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Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets 2017 at RevZilla.com

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To see RevZilla's latest gear guides, check out our updates for 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ll8FRKIbkjw&list=PL9zc1l5tX2omfh69g19RvOsu9H8u27kjL Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets 2017 https://www.revzilla.com/best-leather-motorcycle-jackets-2017?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=Best_Leather_Motorcycle_Jackets_2017&utm_term=naWzl9luZSc If there was a pantheon of all things “cool,” the best leather motorcycle jackets would have a permanent residence in a prime location. It just doesn’t get a whole lot better when it comes to the combination of swagger and substance. The best leather motorcycle jackets combine top-tier design, materials, and style all in one dynamo pack of moto performance. In our list of the top leather jackets of 2017, we look at a the juggernauts of the game. Meticulously researched, designed, and crafted by the best motorcycle jacket makers in the world, these are the jackets that have been built to withstand the test of time, and to do so with flying colors. From aggressive track riding to a casual weeknight commute around town, the Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets of 2017 deliver with style. Be sure to check out the rest of our gear guides as we continue to release the best performers and top picks throughout the Spring of 2017! Best Motorcycle Gear of 2017 Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVv3M0qWoxY&list=PL9zc1l5tX2omfh69g19RvOsu9H8u27kjL RevZilla 2017 Motorcycle Gear Guides: https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle-gear-guides-2017?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=Best_Leather_Motorcycle_Jackets_2017&utm_term=naWzl9luZSc
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c0uchsl0uch (2 months ago)
Did you say dyin' easy ? No thanks, ill pass on that one
Liam Mahoney (5 months ago)
Anthony has absorbed all of the guy's energy on the right, making him twice as fast while rendering the other man immobile
IamGonova (5 months ago)
i don't wanna look like a power ranger
RevZilla (5 months ago)
Here are a few more subdued leather jackets. -DrewZilla *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/reax-folsom-leather-jacket *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/revit-stewart-air-jacket *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/revit-gibson-jacket *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-brera-airflow-jacket *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-razon-leather-jacket *https://www.revzilla.com/cafe-motorcycle-leather-jackets
toasty8 (8 months ago)
Has Anthony ever worn a different shirt?
RevZilla (8 months ago)
Yes, but way way way back when. -DrewZilla
Hatem Muhammad (9 months ago)
The Title Says 2017 But He Said 0:17 ...
Galah Parrot (9 months ago)
Hi, can I make a request to kindly ask RevZilla to also do accessories for short riders that is available without custom and or tailoring included in your demonstrations if possible, thank you for your consideration.
RevZilla (9 months ago)
How short are we talking? What's your height, weight, and chest measurement? For most brands, jackets and pants get shorter as the sizes get smaller. If you're short and lightweight, European brands like Alpinestars and Dainese should fit the bill. -DrewZilla
Doomed Sinner (10 months ago)
I watched, i decided, and i rided
sokin sokin (1 year ago)
Dainese fighter or Alpinestars Jaws for canyon riding? I am really confused
RevZilla (1 year ago)
Both are appropriate for canyon riding, and both have removable thermal liners. The main difference is that the Fighter has Dainese's nicer D-Skin 2.0 leather, so that's even more abrasion-resistant than the leather used for the Jaws Jacket. The Jaws is the better value, though, since it's about $200 less. -DrewZilla
woodmaj (1 year ago)
Tell homie he can let his breathe out.
Avi (1 year ago)
@revzilla Thanks for the quality content, as always! Would you please recommend some leather jackets that have the safety of A*\Dianese, but without the hefty price tag? I'm looking for safe/stylish leather jacket for my sport bike. Thanks and keep up the great work!
