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Octodad - MEN IN BLACK - Part 4

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Text Comments (374)
Hannah (2 years ago)
all that to put a bow on a box :*)
Jakeeynick (3 years ago)
If u sneezed during this video, bless you
Jessie Weeks (3 years ago)
Lol I'm not even dying I'm just becoming suspicious. XD
Sherly Balino (3 years ago)
Heather saydid a bad word !!
Dennis Bars (3 years ago)
keep it up toby 
heather shaw (4 years ago)
this is fucking funny!!!:P
Sharon Marrone (4 years ago)
James Colbert (4 years ago)
omg i laghed so hard when the outtro men in black dance came up i was laying on the floor crying!
Joaquin Diego (4 years ago)
Toby play the game called my singing monsters or Nba 2k13
Chandell Witham (4 years ago)
a d
Car Char (4 years ago)
There is 2 octodads
Alyss Bradford (4 years ago)
That ending was one of the funniest things I've seen from you so far. Just. Yes.
nope (4 years ago)
awww, do you have a cold? :(
Dudester2003 (4 years ago)
Best ending ever!!!!!!!
Lillithpop (4 years ago)
Toby, what would you say if some one from the Men in Black were watching this naked? No one in mind, though.
Saber Chi (4 years ago)
kaleigh smith (4 years ago)
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww its over I wanted to see him give the present to his wife so that was a bad time to end the game of octodad
kaleigh smith (4 years ago)
wow that's a lot of lasers he has to doge
jenessa Atkinson (4 years ago)
DJ Scratch (4 years ago)
life Goal: put a bow on a present :T
Sparkle cookie (4 years ago)
That game is short
Lillithpop (4 years ago)
+Kirbachu5 Steam Wallets? I thought they just were a big lie.
Kirbachu5 (4 years ago)
This game was a project from college students to create a video game, typical electronics class, but people desired more, so they teamed up with Young Horses Productions and made a sequel, Octodad: Dadliest Catch. Toby did a playthrough of it also, and lemme tell you, there's twice the limb flailing. Also if purchased on Steam, you can make or download custom stages from the Internet. Also there is multiplayer, where each player controls a limb.
Sol Captor (4 years ago)
...That's the whole game....
coconutcream75 (4 years ago)
Only 475? EXACTLY? I don't see why. Octodad is a fantastic game!
7053 jkl (4 years ago)
Make a game called Dakota07 misticalpowers.If you can.
Aiden Ocelot (4 years ago)
I AM THE GOD OF TRAVEL *laser hits boy part* OOOOWWW
Marcello Nicodemus (4 years ago)
Dhat is short
Lara Kaldwin (4 years ago)
O.O I don't even know how to respond to this.. o.0
Jetta Lippold (4 years ago)
Is that really the end!?!?!?!
Maddy Nier (4 years ago)
4:54 "Everybody dance, everybody dance, too much booty in the pants" HAHA
rjdeg3 (4 years ago)
Ashie B (4 years ago)
wow toby, it seems like you had the best control at the credits- SMOOTH DANCING YO! :)
ThePartyMan2 (4 years ago)
More octodad
Kyle Mikolajczyk (4 years ago)
Toby your being kinda freakin weird in this.
Nanner Man (4 years ago)
play octodad deadliest catch
Dank Memery (4 years ago)
he is
_I_Need_Some_Bleach_ (4 years ago)
-face palm- wow just ..... wow
catriona. cm (4 years ago)
5:49 Risk it for a biscuit.
SkyAce 76 (4 years ago)
LOVE GAME....Not the ending much
SkyAce 76 (4 years ago)
SlyMeerkat (4 years ago)
This game looks cool and awesome to play but also looks to be slightly annoying at times too..... Also is it really that short of a game?
SlyMeerkat (4 years ago)
+andrew GOODNER Ahhh thats ok than, thanks for clearing that up with me LOL :)
Andrew Goodner (4 years ago)
There are different chapters of the game.
Chai Estrada (4 years ago)
U always put a smile on my face
Marjoram (4 years ago)
Play okami!
blopa772 (4 years ago)
i laughed soo hard when he won and started singing XD
tay dunn (4 years ago)
Play roblix again its awesome
Sebastian Rodriguez (4 years ago)
ZeldaMaster Chase (4 years ago)
Be mutant children!!!
