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"Why I Hunt" Interview with Hannah Barron about girls/women hunting

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We are excited to present the newest member of the Total Outdoor Programming team, Hannah Barron! While filming out in northwestern Missouri at Bluestem outfitters, we were able to talk to Hannah about why she hunts! Women of a variety of ages make up the fastest growing portion of hunters today! If you have considered trying hunting, take Hannah's advice and get out there and try it, you'll love it! http://bluestemoutfitters.com/ We'll be bringing more videos to the Total Outdoor Programming with Hannah Barron Playlist in the future! Thanks Hannah!!
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Text Comments (352)
El Naturale (6 minutes ago)
Her Charm And Southern Accent Are Noticeable
Nick Gratton (12 hours ago)
Squeaky Reed (22 hours ago)
Hannah, I like how we talk. Proper ain't no fun! 🤣
Neck Beard (1 day ago)
I would definitely like to do some gruntin with her!
johnnymedina420 (1 day ago)
I really can't believe that God made such a beautiful perfect woman the that she marries is going to be the luckiest man in the entire world in the entire universe it is very hard and difficult to find a woman that has all those perfect qualities and I love doing all of those things I wish I was that lucky to find somebody like her God bless her parents can't believe I'm so in love😍🌷🦃🦌🐗🐟🌹
Steven Ross-watt (1 day ago)
It's hard to imagine a more natural smiley person.
Wes Monahan (1 day ago)
I swear if you aint the most gorgeous gal in the world!
Robert Collins (2 days ago)
She rocks.. awesome country girl.
Dean Ruttenbur (2 days ago)
What a fox. And an outdoor lover too boot. Damn theres a lucky man somewhere
P85037 L (2 days ago)
Wow you are badass!!! Almost every mans dream woman!!!
Lauren Sorrentino (3 days ago)
You people are just the worst person it’s like go to the store to get food it much cheaper because you don’t have to pay for a hunting license oh and it’s humane
csrgatorfan (3 days ago)
You are every man's dream girl. I'm sorry, let me clarify, you're every CONSERVATIVE man's dream girl. Liberal men are wusses and play with dolls.
1_ Fishin'_ Magician (4 days ago)
did she say...??? If I was a lady I would hav dropped him right below me......* I lubb this gurl,,,, ;-)
Joe neault (6 days ago)
LUV yer accent ! my wife is southern too.
Joel Davis (6 days ago)
When ur in the south,.... They are the ones with the accent
Leonard Stubbs (7 days ago)
Beautiful back straps Hana👍
Michael Moretti (7 days ago)
No way is this gem single. The ditzy girls where I live all talk about coffee and shoes and social media and make-up and Kardashians ... they're just ridiculous when I compare them with an adorable girl like Hannah Barron.
Greg the cali-wood (7 days ago)
Hawthorne owl (8 days ago)
A freedom loving babe
Harry Hog (8 days ago)
I could look and listen to this Angel all day long.
JOHN CLARK (8 days ago)
Stunning lady! Love the southern accent!
c4snipar (8 days ago)
Man, that’s what you define a beautiful and fun women!
Tim Weaver (9 days ago)
Gotta Love this girl
Okie Rider (9 days ago)
The only reason they chose her to represent a small percentage of women who hunt is because she's cute redneck girl. I highly doubt that they would use a cute, chubby or fat girl to be interviewed. Lol
Aaron Garrett (10 days ago)
I’ll go hunting with her any day love her voice
JELENEK OUTDOORS (10 days ago)
I just love the "hunting is wrong" comment down there from a person who's never read the bible. Hannah GOD BLESS YOU take care of yourself and kinfolk 🇺🇸
delano62 (11 days ago)
I could listen to her talk all day long. Goodness, this woman is the real deal.
rholdcroft99 (11 days ago)
HAHAHA, "You put that cross eyed mess on there, we gonna fight"
jl123ist (12 days ago)
I would put a ring on her finger soooo fast!
