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How To Be Confident (3 Steps To Don Draper Confidence)

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DOWNLOAD YOUR 10X CONFIDENCE CHEET SHEET: http://theattractionswitch.com/10xconfidence-free-download/ Hey my man! I hope you enjoyed this video. I will be uploading these these awesome video breakdowns of famous celebrities in the future... so please let me know in the comments section below which scenes or movie stars you would like to see in the future videos. - James Bold ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Don Draper is one of the most confident characters you'd see on TV. And, if you want to know how to attract women and how to be come confident around girls, Don Draper is the guy you need to study. That's why we have created an interesting video breaking down what makes Don Draper so confident and how you can be more confident around women when you're flirting with girls or you want to know what to say when you're flirting with girls. Now, if you want to learn how to attract women, or to learn how to flirt, watch this short video breakdown and leave a comment below with your questions. - James Bold
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Text Comments (239)
Laurel Lazar (17 hours ago)
Have a genuine sense of humor, get educated, grow up. You guys are just looking for the easy way out, with 'store bought' answers. I feel sorry for most of you, i.e., with your silly lists.
ArseBandit (2 days ago)
The entire point of the show is the fact that Don (or Dick) is playing a part. Not even he can be Don Draper. If you’ve watched the show, you come to realise just how toxic of a person he is and how many problems he has. His confidence and “alpha male” persona is just a front, trying to mask all his insecurities and emotional strain. No one should want to be like Don Draper because it’s an impossible role to play - not to mention toxic.
Voice (3 days ago)
love it! ... NOT DON <3
kybelian (12 days ago)
IF not for MADMEN would this feature Sean Connery's 007? It's fiction! Likely written by someone lacking what you see in Don Draper
JacKam Stone (19 days ago)
Even Don Draper cannot be Don Draper. That’s whole point of the drama.
Riley Freeman (20 days ago)
if you think don draper is confident you obviously haven't seen the show.
Adri Amaral (24 days ago)
Confidence is very different from arrogance. However BRILLIANT PITCH.
amwin7 (24 days ago)
"Normal people"
Yoasef Tamer (28 days ago)
Nathan Wilson (29 days ago)
if you think that looks are stopping you, you do not understand confidence, much less have it.
Rory W (1 month ago)
Lame. Salesmen ? Girly Boys in suits.
Hạnh-Minh Nguyễn (1 month ago)
Don just is terribly good at acting confident. He's full of insecurities.
Riley Freeman (20 days ago)
exactly. 100% guaranteed the dude making this video hasn't seen the show.
Ronnie James Dio (1 month ago)
Don has ego not confidence
Rommel the Cat (1 month ago)
Don Draper's confident? Have u even watched the show?
Sam (1 month ago)
anvilblue (1 month ago)
For all these people going on about the insecurities wrapped up in the Don Draper character, don't be tedious. The character knows and pushes his life, respects himself (even if he doesn't always take care of himself), and conveys certainty in an uncertain world.
Claude S. Whitacre (1 month ago)
I watched the entire series, because Draper (and advertising in general) fascinated me. But there wasn't a single character on the show that I thought would make a good friend.
classicslayer456 (1 month ago)
Exactly Don is the guy who will screw your wife and shake your hand the next day acting like nothing happened.
Simple Life (1 month ago)
You can't be an alpha male spelling cheat like "cheet"
JudgeJulieLit (7 days ago)
Unless you're a cheetah.
Smaakjeks K (1 month ago)
Oh god is this one of those self-help things where men and women get broken down into categorically different creatures who have trigger-buttons for what they respond positively and negatively to? "Make sure to find out when the woman is ovulating, as she will be more receptive to your musk. Stand with one foot out at a 30 degree angle. This signifies masculinity and dominance!"
Vegito Black (1 month ago)
Real life Sterling Archer
Ahmed Tex (1 month ago)
You could go more deeper!
Justin Krann (1 month ago)
Jesus Christ is the dumbest thing I have ever watched
Sal 040 (2 months ago)
I watched all 7 seasons on Netflix amazing series
Don Cortes (2 months ago)
Just be who you are...
Nathan Slade (2 months ago)
Don is a pimp quit hatin’
peter455sd (2 months ago)
This is the type of video they will show to train young executives in Japan,you can learn the basic rules but in order to acquire self confidence you have to live your life on the edge of death for a long time
Perryinjax Studios (2 months ago)
Don Draper is a made up character with writers that script the outcomes.
