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Building amazing applications with the Fluent Design System | B107

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See how easy it is to use familiar technologies like XAML and C# to create business apps that bring Fluent Design to life on Windows 10 across a range of devices and inputs. We cover the elements of the design system and how to use the latest controls, animations, and effects to captivate your customers and maximize their productivity. We build an app together and share guidelines, tips, and tricks.
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Kasper Hauzer (2 months ago)
Where are the link to resource? Descriprion is empty.
Rudolf Kardos (7 months ago)
Time to redesign the inside too... not just apps... there are many many windows where the design feels like year 98...
Robert Gresham (9 months ago)
"Branding that we want to celebrate in the app"..... ewww
Dave Glassco (4 months ago)
I had the same reaction. Little bit of a sudden gagging feeling.
Spyros Hormovitis (11 months ago)
Better than material design
Kasper Hauzer (2 months ago)
Too much better, I would say
Ganesh Mahajan (11 months ago)
After 1 year of web development I started looking into windows development again and found this wonderful talk. Thanks for this session!
Inheritech México (1 year ago)
Finally, a video about Fluent, great

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