Dinu Cohut (12 days ago)
She aint that hot.
Alien Intention (13 days ago)
After you kill that deer put on a little skirt and get your ass in the kitchen and fry up those back straps!!!
TheGravygun (14 days ago)
She is the 3% fellas.
Precitate ya'all!
David (14 days ago)
My mom was a physicist and a girly girl and was deadly in the field with a gun or a bow
Mike Dion (14 days ago)
Wish I had parents like hers. She is the result of great parenting.
Jake dgfabouturopinion (14 days ago)
😍😍 ❤️❤️❤️😍😍
Jeremy Portnoy (14 days ago)
If I have a daughter I'm gonna raise her up just like Hannah. She's so impressive.
Andrew Jackson (14 days ago)
is this real life
S Lit (15 days ago)
I'd make Her GRUNT..... 😋😋😋😋😋
Jamon Dawson (15 days ago)
The only reason why she is famous is cause she is pretty... she’s an average hunter
breker19er (15 days ago)
Wow!! She is so beautiful!!!
mark rigsby (15 days ago)
Countryyy, as a turnip greeen!
Yanthan Arthur (16 days ago)
Her accent 😍😍😍😍
Brad Peterson (17 days ago)
She's incredible,crazy skilled huntress,could listen to her talk all day long,that smile is sunshine.
Mikenopolis (18 days ago)
I can't hunt anywhere except at grocery stores, I'm glad there are people who can, they must save a lot of money not having to purchase meat. And man I love that accent, so laid back
James Wardrop (18 days ago)
She sounds EXACTLY like Reba McEntire.
R L saved (19 days ago)
Girl you can best most boys up here in Kansas I know and work with. What a pleasure to know your out in the woods and waters doin what everyone should be doin.
Steve Jr (20 days ago)
I could listen to her all the time. What a sweetheart.
iTz Newblood (20 days ago)
martin ganyo (20 days ago)
Craig Bruce (20 days ago)
Why is her channel so sparse? She is awesome just that southern drawl on her gives me goosebumps.
edward alexander (21 days ago)
Absolutely beautiful don't change a thing your dad raised you right 👍
Shaun Davenport (21 days ago)
I love watching the deer,and figuring out how to kill em!!Only in America!!!!👍👍👍
hide replies (25 days ago)
Hannah you rock girl. Keep doing what you love.😃👌
R L (25 days ago)
God said in Genesis 1:29-31 quote "I have given you every seed bearing fruit and herb for your meat. I guess she forgot about God.
John veris (26 days ago)
A beautifull girl that hunt and fish ill take it..:)
Willie L Pugh,III (26 days ago)
The audio department radio just about any time I went into a store specially audio I was always asking so many questions never bought anything but just ask them see the term teachable moment
Willie L Pugh,III (26 days ago)
I did the same thing with the bicycle Department
Willie L Pugh,III (26 days ago)
I think that's when you can buy at Walmart bow and arrow but then I got a Smith & Wesson in there also I used to always talk to him talk to them like in the stores for us you know what they had the range of what they had and you know it's like Academy Sports and Outdoors I like hung out there when I have anything else to do I wasn't stealing just talking with the staff
Willie L Pugh,III (26 days ago)
150 strong take down 200 better be really uphill shooting downhill
Willie L Pugh,III (26 days ago)
200 yards I think
Willie L Pugh,III (26 days ago)
Why don't you get on that field being grass and Bill hate all day bale hay that's some work
Willie L Pugh,III (26 days ago)
Willie L Pugh,III (26 days ago)
What I owe King David to that slingshot up against Goliath paint nothing right in the head you never got back up I'm so hungry I hit a squirrel with a rock to eat it
Willie L Pugh,III (26 days ago)
So if I can use my bow and arrows got my slingshot
Willie L Pugh,III (26 days ago)
Boy Scouts a bow and arrow boy scouts or boy and arrow Boy Scouts my boy Arrow Boy Scouts my boy and arrow
hustler539 (27 days ago)
If only the modern woman was more like this.
