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What the US-Mexico border really looks like

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The US-Mexico border is 1,933 miles long, and already has 700 miles of fence running along it.
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They already cut it down and took it in for scape metal, maybe landmines will work, but that would make to much sense just like other countries "no man's land"
Wine Guy (6 days ago)
Why not just walk around it?
Bubbles (6 days ago)
L/R MSM promoting political religious gender race war propaganda . Constantly reminding us we are divided as a nation . Blue and Red make purple . Purple wave is the only way . We the people . Love one another it's the only way . But it will never happen the spoiled jaded angry self serving self centered brainwashed propaganda zombies will never stop fighting over fake news spewing from the L/R . If you hate one another and hate your country then so be it you made the choice and soon it will be to late if it's not already .
Run Around (9 days ago)
https://youtu.be/Of5zBXQwYtU always the same thing ,didnt Killery acvuse Trump of being supporyed by tge KKK a.d it was a lie ,and why did she do it ? Eady she beat him to the punch of tellung the thruth about her
Run Around (9 days ago)
https://youtu.be/ryweuBVJMEA so Trump has something to do eith the kkk ? This is why you moribs that vote for dems are dangerous to THE USA yiu voye for scumnags tgat you know nothing about just what they pay thede lyung fucks at CNN TO TELL YOU , LISTEN TO HOW SHE TALKS ABOUT A MAN TGAT WAD NOT ONLY IN THE KKK BUT WAS A CONGRSS MAN LEADER OF THE KKK WHERE HE LIVED THUS BITCH IS A HYPOCRITE AND YOUR A BUNCH OF CLOWMS BEING MA.IPULATED BY THESE EVIL FUCKS LIKE A BUNCH OF IDIOTS THAT TGEY KNIW YOU ARE ,THATSCWHYBYOU VOYE FOR THEM EVERYTHING THEY AFE ABOJT THEY BLAME ON THE OPPONENT AND YOU SNOWFLAKE RETARFS EAT THAT SHIT UP . YOU VOTE FOR SCUMBAGS YOU DO T EVEN DO YOUR REASEARCH . PLAYING WITH EVERYONRS LIVES WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING THE TRUTH ABOUT WHO THEU VOYE FOR . STIOID FUCKS ITS TIME TO GROW UP YOU GOT HAIR ON YOUR ASS DUMBFUCKS . . He was her mentor how anout that a kkk membee was her mentor . But didbt she clsim Teump is an evil kkk memver ? Bitch had all you clowns swallowing her bull shit with the help of these pos puppets at cnn smh . Idiots
Run Around (9 days ago)
https://youtu.be/82oNdnTKoUg this is why you ate made to hate Russia and Trump cause they dont want any part f this sick evil shit ,that will be hhe end of the USA and the end of all you d supporting dumbfucks 70 % of earhs populsrion kilked thet call it depopukation ,ist that right CNN puppets ?
Run Around (9 days ago)
https://youtu.be/qTisnhdziSg his last time at the united nations his bosses and cnn bosses alao .and ir wasnt evem televised in the USA all other presidents befote him ,theu use to show it on ebery manor neteork but but not this one snowflakes need to beluebe what the fame media tells them ,imagine how butt burt you would get if you hear what the dems are realky up to with help of these fucking liars at cnn
Run Around (9 days ago)
https://youtu.be/qTisnhdziSg its a shane this isnt the whoke speech its doctoted they didbt even show this on any of the fake news networks .you should of seen how mr .pc insulyed all of us that live in tje USA thats cut out abd you cant fibd it on you tube any mote cause they cant have snow flakes seeing the truth lol and Trump is a bad guy lmfao .