RevZilla (1 year ago)
First, I'd look at our closeouts section for sale-price Alpinestars and Dainese jackets. I'd also recommend leather jackets from REV'IT! and Spidi. If nothing is available in your size, then I'd recommend the Icon Hypersport as well as options from AGV Sport. -DrewZilla *https://www.revzilla.com/closeout-motorcycle-jackets *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/icon-hypersport-jacket *https://www.revzilla.com/agv-sport-jackets
T Sav (1 year ago)
What about a leather jacket for sport touring? Any recommendations? Thanks
RevZilla (1 year ago)
The Dainese Fighter in the guide includes a full-sleeve removable thermal liner for cooler weather riding. I also recommend the Dainese Razon, Alpinestars Jaws, and Alpinestars Devon. -DrewZilla *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-fighter-perforated-leather-jacket *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-razon-perforated-leather-jacket *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-jaws-perforated-leather-jacket *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-devon-airflow-jacket
Braap Bro (1 year ago)
Hey it's ajwbegyheyerrezvilla
Headout (1 year ago)
And I'll just stand here in the corner looking staunch as fuck
Blaze Almighty (1 year ago)
This guy vs dj akademiks for best 3 second intro of all time
GaMeOvErRules (1 year ago)
lol Brian looked very uncomfortable in every single jacket.. or is it just me.. like 5:47 that looks uncomfortable
dead chris bounce (1 year ago)
Have to pay for the back protectors? Been a while since I bought a jacket. Mine has that foam in the back but if I want the perforated alpinestars one I have to buy the back armor?
RevZilla (1 year ago)
Dainese also makes great sport leather jackets. -DrewZilla *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-racing-d1-perforated-leather-jacket *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-super-speed-d1-perforated-leather-jacket *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-assen-perforated-leather-jacket *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-razon-perforated-leather-jacket *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-street-rider-perforated-leather-jacket
dead chris bounce (1 year ago)
RevZilla ok thanks. What's another decent leather sport cut jacket for summer? I was thinking of going for all weather but I need a summer one. Preferably leather but I guess I could go with textile again
RevZilla (1 year ago)
Yes, generally speaking, most jackets do not include CE-rated back protectors. If you want an Alpinestars perforated leather jacket, you would also need to purchase the CE Level 2 Nucleon Back Protector Insert. -DrewZilla *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-nucleon-back-protector-insert
schraxx (1 year ago)
I wonder what actually the difference is between buying the Dainese jacket and the misano pants or a standard two piece leather suit from Dainese? Different fit/cut?
RevZilla (1 year ago)
I like the Dainese MIG Jacket and Pants for an aggressive look, though they're more 2-season warm weather (late-spring to early-fall). For a wider temperature range, consider the Super Rider D-Dry Jacket and either the New Drake Air Pants or Drake Air D-Dry Pants. -DrewZilla *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-mig-jacket *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-mig-pants *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-super-rider-d-dry-jacket *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-new-drake-air-textile-pants *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-drake-air-d-dry-pants
schraxx (1 year ago)
Got it, thank you. BTW i just changed from a Gsxr to a speedtriple and now looking for some new matching gear (jacket and pants). Is there something you can recommend around 700-800$? Leather or textile? 3 Season. Kinda aggressive look?
RevZilla (1 year ago)
Yes, the two-piece suit has a longer waist connection zipper (cannot be used with their standalone jackets/pants), more accordion stretch panels, and usually a slightly slimmer cut. The two-piece suit fits better in a race tuck position, while the jacket/pant separates fit better when upright or off the bike. -DrewZilla
t dog (1 year ago)
you guys test any American-made leather jackets or just that Chinese made garbage?
RevZilla (1 year ago)
Yes, all Schott Jackets we carry are American-made, and we have reviews of a handful of them. -DrewZilla *https://www.revzilla.com/schott-jackets
Boris Beltinov (1 year ago)
Watch this video at 0.5 speed. Thank me later =)
Craig Sanderson (1 year ago)
Billy Mays' long lost child. I love RevZilla, and I know Anthony is the founder....but damn! Lay off the crank! Taking an extra three seconds to actually pronounce the words instead of just hitting every third or fourth syllable would make for better videos.
Dwarkanath Das (1 year ago)
I want to see the bloopers! Hi Viz Brian bursting into laughter after that glorious intro...
vulcan1358 (1 year ago)
The only Leather Special worth watching in 2017
Julia Yakimocheva (1 year ago)
You forgot the mention Revit Akira!!! shame
Tom C (1 year ago)
I can't decide between the Assen/Avro or D1. They all look good but what are the main differences between them in terms of technicality?
