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The Ultimate Raw Fish | National Geographic

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It has a big, bulbous headbeady black eyesand eight squirming tentacles. It's the octopus. Many would call it ugly and disgusting. The one thing they wouldn't call it is dinner. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta The Ultimate Raw Fish | National Geographic https://youtu.be/iwTH7bBgZhM National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Text Comments (3465)
KatV (2 months ago)
I'd smash this
Pedro Esteves (8 months ago)
I think that is just cruel
RIan Fernandez (9 months ago)
Goofen (10 months ago)
i'm siding with north korea now
Fuck you Thats why (1 year ago)
That is so sad. Just imagine having you limbs cut off one by one or be eaten alive. Why can’t you just cut off its head so it can die quickly the tentacles would still be moving around
DZA (1 year ago)
0:50 "The octopus is a mouthful.......* puke gag *"
Philip Sadler (1 year ago)
.... maybe this is a really dumb question but don't octopuses have beaks?
HindsightPOV (1 year ago)
Klingon food. The food of warriors. 😂
FerretsForever94 (1 year ago)
Don't octopus have beaks?
famefed01 (1 year ago)
If he can get into his mouth what excuse he gave not able to swallow is? ?? Initial commented any thing alive not to eat it. This is partly the failure also. If it is in mouth should be easy to swallow
이정욱 (1 year ago)
It's a disadvantage not to eat raw octopus? Srsly?! This video is just trying to make look Koreans way too oriental and primitive. Why do they had to add unnecessarily gross sounds while eating those octopuses
김형일 (1 year ago)
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이런건첨이네
The Knave Crew (2 years ago)
I don't even know what I'm watching anymore
Andrew Chatmon (1 year ago)
The Knave Crew lol
Edoardo Campanella (4 years ago)
ewwwwww omg
Linh Le (4 years ago)
It's disgusting. I can not believe that they can eat this stuff alive. I think this feeling is like put worms into my mouth.
박종석 (1 year ago)
Linh Le 그걸 문화사대주의라 하는거야 꼭이런새끼들이 고기쳐먹으면서 문어는 징그럽데 ㅂㅅ
Rofarge (4 years ago)
The look and feel of squid don't disturb me, it the sounds they make like omg it sounds like squishing crap...
KingsHIway (4 years ago)
this will make u smarter. eating live scorpion, shrimp, fish is pretty common too. Live tako will make u smarter. There consistency is the same as our brains.
Dante Viperion (4 years ago)
way to make koreans seem weird because its different than your culture 
norchaaa (5 years ago)
eeewww live octopus i'd never sign on that... what if that thing sucks on my throat...thats deadly as hell  
Marina (5 years ago)
Gummobear (5 years ago)
I prefer mine dead, battered, fried and dipped in dipping sauce. This is just plain gross and enough to choke and gag on if not chewed properly.
Gummobear (4 years ago)
Lol. Each to their own Jason Hong.
Jason Hong (4 years ago)
Go eat Your Mc'Donalds then. You know the thing made from genetically engineered beef made with literally Pink Goop, that is 30% not meat, chemical washed, found with traces of human body parts and rat body parts. Yumm right.
Trina Faleah (5 years ago)
Eating octopus cooked is bomb inthe other hand alive, not sure I'd try that.
Joshua Cagle (5 years ago)
That comment has nothing at all to do with the video. Where are you?
Joshua Cagle (5 years ago)
Octopus sashimi is my favorite kind of sushi but I dont think I could eat the whole thing alive.
Mary Collera (5 years ago)
was that Jenna Marbles HAHAHAHA
skyerohlfs (5 years ago)
This is AWFUL
Meeho Seo (5 years ago)
Trust me, I loved it when I was a kid
Frisian Gallant (5 years ago)
fuck off this bullshit kendo, shaolin the strongest martial arts, they're vegez
ChadaCheeze (5 years ago)
Wha!? Swallow it whole and you barely even taste it!