Run Around (9 days ago)
https://youtu.be/xe7Gf1H0hmg fagbama and the reason he was trying ti bankruot the USA
Run Around (9 days ago)
https://youtu.be/xe7Gf1H0hmg. This is who the democtaos realky work for ,but it sounds so nice how fagbams says it ,he doesnt tell you the part about killing 70 of the earths polulation .and you idiots will be the fitst to go cause your dumb fucks that dont kbow what your asking for , so yea go agead amd hate Presidebt Trump csuse he wants to kerp us out of this disgusting one world communist governmelt , thus is what your bitch Clintin was goung to give us you waist of space shit stains , this is also who CNN realky works for ,thet wsnt to take our guns so there bosses can depopulate us easier ,thats kill us dumb fucks
Run Around (9 days ago)
https://youtu.be/RNha3nabZeI look how your heros and cnn pkay you by lyung and not showing the thruth you growm ass fuck with hair on your ass and phones thar are smarter than you hahahaha baaahhhh bye lloser
Run Around (9 days ago)
https://youtu.be/RNha3nabZeI take a look at your nice politicaly correct criminall tarined thevsame fucks that want you all. Dead hahagaha losers losers ,. No trophies for last plave clowns they lied to you aboit that also ,if you lose yoyr a loser and if you suck. at sporys and lise every game are not al winners you fucking sucked you losers lol i can just imagine you bitches compaining about only 3 medals in.tje olympics and we end up with a aluminum ma edal for last place hahahahahahaga and its biggdr than the rest hajahahahah cry bitches loom at hoe stupid you are look how tget play you clowns
Run Around (9 days ago)
https://youtu.be/RNha3nabZeI. Thays your politically correct nice guy trained and supplied isis with weapons to kill us ,but thrse luats covered it up from dumbfuck snowflakes. But that was easy csuss you dont kbjw shit about who you vote for .find Trump doing something like this , yoh wont but you will belueve it if cnn tells you and dont have to show you cause your Baahhh baaahhh bahhhh snowflake sheeple bahhhh baaahhh with n lo common sence and no thought of your own bahhhh baahh showing your hate and blaiminh others for blaming , the best one is when yoyr talkimg shit and throwing tantrums like cry babies . If yiu say trump is in the kkk and we say and where have you seen this Not one time will any if you shit stains say anythong to prove it but its funny how we can show you all sorts of shit that provrs those you suport ate lyung scumbags . And all you are is just a bunch of dub fuck tools to them hahaha bahhhh bye
Run Around (9 days ago)
Hey CNN do you know the definition of karma ? Its hahahaha fuck you too.
Run Around (9 days ago)
Figures cnn would lie ,do you sick lfucks realky think that no one knows what the border looks like in other places ? Whst you just showed was the femce at the major crossings .at some places there is a 3 foot high barb wire that only keeps out cows , fucking.liars , you people are some suck ass globalist new world order sell outs ,it figures your always pushing gun bans . So your owners in the new world order wont have any problem when it comrs time for what they plan on doing for there depopulation , and what a better way than cwuse problems by letting in illegals . Do you udiots teally think eveeyone is as stupid as the dumbfucks that beliebe you ? Yoy teally think no onr sees right through your bullshit , thr truth you are trying so fucking hard ti do what your being paid to do ,that you are now doing things with out using comon sence and your a fucking joke .your not fake news ! No cause your not news ,your communisr democrap propaganda . Do you reaky think when we watch your crap no matter at what time of the day ,everything you talk about bo mayter what it is yih find a way to blame Trump for it ,them you say things that are not even real avout him ,what happen to when you had Obama admotting he was training.isis and also giving them weapons , that was in cnn ! I havent seen news on cnn in rears . News isnt a bunch of paid actors thst hate trumo talking shit abput trump all day .news tells both sides of story dirty mother fuckers ,abd by hhe wsy i saw sone dude on favebook thats an actor from florda ,thatvyiu had on there that you said it was peoole that voted for Trump and haye him afyer tget voyed for him ,and that just shows hoe far you go to lie to the public , yoy whee stupid enough to uss his name but dudbt say anuything about florida where hr lives ,and on face book he has posts that where before the election and he was talking avout how much he hated Trump ,and he didbt vite fot Trump .the only thing real about what you showed on the air that matched uo with his facebook page and posts is that he is an actor that likes to be on camera . You guys are stupid , you dony even try to hide it . Who planes these acts ? Lemmon drunk off his ass like on new years eve ? Hahahaha talk about doctored videos ,yoy shpykd ve ashamed of yourselves .but then thats the problem ,yoy habe no shane when all you rekt carw about is doing what they pay you to say and do ,and it doesnt matter to you if it destroys the country yiu whee born in ,fuck you dont even give a fuck about your familes ,cause yoyr lies will effect them .what a bunch of evil mothsr fuckers ,
Disability City (11 days ago)
This is what https://youtu.be/AecJ4Vi_zqk
Qwerty Saur (12 days ago)
Bet even zombies can turn these fences down.
ernest vazquez (13 days ago)
Love you Mexico,but your country is yours and our country is ours!