TheUrbanLoner (1 year ago)
RevZilla thank you for taking the time to respond to our relentless questions.
RevZilla (1 year ago)
No, the bubble liner is fixed. -DrewZilla
Tom C (1 year ago)
is the d1 racing 3d bubble liner removable?
RevZilla (1 year ago)
By D1, I'll assume you mean the Racing D1 Jacket, as D1 just signifies the iteration (previous version was the Racing C2). For leather, Dainese's hierarchy is D-Skin 2.0 (Super Speed, Super Rider, Fighter) followed by Tutu leather and then Grid leather. The Avro and Racing jackets use Tutu, while the Assen uses the slightly more affordable Grid leather. The Assen uses a standard mesh liner, while the Racing has Dainese's 3D Bubble liner. The Avro gets a removable thermal liner instead of the 3D bubble liner and has more accordion stretch panels and micro-elastication than the Racing. The Racing and Avro also have slightly nicer shoulder sliders than the Assen. Hope this helps! -DrewZilla *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-assen-leather-jacket *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-racing-d1-leather-jacket *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-avro-d1-jacket
Pablo Emiliano (1 year ago)
I don't get it so can you use a leather jacket for just riding around? I'm new And I've never seen anyone with a leather jacket riding. Please Help :((
Pablo Emiliano (1 year ago)
RevZilla Okay thanks!
RevZilla (1 year ago)
Yes, there are plenty of people who use leather jackets for casual riding. -DrewZilla
Lil Mango (1 year ago)
Are there any jackets similar to the assen but perhaps a bit more relaxed?
RevZilla (1 year ago)
The Razon is more relaxed and looks more casual. -DrewZilla *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-razon-leather-jacket
ItsAnmolHimself (1 year ago)
they are tight for him
Noob Rides (1 year ago)
The Blake Air is sexy! My next summer jacket... hopefully.
CrAzY hUnT (1 year ago)
he looks like he can't move
Jay Ridazz (1 year ago)
can you ship international?
RevZilla (1 year ago)
Yes, we do ship internationally. Shipping cost depends on size, weight, and value. Some brands may not be shipped to certain destinations due to manufacturer restrictions. If you have selected an item that cannot be shipped internationally, we will inform you in the checkout process on our site. Please see our International Orders Page (rvz.la/intl-order) for more details. -DrewZilla
Johnny HG (1 year ago)
Good review, but please talk slower!!!
Keith Bowie (1 year ago)
first jacket looks too short for the dude wearing it. Model needs to move a little and not be a statue and too much like a stiff dude.
Jordan 123 (10 months ago)
Keith Bowie it's a sport jacket it's suppose to be small on the torso
brotherheed00 (1 year ago)
Thought it was hi fashion Brian?
RevZilla (1 year ago)
It's both...kinda like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. -DrewZilla
Sean Petersen (1 year ago)
will revzilla ever offer site financing ?
RevZilla (1 year ago)
It's certainly possible for the future. If you don't have a credit card, PayPal does offer financing with PayPal Credit. -DrewZilla
Aarti R (1 year ago)
Your video's are awesome, but what about the women riders?
RevZilla (1 year ago)
Stay tuned for our Women's Gear Guides. They're coming soon! -DrewZilla
apekatt2007 (1 year ago)
Please use the same person/model for better comparison
ZachAttackTV (1 year ago)
im so glad the first comment i saw was about anthonys intro
Jii Hoo (1 year ago)
I wan't to see the bloobers where Brian loses it listening to Anthony
RevZilla (1 year ago)
They're out there, you just have to look for them! -DrewZilla
Rattletop (1 year ago)
I just like how clean and minimal Revit products look. A* and Dainese do a good job but REvit is just a little more sexier
Quang Lam (1 year ago)
No race hump?
Quang Lam (1 year ago)
weird to see a top of the line Alpinestars jacket without a race hump.