ZeldaMaster Chase (4 years ago)
Hahaha did they adopt those kids or had s* x to have them cause if they did they would beb
Timmy Bee (4 years ago)
7:47 omg so funny you are so awsome toby
taylovespatch2 (4 years ago)
"I'm not even dying I'm just becoming more suspicious" xD
Santhra Duangsawat (4 years ago)
your finesh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
commanser sar (4 years ago)
Nice moves Toby
MacandCheese153 (4 years ago)
really....i mean all he had to do was put a bow on a box serisly WHATS THE POINT  IN THIS GAME
Nitro nick (4 years ago)
Taryn Watson (4 years ago)
Those are arrows and strawberries. Toby get your weaponry and fruits right
Abby Lain (4 years ago)
lol the ending
Jacky Zheng (4 years ago)
+Amin Syahir the moustache counts as 2 limbs,+arms is 4 limbs,+ the feet is 8 limbs.the feet have 2 limbs for each feet,which counts as 4 limbs
Kaleb Smithee (4 years ago)
That's it
Liam Carter (4 years ago)
I wonder if you dig a hole and guess right if the key would show up. Or do you have to dig up all the holes to make the key appear?
- (4 years ago)
it is a certain hole
Karen M. (4 years ago)
"He's not even dying, he's just growing suspicious" xD 
GracePlaysMinecraft (4 years ago)
Never mind
GracePlaysMinecraft (4 years ago)
Do more
Namekian Jedi (4 years ago)
demo is way different on ps4
Makayla Rice (4 years ago)
In the words of the great Tobuscus... " Here come the Men in Black    MEN IIIN BLAH-E-EH Galaxy Defenders Tomato Tomato Here come the Men in Black     MEN IIN BLA-HE-ACK *RAMBLERAMBLERAMBLE* Hoo Hoo HOO!!!"
BennyK (4 years ago)
Play the new one plzz
Icecoldfeathers (4 years ago)
i mean 9:17
Icecoldfeathers (4 years ago)
best part 9:14
Amin Syahir (4 years ago)
so weird .. why octopus only have 2 legs and 2 hands ? :O :v :(
The Youtuber Guy vcvnm (4 years ago)
I can't get octodad on my computer.
PeterOn (4 years ago)
u didint play part 1:marage,that is part 1 of the game
starburst9745 (4 years ago)
So the whole purpose of this game was to get a BOW ON A BOX?!
Kreighton Hunter (4 years ago)
So you were supposed to put a ribbon on a f&@/ing box!?!
zayden mortensen (4 years ago)
when does this come out
ThePsycho (4 years ago)
Check out my vids.
ThePsycho (4 years ago)
Thanks man :)
StonerGaming (4 years ago)
+ThePsycho Advertising on other channels gets hated more than apprecitated, so i suggest just let your good videos attrract people, other than asking to check out your content. Btw +1 sub
ThePsycho (4 years ago)
+paws play Yeah. But it gets you a few subs
Sean H (4 years ago)
+ThePsycho in my recent studies advertising on  an others channel makes people not want to check your videos but by all means do it how you must
ThePsycho (4 years ago)
Do. :)
Gmodman9999 TV (4 years ago)
aeryn roten (4 years ago)
NoOOOO. I loved octodad
SpiffySixxSense (4 years ago)
Toby got so damn excited when the credits came up.. :D 
Lindsey Kimball (4 years ago)
Brenden Goose (4 years ago)
Use a and d to turn around
Brenden Goose (4 years ago)
Fucking turn around
joshxwavy (4 years ago)
It's ok Tim Tim nobody blames u
Luke Erb (4 years ago)
I really like your October dad videos
nameless gaming (4 years ago)
Octodad looooooooooool
Texhls Backup YT (4 years ago)
Pigrain (4 years ago)
This game looks hard
Ты крут
Octodad's Eyes Looks Derpy
Emily Guille (4 years ago)
I wonder what would happen if Toby played Year Walk?
Legored The Epic (4 years ago)
Where's Happy Wheels?
melanie gardner (4 years ago)
im octo octo dad 
Havel The Rock Johnson (4 years ago)
toby you should play bleach
MrPenguin RAWR (4 years ago)
yeah zip lining across the ocean causes NOOOOOOOOOO suspicion 
michelle crawford (4 years ago)
LOLOLOLO that's funny
JIMI MARES (4 years ago)
AmandaPanda 678 (4 years ago)
WHAT THE HECK!!!!! why does putting a bow on a box make you win?!?!
The Bawoo Army (4 years ago)
Lol no left left no your left not my left lol
Warrior Sebi (4 years ago)
After so many episodes you finaly finish that game!
Faye Schei (4 years ago)
I think France and Romano set the stage for the credits lol
Brendon Philip (4 years ago)
Funny crap ya mom
Grace Allen (4 years ago)
Toby is so precious <3
slushi (4 years ago)
The end when you made him dance tho XD
Darkshad The Legend (4 years ago)
@Below Japan. Nuff said

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