Elliot Ness (17 days ago)
Take away the border and Mexico is still within N America, so are they really immigrants, no they are not. American CEOs love to make money by outsourcing, using immigrants but don't want their relatives to cross the man-made border. America so full of shit their name should be called constipation.
BEN NILSSON (17 days ago)
Get off my plane Donald Trump!! USA is a very strange country: How bad and insane the President even are, the people just goes his way and obey his order. That's scary! I'm living in Sweden, we let hundreds of thousand immigrants to our country, without military on the border, just police. I don't say it was only good but this is an insane order from an insane President! I take the White House from now! /Ben Sweden
Nigger Meister (18 days ago)
I was expecting an attack on titan wall or some shit.
Jim Menard (22 days ago)
U know they should of put a big Round Tube going across the top of the Wall that way they have nothing to grab onto ,why would they not do that because they can still get over the Wall.Who is in charge and why didn't they do it right.unbelievable
Mary Chela (24 days ago)
I think we should have a double fence all across the border plus patrol 24 hours and technology equipment with alarm and everything cámaras ...
Maria ortiz (26 days ago)
Estelita Galvez (26 days ago)
Pres Trump is right all along about putting up that fence.
Brown Migo (27 days ago)
Hey my three uncles just got to America without a problem lucky them married some sexy white women and are soon to become citizens !!!
Ray Ray (28 days ago)
This is CNN, you can't believe a word of their LIES...
Selma Kaunis (28 days ago)
Oh no trump
DaveBraga (1 month ago)
Up to 18 feet high? What good is a dam with sections up to 18 feet high?
yesca jasta (1 month ago)
don't like your shithole country have a civil war and fix it ! losers and be willing to die to make your country one you want to live in ! losers
Floridaboi 904 (1 month ago)
If you come to CNN to get ACCURATE information about things going on in this country and others, you've lost your FUC*IN mind.
J v (1 month ago)
When immigrants In America tell other immigrants to go back home LMFAO! your all fucking idiots!
Marcos Quinones (2 months ago)
NADIE SE A PUESTO A PENSAR... Ese cerco nos va a servir demaciado dentro de 15 a 20 años; la economia Mexicana esta creciendo!! ojo!!! y no soy frofeta y entonces millones de Mexicanos diran; thank you USA.
david effendi (2 months ago)
in modern era, usa built garden fence. in ancient era, chinesse built great wall. trump promised making that wall and the funding will be asked to mexico... is it true or just big mouth?
Noor Jamali (2 months ago)
tax money
Luke Y (2 months ago)
Sometimes I agree with trump
Greg Gatsby (2 months ago)
The USA allows more immigrants into it than any other nation allows. If you think that these socialist European nations allow everyone into their countries, you're wrong. They don't.
Secret Caucasian Man (2 months ago)
Let’s just take over Mexico
Frankie Reveles (2 months ago)
its ok when u.s declares on russia U.S can jump in mexicos side
lukeslc (3 months ago)
Just look at what "racist" hispanics in Ecuador are doing to other hispanics. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-45237368 STOP criticizing the United States!!
Yoel Fischel (3 months ago)
Build the Wall, because Mexicans don't own boats. The Gulf of Mexico and the US have a border of 1,680 miles.
Clara Vilcayauri Torpoco (3 months ago)
Why the United States spend money for nothing on the Fence Border ? Why not spent more attention in the education. For the younger
Francisca Cruz (1 month ago)
Clara Vilcayauri Torpoco yeah for the Mexican baby anchors right 👎
Clara Vilcayauri Torpoco (3 months ago)
El muro es un simple capricho del egoísmo, la soberbia y la vergüenza que divide países por falta de Amor y Educación marcando su discriminación lleno de ignorancias y miedos. Eso es: Estados Unidos.
serbanmike (3 months ago)
Liberals don't need a country they need land with no borders.Where should they deserve to live ?
R0cky Esterline (4 months ago)
they wouldn't be in jail if they won't breaking the law and then bam us just like a Mexican they lie one illegal Mexican hit my truck in a parking lot the other day I was sitting it he said he didn't hit my truck I said why is your truck up on top of my trailer hitch now back at off
J v (4 months ago)
Go back to Africa white ppl
Scott S (4 months ago)
409,000 were apprehended!!! Then bussed into the USA by none other than, OBUMER The Terrorist in Chife.... MORE FAKE NEWS by Communists NEWS Network!!!!!
