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Horses meet for the first time.

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Horses horsing around.
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Tana Rain (28 days ago)
No hate . But all horses do that you should no shout at him I just put my horse in with some other horses and they were bleeding that first day I was scared but it's ok to be scared ❤
https://youtu.be/s6LZtMDVG-c 🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇👍❤
Merdixan Novruzov (14 days ago)
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Tess (1 month ago)
Never been a fan of barb wire..
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WILD FILM DAILY (1 month ago)
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phdanielpd (2 months ago)
None of the dogs have been hurt. The horses know not to hurt them. They are very careful not to kick a dog or person. The danger is getting between them. Also the most dangerous horse is a scared one. If you are riding him. Almost got killed a few years ago while on a runaway horse. Not mine and I had to jump off as I couldn't turn him because of a fence beside me. Broken ribs and a concussion. Not his fault. Headstall was not on properly and was pulling on one of his ears down. He had been abused by previous owner. You have to know what state of mind they're in before you get on.
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CritterCountryPets (9 months ago)
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TheAssassinsDen (9 months ago)
The only thing I don't like about this is the halters. halters get get caught on so many things. A horse could get caught up on the fence and not be able to move, and caught on other things. Plus, those halter's material is very hard to break or snap in case one does get caught. Everything else about the situation was fine though!
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phdanielpd (10 months ago)
The Sorrell horse is a Missouri fox Trotter. He has been in a stall for 2 years and you could count his ribs. We pretty much rescued him from that life. He looks a lot better after getting enough food and a place to run. Our farrier couldn't believe how much he had improved in temperament and weight gain. He is very smooth to ride and gentle. Yes, they can hurt you or the dogs if you don't respect what they are capable of doing. Even then a scared horse is the most dangerous. They are just saying hello, who are you?
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Elika Jaromi (1 year ago)
The whole kicking thing is dominance. It's completely normal. If you're not comfortable with them kicking thing then let them see each other first
Maria Virgínia (20 days ago)
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Fayaz Ahmed (1 month ago)
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katherine harvey (9 months ago)
Elika Jaromi What is wrong with you idiots. Putting two atrange horses together. You do not need horses or dogs
Harvie equestrian (1 year ago)
Elika Jaromi it would still happen even if they saw eachother first
Marit (2 years ago)
Two geldings? Beautiful horses
ALEJANDRA ALEJ (7 days ago)
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