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My Daily Channel: http://www.youtube.com/thechongshow ------------------------ MY FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/ChampChongOfficial MY TWITTER: http://twitter.com/#!/champchong Ronald Jenkees: http://www.ronaldjenkees.com/ The Arka Teks: http://www.youtube.com/thearkateks ---------------------- Raph: http://www.youtube.com/imraphraphtv Audrey: http://twitter.com/#!/audreysaur Dan: http://www.youtube.com/aussiegamr ChampChong Ent. extra kevjumba jumbafund wingman drinking alcohol justin chon kevin wu papajumba team jumba kevjumba jumbafund wingman drinking alcohol justin chon kevin wu papajumba team jumba kevjumba jumbafund wingman drinking alcohol justin chon kevin wu papajumba team jumba
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Text Comments (1654)
Tyrese Odisi (4 years ago)
Mass effect 2
elsamed123 (5 years ago)
she is not even hot
vitali krassilnikov (6 years ago)
song in the beginning and end plz
UR100TNT (6 years ago)
pro what is the song in the end plz
UR100TNT (6 years ago)
i want the song in the end
UR100TNT (6 years ago)
i don't know but i want it to hhhh
RiceCream (6 years ago)
nice video watch mychonny its so funny
Mohammed Alqaydi (6 years ago)
nathaniel snow (6 years ago)
Halo reach
Victor Zuniga (6 years ago)
Add me TMG SwAg
Patryk king (6 years ago)
black ops
cameron hensel (6 years ago)
mw3 beast at sniping
tan nguyen (6 years ago)
these ladies have a channel?
Princess Lexi (6 years ago)
Carlos Leon (6 years ago)
Demon26088 (6 years ago)
Didn't you say sexy?
Brian Torres (6 years ago)
Jose Esteban (6 years ago)
take off your tops ladies
Banan Petrovitch (6 years ago)
alex aldcroft (6 years ago)
Red dead redemption. No need why
Sakucheery12 (7 years ago)
They're pretty..Where are you from ?? Nice, but youre a stalker. Sorry,my englisch isn't good, i'm from germany :)
Steven Porteous (7 years ago)
JESUS!!! BOTH these girls are hot, but Audrey is an ABSOLUTE STUNNER...!!! 9.95...!!! Too bad I'm 40, fat and ugly.
Yazuki Wolf (7 years ago)
hmmm alone in the studio with two sexy girls and that`s all you thought about doing? Really gorilla man? really? lol
crzxr (7 years ago)
Where are the 'sexy girls' ?
NovaDefiant91 (7 years ago)
dam it what is that song that play wen they play the long jump
teentech527 (7 years ago)
playboy mansion
Slash (7 years ago)
1:40 hiding'em boobies. ehehe
Flamestar1989 (7 years ago)
@MyDIZZO im sure you could buy one quite cheap...
MyDIZZO (7 years ago)
asians r fuckn sexy omfg i want one
johnny h (7 years ago)
the one to the rigth is hot!
Omar Alenazi (7 years ago)
هذي الناس الللي يحلى معها اللعب والله ما هو السرابيت والجحلط اللي عندي
Cristian Cazares (7 years ago)
everybody check my channel upp please.. and thxxx
SnipeMeNot (7 years ago)
i got rick rolled
Alex t (7 years ago)
Eric Andrade (7 years ago)
MW3 so i can kick their ass (*_*)
N C-K (7 years ago)
This guy must be fucking desperate for views or something.
den big (7 years ago)
haha "Alan".
benito lopez (7 years ago)
sims kuz u can get naked :DD
khristian8774 (7 years ago)
people are starting to misabuse the word sexy
warnozer (7 years ago)
Mw2 or mw3
Jesse Pheonix (7 years ago)
halo anniversary edition
WeebyBobby (7 years ago)
KarmaMex (7 years ago)
Fuck you and your Sexy Girls/Xbox videos. Idiot
NorthTheMaker1 (7 years ago)
wii fitness
Voxd (7 years ago)
@ZazaGeorgian true true
Freddie Unready (7 years ago)
title=completely gay
AlooOooyChobots (7 years ago)
Imma cue girl plays black ops on ps3 :O Add me! Mah psn acc ish: AlooOooy2010
TheCod4infslobby (7 years ago)
ZazaGeorgian (7 years ago)
where are sexy girls ? oO
labradoodleandpalz (7 years ago)
@Patzorz1 yes he normally lives in Australlia
labradoodleandpalz (7 years ago)
@Patzorz1 he's on vacation did u watch the video?
