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The Way We Were: Britain at the Start of the Seventies

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Historian Dominic Sandbrook looks back at an era that profoundly shaped our present - one of strikes, bombs and blackouts, but also creativity, energy and revolution
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Dai Kayll (3 months ago)
You talk like you remember it well. You cannot be old enough.
DAVID EVANS (1 year ago)
After the wall Street crash in 1929 . Regulation was brought in, so that it would never happen again .But in 2008 it did, in the U.S. and the U.k... banks were bailed out by the state. People were quick to accuse the Labour party . However in an interview he gave in 2010; Nigel Lawson , chancellor of the exchequer in the Thatcher government admitted this was a result of the' Big Bang,1986'..when there was a wholesale sell off of the manufacturing base , utilities and the city of London. Which are now Owned by the Saudi Arabians,Germans , Russians, Americans, . Would the powers elected have been in a rush to prosper still ,from the the hard work & efforts of other people's hard work, if their own forebears had been involved in the work . I very much doubt it. Don't worry Dominic the miss informed , conceited, gullible, uneducated and shallow have a wedding to celebrate in the spring. I'm sure you'll enjoy .
paul broderick (2 months ago)
…….and some people are still willing to pick up arms in 'defense' of the current conditions, service jobs offering a pittance. The Iron Lady sold Britain out!
Peppy Ooze (1 year ago)
Sandbrook puts the postmodern world, which I feel almost began in 1974, into context here. Wasn't Thatcher made Tory leader in 74?
Harry Lagman (1 year ago)
Peppy Ooze 1975 I think
Arjun Chatterjee (2 years ago)
Brexit britain.
marko krunic (3 years ago)
The 1970s were a time of crisis,national emergencies,blackouts and petrol shortages,but also had the best cinema,best music,best TV,best sport,the best looking women and the most flamboyant fashions! None of the dreary,somnolent uniformity of today!It was a wonderful.giddy,infuriatingly contradictory but uniquely exciting and turbulent decade and despite everything I wouldn't have a changed a thing!
Marco Di Franco (3 years ago)
I think this is very good. His aim to to revisit opinions on history, and he does that. The popular idea of "60's good, 70's bad" is reviewed by looking at absolute improvements in living standards. The idea that the entire '60's population was living in a flat off the Kings Road and having sex in between concerts is a myth (broadcast repeatedly by prominent media voices who were). 1960's population had a hard economic fight. Their emotional reference point was the previous decade so anything was better than that decade where rationing and war damage still existed. But still the technology of the 1970's improved living standards for "most" people.           
paddy9i99 (5 years ago)
This muppet Domonic Sandbrook decided to front a docu about German Cars, and he fucking destroyed it with his egotistical mouth farts
SSCFPA (6 years ago)
Thanks. I can highly recommend Sandbrook's books, 'State Of Emergency' which covers the Heath years being his best yet.
TheEsrail (7 years ago)
Yeah, It was relaxing and fun to listen such times ...
InfiniteNarwhal (8 years ago)
Thanks! That was very interesting.

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