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Tips for Shooting Outdoor Fashion Portraits | Photography Tips

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In today's video I shoot fashion blogger Devon Rachel - http://www.devonrachel.com/ For the latest follow along @ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/janawilliamsphotos_/?hl=en Facebook https://www.facebook.com/janawilliamsphotography/ Blog http://janawilliamsphotographyblog.com Website http://jana-williams.com Shop http://janawilliamsphotographyblog.com/shop/ Stay Inspired! Jana
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Text Comments (87)
SHAN Wenkang (2 months ago)
this "natural" ground ... come on !!! give some real tips!
Nina Marie Blogs (2 months ago)
Hi Jana. Just came across your channel and I absolutely LOVE it! I wanted to ask you a quick question....I am trying to introduce more fashion to my IG account. One issue that I'm having is fitting my photo into the IG format verticle or square. Ideally, I would love for the photo to take up the full space of the IG formate. When I go into other apps that allow me to change the size, it ends up with a white border making the photo look smaller than I would like. I hope this makes sense. If you want to see my IG acct for reference go to @ninamarieblogs. Ty in advance!!!
Reyna Vital (3 months ago)
Jana, i would love some insight on the setting you used for this type of setting and theme. I have a friend who is a fashion blogger and would love to improve my work with her. Thank you!
MertcanKarakaya (9 months ago)
Useful vid, very cool :D If any of you guys like related tutorials, look up heydominik. He also has quite entertaining content as well:):)
Jessica Flores (11 months ago)
What lens did you used?
MafiaProtectron (11 months ago)
your voice makes me want to cut my ears off
Matt Watson (1 year ago)
i fucking hate my ist teacher
Tony Caro (1 year ago)
Hi Jana, what setup did you use for audio? it sounds amazing
Hello Jana, Love the video! I have question that is kinda related to this video. How do you going about marketing your services to fashion bloggers?
For focusing do you use one shot, servo or focus?
dennisrodekurth.de (2 years ago)
Hi there! Are u sure, that is the right Facebook Site on your postet Link? Best Regards Dennis
dukenu100 (2 years ago)
The flyaway hair, always the flyaway hair!!!
Jane Hutchinson (2 years ago)
Fabulous love these tips, shared it on our facebook page x https://www.facebook.com/RockTheLondonLook/
Sandor Kocso (2 years ago)
natural ground LOL :))
Evian (2 years ago)
may I know the settings used to shoot? ^^
the amanda blog (2 years ago)
So inspiring!! :)
Boogie (2 years ago)
What lens did you use for this shoot?
Keke Garyfalakis (1 year ago)
no I dont think it is.. its a wide angel lens, my 50mm doesn look like that.
Boogie (2 years ago)
okay thanks :)
Luke Axcell (2 years ago)
95% sure it's the Canon 50mm 1.2L
Eccentric Smithy (2 years ago)
Where were the photography tips in this video? Had nothing to do with the camera, this was more of how to pose and model then actual photography tips like camera settings and so on. Also, that wasn't "natural ground". Mother nature is not in the habit of just randomly laying brick sidewalks...the vocabulary in this video is poor, thought my daughter had the "Clueless movie on" So like yea, so, like.
Prashanth Panicker (1 year ago)
Eccentric Smithy posing and working with a model is the most difficult part. Anyone can learn exposure on their own with enough practice
Yeung Marvin (1 year ago)
how to pose a model and how to work with the model's style is simply the most important part in portraits imo, she's telling you what she noticed in the particular situation and the way she composed the shot, thats the hard part lol, not changing the aperture and iso
A. E. (1 year ago)
I agree, her demeanour is so ditsy, but if you're being hired by a blogger (or hired at all) for photography, you should already know how your camera works and how to adjust for lighting -- and I suppose people with a good grasp on their camera is her target market. Photography is not merely how a camera works, but how to convey a story through imagery, and that's her focus.