Marius Barauskis (7 years ago)
i know the girls i would play with but i dont know a 3 player game... well... the 1st girl, then the other... then... a random game. maybe a driving game... gran turismo.
JunkiefieD (7 years ago)
they shud make a twister gmae for xbox, n have them play it with me :)
T (7 years ago)
audrey's hot
shiknara (7 years ago)
hold them boobies girl!
Oscar (7 years ago)
whats the names of the two songs in the clip?
Hooversom (7 years ago)
2yeet (7 years ago)
What is the name of the song at 1:30 :3?
CrazyCake49 (7 years ago)
@shit4brains222 too far man...
theairman1997 (7 years ago)
i wana play those 2 girls ^^
Klay Buckingham (7 years ago)
His names Allan??
1UP09 (7 years ago)
I'm still waiting also champ chong must be Eurasian ehh?
princesscool69 (7 years ago)
sex game on xbox kinect....wait i already film that
Pattersonic1 (7 years ago)
Song? Or whatever it is...
souleater702 (7 years ago)
Why are the girl asain?
nCinZane (7 years ago)
Yeah he got a Deadmau5 head to hes avatar :)
kingjevz (7 years ago)
everybody put a kinect gae didn't they
rhy buccahan (7 years ago)
Champ Chong get this smokin hot asian girls to play Dance Central in tights.
Moss Thakor (7 years ago)
this is neither funny, sexy nor entertaining. IT IS A MASSIVE PEACE OF SHIT JUST GOT DUMPED ON US BY CHAMPCHONG>
BernardBoy66 (7 years ago)
zidownage (7 years ago)
You should be ashamed of yourself for pimping out your sisters to get more views.
antwer1 (7 years ago)
@qqwlyd I know. I only asked someone to tell me they were
edwin campos (7 years ago)
hey alan
qqwlyd (7 years ago)
@antwer1 :P They might not be single, but you told me to say "theyre single..." so I did. x3 Sorry to burst your bubble.
chip123polo (7 years ago)
wii fit ,oh yeah
kiran02109 (7 years ago)
@TheEodtch true they are just typical mediocre asians lol
TheEodtch (7 years ago)
Where are the sexy girls?
Irvin Bailey (7 years ago)
Hey, umm whats the name of the song playing during the long jump section?
Trillville101 (7 years ago)
Hot Asian Girls, Video Games and a gorilla I think gods will has been done here
Jerrybomb49 (7 years ago)
Halo reach........and Handstand Hero oh yeahhh
antwer1 (7 years ago)
@qqwlyd I shall never forget you
qqwlyd (7 years ago)
@antwer1 theyre single...
antwer1 (7 years ago)
Please say theyre single...
Acebill561 (7 years ago)
woah :o <3 mad pro :)
BVDtwentyseven (7 years ago)
Black cocks.
Penelope (7 years ago)
@BreezyRice ikr
Tyler Liang (7 years ago)
her shirt almost came off
Shadowfangur (7 years ago)
@AXLROSE4LYF i wish she wasnt grabing the shirt :c
DarthJunious160 (7 years ago)
Gorilla man, is that really your suggestion..... I'd suggest them chicks but naked
Bogdan Ivankiv (7 years ago)
MW2 so they can move my joystick alot =D
shariganchidori (7 years ago)
OZBrandon137 (7 years ago)
James Ramirez (7 years ago)
1:43... o.O
barrychuckle55555555 (7 years ago)
So alone
Wodchly (7 years ago)
First one to touch my disco stick. [Rated E]
noli9999 (7 years ago)
magictrickzzzz (7 years ago)
i like i like
Darren Keville (7 years ago)
duke nukem
0cliffemall0 (7 years ago)
3d sex game

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