Rado Rakoto (5 years ago)
I'd rather get eaten live and whole by a giant octopus then eat a whole live baby octopus.
Dragacia F (5 years ago)
PianoLord98 (5 years ago)
There's a reason why black people don't that cause were not Tha crazy
Shauna La'kala (5 years ago)
im on the weird part of YouTube again..
alexandra chambers (5 years ago)
john dellatto (5 years ago)
Too bad the guy didn't die. Then the octopus shoulda called his corpse a bitch as it squirmed away.
chrishasaclue (5 years ago)
keep in mind, it was cooked and not eaten raw
GamerBoyIan (5 years ago)
0:54 somebody puking a Octupous
That Lad in Plaid (5 years ago)
I think I would totally do this.
jose brayan (5 years ago)
este gente esta cada vez mas enferma, por que no se cortan las verga y se la comen cruda... los animales merecen respeto como las personas y si son criados para comer al menos darle una muerte digan no sadica :-(
mahayo sun (5 years ago)
its good
chrishasaclue (5 years ago)
ive eaten octopus at a sushi resturant, its not tender at all, wayy to chewey
alex hobbins (5 years ago)
korea you are so wrong north and south
Timothy Lee (5 years ago)
hmm, quite funny reading all these comments, it's not like South Korea's the only country that eats seafood raw or "differently", Japan has Sashimi 'killed raw' & Ikizukuri 'live raw', Italy has raw fish & beef Carpaccio, Chinese have raw fish & beef Kuai & Yusheng, Polynesian Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga & Hawaii have some raw fish dishes, Iceland, Norway & Sweden have not just raw but also Fermented fish kept for ages... well how about European Tartare? just saying...
PandaMan (5 years ago)
you could say the same thing about slavery.
saif uddin (5 years ago)
I puked after watching this.
Halofan6794 (5 years ago)
hahahaha no
Jensen Payne (5 years ago)
4:00 epic eyebrow flicker
Stacey Arago (5 years ago)
Well this is the norms of the society of korea and you saying that koreans are crazy is a sign of prejudice and cultural relativity...i respect what koreans believe and i respect some tradition are unusual to others..so u should respect it
Ondřej Hanus (5 years ago)
Yeah, well, fuck you.
Esket dis bred (5 years ago)
Idiot. You think all animals are magically turned into food? They were slaughtered. This is no different. Animals rip each other apart all the time, you retarded fucksucker.
Ondřej Hanus (5 years ago)
Right, and you must be Sarah Jessica Parker.
ffiinnrroodd (5 years ago)
Why? Just why? It does not even have any taste!
Ondřej Hanus (5 years ago)
Dude, seriously, this is animal cruelty. I hope you all choke on that, as*holes.
DanGleesach (5 years ago)
0:41 is fucking gross it looks like they're going to deepthroat that fucking thing.
Nickii Xu (5 years ago)
It looks weird but I would try just a tentacle I don't wanna end up choking on the whole thing....
Aldiggy2000 (5 years ago)
1:51 disadvantage, what he black?
Kiki's Place (5 years ago)
dat poon
rainvillageheroe (6 years ago)
I hate the added special effect they put each time the octopus moves.
Sofia Padilla (6 years ago)
I want to eat it ............. gimmi some I'm filipino but I want it
Terri Romero (6 years ago)
Crazy people that's nasty
Jessica Wright (6 years ago)
I am going to vomit
Jen Jung (6 years ago)
its sooo good no jokee i love it!! its called 산낙지 nom nom nomm :3
JustinBieberLove338 (6 years ago)
nino brown (6 years ago)
these people eat everything and over fish they dont care if everything in the sea ends up on there plate wonder what there gonna do when there is no fish or sea life is left in there water
M-Cool (6 years ago)
Korean people sure is crazy
annoyingtroll1 (6 years ago)
I might eat just the tentacle. But thinking about eating the brain and everything is just sick.
