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Do Canadians Prefer To Date White Or Black People!? | Toronto Edition

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LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANNA SEE MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES! Hoping to see that throughout the world people don't see color! Here's what the people of Toronto have to say! Comment below what your preference is!! More challenge videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsXH6... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DudWG... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-Jz-... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mt-tk... ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• FOLLOW FOLLOW ● Facebook - Domoniquemalcolm ● Instagram - domonique_cynthia ● Snapchat - 'dom_cynthia'
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Text Comments (321)
Succulent (10 hours ago)
If you think about it colorism only exist because of slavery. When Slavery was around if you were a lighter skinned or mixed black person you would get jobs inside of the house instead of being on the Cottonfield. Slaves were taught that the line are you are the more privileged and more beautiful you are (because their masters were ignorant or jealous or maybe both lol) ideas like these have been passed down for generations and that’s how we have colorism! But hey if you are darker skinned just remember melanin is $350 a gram more than gold! How much is lighter skin ($0).
mahdi green (9 days ago)
Canada .... Smoke weed every day
Kizuki Ayano (10 days ago)
I honestly prefer white
Jenna Smith (11 days ago)
Light skins have curly hair????
pretty selected (15 days ago)
Lmao those lil boys 😂
Duff01 (18 days ago)
nice video :)
troy peters (20 days ago)
No one really cares??smh...stupidest question ever
Jasmine Ali (20 days ago)
Black men will breed themselves out mark my word lol. Notice how most black girls prefer their own ( which is normal) and almost all the black men said white? How is this normal to them. The self-hate is cringy to watch. Every ethnic groups would prefer their own except black north americans!
Jasmine Ali (2 days ago)
+Renee Moore Please highlight where I said they can not date each other? Also why would I go to Saudi Arabia I am not from there? The way people react to the truth is hilarious.
Renee Moore (2 days ago)
+Jasmine Ali girl, Canada and the US are democratic Countries and pple hve the right to date whomever they want to, it's called freedom of choice so u have a prob with that feel free to live in Saudi Arabia. Girl bye!
Jasmine Ali (2 days ago)
+Renee Moore not in Canada and America! Alot of them date and make babies with non black woman. This video is prime example.
Renee Moore (2 days ago)
stupid, most blck pple are with other blck pple just like other grps! foh
Funny Hideout (22 days ago)
Boogie Cousins (23 days ago)
It’s really not even a comparison black women come in all shades and sizes the possibilities are endless
Nanat Ahmed (23 days ago)
I’m brown skin and have 3b hair soo
Yaspi Jambo (23 days ago)
Hi guys I want a girlfriend white please WhatsApp number +255712841885 Instagram jambojipya e-mail [email protected] thanx.
Mark Jacob (26 days ago)
When blacks asking the question they feel pressured to answer a certain way..have whites ask it to whites
RG lAlicial (1 month ago)
And thats why i want to live in Canada
Renee Moore (2 days ago)
well i lve there and one thing you must know, there is a lot of racial tension cmong ethnic grps and alot of them are very racist. in fact the only racists i meet here are ethnic so come here with an i ain't taking shit fr anyone attitude!
J OneLife (1 month ago)
White, Canadian born and prefer my culture.
Vassely Camara (1 month ago)
I will Love to answer your question Born and Race in English 😍
Vassely Camara (1 month ago)
I hate when people think about Race your Question was Not really cool you see the black Guys moving with White guys they are okay with one and Other and you Work to them asking Them Nonsens 😎 If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at All I'm black Like you ✌
Keli Kàti Karl (1 month ago)
Where in Africa is this?
MrRadioSwag (1 month ago)
I’m strictly black women ...that brown booty does something to me
MrRadioSwag (1 month ago)
Three white guys at the end would love to plug the interviewer lowkey lol
Cherise Wright (1 month ago)
This is so stupid...
