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Something Went Hilariously Wrong On Social Media 「 funny photos 」

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Text Comments (542)
Oscar Francisco (6 days ago)
Faceplam hits me hard.
Nate Turvey (6 days ago)
2:01 r/wooooosh
eddie rattlehead (11 days ago)
If you're ever felling sad remember that there are stupid people in this world to make you happy have an amazing day
Hazel Bonfield (11 days ago)
Can someone please explain what kind of person would get their face tattooed? That will ruin so many social and professional opportunities.
Derpy Sprinkles (11 days ago)
2:40 retard alert!
Derpy Sprinkles (11 days ago)
2:43 retard alert!
Cezz (11 days ago)
0:35 *insert Toy Story meme* Christians everywhere
Srilankan Tourist (14 days ago)
what an abrupt ending ??? FUck this uploader
BadHairLife (16 days ago)
0:35 this I don’t so dumb! The earth is 2018 years old! Duh!
Raptor Charly (17 days ago)
19 and 20 are actually awesome though. Like 19 especially is really cool.
Michael Kot (17 days ago)
Ok, I love the video, but the type of music and loud electro gets just a little annoying
Ally Bally (19 days ago)
These people are just straight up IDIOTSSSSSS
Orecon 125 (20 days ago)
Some people need to go to school especially no. 21. And no. 17 the best comeback ever
T Ruben (20 days ago)
1:48 that’s exactly what I said to my friend thinking I was being smart then she just said “you mean gloves”. My dream of being a famous inventor died😢
Dylbert (21 days ago)
0:41 earth has been around a lot longer than 2016 years you should be saying happy 4.543 billion year b day earth
COOKIE OVERLOAD (22 days ago)
4:04 sign language is for the deaf
Brytime 1015 (22 days ago)
The first one though
Miika Hämäläinen (23 days ago)
0:25 OMFG like this should be common sense🤦‍♂️
Allisondra Terrano (24 days ago)
This is why we can have nice things, the idiots find a way to ruin that. (rolls eyes)
Allisondra Terrano (24 days ago)
I don't even wanna know how these people got so stupid. I really don't. Its just too crazy to listen to. I can't even with this people. As much as I understand that not everyone is smart, I would like to make myself believe that everyone that isn't smart isn't stupid. There is no border line apparently. Save humanity people, if you know an overly stupid human being than report them to "The Idiot Police". They arrest idiots-like the creators of the name and number of this police force. Save us, call them, less embarrassment. Thats "The-Idiot-Police". thats the number too. Like I said, the creators of the name are in jail people, trust me...
Allisondra Terrano (24 days ago)
Ok why don;t we go over one thing, this is all fake it is for a laugh. Do not call The Idiot Police they do not exist. As much as I would like to believe I would not like to tell people this, but as we can see idiots live among us. Have an amazing day everyone and DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER I PROVIDED IT DOES NOT EXIST. Thank you! ;)
MegamiSama88 (24 days ago)
The abrupt ending to the video, combined with the demand that we subscribe, has guaranteed that not only will I not subscribe, I will NEVER watch one of your videos again.
Minh An Huỳnh (24 days ago)
Omg lol im dying of laughter here
Tom Turelur (25 days ago)
...proof that the world is going to "IDIOCRACY"... I hope, this will correct itself, Darwin-Style... facepalm.
Alexa Penn (25 days ago)
4:21 - i've seen photos of the tribe shooting at the plane. boy, what aim they have! - but where did all those arrows come from? - there must be 100 of them :} and that poor plane had to be fixed - a lot of holes!! n.b. that tribe had no idea what the plane was - a monster bird. they were protecting their people and their village. i wonder what they called it and what legend was developed for it?
Official:Ghastik (25 days ago)
omg i love #8 😂
Gill Ward (26 days ago)
I hope they dont have kids too much stupidity in this world already
Shannon Hutton (26 days ago)
I’m confused about 8 how do u open a pizza box upside down
Playmobil City (26 days ago)
So the last one (thumbnail (left)) is obviously edited...
callmelyn73 (27 days ago)
@2:53 Jesse is right. She ain’t sitting on just that stool and photoshopping involved. The pic on the right ain’t convincing. One leg is off and he looks like he’s about to fall any second. Don’t know what Ariana was talking about but yea, she was busted.
Gabriel Ivan (27 days ago)
what song is this 0:59
4:34 *they're living among us...*
DaWaWdy :D (28 days ago)
This people is way TOO STUPID
Slarti Bartfast (30 days ago)
should having children be legally controlled?
