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Tickle me Brazilian Black (G.Pulchra)

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I had a little bit too much fun with my tarantula, sorry Chanel.
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Alberto Polo Alonso (4 months ago)
how not to catch a tarantula
Pole Dancer (7 months ago)
poor spider
Marilyn (8 months ago)
go buy a hamster or rabit if you want to pet your animal!! This is not fun for the spider. It's plain stupid!
Tarantulas & Lhasa Apsos (10 months ago)
I do this with my H.gigas. Then we go for a swim together in the local river. She taught me how to catch fish. With her having a small brain she occasionally forgets I’m her friend and she tries to tag me, then when she remembers again she’s very apologetic!
taarnah wenceslas (10 months ago)
she don't move because she's terrorized
Amanda Christie (1 year ago)
This woman must think her beloved spider is a fuckin dog by tickling it all they tolerate is getting handled
Candace Moe (1 year ago)
super tolerant spider i wish i had that level of patience.
lameover (1 year ago)
despitei i like the vid, but it's not good for spider.
Eric Lee Piano (1 year ago)
it touched its canines!
B ROCKismyhero (1 year ago)
poor tarantula. :( seeing videos like this on youtube all the time just make me sad... people actually think that this spider is happy when she's doing this to it? news flash! it's not. it's gotta be so stressed. it's not good to stress them out like that. :(
Nate Cobalt (7 months ago)
B ROCKismyhero is she so stressed that she lost hairs? if not she's accepted the fact
Bryan Balboa (1 year ago)
its like chalcodes
taarnah wenceslas (1 year ago)
It's not a dog Fortunately grammostola's are very placid spiders like brachypelmas
monique baby (1 year ago)
just because he's docile enough to let you do that it doesn't mean you should.. He/she is not a puppy please respect their nature.. Let him walk on your hand if you want but turning him upside down and tapping his fangs and head is totally unnecessary and disrespectful.. Respect him as a spider he is.. Ps I'm a fellow tarantula owner..
+Tia Jeon Biscoito how do you know they don't like being petted? How do you know what they feel? Maybe it makes him calm and enjoys it.
Tia Jeon Biscoito (1 year ago)
No spider likes being handled, they TOLERATE it. Just because you tolerate something it doesn't mean you like it or is comfortable with it... If you want a pet to hold and cuddle with, a spider is DEFINETELY not what you're looking for. Spiders don't understand cuddling, they don't like being petted, you don't get a spider to tickle it like it's a puppy, this spider just knows this person is touching them in a weird way and they're kinda "not minding" it just like you "don't mind" those annoying children who keep poking your arm or pulling your hair all the time. If you could get them to stop, you would. If you're going to get a spider, learn about their nature first and have respect for it.
Nitsej (1 year ago)
If the spider didn't like it it would have fled or gotten defensive. But it didn't, so you have no reason to condemn this person for having fun with their tarantula
Tall Boy (2 years ago)
I ain't got the guts to pet the fangs like that lol. I love my tarantulas but... idk maybe we'll see how things go after my Brazilian Black gets older. she's a spiderling now, so she's fiesty.
Jack Rauls (2 years ago)
I feel so bad for that spider.
Chong Marin (2 years ago)
now tickle an OBT
Luxus (2 years ago)
Caitlin Fuchs-Rosner (3 years ago)
<3 omg. TOO cute. My rosehair loves cuddles and kisses- I'll try tickles! Now I want to get a G. Pulchra <3 You have such a cutie.
kunik61 (3 years ago)
Needs to do same with mine one LOL
CtrlFreq (3 years ago)
It's not fucking Elmo!
roughnyou (3 years ago)
She's like "aaahhhhhh that's the spot!"
Rawhead Rex (4 years ago)
How old is she in this video?
Damn you are the luckiest person In having a very docile beauty right here! CONGRATS!
MsBafiaczek (4 years ago)
A żeby Ci się w paluchy włoski jadowe powbijały sukinsynu
elysetwichell (5 years ago)
I wish I could do that with mine!
Sabrinaclasper (5 years ago)
woah! I'd try this with any of mine and I'd be bit, she is a beauty!
Gabrielle Adams (5 years ago)
She's gorgeous, and so sweet.
rachandade (5 years ago)
I have a B. Albopilosum that tolerates tummy tickles too!
Ben Price (5 years ago)
my cat does, my dog does I pick them both up and rub their bellys they both enjoy it and they're both animals
Spork09 (5 years ago)
I found this strangely relaxing.
CtrlFreq (5 years ago)
My G.porteri loves a scratch too. She lifts her back leg up so you get better access to her bum :) This T was obviously fine with what was going on. Believe me, you'd know about it if it wasn't!
Mix Starr (5 years ago)
agreed, plus tarantulas show you if they don't what to be handled
Nicole Higgins (5 years ago)
I ***doubt*** tarantulas, or any animal for that matter, like to be poked and be moved around unnaturally
She's a Spider Mama, not a Lung Head who wears a Jock Strap on his Face and called Guns "Manhood".