Soloman G (1 month ago)
Why does this matter. Stupid question.
Kyle Hibbitt (1 month ago)
Toronto?white peoples? Where? I’ve never seen them.
Mikie E (12 days ago)
They're actually in the suburbs outside Toronto. Lol
Black Wallstreet (1 month ago)
What is it with Black Canadians and interracial dating?
Black Wallstreet (2 days ago)
You Black Africans and Caribbeans are white ass kissers who are always trying to assimilate with whites.
Renee Moore (2 days ago)
Her choice!
Overnight Millionaires (2 months ago)
The honest answer is how good they look, all races have good and ugly women.
{}KennyJt02 * (2 months ago)
2:19 His Breath
shanice73 (2 months ago)
Does it matter? They are all human. Don't waste your life being a colour, that's good advice.
Manastati 98 (2 months ago)
The interviewer is so cute and charismatic :D <3
Kingsley C (2 months ago)
She so pretty
Anna wewinwithlove (2 months ago)
Good vudeo, Beautiful Host
UFOlici (2 months ago)
what a crack of shit...I live NOW in Toronto....you cannot get a TRUTHFUL answer from the MALL and when they are in groups! and not by asking the question directly! you have to see and test peoples! and I am telling you in Toronto WOMEN loves black guys not because of colour because of what they represent! and Asian women are very sexy...
real deal (2 months ago)
Do a video about latinos👍
ericktwelve11 (2 months ago)
Do Canadians prefer both black people and white because they're the same.
Adams Tamimu (2 months ago)
My favourite man is the one say love doesn't have a colour
Ellis Martin (3 months ago)
1:05 lol 😂 me when they ask me same question
Ashkushem FromPalletTown (3 months ago)
White man in Canada love black females trust me. They sexy af especially the lightskins
Mikie E (2 days ago)
+Renee Moore I'm not your boy. I didn't say it was serious. Its a comment section. I have the right to comment on someone's else's bullshit false statement which I did. Period.
Renee Moore (2 days ago)
+Mikie E Boy. it's really not that serious! lmao
Mikie E (2 days ago)
+Renee Moore His choice is not the question. He was speaking for all white Canadians which is false. He is full of shit.
Renee Moore (2 days ago)
+Mikie E His choice!
Mikie E (12 days ago)
Um no.
Houston2851 (3 months ago)
Toronto = the land of racism
Renee Moore (2 days ago)
Oh pls, pple bring their racist attitudes with them!
J OneLife (1 month ago)
Chinese girls love white guys .
Houston2851 (3 months ago)
I'm Indian..... Lived here for 17 years since 2001......i speak a good level of English........ I can sing n rap.........I can be as American as Apple pie...... Im well mannered and never had luck with a single girl..........things over here are very backward......... The ppl here are not normal and they're incorrigible.
A Dog With No Dad (3 months ago)
Was waiting for a comment like this😂
Madhur Gupta (3 months ago)
Those who said color doesn't matter, they can even fuck green aliens
Siyabonga Nxumalo (3 months ago)
I'm from South Africa, it was so good seeing so many black people there. It seems like we have a similar culture.
T Moloi (18 days ago)
Also from South Africa!
Siyabonga Nxumalo (2 months ago)
+Robert Johnson Thanks for your reply. A bit disappointed that there is a few number of black people there.
Robert Johnson (2 months ago)
Well Toronto is a big city, most of Canada doesn’t really have many black people at all, the ones that do live here mostly moved from the United States
Emmia B (3 months ago)
Ya'll need to stop doing these videos...what purpose does this serve...it continually shows that dark skinned black men have self hate issues and low self esteem...every single time...it's quite sad and pathetic!!!
Zipa stewards (3 months ago)
is this Square one mall?
Schindler's Fist (4 months ago)
Honestly, you depend on people of the same race reproducing so that you can even do videos like these. Imagine how dull and boring the world would be if we all looked the same and had the same origins. I am very connected to my European heritage and would love to pass that down with another European descendant.