Ray (1 month ago)
3:34 dying
Ema Emily (1 month ago)
0:39 uhhh earth is billions years old
Charlotte Hogg (1 month ago)
3:32 This person is stupid as fuck.
Nathaniel Biek (1 month ago)
Why did I watch this whole video I now regret everything.
Elliya Turk (1 month ago)
The presidents stay for about four years on minimum.and some times eight of they get re-elected.😜BOOM!!!
Helden Kline (1 month ago)
12, 21, 24 = need for a basic intelligence test to use the internet.
Keyboard Warrior (1 month ago)
Sad thing is, that there is big possibility that one of these people will become president,minister,politician or major...
Catsrock21322 (1 month ago)
Unfortunately I have ppl like this around me.. *what do I do?* (classmates)
Horsey Lover (1 month ago)
This should be called people are dumb
iQueen (1 month ago)
Stupid, much?
robaerto71 (1 month ago)
0:35 "Happy 2016th Birthday Earth"??? Some kind of religious Moron??? Just a little less than 4.6 Billion years, isn't it? I recommend reading some science books - there are far shorter than the bible, too!
TheOefOef (1 month ago)
that thumbnail does not exist worst video of my life
Marielle Janne (1 month ago)
2:36 Dafaq dud Countries not Continents, Go back to Middle School please
The one where the girl was posting pics of her credit card... lol, that was so dumb.
Anime Loser (1 month ago)
HiiighAsAKite (1 month ago)
The panorama one was really cool
Unicorn 0714592_47510 (1 month ago)
I love Ariana Grande!
ketchupp soup (1 month ago)
Xfiles Foxisdead (1 month ago)
My god. I didnt know anyone can be so stupid. Guy that posted pics of his credit card is just mega dumb...
squickers cat (1 month ago)
1:52 I've got chills, They're multiplyin-
lauren norby (1 month ago)
just saying, if you have triplets, your still pregnant for only 9 months. all the babies grow at the same time
Black Vadef (1 month ago)
0:40 Thats wrong af. The world is 1000000 years old, but Jesus was born 2016 years ago so... *WRONG*
Kitty Meow (9 days ago)
CR33PY•CRAWLEY He died at 33, i think? So is the answer 2046 years of age?
Gill Ward (26 days ago)
IF he is real
CR33PY•CRAWLEY (28 days ago)
Black Vadef yeh you just got all that wrong too... the world is 4.6billion years old and Jesus is waaaayyyyy older than 2016 yrs old... How many years are AC and count, that's how old Jesus is
Upscale Avenue (1 month ago)
Black Vadef The planet is 4.6 billion years old.
zerocool212121 (1 month ago)
@4:30 dat hip gap
Michelle .H (1 month ago)
3:24 - just how thick can you be?
Doran Martell (1 month ago)
2:33 your graduation is worth nothing
Javier Sds (1 month ago)
3:22 - How can anyone be so stupid?! She deserves to be robbed.
kodomotachi1 (1 month ago)
Losing hope
The Videogamer (1 month ago)
3:29 "Apparently someone was using it too" IF U DONT WANT SOMEONE ELSE TO USE IT DONT POST ON FACEBOOK lok
Weirdos Unite (1 month ago)
Hey people from a couple months ago trump has another reason to be killed, hated, etc. Sorry to those who like trump... wait no, those who do like trump need to get there heads checked. Well Clinton was also bad
Tuinier Aapie (11 days ago)
yes, that was the problem. there were only 2 bad ones left to choose :)
King of Poliwhirls (1 month ago)
0:40 I really hope they realized that the chocolate thing wasn't the only part wrong with that picture.
songs Braden1905 (1 month ago)
0:48 What a flipping idiot
Beatriz García Simón (1 month ago)
0:38 You know that the earth is much older right?
Kevin Lee (17 days ago)
Are you sure? You talked to earth and that's what he/she/it/pastrami said? Or you looked it up on wikipedia?
Beatriz García Simón (17 days ago)
*faceplam because i dont have emojis on my keyboard* the earth is 4,543 billion years old
Kevin Lee (1 month ago)
Like, 2019?
Katie Palmer (1 month ago)
0:47 is just..... Noooooooooo! Never trust the internet over your gut *facepalm*
Autumn Hawley (1 month ago)
3:30 She seems like a spoiled brat who either thinks everyone is good in the world or hasn't learned about the real world, she doesn't deserve that debit card.
