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Reasons Why Some Black Women Don't Date White Men

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Why black girls don't date white guys, the real reasons. RACE DOESN'T MATTER TO ME.
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Leonard Valdez (14 days ago)
I am a Latino currently dating a black woman who I find to be exceptionally attractive and a vety kind and caring person ,she just happens to be of a diffetent race ,and I dont care what people think or say .As long as she is with me I will protect and respect het no mattet what !
Tony John (23 days ago)
You don’t think black people might be “racist” ?
Lyfield moss (1 month ago)
I think that the black guy who fix your plumbing did it with a frown on his face because maybe he was just trying to not let his white woman think that it could get into something with you... I'm just saying.
Lyfield moss (1 month ago)
I like your hair just the way it is
Lyfield moss (1 month ago)
I grew up in Europe and I'm soon so attracted to my Beautiful Black Woman
Lyfield moss (1 month ago)
....and you're getting the compliment from me too⚘⚘⚘
Lyfield moss (1 month ago)
Well Hello dear Like Your comments You really actually put it like it is And you're really actually a wonderful woman⚘
Victoria Hunter (23 days ago)
Thank you very much you are so kind. I have some videos coming
Atlis MUSIc (3 months ago)
White guys look at out sistas as a fetish
Willie Coles (3 months ago)
You was a black bitch.whitemen only used black women as his whore.blackmen dont want you.you,all are nothing but whores.period.
jack mayhoffer (5 months ago)
Tiny dicks. That’s why.
timothy river (7 months ago)
I think God will give me the right partner at the right time. The only thing I really want to know is how can I be a good friend to a black woman? I don't believe in the friend zone a good woman friend is pure gold.
Victoria Hunter (7 months ago)
timothy river so you are only looking for a black woman as a friend? Why not any woman as a friend? Are you looking for a white women eventually as a wife?
timothy river (7 months ago)
Not pandering. Im serious I'm a young white guy and don't know what I want out of life beyond that times are getting weird and i want the next generation to have a better time
william ryder (8 months ago)
sound hears my ears
I wish more women were like you. Also wish no white Women dated Black men. Segregation was definitely b. Its chaotic now with all the mixing and craziness
curtis porter (9 months ago)
Thank you for you stories ur ppl like u are changing the world i have alot of interracial in my fam and i live in predominantly black commuity last year my best friend died of heart attack i miss him so much be was black iv been playing music for 20 yrs i get these young kids in my neibor hood in the studio to give them something to do. We all hang out im giving back to my community sterotypes go both ways rasism goes both ways hate goes both ways understanding goes both ways some ppl just suck thats all colors but my life is filled with really great ppl i read these comments and cant help but think damm its al for not but is it really when i brush my theeth in the morn i my self im the eyes and see my fault s and where im laking thats the human condition
Blue Blaze (9 months ago)
All these reasons are rooted in deep-seated feelings of unworthiness.
fly man (10 months ago)
Black women hate don't know how to just have a normal conversation that as that my issue
thatotherdude (10 months ago)
I don’t date white women
Janell Hihi (11 months ago)
I can’t preach my black politics around white men, they hate that ish lbvs
Bernita Pennick (11 months ago)
it's extremely very hard for me now to date so now I don't know how to go about this, I'm just plain jane
Bernita Pennick (11 months ago)
I don't get the chance to date at all the last chance I got to go on a real date was 1992 never dated since then and unfortunately it was with a married man in London England
Bernita Pennick (1 year ago)
I don't date white guys because I never got the chance to date a black guy, PERIOD!!!! my black men must come first nothing else
Brandon Marks (4 months ago)
Bernita Pennick vice versa
IbnSheba (1 year ago)
The question BW are encouraged to ask themselves: do WM fetishize BW? is crazy. Males in general fetishize the female body. A better question is whether (or not) a guy treats her well and whether he sees her as a full person. All guys fetishize the female body. They can still be nice to other people.
russrjn (1 year ago)
Sad part of this...I had considered till this moment to date black women...but now have changed my mind...y'all need to overcome your racist insecurities and move forward and not backwards
Randall West (1 year ago)
Glad I watched the vid. The title put me off but like what you said. Married a woman from Cameroon. Did not set out to marry outside my race. I just fell for her because of who she is and her values.