Nura Rich (2 months ago)
Cool your choice,no judgment here
Australian Identitarian (3 months ago)
If everybody race mixed everybody would look the same There would be no black people, also no white people. Just a boring world full of brown people with no national identity and culture.
Shadow King (4 months ago)
Also how u so sure your European heritage would last
Shadow King (4 months ago)
Umm wouldn't that be the other way around. If u want the world to be less boring and dull then u would mix
Reginald Vannison (4 months ago)
Black Women Queens No Question!
Mali TV (4 months ago)
Oh black man please don’t embarrassed yourself 😞
motomusiq (4 months ago)
Stupid video...why are you just giving people white or black as if they are the only options? Thanks for being a race reductionist
Lewis Girls (4 months ago)
Pinn SkyTV (4 months ago)
Hank Rola (4 months ago)
I need 2 sistahs on me at the same time.
love times (4 months ago)
Love dose not have a color❤😩🤗
Kamaro3XVII (5 months ago)
1st -Domonique, you are fine as hell.😍 2nd -Males don't have preferences, unlike females. I am a male and I don't have preferences on race but I do on looks. Women are just the ones that are Racist.
Suleka Hassen (5 months ago)
The 5th last 2 Boys they cute
Brenda Victoria (5 months ago)
i love how i know half the people in the video
Slender morph (5 months ago)
white girls don't want to be racist but black girls😂😂
Amir Mark (5 months ago)
So canada is a black country with some white minority now xD
Mikie E (12 days ago)
+J OneLife lmao that is Sad. That's barely more than America.
J OneLife (1 month ago)
It's still 70 percent white
Robert Johnson (2 months ago)
This is in Toronto, it’s a big city with big black population, most of Canada doesn’t really have many black people, Toronto is basically like Canada’s equivalent to New York or Chicago
wowowo wowo (6 months ago)
Vel Mano (6 months ago)
What a stupid question. You like who you like. Some like tall girls, small like short girls, some like chubby girls, some like slim girls, some like big tits, small like big ass, some like stair hair, some like short hair, some like fake hair, some like blue eyes with yellow hair and dark skin....it's what floats your boat. To make it sound one is better than the other is stupid. Not everyone likes the same shit. I think this is people trying to make THEMSELVES or THEIR PEOPLE feel better. Look, Michael Jordan is black as fuck but his current wife is WHITE. Does that make his LESS BLACK...HELL NO!!!! I've seen an Asian guy with a black girl who makes Wesley Snipes look light-skin. Does that mean it's not love and is wrong? NO!!! People got this fascination that if you ______, than you must do ______. Not everyone fits under these 'short-minded' stereotypes. I have a friend who's Persian but won't date anyone lighter than than him...because he loves dark-skinned girls. While all his Persian friends won't date anyone dark, black or brown. In fact, they all love white girls. So liking a person is like liking ice cream, everyone has their own taste.
milats13 • (6 months ago)
wait i thought the majority of guys would prefer black girls wow is shocked
Jayla Davis (6 months ago)
Tbh ngl last 3 guys fine asf
Jayla Davis (6 months ago)
The first black girl was racist and I’m black
joshua justiniano (6 months ago)
Do you care about wbat puerto ricans thinK? I LOVE BLACK GIRLS they have a natural beauty, great skinn pretty smiles teeth....ill trade all of my latinas for you, black guys can have latina i know latinas like black guys.....ill take you babe;)
Da1n only (6 months ago)
I wish you would of ask me ( I would of said black girls )
Totsmag B (6 months ago)
In my eyes mixed is black 🤷🏽‍♀️ Im like 15 but ik a lot of people called mix people black back in the day
Totsmag B yea you’re 15 and you don’t know anything but you’ll learn whenever you get older mixed is not the same as black.
danieljayhh (7 months ago)
The darker the black guy the more likely he wants a light skin or white girl lol, wants to lighten up his genepool.
