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Nightwatch: Man Down in a Hotel (Season 2, Episode 9) | A&E

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Nick and Holly have no idea what to expect when they receive a call about a man down in a locked hotel room in this collection of scenes from "Dreams and Nightmares." #Nightwatch Subscribe for more from Nightwatch and other great A&E shows: http://aetv.us/NightwatchOfficial Find out more about the show on our site: http://aetv.us/TheFirst48 Watch full episodes here: http://aetv.us/NightwatchOfficial Check out exclusive A&E content: Website - http://www.aetv.com Twitter - https://twitter.com/AETV Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AETV Google+ - https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AE Nightwatch Season 2 Episode 217 Dreams and Nightmares From executive producer Dick Wolf comes "Nightwatch," an hour-long series following elite teams of emergency responders as they risk their lives to work the busiest and most unnerving shift of the day: the overnight shift in New Orleans, Louisiana. A&E leads the cultural conversation through high-quality, thought provoking original programming with a unique point of view. Whether it’s the network’s distinctive brand of award-winning disruptive reality, groundbreaking documentary, or premium scripted drama, A&E always makes entertainment an art. Visit us at aetv.com for more info.
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Text Comments (84)
Yesenia Contreras (4 days ago)
you wake up dead 😂
MrsShadyShade (12 days ago)
I need those earbuds.
Mandy Hh (22 days ago)
Theses two are the funniest
LONG LIVE JAHSEH (1 month ago)
0:17 my 1st grade teacher did 😓
Its true that you can wake up dead, it happened to my Nan and Pops sausage dog. It was a very hard moment for us
Izzy B (1 month ago)
I ship them
Jay Camp (2 months ago)
Love these two
Katie Dorton (2 months ago)
Did he say could be the diabeticals?
Sayuri's World🤣 (2 months ago)
"Or you can just wake up dead" "Nick, how do you wake up dead." "You wake up but you really don't wake up"
Chloe Kennedy (2 months ago)
lol if you’ve seen scary movie 3 this clip is everything
Max Austin (2 months ago)
Ruben Gloria (2 months ago)
Unless, you a ZOMBIE!
lex jr (2 months ago)
Scary movie reference lol
BOR K (2 months ago)
*You Wake Up And You Dont Just Really Wake Up...*
SupaEMT134 (3 months ago)
*Best. Show. Ever.*
LexusVIP 400 (3 months ago)
They are pretty funny people.
Jadé Andréa (3 months ago)
claude mugisha (3 months ago)
“Wake up dead”💀😂
HeyItsMaryJane (3 months ago)
holly and nick have to be my favorite 😂
Emmaline DiFilippo (4 months ago)
My great Grandma died in her sleep
Ikran Yusuf (4 months ago)
I wouldn't trust someone with all those tattoos lol like how unprofessional
jillian wilson (4 months ago)
Nightwatch comes in August
aileen xo (5 months ago)
He has a faze tattoo 🤪
Ayah Abdelgawad (5 months ago)
Yo the scary music right before they got in...loool deaad
Andy Barron (5 months ago)
Juan Castillo (6 months ago)
Gave me anxiety when the fireman was next to the other that was trynna open the door like what if it flew out and hit him😂
sofia rideman (6 months ago)
Anyone else think of scary movie??😂😂
maya summers (7 months ago)
"Overconcerned" Sure. Lmao 😉
Fon O (7 months ago)
This show sucks compared to live pd and I hate that ems chick
Kiki Foreves (7 months ago)
Is it me or does holly have a crush on nick
Kiki Foreves both of them are married, holly is pregnant at the moment so don't think so
Jen Vincur (7 months ago)
The beginning of this video sounded like a scene from Scary Movie 3. “You can’t wake up dear” “but you go alive to sleep.” “How you gonna wake up dead in a bed and know cause you ain’t alive”
maggie rasic (8 months ago)
shoot its 1 am
ThaCarti (8 months ago)
Wake up dead lmaooo Scary Movie 3
Borophilia (8 months ago)
The 'wake up dead' debate between the cops had me laughing
cops. yes.
