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Table size ,Number of records,Disk usage in SQL Database,clear logs,cache

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This clip will show you how to check each Table size, Number of records, Disk usage in SQL Database. You can see how to write the query to get details of all tables in terms of size, records, space utilization and free space on disk for tables. http://daynamicsaxaptatutorials.blogspot.com This is axapta ERP blog for Technical and functional fields and includes Microsoft Dynamics Axapta tutorials and Dynamics Axapta Coverage. This blog also contains x++ code help for Ax developer and solution of technical and functional daily issues. This blog is specific for Microsoft dynamics programming. Enterprise portal, SharePoint services, business connectors and Enterprise Resource Planning applications and sql database.It will help to get Microsoft Business Solutions.
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Text Comments (3)
Kool Zone (6 months ago)
well explained , please send me the script at [email protected]
Santosh kumar Singh (4 months ago)
Script you can take screenshot from video
Movie Matters (10 months ago)
TQ for your but we need that script how I will get it
Santosh kumar Singh (10 months ago)
you can see and write or you can google or can get from me on gtalk..

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