I think Canadian people have been doing that since they have good respect
JJ 51 (7 months ago)
Black Broly (7 months ago)
Why you asking kids
Bryan Montano (7 months ago)
She’s so gorgeous 😍😍😍❤️
djpioneer937 (7 months ago)
send all those canadian black girls to america
Kyarrah G (7 months ago)
Ayee lmaoo I stay here in Ontario
Dan Hersey (7 months ago)
My little sister see' s a cute little black chick. She is pure white. Like a nightlight, white.
Sam Jawo (7 months ago)
Woow girl asking the questions is too beautiful 😙 i really like💖 you soo much ..👍 much love Canadian 4rom Africa Gambia❤
jamx97 (7 months ago)
White girls are better.
Jonathan Ganesh (7 months ago)
I like all beautiful women!
Salva Trucho (7 months ago)
Renee Moore (2 days ago)
her choice. would latinos ask about non latinos? i doubt it!....lmao!
Stormer248 (7 months ago)
I prefer blue or green women.
Gentle Raph (7 months ago)
Nice, what is the soundtrack you used, if i may ask ?
Weedor (7 months ago)
are you in Canada or in Pakistan?
Renee Moore (2 days ago)
+Maroon Horizon oh pls, most of the racists i meet here are ethnic
J OneLife (1 month ago)
For marriage most will say their race..
Maroon Horizon (5 months ago)
Weedor llmaooooooo Racist af
Weedor (7 months ago)
canada is fucked up
Aari B (8 months ago)
Some were silly about it or giggled but just kept it real I like that
Aari B (8 months ago)
See l like people like this They have preference without being racist or ignorant
They Love Swavey (8 months ago)
Best one I’ve seen 💗 un like the other people in the videos, you don’t pressure them to chose either or , and you respected their choice with no hard feelings girl you got yourself a new subscriberrrrr
SageModeLuis (8 months ago)
Lightskin isnt a race fucking dumbass just a mixed black person
SageModeLuis (8 months ago)
White girls is where its at.
J M (8 months ago)
Well I'm moving to Toronto
A Dog With No Dad (3 months ago)
+1st and 15th lol
1st and 15th (3 months ago)
u cant afford it
Honey Strawberry Apples (8 months ago)
We love canadians ❤️
Thành Hồ (8 months ago)
Beautiful and kind women You are really beautiful host too
God Of destruction (8 months ago)
Black women prefer black men cuz they really don’t have a choice, lol no one really wants to date black women
A Dog With No Dad a black girl will never date you 💋
God Of destruction seems like your hurt because all the black women said black men
God Of destruction but everyone loves me
truth seeker (2 months ago)
yea you right
Belltown Daisy (2 months ago)
+truth seeker, because he's a #AmericanBigot.
Dene Pride (8 months ago)
You can count on Blacks and whites make everything about re or skin colour..by then again Natives, Inuits not big on mix breeding maybe this is why Canada still has lot of full blooded Natives and Inuits.... Compare to America....
Renee Moore (2 days ago)
that's not a big deal
G D1 (8 months ago)
Canadians are very opened. Really. Love has no colours! hugs from Italy
Mikie E (12 days ago)
Lmao they are lying. They are Canadians so they are wusses. They will do anything to be polite and avoid conflict.
earrth911 (1 month ago)
II don't think so, ask native Canadians. Thus this video was made by a 20 years old girl, many in that age aren't worth listen especial when they are brainwashed.
Houston2851 (1 month ago)
Demonstrate intelligence and assertive expression........ Then you'll see
Houston2851 (2 months ago)
You've never lived here....... U have no idea.
PancakeWeek90 (9 months ago)
You're pretty fine I'd like to say so myself😉
Sugariness Growtopia (9 months ago)
she's so pretty omg! and i like the way she talks
Black Diamond (9 months ago)
I don't think the Israelites would agree with the mixing unless it's within the Israelite family so the bible say.