Eric Matthews (1 year ago)
I think youre missing the point of the video
Nippon Cuba (2 years ago)
Allways learning from your work and post.Awsome channel Jana, gettings from Japan.Thank you so much.Keep inspiring us.
Good Video Miss Jana
Hannah Kowanes (2 years ago)
What kind of camera is she using. I know it's cannon but like is it a specific kind?
Brianna Popp (2 years ago)
This such a great video! I love detail style shooting and would love the opportunity to shoot for local fashion and beauty bloggers. How would you suggesting finding local bloggers???? Thank you so much for all of your help and inspiration! <3
yuri rasin (3 years ago)
So, i couldn't possibly sit through another video like this, so my reason is like .... so .... like... yes , you guessed - annoying commentary with very limited vocabulary.... im sorry but it really is
TheBalladOfKirsten (3 years ago)
What camera do you suggest for a photo major? love your work!
Emily Campbell (2 years ago)
5d mark ii is a great full frame for about $900 used, my fave crop sensor for about $250 used is a 50d , both canon brand which in my opinion is more user friendly. my fave combo to recommend for beginners who are unsure how much they'll actually like photography is a 50d with 50mm 1.4 or a 35mm f2
einer magracia (3 years ago)
whats the name of the song please
FoxKoit (3 years ago)
I like this video :) I apologize that I'm here to ask you, But what do you think of my pictures I started taking pictures at the beginning of summer 2014 +FoxKoit  All the words are allowed :)
Saangpi Suan (3 years ago)
what camera and lens do you use?
TheMightyCain (3 years ago)
Music is annoyying needs it removed, theres no good reason for it, just distracts from the main subject of the video
shank tiwari (3 years ago)
i really mam love ur phtgrphy style how u hv been dng and clicking. ur style and spesialy ur art of phtgrphy super coool. and im learng frm u. . . . .keep up
Eccentric Smithy (2 years ago)
+shank tiwari hukt on fonics werkt 4 me
Zhōu yǔ Qiáo (3 years ago)
Seriously? No link to Devon Rachael's blog in the video's info?
Ola Michaelov (3 years ago)
so cool
Deep Desire (2 years ago)
what is so cool in this ?
bethany phoenix (3 years ago)
Did you use a reflector on this photoshoot? What time was the photoshoot because i don't see any harsh shadows.
Invisible BABA (3 years ago)
u must b telling technical more , i thought lol, bdw nice video
Antonio Rivera (3 years ago)
Hi Connie, I do have a canon 5d mark II and a 7d and I love the 7d more because of the crop sensor. The only advantage of bigger sensor is higher ISO performance. I have shot with the Phase One IQ 150 and its beautiful you get more dynamic range but is it worth $40,000, not really. Also, the crop sensor give you more pixels in less space so you can shoot wider and crop without losing much resolution. You have a great rig, the 85 is the go to lens for fashion better than 50mm because you get  less distorsion. Thanks, Antonio
connie k yom (4 years ago)
Jana, wish you could give more actual photography info, like are you shooting in manual, what kind of lens are you using, what settings are you using for shutter speed, ISO, etc... that would help so much more.  Thanks! As always, you are just gorgeous! 
Antonio Rivera (3 years ago)
+danielwlucas87 Hi, it's almost impossible to see the crop factor in your images.Check my site www.antonioriveraphotography.com and try to pick which photos are from the 5d or the 7d.
danielwlucas87 (3 years ago)
+Christian Morales not true -  the perspective changes too
Danny Martinez (3 years ago)
you can see the lens she is using
GreasyNugget (3 years ago)
+connie k yom yes you have that crop factor effect, but it's still a 50mm lens.  You have to stand a little bit further away than a person using a full frame camera, but in the end it will be the exact same shot.
connie k yom (3 years ago)
+Antonio Rivera- Thank You! I have 50mm 1.4 and I really love that lens. Unfortunately on my T3i, it's more like an 85mm, haha. Can't wait to get a full frame in the future.
kalyn8027 (4 years ago)
Hey, the shots looked great! What lens were you shooting with? I have a canon 60d and I'm looking to invest in a wide lens
Maleek M (3 years ago)
the lens shes using is a 50mm 1.2
Marcos Monterroso (4 years ago)
Good video miss. So, so, so,so, so, so, so, so, sssssssssssssssssssssooo
rhian ryl monteclaro (4 years ago)
are those photos raws? or did you edit those?