Sasha Runner (1 month ago)
0:35 I laughed because the earth is i dunno a billion years old xDDD
Any arinators here?
Jennifer J (1 month ago)
3:48 What doesn't the poster understand what the actual important part of that article is? Who cares about her name; it's inclusion is unnecessary. Its just so cool that the apparently nameless wife of a Bears lineman won an Olympic medal! In case someone couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic. I agree with "Copy McPasty"s post 100%! If the article is about her achievement as an Olympian, the fact she's the wife of a Bear should be a side note at most; her name and her accomplishment(s) should be the main part of post's title.
Rebecca Young (1 month ago)
The sign Language one drove me up the wall me and my mom are taking a sign language class . Oh my gosh person they won't be able to read it their "BLIND" Not deaf signing words is when someone is deaf!😶
hillary stone (1 month ago)
I am still on the thumbnail about the Statue of Liberty in Paris France. I know that architect was from France, but I didn’t know that the Statue of Liberty was there as well. So I am going with the Eiffel Tower is in New York Harbor if the Statue of Liberty is in Paris. Alex, can I get major airheads for $2000, please? LOL
Kenna The Amazing (1 month ago)
On the earth one, I'm not sure that they know that the earth was around before the Common Era. There's a little thing called B.C.E. that stands for Before Common Era. I'm pretty sure they posted that on Earth Day in 2016( BCE).
Sweet Cookie OC (1 month ago)
Heh alcohol is water 🤗
Catkušik (1 month ago)
Jeeeesus, that part with debit card... How can anybody be so stupid?!
Victoria Yip (1 month ago)
3:30 wow.She dumb af
Iida.juliaa (1 month ago)
4:06 LiGhT mE uP
Karen Andersen (2 months ago)
The last music, how bad and annoying, how is it even possible for those voices to go viral.. this is not music! Real music has class and feelings (BRYAN ADAMS, R WILLIAMS, MJ, ELVIS P, W.HOUSTON ETC. not this stupid crap. Have a nice day and thx for reading
Golden Wolves (2 months ago)
Ok, I have mixed feeling. I feel smart, but my brains hurt.
Spectre (2 months ago)
That plane...my lord O_o
Delaney the Zebra (2 months ago)
How do you even CONFUSE WHAT COUNTRY YOUR IN?! You sure dont live in France. So you had to of taken a plane or something! She might be drinking. Thats my only guess or your skipping your 4th grade.
Ali Swanson (2 months ago)
Oh dear gods. They need smarter friends.
Vepur (2 months ago)
3:33 Idiots at it's finest.
I like To Swim (2 months ago)
#24 kys Baker with a Hannah baker profile pic
I like To Swim (2 months ago)
#21 should be blurred it’s tmi
Anime Nerd (2 months ago)
On number four, at 0:44, it isn’t the Earth’s 2016th birthday, the Earth was still there for billions of years. Humans have only been here for 2016 years. And it’s 2018 now.
Tuinier Aapie (11 days ago)
Christ was the first Human on earth? And how about his mother Marie?
Roadrunner Slure (2 months ago)
0:52 lol now he doesnt have phone anymore Wait how tf did he take this photo? XD
Jasmin Jagelki (2 months ago)
4 omg xD didn't he/she know the earth is so much older? XD
jayxfrost (2 months ago)
These people are a reason why aliens don't talk to us...
The Flacotacoish (2 months ago)
Some people can be total retards that's what I learned from th is video...
Kween Jeed (2 months ago)
What's the intro?
Emma Rose (2 months ago)
1:49 was that dangmattsmith
Mattea Jane (2 months ago)
Sylvia (2 months ago)
The debit cards had different names on them. I knew people couldn't be THAT stupid.
Levinia Hill (3 months ago)
I think my IQ dropped by just watching this lol :-)
Yolanta Phoenix (3 months ago)
it's not funny, it's fckn SAD
Gordon Sun (3 months ago)
4:35 if you pause at the right moment, u see a hairdryer? on rice. I dunno exactly what it is. Go to .25 speed to see
Little Gatcha (2 months ago)
Gordon Sun on rice, of course!
Amanda Spurgeon (3 months ago)
That ignorant girl with debit card is too stupid to be in charge of any finances of any kind. Parents hurry up and get power of attorney on that s*** before she gets an email from a prince wanting to give her a million dollars

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