stop playing games, people! Keep it real.
Vick Marie (4 years ago)
The accuracy!
samax kaplan (4 years ago)
These games are so stupid and I know that they are, but for some reason, I always play along with them. I'm a girl in high school, and I've been talking 2 this guy since the beginning of the summer, and he's always playing games. It makes me really frustrated and confused, and I already get confused all the time, so the games don't help. I even told him once that I was done playing along, but I was being spazzy and weird, and I said it in a different language, and then we just didn't talk for like a month. The weird thing is that even with all the games that he/we play, and the like times where I have felt hurt or let down, I still like him anyway. Games are annoying.
Becca Craighill (4 years ago)
I would always text my gf back right away before we started dating because I really liked her. I would be the first to text her because I wanted to talk to her. It just seems logical to me. And if I didn't do that we may not be together right now.
Crystal Piper (4 years ago)
I love this. I am in that situation now with a guy i like. It's nice to hear that you take the same perspective as me. I used to be one those girls that thought the guy should text first until i realised that was stupid and coukd lead to missed opportunity. Thanks heaps for this video.
Julia K (4 years ago)
duuuude. totally agree. I text them if I want. and I hate how they'll say they like you and don't reply... -.- my mom always says "play hard to get" but I find it stupid
Annie Bistline (4 years ago)
The game of who-texts-who first is based on seeing how interested the other person is in you. So you wait to see if they will text you first to tell if they were thinking about you or missed you. You can take it too far though. You shouldn't always wait for them to text you, if you want to talk to them, do it!!! If you want them to like you for you, you have to let them get to know you. However if you wait for days for them to text you first, chances are they weren't thinking about it, thus showing you might not be as important to them as you hoped. This tool should be used sparingly and only after you've had more than a few good conversations
DJ Pretorius (4 years ago)
I suck at this game too..... I also believe that u should just be open and honest, but according to society if u treat somebody like S*#$t they'll always be afraid to loose you and thus behave.... think this is rather annoying...lol.. that whole thing about we adore those who ignore us and ignore those who adore us.... #VERYCONFUSED
ken naj (4 years ago)
I dont know why but when i get a message from 'that guy', my mind just blackout, and I just ignore that. Is there something wrong with me ?!
Jayme Stephens (4 years ago)
LOL I HATE texting 'rules'. Its so dumb. I'm 30 mf years old. I'll text you when I want and if you don't respond I move the hell on lol.  My current and I never really did that. Texting is a way of 'I'm on my way" or "what do you need from the store?". We do our communicating in person or via phone call. I mean, silly me... we actually like to speak to one another.
nangiggles (4 years ago)
THANK YOU!!! I hate all the mind games with texting x_X
Jordana Schacht-Levine (4 years ago)
brilliant and true -tnx for sharing - people are so scared of losing something they don't even have - just go for it!!! confidence is sexy.:) 
Maria Pia Tenerello (4 years ago)
Being a teenager i've never plaied those rules, because i found 'em really stupid, and they make me uncomfortable... If i like a guy, i'm gonna talk to him and try not to lose him anyway... I've never ever understood why people torture themselves up like this haha
Maria Pia Tenerello (4 years ago)
Being a teenager i've never plaied those rules, because i found 'em really stupid, and they make me uncomfortable... If i like a guy, i'm gonna talk to him and try not to lose him anyway... I've never ever understood why people torture themselves up like this haha
tazdiginez (4 years ago)
Do not complicate it. Just DO IT.. 
omaite1 (4 years ago)
I don't play games. No time for it. I text once. If I don't get a reply, that's my cue to move on.
Aoife K (4 years ago)
i way prefer short and to the point texts, i've never felt right in a relationship where most of the conversations happen over text. nothing more off putting than coming back to your phone after being busy and having multiple texts wondering why you aren't replying, nevermind knowing you probably made them feel miserable over something so meaningless as texting. point being, text if you want, but why are we all sweating to death over it.
bvh1223 (4 years ago)
In the 1990's there was a book called "The Rules."  Texting wasn't quite a thing back then or the whole don't text first and don't text back too quickly thing would have been part of it.  It's all about how to manipulate your man.
Arka Navarro (4 years ago)
:O ... i always text #First to someone i don't really know who they are and you know what ... , i always get their attention ... #LOL :D #LikeThis  ;)
Sunshine Wheelock (4 years ago)
MY rules are: *acquire a new crush* *swear mentally a few times* *become close friends with said crush* *never tell them* *transfer schools and stop talking to them* dONE
Deanna Robertson (4 years ago)
Texting is a poor way of conversing. Call or meet the person for a coffee and have a real conversation.
Adamm Ho (4 years ago)
i love to text my crush, but she don't text back "seen blah blah blah am/pm" T^T
TheGr8Randini (4 years ago)
I refuse to play this game, and I come right out and say it. If I'm interested in a guy I tell him. Im not all "you're next crazy ex girlfriend" about it. But sadly most guys are intimidated by this, unable to not play games or just not that into me. Har-de-har. It can be discouraging at times of course but I'm not so hard up I'm going to play insane games.
