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Sunday Girl - Where Is My Mind (Official Video)

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Available to buy on iTunes now! - http://bit.ly/sEht7g Sunday Girl's beautiful cover version of Pixies' 'Where Is My Mind' currently on your TV screens in the UK on the Thomson Holidays advertisement. Sunday Girl Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/WeAreSundayGirl
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Text Comments (470)
Crni Vitez (2 days ago)
Good people need to stick together and demolish bad one's
Ata Da Firenze (3 days ago)
triops sorulayan (7 days ago)
psychiatry couldnot cure me ı have no solutonion what should ı do?
Taty Monet (9 days ago)
I listen to this when I’m feeling depressed 😓
Whibley Keys (12 days ago)
If you love her, set her free If shes comeback, nobody loves her Set her free again
Andy Moss (16 days ago)
Delightful version,many thanks.
Lucas Mello (17 days ago)
Perfect 😔❤️
Kenia Leyva (17 days ago)
Hey I love your song
Adrian! (18 days ago)
i just wanted to save the world
Rhuth K (22 days ago)
Somebody please make the karaoke of this video ...i really sing amazing but i domt find this video's karaoke so i cant make a cover for it😔
SSpKig (28 days ago)
i want this to be on spotify so bad :\
bronko kahn (28 days ago)
First Rule: Cry
TNT FREE STEP MA (1 month ago)
Queen cupcake (1 month ago)
Can someone post the lyrics
Sid On (1 month ago)
Ооо будто же это приятно. Спасибо за хорошую работу
Master Aizen (1 month ago)
Great song.
just andrej (1 month ago)
and so i ask myself.. where is my mind ? Depression took it.
Бальзам для ушей! Удивительно, круто, классно, здорово, профессионально, отменно, потрясающе, пять...
Professor (1 month ago)
My lifes fucked up
yohsano (2 months ago)
lol im sorry but larry
evrem gül (2 months ago)
When i was 21 i met with him first time that i thought he’ll walk away from me. Please dont forget me Im so alone since 2015 (23.05.2015 )
Travis Russell (3 months ago)
This would go well in Legion
Emre Ceylan (3 months ago)
It’s 2018 and i’m still listening this song🖤
Guys Hey (3 months ago)
Araknne (4 months ago)
this was our song... not any more i supose... at the same time is gonna be always our song
·Foreign` films· (4 months ago)
John Robertson (4 months ago)
you've met me at a very strange time in my life
maria (4 months ago)
Why can’t I find it on Spotify :(((((((
sovaine (4 months ago)
The things we own end up owning you:-)
Gabor Kovacs (4 months ago)
I think I would listen this cover on my last day
ryan rock vega (4 months ago)
Se parece o es dama g
Mehmet Fatih Bozkurt (4 months ago)
İ want this song at my sex party
Den wen (4 months ago)
"Where is my mind?" Where is the guy with the lyrics?
Gentle Cabbage (4 months ago)
Love it
Chuck Bartowski (4 months ago)
"You met me in a very strange time in my life"
Neverlove (5 months ago)
My crush
Dogan Mercan (5 months ago)
Nam-ı diğer Kujulilla’nın bana kazandırdığı ve üstünde büyük anısı olan şarkıdır :)
Villian V (5 months ago)
авторское выполнение здесь не уместно - создатель круче - вариант- пародировать
*_egg_* (5 months ago)
I cried listening to this amazing cover
Déborah (5 months ago)
The good wife
bio frost (5 months ago)
Rekkles :(
Adalit Dominguez (5 months ago)
so beautiful
Saulo Rocha (5 months ago)
adolfo rausseo (6 months ago)
more of the sa me
Don Carlo118181 (6 months ago)
So much feeling....❤
steve allton (6 months ago)
This is amazing
Loris Matthäus (6 months ago)
My soul went out of my body and he started to enjoy every sensation that you could feel
Maike Arndt (6 months ago)
Such a nice version of a remix! Nicely done!
Бомбяша (6 months ago)
Hello, I'm from Russia and in this video I heard the best female voice)
nice to see some dt 770's
The Official Izz (6 months ago)
i like this more then the actual pixies song lol xx its great <3 xx
Iggy K (6 months ago)
Cant find this version on iTunes 😩
- - (6 months ago)
that mic is awesome. and ur voice as well.
