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(Showtime MAMAMOOXGFRIEND EP.6) GFRIEND Cute girls vs Sexy girls

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(Showtime MAMAMOOXGFRIEND EP.6) GFRIEND Cute girls vs Sexy girls
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Ceci Garcia (17 days ago)
Can anyone tell me what the name of the song at 1:55 is?????
Kryzelle Quezada (2 months ago)
Jennie's SOLO as your ad is such a nice move. HAHAHAHAHA
Kristine Angela Agustin (2 months ago)
Well we all know who is our dance line in gfriend
jipey refar (4 months ago)
BeagleFriends ♥️
Jennifer Colleen (5 months ago)
Sinb you are so funny 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Len Len (5 months ago)
When eunha tried to be sexy again😂😂😂
珠裕 Buddy (6 months ago)
Yuju cute
Berliane Anya (6 months ago)
😂😂😂😂I laugh so hard
ni co (6 months ago)
The humor and craziness is always started by sinb lol and i love the baebae group who opted for the cute concept but was able to pull off the sexy concept effortlessly
qwertyuiop ! (6 months ago)
ni co and Yerin her partner in crime 😂😂😂
sandrita Baby-G (6 months ago)
i love you gfriend..😍😍😄😄😂😂😘😘😘 salange❤️❤️❤️💞💞💞💘💘💘💖💖💖
Oriana Rahmawati (7 months ago)
sowon eonnie waee!!??😂😂😂
Denise Amaral (7 months ago)
Queens of everything
Denise Amaral (7 months ago)
So cute💙
Alina Mongush (7 months ago)
Lyrex Faye (7 months ago)
What is tilte of song when sowon yuju eunha dance pls reply thank
Nhuquynh Pham (7 months ago)
vera lismaya (8 months ago)
Aya Park (8 months ago)
i like how Sinb,Yerin,and Umji imitating Sowon,Yuju and Eunha😂
*SinB is soo cute!!!!!!!!*
SSJ- ROSE (9 months ago)
All those legs 😋
A.Misguided Ghost (9 months ago)
Solar remind me of Solar dancing to ear candy omo
01.23 what song?
Hanipah Sari (6 months ago)
Gfriend buddy_ Baek jiyoung - ear candy
While sowon eunha yuju performing i just want to sin b focus she nailed it as always
Sinb got hype
novawaaa _ (11 months ago)
buddy forever (11 months ago)
Sowon,yuju and eunha sexy😱love them all😘😍💚
Ngọc Nguyễn (11 months ago)
What this song?
ajko000 (1 year ago)
1:10 song?
Lynn Sa (1 year ago)
Yerin is two years older than the two maknae, but her behaviour says the opposite 😂😂😂😂💔
FiFi R (1 year ago)
Focus sinb and umji 😂😂😂😂😘😘😘😘
baejin do you love me (1 year ago)
0:12 omg ooh ahh 😂😂
jocelyn goh (1 year ago)
yerin sinb and umji were cute this time was when sinb and umji celebrated their sweet 17th so they were excited to sing and dance
Raicelle Joie Corbett (1 year ago)
Cute Girls is the Best
Chunji천지 (1 year ago)
LMAO UMJI 😂 ❤❤❤❤
LOL..! Cute Girls Is The Best
Noty phommaphon (1 year ago)
Sinb Yerin umji is teamwork but Sowon Yuju Eunha is 😐
Keysha Artika (1 year ago)
Nur Fauziah (1 year ago)
SinB never leave Yerin and Umji
신린 (1 year ago)
Judy Edquilag (1 year ago)
hEY stOb iT (1 year ago)
yerin sinb and umji the real dance line
Army BTS (1 year ago)
what song when yerin with yuju ?
Bubblevely TV (1 year ago)
lol i see jun
Candra Wulandari (1 year ago)
what tittle song of sexy girl
Elportador SLC (1 year ago)
My cute Umji
la weah (1 year ago)
1:30 Song Pliss :'c!!
Jess Le (1 year ago)
LaPeque :3 The song is My ear's candy
여자친구커미. (1 year ago)
Song name in minute 1:30 please 🙏
l u n a m o o n (7 months ago)
여자친구커미. omg your comment is already a year ago but oh well. I’ve been searching for the song to and it’s called “My Ear’s Candy.” 😊
TGFISH (1 year ago)
i wish SouMu will make this sub units real
曉溪ARMY- (1 year ago)
Sowon what is their music?
