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Helmut Newton 7 Images That Changed Fashion Photography

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Donovan Tyler (6 months ago)
Been looking for Rue for so many years. completely forgot and the video original got taken down some 10yrs ago, was a documentary
coreen simpson (7 months ago)
One can never recreate GREATNESS!
Erika O. (1 year ago)
Totally should've recreated w original model. She's gorgeous.
Stephan Finsterbusch (1 year ago)
pretty nice idea to carry out shots in those places. kind of vintage
Ben LINNIT (1 year ago)
c farrrah (1 year ago)
wow, great stuff
Rudi Huisman (1 year ago)
Love Rankin.
Kelly KitKat (1 year ago)
Apparently, Newton retired, or quit, because he got sick of the fan mail, and compliments. Oh well .. the sun is a he, the moon is a she (see, Book of Isaiah, kjv), yet the sun appears smaller does it not? Paradox, is a way of understanding gender and sexuality.
Dennis McCall (1 year ago)
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Kelly KitKat (1 year ago)
Umm.. no. In Newton's version, she appears to be almost falling back, or leaning - so, shot is somewhere between 2d and 3d, framed by the rectangular alley. It is a commentary about perspective - ignoring the more obvious theme of woman in a state of well-dressed leisure contrasted with the stone imagery of invisible labourers. And the shot of the two women, one appears to be using the other as a shield, her head almost nuzzling the other's, like that scene from the new Tarzan movie, with him nuzzling the lioness. Yet, she wears a hat, suggesting command. So, there is this paradox of strength and weakness. The one wearing the hat is the woman, and the other is playing the part of .. husband? Boyfriend? You may see a lesbian couple, or a female actress being asked to play the part of Romeo.. which is what was usually done when Shakespeare staged his plays, I suspect, male actors being rare, or frowned upon, then.
Kelly KitKat (1 year ago)
A woman may put on a man's garment, but she is not to wear that which pertains to a man, such as the role of husband, father, or one who teaches (Torah and Talmud). Yentl (Barbra Streissand) crossed a line which she should not have crossed.
Juventino Ponce (1 year ago)
I love him
blackjohnny0 (2 years ago)
I dont like this photo and this photographer. For me it looks like snapshot.
Molly Repetti (2 years ago)
These are so compelling and inspiring. Absolutely lovely Rankin
aarongluzman (2 years ago)
Elegance His secrets Incredible Magic moment A source of Curiosity, inspiration Sweet & irresistible Succeeds, to conquer our heart Feminine Serenity A Rare Master "Helmut Newton" ©...Aronne
Joe Peffer (2 years ago)
Funny how iconic film images could be grainy, gritty and soft in focus. Now, everything has to he pristine and ridiculously clean including the retouching.
Mark Harris (5 months ago)
Joe Peffer I couldn’t agree more. I think too many people try to learn from reading specs than looking at the work of the greats.
394pjo (2 years ago)
I had a photography lesson with Rankin once. He said 'you look through here and press that, congratulations, your'e a photographer'
Will Corwin (1 year ago)
oh boy. someone hitting the web implying they "get art" while someone else doesnt. Its easy to find flaws in anything and everything, but really the flaws are what make it beautiful in the first place. Finding beauty is hard, and that really is the point of it all. The decision making process is unique to the individual and its ignorant to knock someones genuine attempt at making something they care about. "good v. bad" isnt the point. all art shits good my dude. get into it.
Kelly KitKat (1 year ago)
You mean he's not a hack? I think he's a hack. He does not seem to get art.
Photone Photography (2 years ago)
Excellent... Excellent...
Jürgen Kaßnitz (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing this series with us, but especially for this episode in honor of Helmut Newton, a real pathbreaking photographer. And without any doubt, these re-enacted photos are brilliant as well.
frank wibberg (3 years ago)
thx for the series top cheers frank
jixxxxer17 (3 years ago)
I"m addicted to these videos when will i ever sleep again, :) great stuff !

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