Emma CN (1 year ago)
I personally appreciate this girl/lady...... she's too intelligent, too cute
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
Emma CN thank you very much. I am glad you are not jumping on the attack wagon. Women need to judge character not skin or body or penis type.
Xtlas Karington (1 year ago)
Nice hair! Got some white envy do ya? Just embrace who you are! Dont let the world tell you that being white is the best. Let me tell you that. And stay the fuck out of my recommended videos from now on please. Thank you! hope you get a nice arab bf soon
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
You do know african colored their hair since the beginning. They didn't relax the hair. Please sit down and shut up.
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
Don Slingsby first off. My hair is all natural now and a beautiful afro. Learn to look at the dates of videos. Also african from long agp colored their hair they did not relax it. My hair is not relaxed. So take ur trolling hateful self back to ghe cave u came from
Mel Makavali (1 year ago)
Only in America..
Mel Makavali (1 year ago)
Enjoy the tast of your medicines
Mo Fo (1 year ago)
😂😂😂😂😂I’ve twanged bare black chicks 🐣 no offence ur not my type tho that’s maybe your problem 💪💪💪⚒ you support West Ham
Mo Fo (1 year ago)
You say we we we but all your doing Is relaying your inner thoughts maybe know yourself better before speaking on behalf of a race of people,you sound insecure mmmmmmhmmmm .......bye felica
Mo Fo (1 year ago)
Victoria Hunter Keith it for real cuz
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
Mo Fo u dont even know me to know i am not your type. You proved my point in the video. You sound ghetto
Me'bret Belay (1 year ago)
That's a lie African American females do date white guys quite a bit
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
Me'bret Belay shut the hell up. You are not sitting among black women hearing what they say when noone is listening but them. Take your ignorant ass off my channel
Me'bret Belay (1 year ago)
Victoria Hunter as God is my witness I did not read a word
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
Me'bret Belay please stop looking to put a black woman in the place to make u look like somebody. In american many black women DO NOT DATE WHITE MEN. PERIOD I BEEN MANY STATES
Me'bret Belay (1 year ago)
Victoria Hunter that's a lie. you fid not read my post well. I said that they said they will problem is most white men do not readily date black females. Don't be delusional African American females WILL DATE WHITE men 88.2 say would but that means if white males dated at the same % them they would. read it correctly. it is only would based on if white men dated abundatly. they don't unless it's a behind the seems sex. many white girls tell me what their brother,cousin,uncle and even dad says. I've researched 20,000 African American females. that lie that chick says about how black females take crap with black men is untrue. they take mess off of thugs they rarely deal with educated quality black males but will deal with educated white dudes. they expect hom to be the leader. with black men at all cost she must lead and debate. I will not read any reply you send after this. Your ego won't believe this so you will reply anyway. I REPEAT I WILL NOT.
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
Me'bret Belay first off they would isnt saying they ARE. lots of black women say that to strangers but privately they say it will be to many problems. In America, they rarely do. Also your percentage is low. Also if i am such against black why are 2 best friends BLACK MEN, why am i close to my brother WHO IS DARK SKIN, why was my first 2 fiances BLACK MEN. Why was my first love and still care for as friends is black. Why is my favorite person until they died, was a black man. So please shut the hell. I said sisters leave optioms open. I never said abandon the black man.
natasha mullings (1 year ago)
I cant do it! Iam always catching these white fuckers looking at me with lust in their eyes everyday whether at work, the mall, just walking to my fucking mail box everyday! It makes me feel violated! I'll take death or a life of singlehood and celibacy over a white American guy any day.However I would be open to white international man if i was single. Americans whites have a different mindset i cant comprehend . But I do love love the good American black man I've got.
