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Do Girls Prefer White Guys OR Black Guys!?

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Text Comments (16076)
Adrian Gee (7 months ago)
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ajax fenix (1 month ago)
Stupid question. Everybody knows : girls prefer white guys.
Tyler Ma (1 month ago)
SADDAM BALOCH (1 month ago)
Do gilrs like Pakistani guys ? Next time make a video.please
Tyler Ma (1 month ago)
Dude do Asian !!! I wana to see their reactions lol
Maddala saikirankumar (1 month ago)
Nice videos love from india
praneeth penumarty (31 minutes ago)
iam an indian iam 70% white and 30 % light brown tan skin
Cooter Robinson (8 hours ago)
This shit getting old playing the race card....who TF cares what the Pigmentation of your skin 😂😂 who TF cares
Wolfgang Ebenbichler (10 hours ago)
„It is discriminating to have a preference“ So you are very discriminating against bold short fat guys! It is not discrimination it is just about the uncontrollable appeal to certain esthetics thats all and it is not racist to say you don‘t find blacks appealing. Just concerning the preference in looks, it would be something else if you said you wold not date a black guy because they stink and are stupid.
Natalya Smith (10 hours ago)
L king (11 hours ago)
estonia here i come
Fearnoevil2017 (14 hours ago)
Lets be honest. Porn is the reason why non black men are shook. You know what tools they are working with and you feel not man enough. Racial preference is manipulated by social norms. Who you marry says a lot about you. Anyway I’m white Eastern European and I married a black man. He is handsome and I find him attractive every day he wakes up. It’s been almost ten years and he still looks attractive. Don’t down people just because you feel insecure.
J (17 hours ago)
The last woman was really cool. Race doesn't matter it's what's on the inside that counts.
Barbra (1 day ago)
This is true, I went there and had sex with almost 12 different women only been there a few months 🤣
cody lyons (1 day ago)
All females got a type as for like me I love all flavors
SOMALI TOP (1 day ago)
2:44 background
HOT channel (1 day ago)
2019 Like 😘
changolini (2 days ago)
Girls prefer lazy guys period instead of a honest working man
Sa da (2 days ago)
What about GrEen GuYs?
Soufyan Mohamed (2 days ago)
I was a few seconds away from comite a suicide I thought my life was meaningless and pointless but I watched this white angels then I realized I’m blessed nd have much more to live for which is to make a beautiful white girl laugh and be happy 😂😂😂
Ganesh Ojha (2 days ago)
Scientifically I believe there is nothing like black or white or Hindi people skin(4:10) but it' s our eyes and our perception that make differences. We try to identify something that appears common to us(or our senses) at home society religion race nation ............ For racism it is sun(god) who fills true natural colours to this world and it is worthy to respect god's commitment. Wonder if sun were to emit different lights like blue green red yellow white .....
Jelly Fingers (3 days ago)
Russian white woman from Canada here. Love my white and European men, with broad shoulders, strong jaws and white skin <3 <3
Alison Mihailovich (3 days ago)
Adrian , you are so annoying ....border line an Idiot . Where do you see black guys in Estonia ? Where ? Most of those women have never even seen a black guy ! You are just steering pot there . I know .
Nice One!
Rock Ade (5 days ago)
where is this ever girl is super sexy
R (5 days ago)
"Once you go black you dont go back" No the reality is nobody wants you back because your morals are shit
Ankush Silon (5 days ago)
Clr doesn't matter it's all about size 😂
depatito papito (5 days ago)
Stop making these retarded brainwashing videos. Fuck black people!! Stop spreading the American diseases. Other countries have self respect and sophistication.
john messi (5 days ago)
I would like to know the cost of living in Estonia
Skillzy Charles (5 days ago)
Wtf , who cares about your skin colour , I am black and I don't give a fuck if u are from Jupiter ,just be nice and lovable and it's gonna be me and u forever
GTA V Decoders (5 days ago)
N J (6 days ago)
Not all white women are caught up in the HYPE that black men are more hung then white men. Yes it's all HYPE!
