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GANGNAM STYLE / English Version

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Original by PSY Cover by LuV DNA Lyrics Version: JY Studio Production: PreX, Ricardo Ponte Artwork: Beatriz Lins Cavalcante Lyric Video: DJ Blackfera www.twitter.com/LUVDNA_OFFICIAL *[All tracks have been Re-recorded so that we wouldn't be using any YG official tracks, instrumental or PSY's voice] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- **NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED*** "This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law. For inspirational purpose only, not for commercial use 1) NONCOMMERCIAL (2) TRANSFORMATIVE IN NATURE, AND (3) DOES NOT COMPETE ORIGINAL WORK OR HAVE ANY NEGATIVE EFFECT ON ITS MARKET.
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Text Comments (184)
Mr. Hellas (14 days ago)
Sounds like shit
DJ ARSENAL (1 month ago)
I never liked the song anyway
Cuarto elemento (2 months ago)
Tranle Anhduc (2 months ago)
It not so bad
Liam Funnyman (2 months ago)
On a nostalgia binge. Stumbled upon this...this is a masterpiece.
Reclusive Socialite (2 months ago)
I like this one better
Al Mahian (3 months ago)
not the accurate translation but better than the accurate ones...even though i like the accurate translation more because they are just so funny and hilarious....(ORIGINAL IS THE BEST ONE THOUGH)
- Son_Veno - (3 months ago)
\o/ | /\
jabreil brewer (4 months ago)
I prefer the Korean version
Sonic The Hedgehog fan (4 months ago)
The starts like Miranda.............
Mark Grimwade (4 months ago)
These are not the lyrics, I’m from Korea
Red Fresh (4 months ago)
Hi Mark, just wondering can you comment the lyrics? you don't have yo if you want.
Sonic The Hedgehog fan (4 months ago)
Hi Mark! Just wondering if you can comment the lyrics? You dont have to.
Vall Fall (4 months ago)
Now i know what da most cringey song is about
parakeet8157 (5 months ago)
Sammy Online (5 months ago)
horny and fat men. cool.
bluerose (6 months ago)
amazing cover
Fred Peters (6 months ago)
Nigel Port (9 months ago)
i came from the uk who else
Funniest Vines (1 year ago)
Frarly (1 year ago)
ыя33цой бирлик бирлик бирлик 1 1 😢псвпсммн
Luigi Vlogz (2 years ago)
See your body move. what!!!!
View Bens (2 years ago)
ThatGamingNerd (2 years ago)
I Didn't Know gangnom style was like a love song
+Patricia Doricko WTF
Patricia Doricko (1 month ago)
•Rainbow Shine•ღღ ddsassssssZzzzzzzzzzzzzzssszzzzzzzzzzzaZ
DJ ARSENAL (1 month ago)
You didnt?
It's is a love song
Parttimepaper (3 years ago)
ow boy
MaronaPossessed (3 years ago)
This is a pretty good english version^^
KiritoGX (1 day ago)
i know right? it's way better than the other english cover made by nova fm! 😄
بلقاسم غقالي (2 months ago)
Mustafa Gültekin (3 months ago)
アベカワタロウ (4 years ago)
I love your song! Could you put the lyric as text?
Steven Wong Tuck Wai (2 years ago)
luvdnatv (3 years ago)
+SenLiye どうぞ!=) I want a girl who’s hot and funny during the day  A girl who can enjoy the freedom of a cup of coffee A girl that can change her vibe as soon as the night is coming Yeah that’s my kind of lady (listen) IM A MAN who is as warm as you during day (cutie) IM A MAN who takes a one-shot of his boiling coffee IM A MAN who steps up his game during the night Oh baby, Im that man Baby im that man SO amazing, you got me crazy Just for you (HEY) oh just for you SO amazing, you got me crazy Just for you (HEY) oh just for you Come on girl I wanna see your body move Oppan gangnam style Eh- Sexy Lady, Oppan Gangnam style Eh- Sexy Lady oh oh oh oh I want a girl who brings a quiet first impression A girl that can make the heat go up without a question A girl that can make me lose my mind with such discretion Yeah, a fine and gorgeous lady (listen) IM A MAN who may seem calm at first but has his ways yeah IM A MAN who goes completely crazy when its time yeah IM A MAN that’s got swag and more than muscles to show baby Im your man, baby, im your man SO amazing, you got me crazy Just for you (HEY) oh just for you SO amazing, you got me crazy Just for you (HEY) oh just for you Come on girl I wanna see your body move Oppan gangnam style Eh- Sexy Lady, Oppan Gangnam style Eh- Sexy Lady oh oh oh oh Foxy gun you know you got me numb Baby baby Number one lets have some fun
whatwhat98 (4 years ago)
The number one best english version there is.
Rohanix (4 years ago)
This is cool!!
Midnight The black cat (4 years ago)
It's really amazing both sounds of this is nice!!!!!!!!!!!!! X3
Daniel Murphy (4 years ago)
not too bad
Dani's Channel (4 years ago)
I Love the English Version <3
Dani's Channel (4 years ago)
If you put it in slow Mo it sounds weird  
sam white (4 years ago)
i prefer the english version than the korean version
Mark Grimwade (4 months ago)
sam white I domt
Wing Wolf (4 years ago)
when I hear this version, All I think of is Sonic the Hedgehog singing this and doing the dance.