신린 (1 year ago)
蘇靖涵 im late but its Candy in my ears
Elle Ole (1 year ago)
sing is so pretty...😳😳😍
Elle Ole (1 year ago)
i like sinb yerin and eunha line they are so pretty I love them so much hahaha saranghae gfriend
Iam Yoojung (1 year ago)
anyone thinks eunha should be in the cute girls section?
raquelle kim (1 year ago)
This should be their next concept hahaha
cindy.a (1 year ago)
yerin oppa 😍
태형김 (1 year ago)
SinB, Yerin and Umji really stole the spotlight! They're so funny!😂
The Trandinh (1 year ago)
sinb is cute
esta parte de este capítulo me encantó 😍😍 sobre todo el poder bailar a mi SinB y el sinrin siempre está presente 😂😂
Bianca Aletti (2 years ago)
* first 20 seconds * i love them already lol
魚人 (2 years ago)
SinB is always the man lmao
BTS&GFRIEND Nation (2 years ago)
eunha belong to cute girls
stalkeroki (11 months ago)
Eunha can be pretty sexy af though. But overall, both style suits her
Shiro Neko (2 years ago)
I know right Eunha unnie, Yerin unnie and Umji unnie belong to cute girls meanwhile SinB unnie, Yuju unnie and Sowon unnie belong to pretty/beautiful girls ^^
Pug Lee (2 years ago)
Yerin's angle at 0:03...
achilles heel (2 years ago)
Omg yuju at 1:41
ESIC MUSIC (2 years ago)
1.47 I SAW JUN
cess canatuan (2 years ago)
lol this is one of the reason why I love gfriend... they are so freaki'n funny... haha... sinbi ya.. saranghae.. bibe need to debut.. haha
YoungPhungie (2 years ago)
What shoes are Sowon wearing??
Erza baloch (2 years ago)
ohh eunha do u call this sexy 01:58 why the hell is she so cute just keep looking at her
Erza baloch (2 years ago)
and not to forget 01:38
The Solemn Nut (2 years ago)
No full version of wonder girl be my baby ???
What's the 2nd song ?? Please tell me !! And don't tell me that's Jun from 17 ??!!
+ElmaAyu Dhieeya NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elma Ayudia (2 years ago)
that's jun and mingyu 😂
Elma Ayudia (2 years ago)
Blaise Kim (2 years ago)
i like BEBE subunit....maknae line
Diego Berlusconi (2 years ago)
Umji is beautiful !
Kim Hanni (2 years ago)
I'm a simple carat who watch gfriend's videos but jun suddenly appear 😂 +++++ seventeen gonna be in any randoms videos so you as a simple carat cant live without svt .
Pikastars. Unity (2 years ago)
I'm both Carat and Buddy. When I saw Jun, I was like "Hey there! Wanna join?" 😂
Christy Lim (2 years ago)
looking at the comments and nobody talks about Yerin? She's sexy!
배설아 (2 years ago)
House Cat (2 years ago)
Dont know but i love how Umji dance here. This maknae is something
Cyn Di (2 years ago)
Cyn Di (2 years ago)
andrea lizzeth (2 years ago)
es solar??
Buddy Line (2 years ago)
Umji getting prettier every episode~
DΞΔN makes me WET (2 years ago)
I just died @ 1:53. Umji and SinB grinding with each other I AM SO DEAD BYE
حوريه البحر (2 years ago)
حوريه البحر (2 years ago)
حوريه البحر (2 years ago)
Amanda Ngo (2 years ago)
1:47 omg JUN
summer zhao (2 years ago)
Hello Mine (2 years ago)
2:04 'I don't care about sexy, i just enjoy it XD Eunha always broke the sexy's rule. she changed it to cute concept XD with that hot body she will failed (change) meaning of sexy *i'm die* XD
Hunh Nguyen (2 years ago)
cạn lời với mấy mẹ
QueenJung (2 years ago)
gfriend being gayfriend lol
galyah alhlal (2 years ago)
At 1:47 what's name song?
Sekendi Andriaji (2 years ago)
Candy - Baek Ji Young
Mina Saber (2 years ago)
what was that second song?
Tamiyah Mack (2 years ago)
Anyone else danced along to Be My Baby or was that just me? lol love that choreography!!
infires man (2 years ago)
That cat voice when sowon try to do something sexy lmao
14 BANGTANGEL (2 years ago)
MULTIFANDOM is life (2 years ago)
Eunhaaa~~ <3 your so pretty and cute
fitri dwi pangestika (2 years ago)
omg my ears candy, yujudk feel.
pissedoffatyt (2 years ago)
Umji's so damn cute
gfriend LOL (2 years ago)
i choose yerin sinb umji line XD
I swear when Gfriend's sexy comes out- it will cause a breakout throughout Kpop world. They can be sexy, and it's even sexier when it's hidden. 😍😍😍
I'M BIASLESS (1 year ago)
Just wanted to reply here after seeing Gfriend's solo performance during their concert and I can say that it was mostly sexy concept (especially eunha) 😂
Kpop Trash (2 years ago)
i wish they said cute
zhouaries79 (2 years ago)
+DΞΔN makes me wet #LOL, moonbyul and yuju can play drama as sisters
DΞΔN makes me WET (2 years ago)
+zhouaries79 lol that "i like eyecontact" 😂
趙Iris (2 years ago)
Naa Náá (2 years ago)
SinB, i think she would be in Sexy Team =))
Jenika Arciaga (2 years ago)
So the maknae can be crazy and sexy too ≧﹏≦ SinB being an oppa again ❤❤
Jenika Arciaga (2 years ago)
And Yuju's seductive looks are 👌👌👌

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