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How to Walk in Heels- Tips for the Plus Size Women

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In this video I give my tips on how to make heels more comfortable to walk in. I talk about the best type of heels to wear if you are just starting out in hight heels. I also give some tips on shoe inserts to make heels more wearable. ♣What’s Next? Subscribe to my channel: http://bit.ly/2AjBlRQ View My Wedding Series: http://bit.ly/2sulWGP Check Out My Blog: http://bit.ly/2qZKCpC ♣Let's Stay Connected! Instagram: http://bit.ly/2qZMJJW Facebook: http://bit.ly/2mlvbFR Twitter: http://bit.ly/2rEXqob Bloglovin’: http://bit.ly/2ra1EAP For all collaborations and or business inquiries, please contact: [email protected] *Some affiliate links are used, which means I may receive a small commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. Any products that I review are 100% my honest opinion and not influenced by any brands.
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Text Comments (31)
Kimberly Michelle (1 year ago)
What are some of your tips or hacks for wearing heels?
Lady Owl Shadow (30 days ago)
Thank you for making this wonderful video! :D I think I'm going to be re-watching it because you've got a lot of great advice that will make life a lot more pleasant when I need my pumps. One thing I do is have a set of flats with me just in case. They're coordinated to my clothes, same as my heels. If a heel breaks, or you find out that suddenly everybody wants to go to that cool boutique two blocks away, or your transportation breaks down, a pair of light-weight flats can be a lifesaver.
Anne (5 months ago)
Flats! 😏😜😄❤
Jacquie Wolfe (8 months ago)
If it's not total comfortable why do that to your feet?..
Holistic Beauty with B (1 month ago)
I really enjoyed this video! Just curious, are you an exotic dancer? I'm learning pole and how to wear/walk in heels...but I'm having more trouble just with standing and being comfortable in the heels!
Kimberly Michelle (1 month ago)
Holistic Beauty with B no I don’t do exotic dancing. I do Chicago style Steppin. It’s sort of like an urban ballroom dance.
Curvy Lexie (4 months ago)
Love your videos :)
Curvy Lexie (4 months ago)
You welcome sweetie. I sub too...feel free to drop by me and say hi :) ~curvylexie
Kimberly Michelle (4 months ago)
Curvy Lexie thanks so much Lexie 😄
Meloney Kimbrough (4 months ago)
What is that snippet of music at the end of your video called? I've been looking for that instrumental
Kimberly Michelle (4 months ago)
Meloney Kimbrough it’s from iMovie. I will need to search through the audio in iMovie to get the name. I’ll get back to you 😄
K Fly (4 months ago)
Hello I'm hooked on the no show sock too I'll look for the flower insert for more comfort TFS!! BLESS YOU!!
Kimberly Michelle (4 months ago)
K Fly yes the inserts are by Foot Petals. Thanks for watching 😄
Michael Hawkins (4 months ago)
You just talking lady show some legs !
Kimberly Michelle (5 months ago)
Samantha The Queen of Racing Thank you 😊
M. Ross (9 months ago)
Awesome! The biggest PITA is you want to wear the insoles for comfort like you say, but you need a little more space and why in the heck do most shoe companies not make 10 1/2? I wear 10 with the support 10 is tight but 11 is too big! Every other half size but that one. I'm confused! I do see more if them but the shoes are not cute. The no-show socks do come in peep toe now, takes a little getting use to. Wally World can't keep them on the shelf (south Ga/north Fla). Thanks love! I was a thin girl at 5'9" wearing heels and now a thick girl wearing them. Great for your butt and calves. Practice! Wear them for a gas station run and carry foldable flats in your purse or flip flops in your car until you get use to them
Kimberly Michelle (9 months ago)
M. Ross Yes, I recently bought some of the peep toe slipper socks. I am the same with the 10.5. I have to get 11’s and sometime they slip off the back of my foot. Thanks for watching 😉
cquitha123 (1 year ago)
Love this thanks for the video
Kimberly Michelle (1 year ago)
cquitha123 thanks for watching ! 😄
Abiandbabyy (1 year ago)
I'm your new subbie sister #235 pls sub me back pls let's support each other 💜
Kimmido (1 year ago)
Hello! my name is Kimberly Michelle too!!! was sent here by Merida!
Kimberly Michelle (1 year ago)
Kimmido Wow! Another Kimberly Michelle. That's great! Thanks so much for watching 😄
Casually Matthew (1 year ago)
i loved this!! you have an amazing channel! lets support 1 another <3
Kimberly Michelle (1 month ago)
Casually Matthew Thank You 😊
suhayl yaqoob (1 year ago)
Nice twirl and lovely toes x
Kimberly Michelle (1 year ago)
suhayl yaqoob thanks for watching!
M. Hfm. (1 year ago)
Wow nice, but there was the tiniest little ant in front of the couch! What happened to it?
cquitha123 (1 year ago)
Styling and grace I like how you dealt with that because that's unnecessary
M. Hfm. (1 year ago)
Thanks! And I dont know if it made it, it probably got crushed lol ;)
Kimberly Michelle (1 year ago)
M. Hfm. Hmmm not sure. Maybe it scurried under the couch. Thanks for watching!

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