Well there's too many MMD animations of sonic dancing to this song 😂
Johnny Escalera (1 year ago)
OneWingedDash OWD gay
George Dupond (4 years ago)
Not bad. Seriously, not bad :D
TamberofMana (4 years ago)
The best English version I've come across!
Vivian Lima (1 month ago)
TamberofMana ugly hahahahaha😂🤣
Minecraft world (4 years ago)
Bob jones your right ( ._.)
Bob Jones (5 years ago)
The beginning sounds like porn
Rohanix (4 years ago)
Maybe, or maybe u just have a dirty mind (or both)
Kool for School (4 years ago)
rhoger villanueva (5 years ago)
Where do you get your pot?
Thuan Trinh (5 years ago)
derp song song i like the psy  Korean guy d*rp
Evan J Diez (5 years ago)
Nguyen Van chung Chung (5 years ago)
EpicLolz (5 years ago)
You sound like a gay
Jennie Jennie (5 years ago)
Not the lyrics
goodacheese9 (5 years ago)
Wow not what I thought it would say
goodacheese9 (5 years ago)
Ha better than a guy who put what the Korean sounded like
Music Tube (5 years ago)
Dope song
Dermot Mahon (5 years ago)
i thout it was a gud song then i heard what it realy meant
Tadiwa Marambire (5 years ago)
I think you could be the next psy $
Tadiwa Marambire (5 years ago)
Nice song peace $
Sidney Dixon (5 years ago)
Great Job!!! And wonderful voice I've been looking well-sung english version!!! Bravo!!
Julia Askirma (5 years ago)
better than PSY.
Michael Sagar (5 years ago)
Awesome bro
Faye Wheatley (5 years ago)
Omg. Your voice is dam sexy n by ur pic, u r too. Not trying to be a creeper lol but dam! Lol well awesome job on the vid and singing :) hope u continue to sing
CreepypastaFan (5 years ago)
You did SO GOOD on this. It was AWESOME!!!
smolkerbolt (5 years ago)
I agree with LikeAbosswagttc
Tyler Ramos (5 years ago)
you should be more famous with that voice of yours!! :D
Basically Retarded (5 years ago)
I'm with likebosswagttc your right jb suck take his place
A.S.A ! (5 years ago)
Kiarra Francis (5 years ago)
cool song and nice voice
Robert Garcia (5 years ago)
Good voice man
TeaVII (5 years ago)
seca1972 (5 years ago)
Good job that was great you should be famous!
Shook (5 years ago)
Great Voice
Andrew Foster (5 years ago)
victor priadkin (5 years ago)
evangeline antonio (1 year ago)
victor priadkin up up up up up up
iphoneihelpyou (5 years ago)
great job you finally got the lyrics right and you have an amazing voice better than justin bieber you deserved to be discovered instead of that ugly prick
kaylafunny (5 years ago)
This so needs more views :D It's that amazing (plus I don't see much actual English versions on here ^_^).
JusDoom (5 years ago)
i love this song even more now
Steph _ (5 years ago)
warden154 (5 years ago)
this is better than the original, (it is in english)
Caroline D (5 years ago)
At singing
glassesgirls101 (5 years ago)
@naavasofly Ya think?!?!?!?
faithsedlacek (5 years ago)
Haha wow
lilwar2000 (5 years ago)
What does this have to do with , gangnam
Ethan Miller (5 years ago)
It is actually pretty close to the real translation. They added a few articles and changed a couple lines, but for the majority is good.
Dan R (2 months ago)
Zfkly oglvglk nifb vrors
Oisín Dowling (5 years ago)
not as good in english
Joey Valentine (5 years ago)
This can't be a correct translation. The lyrics rhyme perfectly.
Melissa McNew (5 years ago)
Love it.
Myranda Sweek (5 years ago)
You have a sexy voice! ;)
[Pre-chorus] Areumdawo sarangseurowo= beautiful lovable :)
This isnt what the exact words are in english. This is an idea. If it was actually translated exact you all would want to kill yourselves.
Kyler Stamper (5 years ago)
HoennBlazer (5 years ago)
thosegirlzagain (5 years ago)
Is that what it all means? :)
jeremy carrion (5 years ago)
love it!!!!
cn487311 (5 years ago)
Carlos Monge (5 years ago)
rowyn s (5 years ago)
Psy is better
John Whitworth (5 years ago)
This is awesome brah
Jayla Hill (5 years ago)
Korean is wayyyyyy better sorry
URock271 (5 years ago)
I love it and lolllll
Brittany Kuykendall (5 years ago)
Hate it
mantonythe1st (5 years ago)
I just spent like an hour of my life (which I'll never get back) looking for a video exactly like this. So this is probably the only one there is, at least the only one I've seen. In other words this is probably the best English translation of this song, so great vid.
Angelica Mayes (5 years ago)
That Was Good!!!
arpee9216 (5 years ago)
Cody Wood (5 years ago)
Stupid but funny as shit
Tatianna Shores (6 years ago)
He sounds cute!!!
Bibpobcp (6 years ago)
Kîtàñä Qūįńzėl (6 years ago)

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