Denny Thayil (2 months ago)
He has a clever comeback and nothing negative happens, because that's how the screenwriters wrote the scene. In real life, try this cocky shit and you will be thrown out of your cockiness in a snap. People don't like cocky. Clients don't like cocky and bosses sure don't like cocky. Be careful. In real world, very few cocky people survive. The ones who survive are usually owners or large stockholders. If you do not fit within that category, be very careful with your cocky self confidence or it will be fast ending and another one bites the dust won't be just a song phrase.
erolish (2 months ago)
Only thing Don that makes him extremely powerful and attractive is the fact that he has his life together. Business first then details of life.
Hue Lu (2 months ago)
is don gambling now?....
Terrence Milton (2 months ago)
He's a gentlemen
ZeroWolf (2 months ago)
First thing I notice is this dude's dweeby voice
Hanafi Malik (2 months ago)
Pesona of life.Different masks for different tasks
CHRIS VON DOOM (2 months ago)
We need more of these . This is great Stuff . Mad Men Series is a great example of it . Thank you
workoutfanatic787 (2 months ago)
Jon Hamm looks like a '40s early '50s actor, their faces had character - not like the pretty boys we have today
Robert R (2 months ago)
Wat s the name of the movie ?
JudgeJulieLit (7 days ago)
AMC tv series Mad Men.
Music! (2 months ago)
the dude looks like tool.
endercraftman (2 months ago)
As I’m watching this I’m thinking of myself in these situations and my palms start sweating
David Martin (2 months ago)
Step one: be an actor and have all your words prescripted lol. Confidence would be easy if life were a movie and you got multiple chances at a scene. This is funny. Confidence from an actor as he is acting lol
Steve Jovan (3 months ago)
It’s a TV show! It’s based on a script! What idiot uses a TV show as an example for anything? Example being well dressed and looking professional is not a personality trait. It’s based on experience!! Being able to walk through a crime scene while looking like you are a professional career man is not an alpha male trait! It’s belonging to a class in our social structure!
Uche Johnson (3 months ago)
Everyone has issues
Joshua Quinn (3 months ago)
Thanks really good insight yes everybody knows his flaws but what he represents what he is defines the show because we all want to be DON DRAPER under pressure
TexasTrainer (3 months ago)
a - There's no such thing as an "alpha male" even the guy that coined the phrase when he postulated the theory said it was bullshit and b - Don Draper was a self loathing, hypocritical, hollow, miserable fraud. Even John Hamm said he'd hate to be him and it was exhausting playing him. Why would anyone want to be him?
Eqx716 (3 months ago)
Be Don Draper? More like DON't be Draper. I wish this ended with... Despite all these alpha traits, Don Draper's life progressively devolves into shit over decade the series encompasses until he becomes a zen monk or whatever at the end. This video should just say something like "drink like a fish and womanize for ten years and then take up Buddhism."
JudgeJulieLit (7 days ago)
The Buddhism was just for show, to get the feel of it to fabricate a global ad slogan for a counternutritious soda product that would simulate sincerity and nutritional-spiritual soundness.
Claude Diamond (3 months ago)
Confidence adds to persuasion and influence in sales. People love a Winner and are only polite or tolerate weakness or mediocrity in salespeople. They envy and are attracted to strength and self assurance. A guts salesman gets to fire the prospect who is wasting their time. Imagine no more “I need to think about it” or “call me later nonsense”
N J (3 months ago)
This video is dense as fuck. I can't believe I used to buy into all of this faux-confidence shit when I was younger. Don is confident because he's handsome - which provided him a lifetime of validation which made him feel good about himself. He's also highly competent at his profession (which again is something he had since day 1). You can't emulate a character like Don Draper.
Mark ONeill (3 months ago)
In those days, guys like Don Draper would have been punched in the face a few times. That didn't happen enough for the show to be real.
JudgeJulieLit (7 days ago)
Pete was punched in the face, in an impromptu boardroom boxing match.
classicslayer456 (1 month ago)
I was expecting Don to get his ass kicked by an angry husband at some point.
