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Philippine Trip HD Sea Snakes Whale Sharks Turtles

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Edit of my trip to the Philippines Malapascua - Sea snakes, soft coral, sea horse, cuttlefish, lion fish Dumageute - Cassodoro Falls, Wildlife Park Apo Island - Sea snakes, turtles, anemone fish, coral Donsol - Whale Sharks Songs: Groove Armada - Dusk You and Me Gelka - Os Pastores Da Noitte Groove Armada - At the River
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bauer293 (7 years ago)
@poofkaboom there was some coral bleaching at malapascua
poofkaboom (7 years ago)
where the corals bleaching?
bauer293 (7 years ago)
Malapascua at 0:00 Dumageute at 4:12 Apo Island at 6:32 Donsol at 11:01

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