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Electronic Countries: Darone present "Romania"

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Hi, my friend.. Now, the fifth city is Romania Romania is a country located in South-East Central Europe, North of the Balkan Peninsula, on the Lower Danube, within and outside the Carpathian arch, bordering on the Black Sea. Almost all of the Danube Delta is located within its territory. It shares a border with Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova to the northeast, and Bulgaria to the south. Romania has the 9th largest territory and the 7th largest population (with 21.5 million people) among the European Union member states. Its capital and largest city is Bucharest, the 6th largest city in the EU with 1.9 million people. In 2007, Sibiu, a city in Transylvania, was chosen as a European Capital of Culture. Romania also joined NATO on March 29, 2004, and is also a member of the Latin Union, of the Francophonie and of OSCE. Romania is a parliamentary system unitary state. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romania) From this city, born Darone (In his own words ^^) This is where i should make a short description about myself, and make it look all serious and cool at the same time. But what can be cooler then actualy feeling like i'm talking to you, right ? :)) anyways let me give this a shot and describe myself in a few short words. I'm a some year old guy living in some city in some country, for sure it's on Earth, and thru all the sounds and other music stuff related out there i try to make my way up the big long road of stairs leading to the top production and dj out there. Pretty cool so far huh ? Going on... i'm pretty tall, but not that much (getting a bit confused ?) athletic i gues (this is starting to sound like one of those dating ads) and i like to eat chips and cheese sandwiches. Dunno what to write anymore, but for now it's okey. More info of Darone in: www.myspace.com/djdarone The tracklist for this mix is: 1. Darone - I'm Only 21 (Original Mix) 2. Alex Lazarev & Anthony El Mejour - Dream Of You (Darone Vocal Mix) 3. Darone - For my love (Original Mix) 4. Darone - The Time Has Come (Original Mix) DL Link http://www.4shared.com/file/106715293/fcba56ce/Electronic_Nations_-_Darone_present_Rumania.html ^^- I use Dream of you because for me it's a Excellent track remixed of Darone. It sound just like him. ^^ Enjoy it. ;D God Bless you Success Life God Bless to All Valeth
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dreamin4z (9 years ago)
Cheers from California, great work on all your mixes...music IS the universal language
dannyqt18 (9 years ago)
i really apreciate your support mate, thx and also thank you for this wonderfull presentation :) it means a lot to me. Cheers, Darone
Darxas Novellino (9 years ago)
Sexxiness love it so much ahh keep em coming ready for more give me more :D DJ/producer-Soylar

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