Eqx716 (3 months ago)
Step 1: whiskey Step 2: whiskey Step 3: whiskey
JudgeJulieLit (6 days ago)
+Eqx716 As you further list, Step 2.) Cig Steps 3 - 5.) More Whiskey Steps 6 - 70?) Cig^2 & more whiskey Step... like 100 something.) Whiskey Step too drunk to count.) Whiskey, quit job and follow existentially lost young hippie chick to mediation retreat then briefly lose faith in self and humanity Step who the fuck knows.. like 267?.) Meditate Final Step.) Epoch shaking Coke ad, probably followed by coke and whiskey Repeat... Post- Final Step.) At your wake, mourner(s) toast your feats & feet as they launch your funeral barge into the Hudson upstreamward, ignit with a lit cig. (Spoiler alert: the opening-credit man in dark suit falling out Mad Ave skyscraper will not be you). Post-Post F.S.) Pearly/fiery gatekeeper greets you with a whiskey n Coke n cig. Reincarnate ... . ... . ...
Eqx716 (6 days ago)
+JudgeJulieLit oh yes of course Step 1.) Whiskey Step 2.) Cig Steps 3 - 5.) More Whiskey Steps 6 - 70?) Cig^2 & more whiskey Step... like 100 something.) Whiskey Step too drunk to count.) Whiskey, quit job and follow existentially lost young hippie chick to mediation retreat then briefly lose faith in self and humanity Step who the fuck knows.. like 267?.) Meditate Final Step.) Epoch shaking Coke ad, probably followed by coke and whiskey Repeat...
JudgeJulieLit (7 days ago)
+Eqx716 Step 6: write an epoch shaking Coke ad
Eqx716 (3 months ago)
Step 4: cigs Step 5: whiskey Jon Hamm(er)
Ivan Ayala (3 months ago)
Don Draper, the King of the Pound#MeToo movement.
Scott Will (3 months ago)
He should be the next James Bond. But unfortunately we live in a pussy whipped society so it’ll be a letdown with the pick for the next one
Crow Killer (3 months ago)
1)This is a character not a real person. 2) he is an advertising agent hardly anyone important. 3) if chuck Liddell looked at him he would crumble
JudgeJulieLit (7 days ago)
An ad agent who became a multimillionaire at it.
Georgie Henderson (3 months ago)
I am female, how do I become an alpha male. Do I have to watch it twice then?
The Attraction Switch (3 months ago)
Handsome Hanuman (3 months ago)
He was an alcoholic and chain smoker and sex addict mofos
lerlo (3 months ago)
Meh... Alan Shore destroys Don Draper
pavanatanaya (3 months ago)
DD was a fiction, a prevarication invented by a coward.
tonyrome648 (4 months ago)
Don Draper is confident. He gets ass.
Rome Dela Rosa (4 months ago)
He's far too serious. Be confident and have a sense of humor around Women. Be confident and professionally assertive around Men. That's it.
So Roger? lol
Roy (4 months ago)
You misunderstood the character.
Zachary Peavy (4 months ago)
Step 1. Don't be like Don Draper
DinosaursNeverExisted (4 months ago)
He's a confident alpha male unless he's with a chick he really likes, then he's a little boy, i.e. the Jewish department store lady
Qwerty Asdf (3 months ago)
Too true.
Anne Wedell (4 months ago)
He should have responded without No but just have said Not until I know I’m not wasting my time.
shingnosis (4 months ago)
Don Draper isn't the best role model, just a hint.
sprinkles512 (4 months ago)
i think i just get girls because my last name is draper lol
JudgeJulieLit (7 days ago)
No, it's "512."
illiterateno2 (4 months ago)
Don didn't reject Pete's "compliment" to prove he doesn't care, he rejected it because Pete was trying to manipulate him, sucking up to Don to get him to like him. And Pete was doing a poor job of it, he was coming on way too strong. Don was letting Pete know that he sees right through him; he was effectively saying "I don't mind being friendly, but you're not going to manipulate and use me." He wasn't being petty he was establishing boundaries.
JudgeJulieLit (7 days ago)
And with that critique, you are a literateno.
Uzair Anwar (4 months ago)
A little wrong with the second one. He was being rude and arrogant. Sure, confident, but also arrogant. Sometimes arrogance can blind you.
drei sadsad (4 months ago)
I think he cannot convince hustlers and mind readers, those weak people are the only once he can convince, don you need more seminars to perfect your wack ass skills
JudgeJulieLit (7 days ago)
And with that Draperesque confidence, you have out-donned the Don.
motownfreak15 (4 months ago)
We are not what we think we are, we aren’t even what others think we are. We are what we think others think we are.