WidowRose (5 years ago)
Omg so CUTE!!!! I am getting a G. Pulchra for my birthday in a couple weeks. Have heard soooo many wonderful things about the species. You T is just precious!
roby2k12 (5 years ago)
I dare you to do this to a H.maculata or P.murinus :P
Station Plaza (5 years ago)
Astonishing! Well, just goes to show that spiders do vary in charactaristics quite a bit.
Frankus Lee (5 years ago)
A lot of people think Rosie's are good beginner species, i disagree. They are temperamental and males fast for a long time (longest i have heard is 23 months). I would say you need to be an intermediate keeper at least. Just my opinion though.
S26BCD (5 years ago)
yes indeed :D it my b. klaasi is so moody, most of the time she will do a threat pose or flick. handled it just once and after that back to her moody style... my chaco is the most adorable... everybody can handle her with ease and so calm and docile... i think that is the nature of the pulchripes and he pulchra. but rosea are a bit moody...
Frankus Lee (5 years ago)
My Smithi is awesome. I now have an A. Bicoloratum mature female. She is very docile if a bit jumpy. It just goes to show that all spiders have their own personality.
S26BCD (5 years ago)
smithi are docile but moody :D handle them twice a week and hopefully we can have results for a very docile smithi. a friend of mine has a very docile 4inch female c. darlingi. a baboon being docile, doesn't show any threat to strike. just a beautiful spider. even he could not believe it, just twice a week of handling since it was 2inch... :D
S26BCD (5 years ago)
this one seems to be enjoying a lot of the tickling :D that's TLC for the tarantula... (tender loving care) :D
Raquel Relph (6 years ago)
How do you know? Do you communicate with spiders?
TheJammypredator (6 years ago)
this one didn't look stressed at all :L
Frankus Lee (6 years ago)
One of my favourite vids on youtube. I love the way she walks away at the end. "Oh? Is that it then? Alright. See ya!" I hope my B. Smithi is as calm when she is old enough to be handled.
2krisz (6 years ago)
Check out my channel to learn how to for your own tarantula!
Jon3800 (6 years ago)
it highly depends on the species, I have some that ARE aggressive by nature.
Jon3800 (6 years ago)
That's good to hear. Like I said individuals do vary. I happen to have a 3'' male and 7'' mature female pulchra that've been moody as long with my pulchripes and rosea. In my years of experience you can't beat Euathlus sp red. They're dwarf species but oh so incredibly calm, more calmer than my B.albo
Kit (6 years ago)
I've had mine for a little over a year and a half now (you replied to a very old comment) and I have never been happier with a T than I am with my G. pulchra.
Jon3800 (6 years ago)
not really true. Some individuals vary. I have a male/female pair that are nasty tempered.
DRAX (6 years ago)
I have few questions, if you could answer please. Do you play with that spider all the time? I mean, does it like it? And have you got bitten?
diq sucher (6 years ago)
Wish I could do that with my pink toe. But she jumps away. Under my bed.
smokecandyz (6 years ago)
you, sir, have got balls of steel.
smokecandyz that, is definitely a woman.
Simon Jones (6 years ago)
I love coming back to this video...I just wish my pulchra was this calm, she's so skittish in and out of her enclosure.
Dick Dickinson (6 years ago)
I can hear you whispering but I can't hear what you're saying.
WtHecksicle (6 years ago)
AZN MGTOW ALLIANCE (7 years ago)
Now that's one of the most cutest thing that you could ever do to a tarantula XD LOL!! I've never seen anything like it before to be honest with you :D I will soon be getting my own Grammostola Pulchra slings from online, and wish that i could do the same thing to my very own Grammostola Pulchra :D Awesome video there bud :D
butanetorch (7 years ago)
i am so paying the extra money for a G P
Jade Williamson (7 years ago)
This just goes to show how amazingly docile Grammostola species are. They're so nice! Sometimes G rosea can be psychos, but I love G pulchra and pulchripes!
Kit (7 years ago)
G. pulchras really are the puppy dogs of the tarantula world. I get mine in tomorrow!
Upjohn252 (7 years ago)
@lungfixer Paul at pet center has a couple inch long juveniles
sad rat (7 years ago)
I hate spiders but I have mixed feelings about this
Kidfixer (7 years ago)
WOW, that's just like my G pulchripes, I cant get her to bite...she shouldn't even have fangs!! LOL It makes me laugh when I see all these recommendations for the Chilean Rose Hair as the best beginner tarantula, NO WAY. I've seen rose hairs get nasty, but never a BB or Chaco. I wish the adult pulchra would come down a bit in price...I want one!!
mel2thegibson (8 years ago)
hahaha its funny how you can do that with one of the most feared creatures on the earth haha. how the heck did you learn it would let you do that?
Holly nicholls (8 years ago)
@IchBinDerTim To be honest mae, she can do what she likes , the T isn't stressed out or anything otherwise like many have said she'd struggle and flick hairs. Stop being so big headed and enjoy you're life, miserable sod.