RevZilla (1 year ago)
The featured Spidi Warrior 2 has a race hump. -DrewZilla *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/spidi-warrior-2-jacket
bouchy85 (1 year ago)
Will you carry RS Taichi gear in the near future?? Please!!!
RevZilla (1 year ago)
It's unlikely. They have very limited distribution, but perhaps if you call and beg them, they'll add us haha! -DrewZilla
Tim Graves (1 year ago)
How about the Furygan Brutale EVO Jacket, it's fantastic. Not sure if Furygan is more popular here in the UK though
RevZilla (1 year ago)
Furygan isn't distributed widely here in the US. -DrewZilla
sasholsuma (1 year ago)
The Revit Air jacket looks absolutely mint.
sasholsuma (1 year ago)
Spidi won't sell in Russia. Spid = AIDS
sandeep murali (1 year ago)
Would you be doing an race suit guide this year?
RevZilla (1 year ago)
No, we will not have a dedicated race suit guide, but if you'd like specific suit recommendations, I recommend you get in touch with a Gear Geek here, either at 877-792-9455 or [email protected] -DrewZilla
Nathan Tobler (1 year ago)
dude, you said the best jackets for 2016.
charlybravo (1 year ago)
please dude take calm man. A little breath between words is what you need. need some tila
charlybravo (1 year ago)
Yeah motofire🏍️🔥. He is going to have a heart attack💀🤦
Motofire (1 year ago)
charlybravo 😂
Jay Bee (1 year ago)
Doesn't anyone tour in leather anymore?
Motofire (1 year ago)
Willie Dinker nope, all textile
Liviu Voicu (1 year ago)
why not to mention the Atem or GP Tech Alpinestars?
RevZilla (1 year ago)
Those are great jackets of course, but we also like that with the Fighter, Dainese brought a clean, all-black jacket with their excellent D-Skin 2.0 leather. -DrewZilla
Harikrishnan K M (1 year ago)
Do you guys ship Internationally?
RevZilla (1 year ago)
Yes, we do ship internationally. Shipping cost depends on size, weight, and value. Some brands may not be shipped to certain destinations due to manufacturer restrictions. If you have selected an item that cannot be shipped internationally, we will inform you in the checkout process on our site. Please see our International Orders Page (rvz.la/intl-order) for more details. -DrewZilla
Pim Snaathorst (1 year ago)
Yes the do :)
mukans (1 year ago)
the last one from revit is cool, i like the sleevs at the wrist, what does the jacket if it rains a bit? and yes, Anthony should try to beat the world record of the fastest man speaking, so that everyone can understand))
RevZilla (1 year ago)
With all the mesh on the Blake Air, you're likely to get wet if it rains a bit. I'd carry a compact rain jacket to put on in those instances. -DrewZilla *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/revit-blake-air-jacket *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/revit-cyclone-2-h2o-rain-jacket
Jonathan Garzon (1 year ago)
dianese has gotten so bland, they have so many jackets that look the same, just the three alone in this video looked like clones lol
joe-b-one kenobi (1 year ago)
Why did you pick that lame stiff to model the jacket
bellicromanx (1 year ago)
I like Krause, coz finally someone at Revzilla has similar dimensions as me :p
Airborne 28 (1 year ago)
Quick recommendation. I'd suggest making a budget minded segment as well. As not everyone can afford a $500+ jacket. Also some stuff maybe headed towards the cruisers in the family as not everyone has crotch rockets. Other than that great vids...
Avi (1 year ago)
MickHornbak Can you recommend some leather jackets that have the safety of A*\Dianese, but without the hefty price tag? I'm looking for safety/style for my sport bike. Thanks!
Airborne 28 (1 year ago)
1AmericanInAsia - I did look at the title, and in no way did I say this was a bad video nor that the content was bad. I just suggested making a budget friendly version. I didn't say to not do this, or to cut back on their characteristics they look for. I also didn't say they needed to redo this video for that purpose. A suggestion/recommendation is just that, it's not a requirement or it's not saying I'm going to go ape shit because they didn't. If they do, great. If not, then oh well...