NPC #30192_8 (4 months ago)
Don Draper is only confident in the role hr plays out in public. In private he is plagued by his insecurities, repetition of the same mistakes all over again and again and his self destructive behaviour. Have you even watched the series?
jason d (4 months ago)
Confidence, is not what will determine whether, or not you get a woman. Everyone is different.I didn't hold eye contact with ALOT of women…and they were into me. Some women, actually like the whole looking down,or away eye movements.Some women, think it's cute,mysterious. And this is me talking from experience, not just making it up.I get uncomfortable holding eye contact with anyone for too long, and look away... I would like to read some responses from experiences, anyone interested in sharing their experiences? :)
George Tend (4 months ago)
This is the kind of thing Don would look at with that classic bemused expression that told you exactly how utterly pathetic you’re being.
Carl Jones (4 months ago)
Great Video!
BONZO KILBOURN (4 months ago)
I watched every episode. Don Draper is a wreck of a man. He happens to be handsome and a good performer. His confidence is a facade. Hell, his real name isn't even Don Draper.
David Ashborn (4 months ago)
Always clever? I don't see that as confident, it seems really try hard. A guy like this in the real world would be branded as a stuck up jackass who tries too hard to be cool. A truly confident man can make mistakes and be totally at peace with that fact. Because people aren't perfect. He's unrelatable. People like him in reality are fake, hiding behind a facade of faux confidence. And that pregnant joke, dick move, and homophobic as hell.
Alan Marques (4 months ago)
So basically, to be self-confident do I need to be ignorant of others' opinions, and be "coarse"?
Alan Marques (3 months ago)
What do you want to fucking pose for? This is ridiculous, man.
Don Ragnar (4 months ago)
Alan Marques don’t worry about it, go drink your soy milk
sideshowbob32 (4 months ago)
Wasn't Don an alcoholic?
sutirtha das (4 months ago)
His genetics also mattered. Imagine Jonah hill as don.
Laurel Lazar (17 hours ago)
+mohamed nehalparveez Nonsense.
AdamTello (1 month ago)
I think Jonah could do it
Chap Daddy (1 month ago)
Only if you view Jonah Hill in this role similar in character to the one he played in Moneyball, sure. But what if he’s more Joe Pesci...in just about any movie? Genetics and confidence sort of work hand-in-hand. The more attractive one is, the more they receive favorable treatment. But, it’s not absolute or restricted to attraction. Billy Joel is ONE UGLY dude...but he was married to one of the most beautiful women in the world who didn’t need his money. And on, and on, and on. He even states this in the breakdown, to some degree, “confidence resides within...etc.”. I agree with the other comment that this statement is an excuse and a cop out.”
roger8654 (1 month ago)
It would be more interesting. I know plenty of Jonah Hill Don Drapers
Ben Feld (1 month ago)
Casting actually didn't want Jon Hamm to be Don Draper because they didn't think he was good looking enough for the role.
larshoneytoast33 (4 months ago)
You have missed the entire point of the show if you think you want to be like Don Draper...
JudgeJulieLit (7 days ago)
+socially Retarded Be like the first, true Don Draper, killed in Korea?
socially Retarded (1 month ago)
Be like Don Draper. Not Dick Whitman
Dominique Dupuis (4 months ago)
Don't forget that it's a fucking tv show and the real world is different
Patrick Astwood (4 months ago)
Erm, hate to break to you, but Don Draper is, you know, a fictional character.
Joseph Izzo (4 months ago)
Yeah, but this is a tv show... with a script... Oh and rehearsed. In reality, you stand up and walk away saying I don’t want to waste my time, they say goodbye
Dian Robertson (4 months ago)
In real life acting like Don Draper would never work. He is supposed to be a creative directive but hes so monotone and stone faced. You have to have his model looks and status to pull off what hes says.Great vid nonetheless.
JudgeJulieLit (7 days ago)
The Don "monotone and stone faced" ad creative director of his era did succeed as that demeanor.
Matthew J Canty-Barnes (3 months ago)
You can't.