Scorpionking1104 (8 years ago)
That's SO adorable! I love my pulchras
Queenananasa (8 years ago)
Very cute =)
Famtastic (8 years ago)
@IchBinDerTim G.pulchra is widely known as the teddybears of the hobby.You need to assess the situation in front of you before making a bold claim as this. Also, this is a New world tarantula, and they rarely bite. They have other forms of defense that they most likely will use before a bite, and as the spider showed no threatposes or anything of the sort, it's safe to say it did not feel threatened by the situation, and tarantulas will defend themselves when they do feel threatened.
Arab Marley (8 years ago)
if it was stressd by that it would have bit ur hand or struggled to get out of that situation , it didnt show that behaviour at all , i think she likes it :) ,
TheGreatJunkHeapFlower (8 years ago)
@nicolevins Yes we's all know that, but sometimes it just so hard. Especially when you know how soft they's is! And they's spiders, they's not suppose too be soft like that, no. Haha I've kissed my rose hair before, she didn't bite, but I did get those urticating hairs in my lips. That's the price you pay for loven a SPIDER! And it's one Hell of a price, for a spider of all things yes! {:)
Sunspirit Tahl (8 years ago)
wtf is that noise. is that spider purring O_O???
TheGreatJunkHeapFlower (8 years ago)
Ooooooow tickling that cute little spider! She probably wondering to her little spider self, "What the spider hell going on?" "Why is I's being treated this way?" "I'm a spider for crying out loud, I'm not suppose too be goochie-gooed!" :)
Nicole Higgins (8 years ago)
@chynnaxx No, spiders do not like to be "rubbed". Some opinions may differ to mine, that's ok. Tarantulas react to the slightest vibrations.. who knows how stressed it was.
FPSage (8 years ago)
why does sarasugercide have the highest rated comment can someone rate my comment thumbs up?
FPSage (8 years ago)
aww thats cute how you tickle that spider
FPSage (8 years ago)
awww thats cute remember treat a spider very good
Tigg (8 years ago)
you got a really kind one :) lucky you!
Charlotte Gilbert (8 years ago)
wow that is a trusting spider lol does she really like that?
liam saville (8 years ago)
@TWJorDisOn1 maybe if you do it all the time you can still handle them though
Darathath (8 years ago)
@ScarletMai hehehe XD
Tangled Webb (8 years ago)
I now have my own G. Pulchra. I got it yesterday, a juvenile (suspected male) and this video is partly to blame. I don't intend to do what you are doing in this video mind, even though I have held him and he seems to be a real sweetie. I didn't think it'd feel so soft, almost like cat fur. I love it already =D Thanks for this vid!
BigBadBeef (8 years ago)
WTF??? It almost looks like she liked it. I've got the same species at home and if tried a stunt like that she would grab on to my finger and sink her teeth in. OUCH!
Tangled Webb (8 years ago)
The way it lifted its front legs up beside its face as you tickled it was like "don't hurt me!" =3
TinyFoxTom (8 years ago)
I swear I hear purring O_o
KoriTamashii (8 years ago)
How did you ever figure out how to do that without getting bitten? Even my very sweet E. campestratus wouldn't stand for that.
danny grill (8 years ago)
does the spider actually like it ?:P
ukaakuakuuka (8 years ago)
@TWJorDisOn1 yes they are!!!
ArachneLace (8 years ago)
Oh that's great! What a sweet spider. I can't wait to get one of my own. Too cute. :3
Elephant (8 years ago)
@TWJorDisOn1 yes they are now ;)
Elephant (8 years ago)
@ArachneLace oh no she is not scared, if she was really terrified she would be flicking hair and actually hiding :) she is okay
ArachneLace (8 years ago)
That's so cuuuuuuuute x3 Although as enjoyable as that was to watch, I bet she was petrified D: poor thing.. It really was super cute though. I'll be watching that a lot. XD
TWJorDisOn1 (8 years ago)
plz dont let the spider out of her box its to much stress for the animal spiders arent pets like puppys or kitten
Kamil Corebanek (8 years ago)
Amazing! :)
Margaret Pangburn (9 years ago)
I have had my G.pulchra for about a month and zhe (idk if it's a boy or girl yet) is SO cute. Omg I love her. Zhe's only about an inch and a quarter, but I can't wait for hir to be this big :)
Ruben Lammertyn (9 years ago)
ivan topolsky (9 years ago)
wow! i have a g. pulchra as well but still young... i hope its like that one when she grows up :D
High Priestess (9 years ago)
So cuuuuuuuuuuute!! I want 20!!
Elephant (9 years ago)
she's a really nice girl, she's a friends actually, she's never really been handled before... :D
Elephant (9 years ago)
or really? thats strange!
KawaiiKemonomimi (9 years ago)
Wow, I would not have put my finger on the fangs...just wow. How long have you handled her? She's pretty calm.

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