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Nightwatch: Don't Play Video Games and Drive (Season 3, Episode 10) | A&E

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Paramedics Nick, Holly, and Keeley respond to a motorcycle accident that occurred when the rider attempted to play Pokémon Go on the road in this clip from "The End Is Just the Beginning". #Nightwatch Subscribe for more from Nightwatch and other great A&E shows: http://aetv.us/subscribe_ae Find out more about the show and watch full episodes on our site: http://aetv.us/NightwatchOfficial Check out exclusive A&E content: Website - http://www.aetv.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AETV Twitter - https://twitter.com/AETV Google+ - https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AE Nightwatch Season 3 Episode 10 The End Is Just the Beginning From executive producer Dick Wolf comes "Nightwatch," an hour-long series following elite teams of emergency responders as they risk their lives to work the busiest and most unnerving shift of the day: the overnight shift in New Orleans, Louisiana. A&E leads the cultural conversation through high-quality, thought provoking original programming with a unique point of view. Whether it’s the network’s distinctive brand of award-winning disruptive reality, groundbreaking documentary, or premium scripted drama, A&E always makes entertainment an art. Visit us at aetv.com for more info.
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Text Comments (31)
Lugz-explo92 (24 days ago)
Now that game it dead
scora1000 (1 month ago)
jaukay laljsur (2 months ago)
Bruh he on the ground still on his phone
IDM-M (2 months ago)
Tryin to get those mystic pokemon
Brandon Robbins (3 months ago)
Pokemon go to the hospital
Grace Krisher (4 months ago)
Holly I’m the same way about that game
Kuromia (4 months ago)
Another thing in common with Holly. Not only do we share a name, but I also hate Pokemon Go.
Amir’s Awesome (5 months ago)
that bike rider is so funny
John Kugelfischer (5 months ago)
Wow! Does that fat blonde with all the tattoos look REALLY STUPID! She's going to be a jester when she's 50.
IMTajae S. (5 months ago)
God dang it! Freakin' Pokemon Go! 😂
Adrian Escajeda (5 months ago)
he can`t play all day because it will make you bline
Lauren (7 months ago)
NOT AT ALL related but my god those firemen and the EMT guy with the tattoos can come rescue me anytime
Dale Gribble (9 months ago)
Play stupid games win stupid prizes
Niveas slime World (11 months ago)
I hate Pokemon go to
Lily (1 year ago)
I hate PG.. you have to physically walk just to find Pokémon. In the main games you don't have to, just play right at home.
Gatekeeper Aquatic (4 months ago)
Lily isn't your profile picture in Pokemon?
Lily (11 months ago)
I know. :v
Reina Arana (11 months ago)
Lily They want you to get outiside Thats why they made it
Skullcrush 13 (1 year ago)
New Orleans is crazy
Vince O. (1 year ago)
Pokemon go to the polls
Rochelle Spencer (1 year ago)
I love this team of New Orleans EMS❤️❤️❤️
Mollie O'Connell (1 year ago)
Don’t go to the website it gave my laptop 3 viruses.
Mohvex 9 (1 year ago)
Mewto pushed him
Nathan Bowyer (1 year ago)
This guy was just trying to catch Pikachu yet he caught the asphalt in his face
Alica Ahmed (5 months ago)
PIZZA (1 year ago)
I wish he got hurt, maybe he would have learned a lesson
pa t (23 days ago)
If he got hurt he would have got paid a bunch of money for it
Rafael Santiago (8 months ago)
Jordan Keizs (10 months ago)
I don't wish anybody to get hurt
The Elle (1 year ago)
He wasn't in motion game or not he still would have been hit
Ainsley Harriot (1 year ago)

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