JAIME (4 years ago)
what a hot blogger!!!
jibba02 (4 years ago)
So so so so so so.
icebird101 (4 years ago)
what lens u r using?
Mike Harrison (4 years ago)
i love your intro.
Pauls Adventure (4 years ago)
Love the tips, in some of your next videos can you show some photos so we can see what the final product looks like. Great job Paul
Marcia Sierra (4 years ago)
I LOVE ALL your videos! Thanks for the tips!
Donnie (4 years ago)
what setting are this?
Jayce Ann (4 years ago)
Hi Jana, what settings did you use?
Reem Alyhya (4 years ago)
Hi how are you hope you're fine when you read this. So I never had a camera not even a once and I want to get one soon but the pro one could you let me know about any good ones out there with it nerdy details and all that staff sorry if bothered your follower all the way from Teeny tiny kuwait :)
Mrlolibre (4 years ago)
She's using a Canon 50mm 1.2L lens for those that have been asking.
corina (4 years ago)
What lens do you use
rizzo905 (4 years ago)
50mm 1.2
Hiba Ali (4 years ago)
lol she says SO...so ,....so like 100 times
Joey Oliver (7 months ago)
She also says like, like a THOUSAND TIMES... I struggled to watch the video...
Yonathan Zarkovian (4 years ago)
I stopped watching and disliked when I noticed the stylist supports the fur industry where animals are skinned alive and are left to die. I honestly can't recall a single time when I disliked a video (even if I truly disliked one).
Yonathan Zarkovian (4 years ago)
+Siza Padovan Thanks for pointing that out.
Siza Padovan (4 years ago)
http://www.devonrachel.com/2013/12/faux-fur-trim.html In the article of the blogger she said it is FAUX FUR :)
eveTennis (4 years ago)
Hey Jana:) Can you please do more DIYs!!!!:) Thanks and you are so beautiful:)
Jorge Colina (4 years ago)
WAHT LENS USE? 85mm or 50mm
rizzo905 (4 years ago)
50mm 1.2
Veggietorials (4 years ago)
Aloha Jana, Can you share some insight on the best picture style settings to achieve great colors without having to do too much correction in post?
dora anastasia (4 years ago)
Im not a photographer but i love your video.. so many tips from u ! :)
avipilates (4 years ago)
So awesome! Thanks for sharing...(-:
goldfish1871 (4 years ago)
this is a really cute video! but i do find this to be more of a tip for shooting an outfit, and think that the part in the title about natural lighting to be a little misleading... BUT i'm still going to subscribe because this is such a fun video to watch lol
Armin Andriade (4 years ago)
Super helpful video since I want to start fashion blogging this year! Thanks Jana! ❤️
bizaazz (4 years ago)
Hi Jana ! What lens and setting did you use for these photos ?
Sia Chang (4 years ago)
Can you talk about the lens you use for quick shoots like this? Which lens you were using in this? It looks like you didn't change the lens so how to optimize one lens for multiple effects? 
Duc Hong (4 years ago)
yes and for more information, any lenses that you see with a red circle around ( like the one she's using ) are really expensive because of its aperture. You can get started with something cheaper like 50mm 1.8 or 85mm 1.8, both you can do good portrait shoot
Dahye Jung (4 years ago)
I love your photography Jana!! This was a great video with so many tips. Looking forward to more!
Jana Williams (4 years ago)
Get some Photography tips for shooting outfit post in the newest episode of Stay Inspired!
Aysh Batrisyia (3 years ago)
i used your tips in my first wedding event , thank you soo much 😘✨💕

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