Claire Southwell (4 years ago)
Haha, so with you..I fail at all the texting/dating games people play these days
j4jennyful (4 years ago)
I just hate that he texts me i reply he replies and on my second reply he gets lost... like wtf did you initiate a convo and kill it in 15 min. Tops? Don't do that to me if you text me talk if you dont want to talk dont. I am guilty of reading other people's messages and if idk how to respond or idk what to say I don't text back. But I try really hard to not do that.
Kyles Play (4 years ago)
I'm all about the 80's. Why can't we talk, I hate texting.
Kyles Play (4 years ago)
I'm all about the 80's. Why can't we talk, I hate texting.
Kathan Fors (4 years ago)
Oh my god how are you so pretty
Alexus Wong (4 years ago)
Birch Williams (4 years ago)
Love how your mind works....
OhMyGodGiveMeAName (4 years ago)
This miiiiight be an unpopular opinion... I always thought playing games is stupid. I text right away, if I get a message, I sometimes don't text right away, if I'm busy, it's as simple as that. BUT... Lately I have had a couple of dudes that were into me way too quickly and if that happens, I'm like whow, man, slow down! If I get asked twice a day how I am feeling right now, by someone I haven't even met in real life yet, I just get a bit bored and also overwhelmed (it's especially annoying when you are very busy and stressed out and have a shitty time and have already told that person that about four times). I am not saying, play a game or act being busy and having a way too interesting life to be able to text all the time. I'm saying, actually BE too busy and HAVE a too interesting life to be able to text all the time! And if you still feel like texting a girl 20 times a day, just pay close attention to the way she is reacting. Cause I'll be nice and I'll react and answer and make a joke and all that, but I won't start a conversation with you myself. And that's your hint right there, to take it down a notch. Other girls probably feel differently. This is just what I found recently. Xoxo
taurusgia (4 years ago)
Haha this was great !! SOOO ridiculous when people plays those games .. I really don't get it ... thanks for sharing 
Lorelei Moon (4 years ago)
If we threw away the games, applied some honest direct communication and told each other how we really feel, there'd be a lot less stress and confusion, a lot less time wasted and fewer opportunities missed. 
Amanda Eriksson (4 years ago)
What would you say about this then, I've been talking with a guy know for a year about, we have never met. But he have in many times said "hey we should met?:))" But we don't, cuz either he has work or he isnt replying. And lately when we've been talking he only talks about his job.. So Im sick of him, but then after a week or some he text again and be like "hey how have you've been we should met!" And it all starts over again, I mean what should I do? He cant met me because he always have job and I find him boring to only talk with but not see him...
diorellabare (4 years ago)
I usually follow this texting rules, mostly because I have noticed that if you pay too much attention on the guy you like, might end up ruining everything by talking about too much too soon and yeah Im afraid of showing my real feelings... :/
itusvirus (4 years ago)
Not sure if anyone here is even slightly interested in reading my long winded tragic love story but here goes.. >_< Eight months ago while I was overseas, I met the most amazing girl online. From the start we seemed to really hit it off big time. Talking to each other almost non-stop, night and day, sharing what seemed like the most intimate things, almost every single thought and emotion, hardly getting any sleep. She once told me I was the first guy who makes her feel understood. I had the hugest crush on her. But the closer I got the more nervous she got which after two months resulted in us taking a long break from each other. Four months later we started texting again. It felt great just like before, better even. Since I was back home we started talking about dating. We were both really nervous about it. Since we really liked each other it felt like there was allot on the line. It felt like we knew and understood each other for some time now so the time felt right. Finally the day arrived where we would actually meet for the first time. She ended up staying the night and the next five after that. It feels like we never left the bedroom, making love to each other like there was no tomorrow. It felt so good she ended up going home only to come back the same day to spend three more nights with me. We both agreed that it would a nice idea to continue dating each other exclusively. The last night, middle of the night she had to get up to go to the bathroom. When she crawled back into bed next to me I took her back into my arms and kissed her in the neck. Half asleep I realized how much she being there with me meant to me and then I whispered those dreadful words "I love you" and fell back into sleep. It totally freaked her out. The next morning she was cold and distant and unable to engage in conversation with me. For me saying those words is not that hard. I am an emotional guy and I like to speak my mind and let people know how I feel. I feel there are many levels of loving a person. I definitely love her and still do, even though she makes me hate myself right now. So when I told her that I love her I actually meant it. I tried explaining her that I couldn't help having strong feelings for her and that I am not ashamed of letting her know how I feel. It is not that I was expecting her to say it back to me. After making love one more time she returned home and we maintained close contact like usual during which I told her how much I enjoyed the days and nights we spent together and that I was looking forward to more of them. Suddenly it took her longer and longer to respond to my messages. She asked for just a little more space because my expressions of affection were making her feel uncomfortable. So I strictly kept the conversations casual not mentioning how much I was missing her and wanted to see her again but after that even the simplest question like "hey, how was your day?" got me no response. So I backed off for a day or two which felt very unnatural for the way we had been communicating up until then. Once again she made me the happiest man in the world by suddenly texting me that she was missing me. I texted back a smiley and told her that I missed her too. Well aware that it would be most beneficial not to express all the emotions I had been feeling the last few days (her ignoring me was torture) I left it at that and moved the conversation back to a more casual topic. Before telling her goodnight I asked if since she was missing me, maybe she wanted to meet again some time in the near future. Leaving when totally up to her because I was trying to respect the space she asked for. Somehow that was the last straw for her. She explained that she was a little pissed at me for asking her that and not respecting her space and because she was about to ask me to see her that night. I was accused of jumping right on it and thereby totally turning her off. She has been ignoring me ever since. So totally confused and heartbroken I sent a letter telling her goodbye and explaining her how much she means to me and how crappy she made me feel about myself by ignoring me. I told her I couldn't take it anymore and that I was ready to move on. The saddest part is that she couldn't even respond saying goodbye. I am baffled how quickly the words "I love you" can ruin a good thing. Was I wrong to tell her that? Oke, I'm off to find a wall to punch through so I can feel like a man again ;)
s e (3 months ago)
i read your story. four years later lol. she was messed up.. not your fault... she obviously had deep rooted attachment issues.. hope you found someone who reciprocated your love.  Love is such a great feeling.. what's life without a love life... Enjoyyyy
Leah B (4 years ago)
When his phone went off in the video I swore it was mine, and looked down at my phone like..... oh.