Kaf Muse (1 year ago)
This topic most be interesting because it got 2k comments sister do you thing. You got everybody talking much love from Toronto, Canada 😘😘😘
Valentina Ramirez (1 year ago)
Lmao, white guys don't wanna date angry bitchy black women. They want a Latina or a white woman with class.
crutksdub (1 year ago)
I wanna see a video about why so many young white girls are becoming so call "queens of spades". I don't get it 🤦‍♂️
Brently Bennett (1 year ago)
stay on the white side of the fence swirler
Darnell Jones (1 year ago)
Sister, you are very pretty and rational. Beautiful smile. But you are missing a great reason why Black women and men don't want to marry or date white people: It is more fun to be Black. Even if Black people DON'T know the awesome history of their own people, they do know that interaction with other people is kinda bland...not meaning any disrespect to any other people. It is reasonable to feel that we are LOSING something if we marry outside of Black people, because we are giving up a LOT. And some standards and traits of white people may look good but they are lies and wrong. The reason for our problems as Black people is that white people are in control of our education with television and schools. They MISEDUCATE us (using Black teachers sometimes) and leave out 90% of what a Black person needs to know...even in college. As a result, the majority of Black people are confused people. That is the definition of a "negro": someone whose mind has been manipulated to not KNOW well the history of Black people and "the knowledge of themselves" as a Black person. I could say more, but will end with this: when or if a Black woman finds out what white people have been KEEPING from them, they are repulsed against white people and try to come back to Black people. If you have kids and try to come back, that presents HUGE problems to the woman AND the children. Many, many Black men are turned OFF from having half-white stepchildren, meaning no disrespect. You are suggesting that if we would just accept each other in our individual choices then the world would be better,...but you would do better to know that you are really CAUSING a lot of problems in the world for your self and others. Please stop suggesting that Black women be individualistic "negroes".
Anything Goes (1 year ago)
I dont care what u say, whiteys never get it because they live an alternative lifestyle, almost simulated! I wont date them - period! Humans will get an OK from me, just these alternative constructs.
brick wall (1 year ago)
Reading some comments ,it does not read well ,why is there so many rascist bigots ? both black and white, such comments show the weakness and hatred of individuals and has nothing to do with the colour of our skin, on the up side there is hope reading some positive comments, and hearing this lady speak through her own experience
Michael Warriner (1 year ago)
You are a very beautiful women and smart.
Suavelle Adams (1 year ago)
* Victoria Hunter How Come You didn't dial 911 when them Caucasians had Flashed you and your sister ?
john doe (1 year ago)
She sounds like a cave woman. What century is she living in?
kttanderson1 (1 year ago)
kttanderson1 (1 year ago)
I don't want no other race but my own.BLACK BABY!!!
kttanderson1 (1 year ago)
The reason I don't want to date outside of my race, is because I can relate better with my own race. We have more in comment.
1950bobster (1 year ago)
1st thing that struck me is what a lucky man your husband is to have found such a well balanced & beautiful lady as yourself Victoria. . I ,m jealous lol.
stardustgirl (1 year ago)
stardustgirl (1 year ago)
So many racist black people here. U all usa black are fuck up .happy that my wife is Gambian not usa. Lobe black gals .love my wife she is not black and me not white. We are 2 people who love each other.
Chuck Richard (1 year ago)
the reason you don't date white men because white men won't have your ass loud obnoxious m************
steven barry (1 year ago)
You are right on the money?
Herp Derp (1 year ago)
Where does this hateful stereotype come from? As a white guy I never heard of any stigma growing up over black women...so why is all this hateful stereotypes embedded into the minds of black women growing up?
K Elaine (1 year ago)
These comments are absolutely ridiculous.
Tina G. (1 year ago)
I don't even know how i came to this video, but it was interesting to read the comments.. I have to say one thing.. You people are so full of hate it's sad! White, Black,Asian i don't give a shit! You are so full of it it's eating you up and because of people like you all that racism and hate will never stop! I feel sorry for you because it must be so hard to walk around with all that hate.. If you want peace find it from within first! Ciao
Joseph Martinez (1 year ago)
This black woman in the video is really racist when it comes to dating
Joseph Martinez (1 year ago)
Black women don;t date white guys because they are RACIST!!!!!!
Joseph Martinez (1 year ago)
When is all this racist crap gonna end. When will whites and blacks get along???
Joseph Martinez (1 year ago)
This black woman is racist!!!!!
Nsatiro (1 year ago)
Black woman got wird smell..
edwinhopkins0 (1 year ago)
Thanks for coming too your senses at the end
edwinhopkins0 (1 year ago)
You are so wrong, from a whit guy
Suavelle Adams (1 year ago)
This is the Video that started this Whole BWGTOW Swirling Mentality throughout this country !