Thulas Mash (6 hours ago)
white men are small down there
Ortho Mart (4 days ago)
It's not statistically corroborated
LoveMy Hotwife (6 days ago)
My woman prefers them black 😍
Ama Achebe (10 hours ago)
Dave Wilson cucks=eww
Dave Wilson (18 hours ago)
+Ama Achebe no need to be rude
Ama Achebe (1 day ago)
LoveMy Hotwife (3 days ago)
+Dave Wilson it's a beautiful thing 😍
Dave Wilson (3 days ago)
Same 👍
charles hopkins (6 days ago)
it's whats inside that cunts abd not the color.
Siyabonga Skhosana (8 days ago)
These videos are pointless
Peter PiperMan (8 days ago)
It's never been a race thing with me but a cultural one can be an issue
Peter PiperMan (8 days ago)
Joseph russo (8 days ago)
I hope they do an oj simpson on you
John Jones (8 days ago)
They love them as long as they don't have to live near them. Its sad that beautiful white women as such race traders. So many black guys beat, rape, and murder women, Many burn them alive. I never understood why white women are so unafraid of the violence and so unaffected by the stupidity, laziness, and smell.
John Jones (7 days ago)
+Emily Smith Do you know how many black on white woman rapes there are? How about white on black rapes. White on black is 0. Black on white is thousands.
Emily Smith (8 days ago)
Victor Fanai (8 days ago)
What a stupid loaded question. They say 'yes' they automatically become sluts. They say 'no' then it's racist.. In my honest opinion, i think this guy is involved in the porn industry and has a fetish for interracial. People who are meant to be together will always find each other, it's rare, and that makes it special..
Harshit (3 hours ago)
Can u explain me how tf do they become sluts?
RECKET (7 days ago)
conclusion: white girls=prettier and most black girls=not pretty. edit:black girls are chill inside but theyre same if u compare
Tara Phillips (7 days ago)
RECKET don't date Black girls then simple as that most girls date inside their race any way I think everyone should
The only color girls prefer is money.
I’m mixed
Nicky Arrival (9 days ago)
Asian guys ,are good for whitegirls ,they will have cute mixedrace babies for sure.
john peter (9 days ago)
am a black guy i like white girl
Sakiirin (10 days ago)
Their are hotter black men and Hotter white men. like is jack black hotter than michael b jordan?
Cha-Ka (10 days ago)
I don't blame any of you black boys for wanting white women. They're the most beautiful women on the planet. I just feel sorry for you for having to date outside of your race just to get a descent looking women. I have to admit I'm not really attracted to black women either.
Kayla Slip (5 days ago)
Cha-Ka we don’t want them tho
Gbc 111 (9 days ago)
Julie (10 days ago)
White men ❤️❤️❤️
Ammanuel H (2 days ago)
+Kayla Slip do u like lightskins 😟
Anal FishMan (3 days ago)
Latinos wey
joselitomt (5 days ago)
Youtube's Feedback since it's beginnings has always been Democrat and Free. So, your comment is always welcomed 😊
Kayla Slip (5 days ago)
Dalena idiot
THE ILLEST ENT (5 days ago)
Thats beautiful
John Kerwin (10 days ago)
I love black and white colors not matter
ttt zzz (10 days ago)
they only prefer 💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💳💸💸💳💸💸💳💸💸💳💳💸💸💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💳💸💳💸💸💳💸💲💲💲
stress management 1 (10 days ago)
Indian black guy ne bad kiya
New Erä (10 days ago)
race is never important for me
LIL BROODA (11 days ago)
Is race mixing good for humanity?