Scott S (4 months ago)
Danny Irish Greene (4 months ago)
1983 MILES
Trogl Oditov (4 months ago)
Mexico is a branch of hell! Mexicans are the children of Satan and the damned Santa Muerta! Kill each other with axes and a chainsaw, scatter parts of bodies, chop heads, snort cocaine, but live in a damn Mexico!
Noman Ahmad (4 months ago)
These awesome Mexicans need to get a grinder and take a few bars off fast so a lot of people get get through quick and even some people the may not be able to climb will be able to get through, good damage before PO ARRIVES
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FgLfu8b7t8&t=17s - PULANDO O MURO DO TRAMP - Brazilian's carnival  song!
Pickle Snickelfritz (4 months ago)
I’m going to Mexico on a cruise this Christmas 😃
Glenn Bankson (4 months ago)
Maybe mexicans should help their own people instead of sending your unwanted here in the United States. Shame on the Mexicans for letting your people suffer. I have no respect for mexico. Its not bias when it's true. Not one single latina or Hispanic country that is doing good by its people. then you want to tell us how to run our people. All those countries would be speaking Russian or Chinese rather then there last conqueror Spain. Mexico would be in a much better position if we would took over Mexico. Instead of a bastion for drugs prostitution. Pathetic!
Confused Commie (4 months ago)
And we here have India - Pakistan border. Get in the range of 100m from the border and not a single piece of your body will be found. Mines, grenades, machine guns, snipers and what not will make you vanish in thin air.
Moe_Lester (4 months ago)
That fence looks like the wind can blow it down.
D Hansel (4 months ago)
President Trump is doing just what the American people voted him in to do and that is close the border. This should have been done 70 years ago. Now this festering boil has burst. People are coming over to the US with their so called children. In-fact if they do a DNA test they will find most of these children don't belong to the so called parents. They have been given to adults to bring to this country from South and Central America. Up to now we have all but eliminated disease such as: 1. Polio 2. Small Pox 3. Dysentery 4. Malaria 5. Measles 6. Typhoid 7. Tuberculosis With all these non-vetted people coming in an outbreak of the above diseases could wipe out most of the United States in a matter of months. We have an enemy within this nation and those are the people satanic driven to bring this nation down. It will be easy pickens for a foreign government to just drop a couple nukes and take over.
BIGWORM 510 (5 months ago)
18 foot garden fence and no security??? Yeah that will really stop them. lol
Clemente Garcia (5 months ago)
That bich ass border aint going to do shit for us jajaja Fuck the Us Systems😂
Walt Schmidt (5 months ago)
Wait till you see what it looks like when that beautiful wall is finished. 😁
Danny Nicastro (5 months ago)
That needs to be 40 feet higher and 6 feet thicker...make it in the shape of an upside down triangle...lets see them get through that one! Of course the gaps at the bottom need to be filled....put a good group of masons and architects together and they will figure it out...or a deep wide moat with lots of alligators.
Danny Nicastro (5 months ago)
I totally forgot the towers and guards...along with the spotlights, sirens and lots of big mean dogs.
Sup (5 months ago)
They build a mout around the border and fill it with venomous snakes and aggressive hungry lions
David Smith (5 months ago)
Fences makes good neighbors!
Sur Potel (5 months ago)
Screw the Mexicans bloody trouble makers
J v (5 months ago)
Social media brain dead zombie morons!!!!!!
Nandkishor Nangre (5 months ago)
There should be 1000 v flowing through them....Then it will work to some extent
EarthClad (5 months ago)
No wonder Donald wanna build a wall
k (5 months ago)
The world needs a drink and get along fuck borders I'll buy u all the first round 🥂🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
Long Dong (5 months ago)
Wath a joke🖕
IMxYOURxDADDY (5 months ago)
I like the USA side better 🇺🇸
Taytay97 (5 months ago)
I live at the texas border, thats the old wall! The new wall is just now going up. And its fucking huge. Cnn lied! The wall they show is over 20 years old
Hazel Mae XD (5 months ago)
Made by donald trump
Sufiyan Memon (5 months ago)
Instead of wars in other countries Americans should pay attention on ptotecting their borders.
Xander Sim (5 months ago)
Expectation: the wall as tall as a 3 story building Reality: its just a really tall garden fence
Sweet Pea (5 months ago)
it looks garden fence for me instead international border fence LOL
French from 97-4 (5 months ago)
When the third world comes home, one become the third world. The western world will collapse because of the mix.