Joseph Martinez (1 year ago)
You say a white man is not going to treat a black woman like he would treat a white woman. You are totally wrong. I have a black girlfriend and I treat her better than I would treat a white woman.
Joseph Martinez (1 year ago)
This black woman is a racist toward's white PEOPLE so is her whole family. Really this black woman is a RACIST!!!!!!! All this racism has got to stop black and white hating each other.
Billy Gibbs (1 year ago)
I hate to admit this but your right about white men behavior. I want people to understand and remember there are bads in all races. White, Asian, blacks, Hispanics. But ur right about the behaviors with some white and black men behavior. And to those stereo types out there. Im a white boy and proud to say not all of us have a small penis.. Im larger and incharge of it :D love your video.
I tried but he changed thought he was black trying to be I had to admit this whole weird case sinereo for me it was really crazy when I met him he liked the same stuff we had a lot in common anyway strong chemistry but certain things he did not use to do ok all of a sudden he's a gang banger talkin shit Ima call my niggas my homeboys bla bla bla calling females bitches I said fuck this and left tried another white guy he loved black women but he was obsessed with darkskin women which is nothing really wrong with that. he told me he want a chocolate baby with me mind you I'm medium brown so that is a slim to zero chance I told him I think he should go find someone else and after that I started dating spanish men
Le Lee (1 year ago)
Reason 1: Just not interested .Reason 2: It would feel too much like slavery .Reason 3 : Too many racist issues to deal with .Reason 4: Just cant relate
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
Le Lee u do realize on this channel and other there are plenty of racist statements made by blacks to? I deleted a bunch.
bittertruth G (1 year ago)
Victoria Hunter, WOMAN, WOULD YOU LIKE TO DATE ME? LOL. IF not why are you still talking to me? Leave me alone and BLOCK me. You know how I feel about YOU white boy lovers so go on live your life with the pale males and breed whatever percentage of blackness you have left out of existence. You are SOOOO! brainwash. If you think white men don't look and want the same thing from black women as black men do you are HOPELESSLY out of you white boy lovin mind. I don't care how much Black history you claim to know. You can have dreads down to the floor. You can pretend to be black all you want. IF YOU TALK BLACK AND SLEEPING WITH WHITE YOU HAVE NO CREDIBILITY PERIOD FULL STOP! If you have unending love, can't do without, and life isn't worth living without the love of the pales males so be it. For the last time, I don't hate whites. I don't care to be friends with them. They will NEVER darken my door steps as friends.  GOOD BYE!!!!!!
bittertruth G (1 year ago)
Victoria Hunter My first post was over a year ago. I don't troll black women. I made a comment/opinion about you explaining the JOYS of sleeping with white men. You plus your white boys lost your minds. I made my comments for REAL black women that don't lay down with those disgusting pale males. You keep making comments towards me. I've only responded to your crazy statements about your FAKE love for black people. I'm going to say this for the last time. You can't talk about loving black people, living black history, then go lay down with white men. Sorry, that is bed wrenching to the utmost. So go enjoy your life you and I are at an impasse. We will never agree on anything. Good Bye.
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
bittertruth G i Live my black history, i help other blacks and my black family. Your dumb else dont know, going natural also cleans toxins from ur body which also affects ur mental state. So me having locks is apart of me not stressing my scalp, putting chemicals in and feeding my body natural things. Knowing ur black history is the first step to becoming self aware. You are ignorant so u dont know what u are saying. I feel sad for you.