Mojosbigstick (6 years ago)
Octopus is delicious, but is this a humane way of killing it?
Daniel Gonzalez (6 years ago)
RIGHT!? like i would do it as a challenge but it seems gross
NinjaSparta! (6 years ago)
that poon
Lane Mcgehee (6 years ago)
Oh, and I am an American.
Lane Mcgehee (6 years ago)
I never said Americans were awful. I simply stated the facts. Calm down :)
JouJouJou hannes (6 years ago)
Just shut the fuck up. Nobody gives a fuck about how Americans are so awful. I am European and I am getting annoyed by you ignorant fucks. And btw, not everybody eats those boiled shellfish, I have actually never met an American who would eat that, and I have studied there for 7 years.
JouJouJou hannes (6 years ago)
Isn't it torture to put a live one in your stomach acids?
chingsamsung (6 years ago)
Hello Royart142. I don't quite remember what I wrote but I don't think it was offensive and it has been a while since I've written anything on youtube. Please remind me thanks. :)
Quincy Silvera (6 years ago)
WTF!! 4:00
Tamara Williams (6 years ago)
Poor thing :C
FuckingWhiteRetard (6 years ago)
Lane Mcgehee (6 years ago)
Americans complaining about animal cruelty... While one of the most loved American dishes is made by dropping live shellfish into a boiling pot of water to slowly boil to death, and served full eyes and all so the person eating it can crack open the exoskeleton and eat the meat inside with butter. Yeah. It isn't a 'Korean' thing to eat animals a certain way. It is a 'human' thing.
chrisjr0131 (6 years ago)
looks delicious. I'd eat it. :D
Jonathan Lin (6 years ago)
Erm... in case you haven't noticed, its and octopus... If you want to make that comment that make it on this video. /watch?v=0LewC6Bh6JA
A.J. Smith (6 years ago)
These people are sadly mistaken... the only thing their proving by eating live octopus is that they can muscle anything past the gag reflex.
Thomas Clovis (6 years ago)
Kiki C (6 years ago)
people are weird
musmann (6 years ago)
What is the point in eating a live animal? I'm no PETA supporter AT ALL! But this is just fucking stupid.
John Bonham (6 years ago)
Só to esperando os babacas protetores dos animais aparecerem pra questionar esse "ato de barbaridade animal" e demonstrarem mais um pouco o quanto vazios de mente e problemáticos eles são...
ChibiEspeon (6 years ago)
i do not disrespect Koreans or their beliefs and customs but i do not believe in eating an animal while it is still alive and able to feel pain...i hope i don't sound like an activist, but a normal human =w= lol XD btw....eww. o.o"
Alanna (6 years ago)
I tried not to throw up... But I did
TaT M (6 years ago)
NatGeo tends to exaggerate the weirdness of foreign culture. Don't take it as it is.
jessyisamessy (6 years ago)
stupid sound effects...
Silver Blossoms (6 years ago)
That's true, but domestic treatment of them isn't nice. Anyhow, that being said, the stuff in this video looks gross >.<
MrsKalehpache (6 years ago)
Why does she say it is dangerous?
kwatro twenty (6 years ago)
Strength? Wtf itll just give u some fucked up diarreah
sunbead (6 years ago)
i would order one at a restaurant and keep it as a pet
Ricardo Tran (6 years ago)
gay bastard
TheShnag (6 years ago)
nothings wrong with them. what's wrong with you is that youre ignorant and racist
sulianjy91 (6 years ago)
octopi is not a word!! its octopuses :|
l7n_almoot (6 years ago)
wtf where is the chicken
Jason Fehr (6 years ago)
Notice how when people eat these types of things theres always alcohol around lol, pretty sure you'd have to be half blasted to do this for the first time
Andy Nguyen (6 years ago)
Do you notice whenever these people eat an octopus, they always nod there heads O_O
Lamiafreco Fresco (6 years ago)
thats some nasty shit!

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