Johnny Wadd (5 months ago)
LOOK how 🐀 infested Mexico really is...
motanelustelistu (5 months ago)
Your jewish masters won't allow it though,as they then won't be able to invade you with others,thus start chaos and control you. Come on ... You genocided hundreds of milians of people in the marxist camp codenamed usa and by carpet bombing countries you can't even put on the map,yelling "wolf" and "national security" BS all day but you call this a fence ? Make some 6-8 m tall brick wall accesible by motorcicle or jeep,put santinels every 5-7,5 km,put an electrified facade,some 40-50m of mine field,and sensors for underground. Now that would be a wall.So instead of this SUPREMACIST and JINGOIST son of God atttude,recall the fucking army back and spend money on this instead,IMBECILES.
Ziegour (5 months ago)
They should build a Great Wall to prevent the cartel horde.
Sal Sifuentes (6 months ago)
ThXGOD (6 months ago)
No issues it just shows one good country apart from a great one. Thanks CNN MAGA
whiteknightcat (5 months ago)
But CNN is "fake news", so that means everything they said was false. The wall was edited in afterward, and the stats were "fake numbers". In fact, there is NO wall! CNN just made the whole thing up. (And you know there really are people who think that way.)
Alejandro Vega (6 months ago)
Weird I got a blangadesh border ad
Flat Top (6 months ago)
Militarize the Border with deadly force. https://youtu.be/h3oDv-5yqew
Pete Reyes (6 months ago)
Florida is a failed narco state
lee lee (6 months ago)
Rome was not built in one day! personally I rather my tax money would go towards this instead of those illegally here that I have to support medically
k (5 months ago)
lee lee yes
BEMES (5 months ago)
You folks always say that stupid shit, but in reality you guys don't spend a dime on illegals. But what the hell you spend more on those lazy fucks that are on welfare (all of which are legal citizens).
whiteknightcat (5 months ago)
How about just go after the ones that hire them? Far cheaper, far easier, plus fines would add to the general coffers. With no market for labor, the negative flow would accelerate even faster. (Too bad a lot of those employers contribute to the GOP - can't bite the hand that feeds you.)
lee lee (6 months ago)
Faux Painter (6 months ago)
whiteknightcat (5 months ago)
whiteknightcat (5 months ago)
So what part of this video exactly is "fake"?
Peggy Williams (6 months ago)
We need 50 foot wall with electricity.
kids place on channel 9 (6 months ago)
Wow I feel safe from the 3rd world monkey.
pervy sage (6 months ago)
Lol... Is it a border?even a 4 yo will breach it....look at india pak border along LOC...u will see what a border looks like..no wonder murica is infested with illegal immigrants😂
Mariovo5 (6 months ago)
How about putting Barbe wire and heat detention radar!
whiteknightcat (5 months ago)
"Barbe" wire? Don't you mean Barbie wire? And WTF is heat detention - a blanket? Aluminum foil?
Mark Steven (6 months ago)
"Mr Trump, tear down this wall"
Bobby Cape (6 months ago)
israel has a wall mexico has a wall china has a wall why is it so hard to build a wall between mexico and the USA cause our government is dragging their feet our country need this wall to keep all illegals out of our COUNTRY
whiteknightcat (5 months ago)
Israel's border wall (in an active combat area) is 440 miles long, so about half of what we have up so far. Your comparison fails. China has a wall built 1000's of years ago to keep out the barbarians from the north. Countless workers died and were allegedly entombed in it. The barbarians still got in, and now tourists visit it. You comparison fails.
danielklee92 (6 months ago)
[music playing]
krizpal1083 (6 months ago)
Wall is going to be put on hold. USA has other fish to fry "Syria"
Paulo Deandar (6 months ago)
It pretty big you guys don’t know what you guys are talking about
Dragon Empire225 (6 months ago)
TheShadowofDormin (6 months ago)
OMG I had no idea America had such a problem, I live in Canada and we are making a big deal about thousands of Americans legally crossing over and they still get processed by the government but that is nothing compared to this.
EkBalam707 (7 months ago)
Donald trump's little brain has huge and beautiful mental borders around
Miley L (6 months ago)
EkBalam707 if u don’t like USA go back
Joe Tatone (7 months ago)
So nobody has a problem with a fence that's don't work but a wall that will, yeah that's the hypocrisy of the brain washed!
Amir Vakili (7 months ago)

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