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
bittertruth G why are u on my channell trollin. If u cant take it dont dish it out? You wasnt in my league when i posted this video and u definitely arent now. 😂😂
flam'd gas mask (1 year ago)
What bm and bw got to understand about themselves when they get in a relationship is that they've been taught to hate each other way back in slavery. Yeah it's been a long time ago but the pain from our ancestors carried from generation to generation while being taught to hate themselves and seeing there own get killed. If black people can understand in a relationship aspect is that if you want a great relationship you HAVE to be friends first before anything. Building a relationship off in 4 months isn't shit having a friendship first you can see how that person is while being friends and not dating them but enjoying there company to see that. Most black people build relationships around sex cause black people can fuck and we all know that. A relationship because y'all like the sex a lot isn't a relationship never will it be but just sex. Being friends before lovers is setting you up from a ugly relationship. Black people gotta learn that before hoping in relationships after 1-2 months it's stupid you barely know them. Especially with a female you have to get to know her to see if you like not fuvk her first and you like cause of her pussy same for bw. Maybe we'd stop bashing your own race when all the problems with the dating is most black people don't choose good black people they always want the opposite of a good person. Black women want a bad boy and black men want a bad bitch, just by the names they're not good people and you set yourself up to get fucked over by them. We shouldn't be opting out dating the people who put our people through misery for centuries and still do. America has shown black people time and time again that America is still racists they make the most symbolic movies of they're hate for us. We are yah' s chosen people some blacks know that some don't. black people should stay away from white people especially in a dating sense that's enemies territory. WM dont like seeing WW with BM period they hate that shit. Same with the women. White people tradition marriage they keep it in the race. These channels you see on YouTube are crap the women and men know if they could find a good person just within their race they wouldn't date out. I bet when they're out in public they see other people from theyre race happy as hell and they want that but can't find it. Dating somebody within your race feels like home dating someone you can relate with. Love isn't easy find to but worth the search but america doesn't want that they never want nothing beneficial to black people the real Jews. They took our identity from and we get no reparations. The roles are going to reverse with how we were treated. They don't want black people as a unit they want black people to hate each other one of the promotions are interracial dating, rap music, tv shows. Black people spend at least a trillion dollars a year that's a nation right there but they keep black people dumbed down it's crazy. Black people are  beautiful. If racism isn't still alive then why is there are racists white man President, black people still dying to white cops and race wars? White men kill bw who puss them off but they're married and they love each other? white  women set up bm all the time. They only look at us as sex toys they used to rape our ancestors, that's a white persons fetish for black people. Black people to sleep to not know that. Cause you swear up down interracial dating is the shit. Then get treated like shit. Wm are racists to bw they marry and still say wm are better. When you hate yourself you hate your people its like a slap in the face when you date outside. I do believe that Hispanics and  Mexicans and Natives are blacks people too it's just the white man took their identity and gave them one they made up it's fucked up so as long as its melinated skin it's ok. White people are devils they turn red when they get out in the sun the sun shows there true form. Look it up if you think im lying they're the devils children and melinated people need to stay awsy from them. Yah put in scripture i have no religion made up by white people
Victoria Brown (1 year ago)
ugh Stfu u just had a bad husband boo
Eric j (1 year ago)
And blk guys treat there women so good lol lol
TheKmoney265 (1 year ago)
not surprise she date white guy die ur hand blonde you want to be white so bad lol
TheKmoney265 (1 year ago)
I don't cut my hair I'm growing it out and I don't use hair product to straighten my hair or whatever everything I do is natural. what make you think I hate ppl cause I don't I date white girl hell that all I date now cause alot black girl where I live they color struck white wash just like you are
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
TheKmoney265 i dont have blond hair now. i have locks natural. my entire cabinet is natural essential oils. i know more about our ancestors and who i am than u. u probably cut ur hair down. thinking its clean. white racist slave master cut ur hair to keeo ur from getting lice. u using products made by white people yet hating white people. u are ignorant. every that like the color blond doesnt prefer white people causr actually there is not a large number of them blond anyhow. my husband is not a blond. he is irish, which also makes him hebrew. when u ready to sit down and take a lesson from a black woman who now practice living as hebrew and setting good example to all race, loving all, like we should or we stay cursed, let me know
Langston Richardson (1 year ago)
IDK bout race if they got tha curly or afro hair👪🏾💇🏾‍♀️🔥
x OatmealCookieCat x (1 year ago)
i saw you on the jeffrey dahmer interview video. But white guys are not bad theyre cute and nice. But but but.... dont look for someone who is like jeffrey dahmer tho. mkay? thats all good bye
Shamus McFly (1 year ago)
I don't date white men either
Ashley Hancock (1 year ago)
she's crazy
Tina (1 year ago)
Speak for yourself and only yourself you are a racist and you will be judged by God for your actions just like everyone will be judged for theirs
Herman Vernell (1 year ago)
You are very very attractive I am a black man that love's black women .
