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Philippine Wolf Snake: non-venomous pet snake

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This type of snake loves to live in people's house. Because they like to eat lizards, small rats and small frogs. Though a bit intimidating snake, it's actually a non-venomous snake. Not harmful to humans. It will bite if provoked but it's not deadly. In fact, it can be tamed and held in captivity. This snake locally called "taga-balay nga halas" in Cebuano (bisaya).
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Text Comments (17)
Hubert Lantajo (2 months ago)
mao nay halas nga binukot
Serpent Athena (9 months ago)
They are speaking Bisaya and I can understand Bisaya, they're talking about either throwing or killing the snake. It just pains me to think of how many closed minded people live in my country.
Rogue Knight (8 months ago)
Serpent Athena lol study bisaya muna para ma intindihan mo.. ang bobo ng nag translate kalabad!
alamin islam (11 months ago)
Wala ba talagang kamandag yan kahit konti?
Itz Yow (3 months ago)
indominus rex (1 year ago)
Kung round pupil ang mata ng ahas non poisonus kung yung mata elliptical pupil ang mata ng ahas poisonus
Snape Petrikov (1 month ago)
The perfect way to tell a snake is venonous ay sa ulo nto kapag triangular is Venomous ito unlike sa pupil di yn tama kasi pythons hsve a slit ppils
TerraDerraBros (4 months ago)
Not all. Actually di Yun ang pinaka effective way to define if a snake is non venomous or venomous. Nakikita Yan Sa tail kasi if a snake has strait scales Sa belly Nya to the tail It's venomous and if may hati ang scales Na yon Sa tail Nya non venomous
light ryuzaki (1 year ago)
poor snake🐍
Jellytive (1 year ago)
wrong way of handling snakes you should never hold its head and its neck because it will not be able to breath
Alvin Aguila (1 year ago)
san po nakuha yan sa loob ng bhy o sa labas ng farm
RedCheeperBoy x544 (1 year ago)
mga 300 bilin ko yan
unknown known (6 months ago)
RedCheeperBoy x544 ako pre meron ako kaso may kaliitan nga lang
RedCheeperBoy x544 (1 year ago)
bilin ko yan san po kayo nkatira ako sa jaen
Yagmur Adam (2 years ago)
Çok sıktı yılanı ezdi resmen...
boyet andrino (2 years ago)
unsaon pag tame ana bai

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