Jazz Mc (9 months ago)
I'm actually appalled tht this type of questioning STILL goes on today. I think you really need to go back to school and look through Black history and real activism. Malcolm X means NOTHING to you? The song Wade in the Water - was a map of black slaves to enable them to escape the harshness of the life they were forced to endure. The KKK morons who tortured men and women because of the colour of thier skin. The brave people who stood thier ground and decided enough was enough COLOUR MEANS NOTHING - we all bleed red, we all breathe air, there is only ONE RACE - the HUMAN RACE - STOP this moronic movement of making people choose. There are good and bad people - colour is not an indicaton of this at all. 2018 and skin colour is an issue again to some people - what a horrible time to be living in
Renee Moore (2 days ago)
wtf are u bringing slavery into this!? Foh! those slaves were sold by their own pple and are still being sold so move the fuck on!
Melancholic Stoicism (9 months ago)
Jazz McRae well said, 😯👏👏 Thanks
Extra Petty (9 months ago)
Funny black boys want white females or lighter skinned female. While whites almost all the time said both, or doesn’t matter. Putting your own people back is sad.
J OneLife (1 month ago)
They aren't being honest lol
J OneLife (1 month ago)
It's a stupid question. What about other races like middle east?
Gadiel Suriel (4 months ago)
+cutie pie xx i understand people have preference but many of these "Preferences" are based on stereotypes, colorism, self hate, and Sexual fetishes... shit is sad
Gadiel Suriel (4 months ago)
+Doven Ro Galus i understand people have preference but many of these "Preferences" are based on stereotypes, colorism, self hate, and Sexual fetishes... shit is sad
Doven Ro Galus (5 months ago)
''Whites say both to not appear racist.'' wouldn't the blacks be racist for seeking white girls primarily ? and is it racist to have a preference ?
PepperAnn Tocool (9 months ago)
I'm Canadian
Manastati 98 (2 months ago)
+Weedor And you're stupid.
Ashkushem FromPalletTown (3 months ago)
Black females are sexy af pum pum and battyhole taste bless
Benjamin Okrah (6 months ago)
Juno Boy (7 months ago)
Weedor she’s black Canadian with African decent but it doesn’t mean she is a African it’s different from being black in Africa country
Weedor (7 months ago)
no, you are african
Fire Phoenix (9 months ago)
Why Only Black People do such kind of Videos. Are your Feelings hurt that much? Do you need to Prove something to feel you better?
Boogie Cousins (23 days ago)
No your feelings must be hurt tho since you took the time to comment
Nanat Ahmed (23 days ago)
Fire Phoenix butch shut up you just mad cause if u made this kind of video no one would watch head ass😒
Nina Garrett (5 months ago)
Because as a black person, especially being a foreigner, other black people maybe considering to move to Toronto Canada , would like to maybe know what it’s like there and how people feel towards OuR race. Whether u choose to agree or not, or at least in America, life is black or white, and I personally wanted to see a video like this to see if Canada is any different from america. Or if they are just as racist or only preferred other races over black, whether it is white or any other race. So yes I guess these videos do help us prove something to make us feel better, or at least in my case. It helped me prove or get to see if Canadians had anything against black people.
BoredAF (7 months ago)
Fire Phoenix Who pissed in your cheerios?
Candy Fudge (7 months ago)
When a white person does it you have nothing to say right.
Disco fan97 (9 months ago)
It does not matter to me as long if they are hot
Raquel Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Well you are a stunner! The last guys were pretty cute.
Tina (10 months ago)
The darkest, ugliest Black boy on here wants a Lightskinned girl. He is so so ugly lol
minorka2 (2 months ago)
Black men are racist towards their own race lol
Liam Reidy (10 months ago)
Why are people making all these stupid videos, skin shouldn't matter

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