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
i tried to send u a nice message but couldnt. u can message me
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
Herman Vernell thank u very much!!
Darryl Varsai (1 year ago)
This low self esteem trick running around promoting swirling with hunky opresser . This bitch is sick and a classic case of bed wenching.
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
Darryl Varsai you are a racist, you are sick. you calling me names for just stating that white people should not be stereotyped either. u are hateful and crazy
CrvenaKiselina (1 year ago)
Thanks for that, Vicky! I really want to date black girls but I'm afraid they wouldn't be cool with me being white. Seems to me it's just a bunch of insecurities most girls have, with no relation to skin colour whatsoever. I can definitely deal with that. ;)
CrvenaKiselina (1 year ago)
I honestly think it's just because they are uneducated. I had no foggiest idea about West Indian people until I dated my now ex-gf who was married to a guy from Montserrat. I got introduced to so much culture and food and I loved it so much I now live in a predominantly Carribean part of London.
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
CrvenaKiselina you are welcome. people are people. i just dont know why people are being racist. it makes no sense at all
I just like Memes (1 year ago)
i dont date them bcus they stink like a wet dog mostly just a weird odor on them its disgusting
Angrage Macmuffins (1 year ago)
Ms Hunter, Unlike yourself most black women are black racist, they just hate white people period. And they blame the sins of the Government like slavery and Jim crow on the average white person. It's pure ignorance.
Victoria Hunter (9 months ago)
Angrage Macmuffins that is true as well. I have experienced more hate from them when I am with a white guy. I have seen black women walk in a room of white people and immediately say something racist allowed about the white women. I really hope this changes. I don't like hate
Jojo Rock'allNations (1 year ago)
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
Angrage Macmuffins i will admit i hear alot of racist comment made by black people about white people but in private. they leave bathrooms where there is white women and say "damn they stink!" i am sick of the racism from blacks and whites.
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
Angrage Macmuffins black hebrews were once racist against their own kind as well and vain, and materialistic and many still are. It is why we are cursed, as GOD says in the bible. Their are many gentiles even on youtube stating that we are and we are the hebrews. The Vanity among many of them, make them think they are right about everything including to hate white people (gentiles) who had nothing to do with what happened back then. However, their are some gentiles racist as well.
Bofa Sofa (1 year ago)
that eye make up wont help the fact that you have really short blonde hair lmfaooo
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
Bofa Sofa i have long hair locks now and dont wear make up often anymore. during this video I CHOSE TO CUT MY HAIR. MY HAIR GROWS FAST AND LONG AND CAN PROVE IT.
insane hermit (1 year ago)
wow only 539 subscribers, but 82370 views!
I don't know (1 year ago)
These are just fears to be conquered. And not all black dic is big.
Wilfred P (1 year ago)
Thanks sweetie for the elucidating insight, and you certain are a beautiful woman, inside and out.Funny, never thought black women were worried about white men raping them..So for their considerationRape StatsAverage over six consecutive years: 2003-2008Black on White: 22,534 Black on Black: 24,730White on Black: 0How ya'll feel now?
Tina (1 year ago)
Diva Hair (1 year ago)
Ive been with my white boyfriend for 4 years and ive never been more natural and felt beautiful.
Johnny James Ferreira (1 year ago)
its funny how black ppl have this issue where they worry about white ppl maybe saying something racist; yet black folks have so many racist opinions about whites. like the ones she pointed out (keep a dirty house, small penis [whites are not asians] his family wont like you etc).
Patrick O'Donnell (1 year ago)
You're a cutie and sweet with a great smile. I love your hair. It's really cool.