Eugenio Pena (5 months ago)
Don is not right in the head. The man dissociated himself from his own identity. He became somebody else and only was who he was when he was around Anne or his brother. He tarnished relationships and didn't leave much sympathy when it happened. Imo, he used this idea of another self to create an alter ego, one where all of his buried feelings come up from his childhood memories (i.e. how he wishes he would've handled them granted if the opportunity ever came again and how those past experiences molded a set mentality to stay in line with while not breaking away from the norm). He lived in a whorehouse where women that were attractive were constantly being taken advantage of by men that were probably married. You see the same shit happen in his present times where little spots scattered around Downtown were filled with women of you're choosing and you'll go there married or not only if you knew the password. Coming from that setting and being surrounded by it in his current times makes that cycle difficult to escape from. It winds up leaving him not able to make firm connections with people since he's always had people coming and going throughout his life without knowing when these people would leave, feeling entitled to your time without realizing that we all have a switch in which we don't know when it goes out and seeking an outlet where he can pretend that the people he's giving himself to are his family when in fact they're random people who just seem to pop up but isn't everybody essentially a passerby in life. In here one moment then out the next, sometimes on their own accord while other times they have no control. Coming to that realization makes you realize how almost futile it is to make relationships in this life. There's no point if we don't know when we can go so why should I say hi and get to know this guy if he might be gone by tomorrow? That kind of idea being made clear to Don when he saw his father get kicked in the face being alive in one breath then out before you catch the next. Building connections isn't in him but embracing the moment is. The NOW but we have to take in all that's happened in truth; at least our own truth and acknowledge all of what has taken place which is what the show encourages rather than constantly moving. Sometimes we have to stop, take a few moments to absorb the details then move onward. If you're constantly moving forward then how can you tell if everyone behind you is having a good time, that what's displayed before your eyes is with or without purpose which winds up leaving a distrust in our own ideas making us walking contradictions; taking ideas up then constantly turning on them making him a man that isn't of his word therefore not a man but just somebody who's getting by. You wind up feeling insignificant without true identity but if you just abide by what you ultimately want to do then you won't need videos like this one or 10 steps to get laid or 5 ways to get her pussy moist, etc... If you embrace who you are with PURE honesty, admiration (I don't mean being an egoist or being mean to yourself when you fuck up) and a will to change for the better, then videos like this will be useless. I mean that's how we would've wanted to see Don in the end
Mackenzie Tharpe (5 months ago)
Wasn’t this all from the VERY FIRST EPISODE
Nathan Andrews (5 months ago)
Step 1: Steal someone's identity Step 2: Your actions do not relate directly to you Step 3: Do whatever he wants because he is from a tv show
imagine07018 (3 months ago)
Step 5 - Smoke
Eqx716 (3 months ago)
Step 4 - Step 50: whiskey
Richard Sheehan (5 months ago)
He’s a fictional character
TheVideo Commenter (2 months ago)
I hope you felt a little bit important when you classified 2 random people who you have never met in person as a "neckbeard" because that is, and will be the only time that you were close to being important.
Friggin' neckbeards on YouTube? Dear God...
TheVideo Commenter (3 months ago)
Good day to you as well sir *doffs hat back*
Richard Sheehan (3 months ago)
TheVideo Commenter Good day to you sir *doffs hat*
TheVideo Commenter (3 months ago)
I see your point
Grinix (5 months ago)
don draper is not confident at all lol... i know because i identify with him on so many levels. me and don are fucked up.
Rizwan Khan (5 months ago)
Don's secret of success: director & writer of the show are on Don's side. :P
Jonathan Chase (5 months ago)
I don't think you understand Don Draper as a character. Maybe you didn't watch the show, but he is deeply miserable man with problems that derive from his uninhibited confidence.
Jonathan Chase (3 months ago)
He was a miserable guy the entire show. I get what you're saying and yeah, it's just a tv show. We agree on that at least.
AXL xavier (3 months ago)
Jonathan Chase thats how they ended the show. Bro. Its a show....
Eugenio Pena (5 months ago)
Steps to being Confident like Don Draper: 1) Drink Whiskey 2) Repeat Step 1
B. Alvn (3 months ago)
its an insidious substance that can be hard to get the upper hand over, that's for sure. i go back and forth, but i've never quit completely, despite it causing me some problems and also being someone who is very into staying healthy both mentally and physically. but here's the thing: i don't ever want to quit drinking completely...it is too fun and also helps me access my creative side as well as my nature-loving side. sounds like you have got a handle on it, which is good to hear. we all have to find a balance in our lives and our relationships with whatever substances, even just food. typically i will quit drinking for 2 or 3 months at a time at least once a year, usually twice, that gives me some balance. i always note great improvements in my overall well-being, but i also find myself bored and missing a side of myself (the creative and outdoorsy aspects, and sometimes the whole nightlife thing), so i usually relish drinking again for the first 2-3 weeks at least. tricky!