Borophilia (7 months ago)
Anabanana96 yeah i goofed that one up lol
Anabanana96 (7 months ago)
Borophilia they're paramedics
Alonso Hernandez (9 months ago)
These two have a lil something going on!!
Ethan Thornburg (9 months ago)
Why she got a paper towel around her can is that a beer lady?
Mace S (10 months ago)
Twitch prank!
DinoMack1 (11 months ago)
i love pretending to talk black
Diedrie Gibbs (2 months ago)
Talk black? How does someone do That? I mean she's speaking with an accent, so is that talking black? You can't make a comment like that and not go into details
Kyrie Eleison Singson (3 months ago)
omfg stfu..
perfect_girl xx (6 months ago)
Reina Arana (11 months ago)
When she called him an igneranus in the beginning of the clip 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Robert Peals (1 year ago)
Reminds me of scary movie 3 “How do you go to bed dead?” “Because you alive when you go to sleep fool”
BA arts (9 days ago)
Robert Peals i deadass thought they were copying that 😂
Anthony Alaniz III (26 days ago)
"So you telling me you can go to bed dead and then wake up alive?!?!" 😂😂😂 bruh that's the first thing I thought of !
Gummyninja (1 year ago)
Is that why officers never get there on time ?
Always Makaliah (1 year ago)
When my cousin was working as a firefighter he said one lady just called because she was lonely.
a. evelyn (2 months ago)
I’ve heard of that happening before more often than you’d expect. People get lonely and want to talk to someone. Who knows, they could be reaching out when feeling suicidal, but they’ll likely not mention that to avoid being shipped off to the hospital or an asylum.
local anathema (4 months ago)
that’s so sad.
Bryce Petro (1 year ago)
These cops are so funny
Maxwell Rischar (1 year ago)
He may be deeead
TheKumba (1 year ago)
Hahahahaha hahahaha that's too funny!!!
Ally Williams (1 year ago)
okay well he's hot af. 😍
Charlie Holmes (1 year ago)
That girl is kind of annoying
Rolf Hunt (1 year ago)
I couldn't work with them they weird af
Edgars Grapmanis (3 months ago)
Yes, especially considering that their focus should be on the road to get there faster and safer
Espurr Rocks (3 months ago)
Eh weird people are the best. They are usually the funniest ones. I mean would you rather be trapped in a box for twelve hours with a hilarious weirdo or bob from payroll
Butts (4 months ago)
They wouldn't work with you you're weird af
Orlando Diaz (5 months ago)
Rolf Hunt really?
LuisFX (1 year ago)
I want whatever earbuds he has
kingblack22ss (1 year ago)
I just learned a new word lol
Meatballs Gaming (1 year ago)
Girlfriend probably called on boyfriend thinking he was with another girl.
leiah leak (1 year ago)
i love those two together they crack me up
AnimalsLoveMe6622 N (8 days ago)
Ikr ❤️❤️❤️
Recon527 (3 months ago)
leiah leak they have a Judy hops and Nick Wild vibe lol
Bryant Burchell (1 year ago)
Alee Brown (2 years ago)
something my nagging grandma would do call the medic over the simplest thing
law whi (1 year ago)
Be thankful she loves you :)
Alee Brown (2 years ago)
really wow
Jarred Jackson (2 years ago)
her last name tho
This series is 100% absolutely incredible and amazing. Why did I not work with New Orleans Paramedics????, . I wish we had here in the UK crews of all emergency services as funny,kind and compassionate. My experiences here in the UK working in the Ambulance Service was just one long negativity from crews, which is sad as there are some exceptional crews here. Everyday I heard/experienced negative and frustrated crews and every time it went back to "management" not the crews.
Doug B (10 months ago)
Bridget Fielding-Renwick most of those truly friendly cops are in Nola even though alot used to be corrupt
TJ McMahon (2 years ago)
I ship it
beyoncefan2382 (2 years ago)
that part of the episode cracked me up lol
LCTTA2018 (2 years ago)
beyoncefan2382 me too
Timmy West (2 years ago)
keep up good work Holly and Nick I love the idea of the new show
Jasmine Jacob (2 years ago)
wtf.... people always being selfish
Stryzhh (2 years ago)
Nicky John (2 years ago)
Nicky John (2 years ago)

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