Michael Harris (4 years ago)
Infinitely correct! haha
vidhead85 (4 years ago)
Now I guess I know why I come off as desperate I violate all of those rules 
aejansson (4 years ago)
I'm not gonna lie, I use the texting game but mostly because I am a little insecure. Right now I'm in a situation with a guy where before we started being a little bit more than friends I didn't have a problem texting whenever but now I just can't stop thinking and overanalyzing everything. If he stops replying to a convo we're having and then the next day he writes something new or snapchats me - Straight away I'm just overthinking it and feeling like he doesn't like me that much. Which is idiotic. So for me I rather just jump to the point where we've both said "I like you"  because i don't like the game and that's when its completely over for me because then the insecurities goes away. But most of the time I give up because I end up feeling worse about myself than good about the relationship, because we keep playing that stupid game and it dies. haha!
Claire Barzan (4 years ago)
Preaching to the choir buddy!
Olivia Michelle (4 years ago)
I actually agree with you but apparently being aloof, a challenge, and hard to get (but still somewhat responsive) is the key to getting attention from guys... I'm so with you on this entire issue but, when I think about it, the guy I lust after is one who isn't available. It's like the less available he is the more I want him. SO STUPID I KNOW! Logically I know I can do better, but damn!
Cleo Patra (4 years ago)
Technology is great, but I think it is enabling society to be more rude to others.  Like how hard it is if you are busy to say bz ttyl.  Or if you have to go say gtg ttyl.  It's like being on the telephone with someone talking and just hanging up without saying goodbye.
Angela Humberstone (4 years ago)
It should matter who texts first as long as its not always the same person initiating the first text/ conversation all the time. If your the one always texting them first then it seems apparent they don't care.
Dana Raasch (4 years ago)
I think this unnecessary rule thing should apply to all aspects of conversation and dating culture.  What is so wrong with liking someone?  What is scary about having strong chemistry with someone?  It shouldn't matter how long you have know someone.  Sometimes if the chemistry is there you should just go with it instead of analyzing it to death.  Most times you lose out on something truly amazing.  Plus tell the truth, people need to quit being so afraid of being hurt or hurting someone else, it just makes it hurt more with vague responses and being ignored.  You can turn someone down without being cruel as well.
Javier Olivarez (4 years ago)
You are so amazing.  I am so glad a friend introduced me to your page.  I can't wait to see your videos everyday.  Wait, since I like your videos, should I have awaited to comment until tomorrow?  LOL. 
Hailey McCartney (4 years ago)
I think that game is so stupid. It's stress on a situation that doesn't need it. I mean, both people are probably nervous enough, why through in dumb games to make it worse? Just be yourself and if you like the person, text them.
Simone Kay (4 years ago)
I feel the same way, I was never into those stupid games. After a few, which slowly dwindled to one or two, tries of me having a one sided conversation, I was over it. I also messaged people when I was doing online dating and messaged the guy, who is now my boyfriend, first. Actually, before our first date, and first time meeting in person, we texted each other about how nervous we were to meet the other person for the first time. It was nice to laugh about and know we were going into the date on the same page. And here we are, still together after three years :)
joolypop (4 years ago)
read about Lot's people .
Kimberly Santos (4 years ago)
The rules are stupid and I don't follow them.
Ruth M (4 years ago)
It is soooo funny to recognize al the things and also recognize my hate against it.. but still people keep on doing it ;p stupid texting-generation all fucked up the real life flirting parts!
Bria Stone (4 years ago)
I honestly despise this "rules", I'm the same as you, I will text and talk to find out about the person I like until I fall asleep.  The no text back, or waiting hours, it drives me nuts. Those don't constitute as conversations. 

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