MickHornbak (1 year ago)
There are enough companies out there that make high quality leather jackets that cost only 1/3 of what a Dianese or Alpinestars would. It's the same with every type of clothing. You can buy a pair of Levis or a Wrangler (cheaper) but at the end of the day they're both the same. I have a cheap leather Suit (250$) I bough for rainy days and it has all the features my Dianese (999$) has. It just doesn't have the cool look and that logo. Admit it, we pay more for things just to wear the brand unless you're buying something for the track, which are the only leathers that will actually have more protection but will cost you at least 2000$..
Nasi Lamak (1 year ago)
AirborneVet 2008 Look at the title; Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets. LEATHER for motorcycle riders is for protection. It is not for a budget rider. If you want budget, then go with mess jackets.
MickHornbak (1 year ago)
I agree. Those jackets all look great but quite overpriced just to get a nice logo on it, which everyone seems to focus on.
Artem Kurginian (1 year ago)
0:16 Probably meant 2017?
Blake Ford (1 year ago)
I have the Alpinestars Black Shadow Hades a jacket and it's flawless!! The Blake Air is what I really want for those hot hot days.
Blake Ford (1 year ago)
You said 2016 in the beginning Anthony lol
j b (1 year ago)
hey.. its bluzrbluzrah..... intro 0:01
mark rossi (1 year ago)
revzilla you guys add bitcoin payment yet?
mark rossi (1 year ago)
Great news, you add it and you can put me down for about 10k a year in purchases.
RevZilla (1 year ago)
No Bitcoin yet, but it's definitely a possibility for the future. -DrewZilla
Sam Lyles (1 year ago)
Anthony has his coffee just before this vid. Haha!
Daniel Wolfe (1 year ago)
TheSwitchbladeKiss (1 year ago)
Sam Lyles he has the most annoying and cringe worth intro imo
Richard Quinones (1 year ago)
what about leather pants to match the leather jacket?
Richard Quinones (1 year ago)
RevZilla thank you
RevZilla (1 year ago)
For Alpinestars, look at the Missile Pants. For Dainese, look at the Misano Pants. For Spidi, look at RR Pro Pants. For REV'IT!, look at the Gear 2 and Masaru Pants. -DrewZilla *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-missile-leather-pants *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-misano-leather-pants *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/spidi-rr-pro-leather-pants *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/revit-gear-2-leather-pants *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/revit-masaru-pants
ZHamRoller z (1 year ago)
i only clicked to watch the worlds best 5 seconds intro
Frank Killalea (1 year ago)
Make sure to watch at 1.25x
Jared Ouellette (1 year ago)
zulkiflik z Brian Van's intro from sport bike track gear is better IMO, especially when he is amped up.
iRA (1 year ago)
zulkiflik z me too, I think it just can't be done faster😂
KLOWNEFACE (1 year ago)
SicSeb (1 year ago)
Loving the Dainese jacket. Which pants can you pair it with?
Muscle 44 (1 year ago)
RevZilla (1 year ago)
You can pair them (Assen and Fighter) with any Dainese pants that have a connection zipper, which is to say most Dainese pants. Here are a few good options in both leather and textile. -DrewZilla *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-new-drake-air-textile-pants *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-alien-pelle-pants *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-misano-perforated-leather-pants *https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-misano-leather-pants
dafobra (1 year ago)
Overall I like what Astars did with the GP Plus R v2 except how they seem to have framed out the chest more specifically the pecs area.. It's like they circled it, much like they have been doing across their line. CE L2 is a great upgrade and the back does look smoother. I love my (v1?) and I'm sure this one will continue to sell like crazy.
marks4303 (1 year ago)
dafobra lol
dafobra (1 year ago)
it's in the nuances..
dafobra (1 year ago)
Didn't someone come out with a new Inspector Gadget jacket for your ADV self? cmon.. move along...
marks4303 (1 year ago)
and yes, I thumbed down your comment fanboy :) :) :)
marks4303 (1 year ago)
Alpinestars TGP Minus E=MC2 WP V2.12123 is coming out next week!!! Someone at Astars marketing is a dick!

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