Eqx716 (3 months ago)
+B. Alvn Well said. Definitely lessens your game... Especially if your an alcoholic like myself. It was fun but led to legal issues, heartbreak, and sexual dysfunction, thus I avoid it nowadays 😅. Plus it killed 3 other family members. Ironically though the only good thing alcohol ever did for me was lead me to the bar where I met my wife who saw me at my absolute worst! We had a lot of good times drinking at first though... Until she realized I was always drinking. Madmen both helped and hurt my efforts to change my ways. Ultimately though, rewatching it now and looking back... I'd say the series is an excellent exploration of alcohol use and abuse.
B. Alvn (3 months ago)
alcohol (more than maybe a beer or so) is rarely a good idea when it comes to trying to score with women. it takes away your ability to respond in appropriate ways, to read situations and other people, to have good judgement, etc. it also can make you more of a wallflower, at least it can do that to me...same with weed, coke, and other drugs...i don't think any of them make your game better. of course, once you are on a date or already intimate with a girl, that's a way different story...but initially it rarely helps.
Eqx716 (3 months ago)
Bacons Strip (5 months ago)
1) Be handsome 2) Be attractive 3) Don’t be unattractive
B. Alvn (10 hours ago)
+Laurel Lazar :)
Laurel Lazar (17 hours ago)
+B. Alvn You are probably the only honest man in this entire group. And, that is why you only received 2 thumbs up before mine. As a woman, I send you my best wishes.
JudgeJulieLit (7 days ago)
And as Jon Hamm, the actor who portrayed Don Draper, majored in English Literature, perhaps he wrote some of his character's lines.
JudgeJulieLit (7 days ago)
+Richard Grandmont True, but for 3. You can learn (as from topflight dialog in dramas) to create your own dropdead witty repartee.
drippin wet (2 months ago)
Richard Grandmont very true, too
GEx86 (5 months ago)
You need Jon Hamm's looks. End of story.
Dave Bertoletti (5 months ago)
Draper isn't that confident after all. It's a complex character, always on the edge of breaking down, his attitude destroying his family, etc. his confidence is just a facade, to me.
Nathanael EL (5 months ago)
μπορώ, αλλά δεν μπορείτε
Angelz Shop (5 months ago)
Jesus Christ you're all basic
Gottfried Osterbach (5 months ago)
Don Draper is the mask of an introvert who has serious issues and adopts a persona to achieve the things they want. It is incredibly self destructive and ultimately not fulfilling. It harms himself and all around him. The man is someone with a personality disorder, low self esteem, and who feels they have nothing to offer and will be rejected if exposed. They do not seek help or to change that person rather to gild over it. He is a hollow shell of a man who wants to be more than he is and will never be truly happy with his achievements. Don Draper is who we all want to be and is an affectation that exposes the flaws of the world in turn. It is a great character that is someone we truly should wish to have as little in common as possible. Don is fundamentally incapable of being content with himself and loving others properly. Both are sociopaths, Don is the predator and Dick is the victim. Don Draper has a lot that can be learned from however the goal should be how to use the tools Don is capable of for our benefit, only be genuine.
Wilder Cross (29 days ago)
Osterbach. You are spot on. Thank you for your insightful and healthy commentary. Thank you for not merely nodding and agreeing like the lemming so many men are after watching this video. Don Draper is not a man to emulate. At all. He is at best a hollow narcissistic and materialist charade. Act like that around men and women and one will die a pathetic, existentially impoverished death - alone without a female, friends or family. He is a fool. I’ve known men like him in both professional and social environments. I have said precisely that to their faces, then turned my back to each one and walked away.
Nathan Slade (2 months ago)
Dons a pimp
mariasja1234 (2 months ago)
Dudes self-confidence without substance is nothing. Actually it doesn't exist without substance, Confident people don't spend time trying to figure out how to appear confident. You're only fooling yourselves and you want to become manipulators. Women don't want that. In fact, they want the opposite which is an honest man who's capable of expressing genuine emotions, who doesn't engage in compartmentalizations and other mental gymnastics to run away from his vulnerable self and who's capable of having and holding a healthy relationship. That's it, losers.