Cha-Ka (10 days ago)
+Snow Cinematic Actually we would look more Asian
Snow Cinematic (10 days ago)
It is bad because it is destroying variation of humanity, if race mixing continues increasing at such a rapid rate, by 2050 the majority of humanity will all be the same : Black,Nappy Hair,Black eyes,Black hair , low Intelligence etc
donald louk jr. (11 days ago)
I don't think black guys are more confident I need there's a lot of not who the white guy got there confident white women just want a black licorice stick I just want a black man so they can have a mixed baby so kids can grow up and say why is my mommy white why is my daddy black I don't think that shit should fly in this world today I think it's sick I had a friend tell me that I'm prejudiced in because I don't think white women should be with black guys I feel has nothing to do with it that's not being prejudiced it's just a preference of how you feel that whites with whites blacks with blacks I think white women are brainwashed they just want a black man so he can be treated like shit because there's a lot of black men out there that treat women like shit like a trophy like they ain't no good and that's all the black men really cares about in my point of view in my perspective that's how I feel I'm your bunch of stupid ass white women on here for going after black guy sick ass white cunts brainwashed
fuck you (11 days ago)
i wanna black bf but im literally just a dumb white girl so it ain’t ever gonna happen lol
Cha-Ka (10 days ago)
Why are there so many black boys pretending to be white women on here?
Gerrit Kaminski (11 days ago)
Depends. you stupid as bitch
Fellfang (11 days ago)
men in the balkan, (greece,italy ect are really hot)
Killer Dude (11 days ago)
Racial purity and preservation is needed in Europe Racemixers should be wiped out from the earth
Indian's suck my ****
Dejan Beložanski (12 days ago)
I love japan girls ✌🏽
Samy (12 days ago)
Truth is : Woman : I love white ( Money of course ) Woman : I love black ( Money of course ) Woman : I love all colours ( Money of course )
Muhire Nelson (7 days ago)
oncigar (12 days ago)
Honestly some blacks are more attractive than some whites and vice versa. Yeah, I mean it depends on how much money they have
cina kakar (12 days ago)
4:44 not surprised about indian rats
antman8646 (12 days ago)
Black guys have bigger d***s but white guys are better looking
Cha-Ka (10 days ago)
You seen lots naked black guys eh? lol. Don't be fooled by this bbc myth these black boys like to spread. The guy with the biggest one on record is a white guy.
Threatless (12 days ago)
Indian people arent black or darkskin we black people don't like them they are just baked by the sun if not the where white fuck indian
kav6 66 (5 days ago)
matlocked (12 days ago)
I’m a straight black male; and even I would have sex with that guy.
Shister Sierra (13 days ago)
Damn. White ppl with huge egos have entered the chat lmaoooo stay mad
FUNT1M3 F1XY YT (13 days ago)
FUNT1M3 F1XY YT (11 days ago)
Victor V (13 days ago)
Yes us black people have a chance
Alley Oop ! (13 days ago)
Lmao, did he hook up at the end of the video? Lololol !
Alley Oop ! (13 days ago)
The Human race has many variations makes us cool. I would tell anyone to love who you and to heck with anyone else.it is your life, your journey, enjoy the ride people !. Great video, thank you!
Marcfj (13 days ago)
I'm white but I prefer Asian and Latin American women. In fact, I think Brazil has some of the most beautiful women on earth.
Marcfj (12 days ago)
+Melanie X Most women of any particular race or ethnic group date their own men; that's just a mathematical reality. As for your claim that I wouldn't stand a chance; I can only opine that you're an angry Latina whose gringo boyfriend dumped her. LOL After all, I have been all through Mexico, Central America, and parts of South America and the women there could not keep their eyes off of me. :)
Melanie X (12 days ago)
Most Latin women date their own or black men you don’t stand a chance
Pdc Pdc (14 days ago)
Continuing my culture is white. 😇
Angel Albritton (14 days ago)
I been with my boyfriend for 5 years and I am White and he is Black but he is very good to me
Rob Blanchard (14 days ago)
Black guys smh what does it matter......=============)
336nc benzo (14 days ago)
None of these ppl have even met black ppl
336nc benzo (14 days ago)
U asking questions about black ppl where there is no black ppl
Bongisani Brian (14 days ago)
White girls are gorgeous
Cha-Ka (10 days ago)
+Emily Smith We all know you're a black boy. It's obvious. A white woman would say one or two comments on this video at most. She wouldn't go on here everyday like you do posting over a hundred comments about how great black guys are and how bad white guys are. Are you even a little bit embarrassed for pretending to be a white girl on YouTube?