Patrick O'Donnell (1 year ago)
Love who you want to love.
jeffw1267 (1 year ago)
If given the opportunity, black men choose white women. Especially the successful blacks. Look at the superstar black athletes. Yes, many of them have black wives but those black women don't have any hint of ghetto in them. They're beautiful AND they act like white women, and they are the ones chosen by the successful black guys. Then, there are your OJ Simpsons who dump their black wives for white ones. It's not a coincidence. Also, if a white man is financially secure and a black woman knows it, she will be all over him like maple syrup on pancakes.
crystal James (1 year ago)
why cant we just like black men
Jojo Rock'allNations (1 year ago)
Brian Jones (1 year ago)
Judging an entire race by you being married to a single man on that race = idiot racist
Brian Jones (1 year ago)
Hmm black women have always been on my dick...those black boys don't like it lol
ty cromwell (1 year ago)
Woman are great at many many things.....but they are the absolute worst....worst choosers of quality mates. Horrible. They are emotional creatures and do not possess the logic necessary to choose wisely.
ty cromwell (1 year ago)
Lady's why do you choose some of the most low functioning "black men?" If you choose the quality ones maybe there will not be the desire to choose white men....
ty cromwell (1 year ago)
Sometimes black males and females need to do the internal work within....a race of a person will not make your life better. Why not develop the internal skills to choose a quality black man opposed to having to feel as if "white" is the solution to the worlds problems
ty cromwell (1 year ago)
Just because a person has black skin or wears their hair natural doesn't mean that they have an "Afro/black centered mentality.....just because we are skin folk does not make us kin folk.
ty cromwell (1 year ago)
Victoria Hunter ...I am not being racist. I just question black men or black woman that view the white as being a solution . How can a person pick a quality white person if they don't have the skill set to pick a quality black person. Unless they operate under the premise that all whites people are good and all black people are bad...and we know that not to be true.
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
ty cromwell stop right there ignorant person. becoming natural forces u to look within or run back to the illusion, eventually it does. every person i know who went natural as a black person and be for years have become kinder, not as competitive in looks...etc. but there is jealousy among them still and many men with locks seem to look digusted when a woman of color get locks. also people of color been coloring their hair sense the beginning. there is statement: if it looks and and quacks like a duck its a duck.
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
ty cromwell stopping putting words in my mouth. i never said white men is solution. stop trying to be racist from a different angle and jet i mind tricksm LOL.
ty cromwell (1 year ago)
Victoria Hunter ....as to your argument I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to express....in a nutshell all I am saying is sometimes we as people have to look inward if we constantly choose mates that are toxic for us. Choosing a white male or white female is not the answer. If someone struggles to choose good blacks how are they equipped to choose good whites???????? Forcing oneself to choose a white person is just putting a band aid on a wound that needs surgery. I expect better from you....
ty cromwell (1 year ago)
Victoria Hunter ....you have the right to your opinion but often times the reason why we choose bad mates is related to our morals and values and mental conditioning. Would it not be more intelligent to get individuals to soul search and discover why they are making bad choices in men than to tell them that a white man will be the solution?????? If they are not right within how does choosing a white person correct the situation? That is only a band aid solution? Maybe you need to shut up and read better as you advised me to do....
ty cromwell (1 year ago)
But at the same time if a black woman doesn't want to date a white man...it is her choice. Why do people not make videos trying to shame white woman if she doesn't want to date a black man....
ty cromwell (1 year ago)
I am a Black Male that has been educated in all white institutions my entire life... Having been in all white environments I have always wondered why people of color have always put whites on pedestals. When you are around them you learn that they suffer from the same problems that all people suffer from...they are not any more civilized than any other group.i think their greatest is more of an image..psychology illusion .
ty cromwell (1 year ago)
Victoria Hunter .....there is a reason why many blacks think that the when blacks are married to whites the black person idealizes the white person....but I would rather look at it from a historical/scientific view point rather than simply giving my opinion. Back in the 1940's there was a test conducted on very young children called the "doll test of 1940's, or the Clarke doll test. In the more recent years the same test has been conducted not only on black children, but also on Latin and Asian children with the same results. For the scholars out there the result can be found here on YouTube. Also after traveling to Brazil, Dominican rep, Panama, Costa Rica and Colombia , Thailand and the Philippines I have noticed that black brown and yellow people worldwide have a subconscious love or idealization of all things white and European. Of course this rule doesn't apply to all , but I guarantee you it apples to the vast vast majority..... Remember one thing before I end this....the subconscious mind and subconscious thought is the only form of thinking that can't be controlled.....we all need to self examine.
Victoria Hunter (1 year ago)
ty cromwell u are accurate about that but when a black person compliments a white person or marry them it doesnt mean they put them on a pedistle. i am sick of some blacks claiming that every time they see a black being kind to a white person. i am kind to people black or white.

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