PAPACHULO (28 days ago)
Hannah, hats off to your Dad for teaching you his wisdom and fortitude to have the skills and wits you carry with you in life. Some of us men can only wish our fathers had the same wisdom and fortitude. May you find a husband down the road with similar qualities liken to your Dad. God bless you and your father.
A Shade of Gray (28 days ago)
You remind me of my wife, she's from Gastonia.
Jack Frost (29 days ago)
Will you Marry me?
Richard Nixon (1 month ago)
I dont think that girl even knows how beautiful she is.
Eric Farkas (1 month ago)
And the crown for 2019's Miss America goes to...
Hahaha you can't help but love her 😂😂😂
Don Wick (1 month ago)
"We *Taulk* how *we'er suppose *tue* "We *taulk* normal." I guess that Aristocrat doesn't know anything about regional dialect. Wonder if he has ever been to Fargo, North Dakota? Or the Bronx Borough in NY? Or Anchorage, Alaska? I guess his accent is the only one that's normal? Hannah's so-called "accent" is as beautiful as she is.
KidScipio (1 month ago)
she's hot
Tj Smith (1 month ago)
So unbelievably HOT!
Tony Davis (1 month ago)
"A real southern goddess with some serious skills! :)
Scott Medina (1 month ago)
Dose she like horseback riding
Brady Wittmer (1 month ago)
I started hunting when I was 8. I know a man who can call turkey with his mouth.
Morgan Freeman (1 month ago)
Very pretty. Too bad she likes killing.
Justin evenson (1 month ago)
Would marry her tomorrow...
Eddie83 (1 month ago)
Are you sungle?
kysike666 (1 month ago)
i love her
Angelhungrig (1 month ago)
you have the sweetest voice I've ever heard 😍
Wake Up America (1 month ago)
Awesome young lady!!!!
David Clark (1 month ago)
Real pretty girl
Tom Thumb (1 month ago)
Yep, she just likes to kill animals and thinks she is something because she ambushes animals and kills them, not for food but for fun. I like meat and eat it every day but she has no respect for life.
Don Wick (1 month ago)
Tom Thumb She is something. And you're a nothing making comments about something you know nothing about. We eat what we kill, it's a sport and we have fun doing it. And we respect the process of doing it. Go eat your easy to get meat at the grocery store. Do you enjoy buying, cooking, and eating that meat? Do you feel sad for eating it? I guess an animal raised for the main purpose to be slaughtered is "respecting" life? You're a hypocrite.
assault and battery (1 month ago)
I wish she was huntn ME...
A N (1 month ago)
I dont like you for killing those innocent beings... I will like you if you could save one if not bring them back to life.
runkorko (1 month ago)
Because rich daddy pay for it ?
Chris Lazos (1 month ago)
This woman is so gorgeous.what a beautiful smile and I also love the way she talks
William Knight (1 month ago)
It is hard to believe she is real.. very cute.. I am impressed.
JAZJ (1 month ago)
Hannah is very sexy and beautiful. I am in love. ;))
trippplefive (1 month ago)
as a brown guy I'm willing to get shot at down south in order to find me a southern girl. wish me luck.
Jay Lee (1 month ago)
She's cute as fuck but that accent is so thick it's almost comical.. haha
The Golden Knight (1 month ago)
She is absolutely just down-to-earth! An American Girl who isn't afraid to get down and dirty! That's what I call, BEING REAL! "Y'all talk how you're supposed to, we talk whatever's easiest." Love it! Reminds me of that quote, "y'all laugh because I'm different. I laugh at y'all cause y'all are the same!"
BJB (1 month ago)
Trusten Baker (1 month ago)
I like her!
aztec ninja (1 month ago)
I mean I'd hunt that lol 😎👍
Jason Takahashi (1 month ago)
dont make her mad ;) !!!!!

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