Emily Smith (13 days ago)
Thanks. :)
Rabbit Polar (14 days ago)
just be happy Estonia is homogeneous...toss these girls in a black dominated city,, it's no picnic...I'm trying to make enough to move out of my neighborhood, its black dominated, my roommate is sweet. but she feels the same way too..even low income white neighborhoods are better to live in.
Its not racist for a white girl to want to be with a white guy
Dnl k (14 days ago)
I think it's all about character and attitude. People are lovely I discovered just like you can't all have your family member to like you, the same applies
Ark Villalobos (14 days ago)
Whites are funny and weak Easy Ma loke open legas of white scum girls brown power
Exzo De (15 days ago)
Brilliant. Might want to visit, who knows I might find me a rose
maan xassan (15 days ago)
I am Somali and Prefer only Somali girl. any Somali girl here.
Chipemmi Mungrei (15 days ago)
Black guy have a big cock so white girl prefer black guy as white guys have small dick.
Chipemmi Mungrei (12 days ago)
+Марсель Баширов Yeah,but in another sense it is important.
It is not important for a normal human
2:27 better get the fk out of Estonia, trashy wh-re
Fred Perry (16 days ago)
Its ok to be white
Osama bin Laden (16 days ago)
I want my skin color to be white but character wise i like black guy more cause they are really nice but some of them are pain in the ass
thereGoMapo (16 days ago)
Wow Estonia, so diverse.
musgun hailu (17 days ago)
You are racist
Hassan Afzal (17 days ago)
I love being brown and white but balck impossible naa to dangerous
Yasir Khan (17 days ago)
3:49 I must apologize for disturbing you like this.
Og Dawg (17 days ago)
White people=racist I would slaughter them all
renee Vaughn (18 days ago)
So he just got the hook up at the end n these women are beautiful..
WG Clemons (18 days ago)
If someone says they want to stick with their own race... or that one should stick with their own race is so ridiculous... I mean love is where you find it... I do not care about color, mostly all women share the same characteristics anyway... they all need ample time in the bathroom.. they all are mostly emotional beings, they all will hold a grudge when a man screws up, they all feel great to hold, cuddle with and make love to... I have had white and black, asian etc... and what makes one tick pretty much makes them all tick... preference is one thing but to solely be confined to one race purely because of no reason at all is ludicrous.. I love all women, and for those that do not love me because i am black, there are many that love me because I am me... So put that in your pipe and smoke it...
Kandake Amanirenas (18 days ago)
Black guys
Killer Dude (18 days ago)
Racial purity and preservation is needed in Europe Racemixers should be wiped out from the earth
Joe Haden (18 days ago)
Jesus Christ these comments tho 👀
Dray Escobar (19 days ago)
Where can i find girls that like black guys?🤤
Emily Smith (9 days ago)
+Dray Escobar Please do.
Dray Escobar (9 days ago)
Emily Smith i need to take a visit then
Emily Smith (13 days ago)
Brizo Water (19 days ago)
Moshon Ngai (19 days ago)
White girls are going for black big long dick nowadays
thats what u want i believe. Only sc-m goes for blacks
Ama Achebe (18 days ago)
Moshon Ngai good it means I get to have White Men.
DON KILLUMINATI (19 days ago)
White women are whores-anyone can have them!
Khan Info (20 days ago)
what about brown guys ....
It’s Evelyn (20 days ago)
Cha-Ka (10 days ago)
+Melanie X Says the black boy who has a female name and a white woman for his avatar 😂
Ama Achebe (12 days ago)
Melanie X no just got out Ghana and White Boy was the way at first I just used him but after he took care of my family then fell for him and married him.
Melanie X (12 days ago)
Ama Achebe stop pretending to be black you’re a cracker behind that account 🙄
u are a negro in a sl-t body
Ama Achebe (18 days ago)
It’s Evelyn Welp better prepare to be a single mother. it's why I stopped dating BLK men and opted for White men. I'm married now and happy.
WorisonTV (20 days ago)
I have a tan skin and a bbc My skin goes lighter when I stay home longer and goes darker when I go outside especially to the beach Am I black or white? :)
PranksTV (20 days ago)
WorisonTV no you’re a dumb ass
Sajad Ali (20 days ago)
You will have seen different kinds of pussy wow

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