Jordan Lewandowski (7 months ago)
Nisrin Murad (7 months ago)
This is saaaaddd
Thiago Yoshioka (7 months ago)
I am from Brazil, so Sorry for my bad english, but this is the best cover i've ever heard
Thyter13 Wiki (7 months ago)
Randir86 (7 months ago)
Non sapevo che Paola Cortellesi sapesse cantare così bene!! XD
Morteza Naimi (7 months ago)
Nice and simple. I fuck with this
datdevildawg6335 (7 months ago)
Don't ever do anything you don't believe in 100%. Ever!
zoro onepiece (7 months ago)
just this i love your voice
The Lone Outlaw (7 months ago)
Everyone’s talking about all these shows and stuff as to how they found this, and I’m just sitting here like, “loneliness and depression” anyone? No? Ok. 🙁
immaterial boy (7 months ago)
Crazyhead ❤️
Dmitry Raevsky (7 months ago)
the best cover
Nix2709 (7 months ago)
Every time I play this video, I want to give it a new "like".
valen torres (7 months ago)
I love this cover
Melanie Gaming (8 months ago)
This song mean a lot to me <3
ElSebas (8 months ago)
fuck i love it
Agent 0110 (8 months ago)
Agent 0110 (8 months ago)
Naka (8 months ago)
400th comment
Mees Noordzij (8 months ago)
Kanker op
SURIK Prod. (8 months ago)
Gabor Havasi (8 months ago)
Fredy Grifis (9 months ago)
Odds On (9 months ago)
Was feeling it until "Cara-beeun" Lost me at that moment.
Ewie M (9 months ago)
Nice song but those lyrics make absolutely no sense.
Yi Qiao (9 months ago)
Anyone knows what happened to her? I can't find any new works from her
Despondent (6 months ago)
lol that went over my head
No Carl (6 months ago)
Mr Eargasmic lmao
Despondent (7 months ago)
Mr Eargasmic (7 months ago)
@Yi Qiao -- Still searching for her lost mind
Despondent (8 months ago)
Seems she changed her stage name to Whinnie Williams and abandoned the name Sunday Girl
Sim One (9 months ago)
With your feet in the air and your head on the ground Try this trick and spin it, yeah Your head will collapse but there's nothing in it And you ask yourself, where is my mind? Where is my mind? Where is my mind? I was swimming in the Caribbean Animals hiding behind the rocks, yeah Except a little fish but they told me, Swears, trying to talk to me, coy koi. Where is my mind? Where is my mind? Where is my mind? Way out in the water, see it swimming. With your feet in the air and your head on the ground Try this trick and spin it, yeah Your head will collapse if there's nothing in it And you ask yourself, where is my mind? Where is my mind? Where is my mind? Way out in the water, see it swimming.
Doktor Hanim (25 days ago)
Sim One thank you so much
Thomas Stubblefield (3 months ago)
Sim One jn
Valdas P (10 months ago)
na ką aš galiu pasakyti. Labai blogai. Very bad.
alfiansyah (10 months ago)
Nathan Pulido4 (10 months ago)
Uncharted 4 💜💕
Rached PK (10 months ago)
mr robot is here
little angel (10 months ago)
Fight clubbbbbbbbbbbbbb
Mario Sáiz Nigorra (10 months ago)
La polla
dada0123ification (10 months ago)
fu with your mr robot, its classic))
Ivann Lopezz (10 months ago)
You just let yourself become Tyler Durdan! Mr. Durden and Mr. robot need to Destroy the Indestructible!
Michael Schories (10 months ago)
Hört doch mal auf rockige Songs zu verniedlichen! Das ist ja schrecklich was z.B. aus Pixies entsteht und "Cover" genannt wird. Das ist nur Ausnutzung einer guten Idee und darauf folgende Softversion für Knete!
Art Maknev (10 months ago)
One of the most beautiful melodies
SlyCooper494 ._. (10 months ago)
I dont understand when she moves her head like a tactical radizer supersoldier her fooken hair doesnt move
Michael Schories (11 months ago)
Das kämpferische aus dem ursprünglichen Song ist komplett entfernt. Sorry, nette Version aber sehr unspannend!
Richard Batt (11 months ago)
Beautiful, the voice of an angel.
Sparky Foley (11 months ago)
sunday girl looks more like sunday lady......lets get that stright
Chino Dreizehn (11 months ago)
Fucking Beautiful
Jeremy Sandry (11 months ago)
This is my favourite cover. Well done
Jaime Camacho (11 months ago)
So good pretty lady... Nice voice!!
touzé nicolas (1 year ago)
Mike McLarty (1 year ago)
Nicholas Miller (1 year ago)
Pixies (original) or Milky Chance (cover) are the best
Glouby Boulga (1 year ago)
this song can't cover, so ...please ...

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