Deen Akeredolu-Ale (2 months ago)
WHOA! 👏👏👏👏😁
Sam Brodie (4 months ago)
This is about self confidence. He may wear a mask though his actions are genuine. He’s a sort of enigma. Modern industrial times call for those measures. Adaptability. Survival. Recognizing the game.
Simeon (5 months ago)
Don Draper is mentally ill, and not someone to emulate.
TheVideo Commenter (2 months ago)
Yeah those scenes were pretty weird specially in the earlier seasons how they triggered flashbacks like when he fell down the stairs and imagined himself in his childhood memory, I wasn't really sure if he had problems or if it was just a method Matthew used to have flashback scenes without confusion but when he started to see his father and that dead soldier without his arm I felt like he definetly had problems. Maybe too much booze causes them who knows? I also realized that I knew the word "borderline" wrong this whole time but I agree on what you said, Duck is a worse alcoholic, Don drank too much but Duck almost murdered Don while he was drunk.
witswg (2 months ago)
Ah I see what you mean lol, I never saw that as the symptom of schizophrenia though to be honest, just a quirky, surreal send-off for a beloved character. I always thought those surreal, clearly imaginary sequences were unneeded and had no real effect on the whole plot. Also, now that I think about it, you might be right about the borderline part actually, he certainly never got to Duck Phillips levels of alcoholism.
TheVideo Commenter (2 months ago)
+witswg I can give you many examples but I think Bertam Cooper's dance would be enough (excuse me for the wrong usage of borderline)
witswg (2 months ago)
Schizophrenic? Where'd you get that from? Also he isn't borderline, he was a flat out alcoholic
TheVideo Commenter (3 months ago)
Bro, he is a schizophrenic and a borderline alcoholic, I don't think you can but quotes on mentally ill
Frequent Flyer (5 months ago)
The first dialogue is also more of a metaphor as are most dialogues in mad men. You can't go out there, as in life wise, was applicable to the hobos who just aren't doing anything with their lives not putting themselves in the world. The dialogue put an end to the debate they were having earlier in the episode where the hobos were calling Don out for selling his soul. The last dialogue wins him the argument in saying, Don is out there facing the world, while the hobos can't.
JudgeJulieLit (7 days ago)
"Hobos"? They were avant-garde artists, for whose product the world was not yet ready.
Vouffef Ratpi (5 months ago)
I still haven't watch the video but I have to say, Don is not confident at all in his deep self. He just show people what he wants them to see
JudgeJulieLit (7 days ago)
Actually Don is confident of his ability to create winning ad campaigns and to seduce women, at both which he serially succeeds.
003 7712 (1 month ago)
Don is like a Hank Moody. There's just as much to be careful to avoid as there is to learn from positively.
Gim Iu (4 months ago)
vouffef ratpi he’s not confidence until he owns who he really is
Todd Lehman (5 months ago)
vouffef ratpi Don actually doesn't think much of himself, but he does realize what other people see in him and uses it
Alejandro Serrano (5 months ago)
true but isn't that part of being confident? Allowing people to see and believing that you are go together.
tubularbill (5 months ago)
Draper is not that confident. He’s a tall, dark and handsome man. For about 70% of the series Don is a complete wreck.
ResoluteHD (2 months ago)
Draper was a mere facade of who Dick really was. Most families in real life may seem picture perfect in public, but are actually a wreck. To say Don was a complete wreck might be true, but he was dealing with the stress of his formal and current life coming together.
TheVideo Commenter (3 months ago)
There are times he was Dick Whitman in the show, an unwanted orphan who grew up in a whorehouse and there were times where he was Don Draper, a man that is desired by many, confident, clever slick bastard also known as "the alpha male"
Alejandro Serrano (5 months ago)
Don is a complete wreck because of his past self, Dick Whitman. Don Draper is his new persona he created which is in fact his confident self.
Brain rich (5 months ago)
Don Draper is the man. But I do have to say that the "you can't" scene was more about how the other guy was dressed. Don was older, more mature and he looked clean. Whereas the other guy is a hippy, which back then had a rep of being troublemakers in the 60's. I do agree though, the character oozes confidence. Jon Hamm did an outstanding job as Don Draper.

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