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Are you LESS gay if you enjoy a strap

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starfaery (6 years ago)
I think some lesbians like the feeling of being woman sometimes, and gender identity, don't allways match your orientation. (Some straight men actually sometimes wish they were lesbians. I think it's what is called gender queers) Or the strap could be seen as an extention of the girl, rather than seen as a stricly male attrap. What is important, is that it's a girl doing it, not a guy. That is my impression of, why girls use straps anyway.
Joyniqua Hall (6 years ago)
My question is with strap ons whats the point only one person gets pleasure from it, so whats the point?
Sabirna Mompoint (7 years ago)
love sex, love new ideas, open minded to anything, but like using straps is like saying the girl want a dick .. which kinda knocks the whole u like sex with females things, because basically your fuckkin a rubber dick.... but yes there is more to being gay then sex..but there is nothing wrong with it.. just have fun in the bedroom period.. if u need a strap to bust that nut go figure..
fall4daeyez (8 years ago)
Deffinetly agree
hugandkissme33 (9 years ago)
i'm speaking from a sexual standpoint as it relates to lesbians and how they feel and think when they think of straight men. if it's the mental and physical attraction that you have for women and not men, how does the dildo come in to play mentally? or is it jut penis you don't care either way..ok i'm digging myself deeper haha i want your reply aryka2000 ;)
hugandkissme33 (9 years ago)
..the psychoology of it all. i would imagine that perhaps when lesbians think of men they are turned off and so anything that relates to men is a no no. but then there are the femmes who are attracted to "butches" ? i'm clearly conufused that's all:) anyone who wants to enlighten me thnx ;)
hugandkissme33 (9 years ago)
well i guess perhaps what the perso who made the comment was thinking like myself maybe we're unclear why lesbians would want to have an artificial penis used during sex when they are not attracted to men..i'm unsure . this is in no way a hateful or made to bash any group of ppl i would actually like to understand
Naturally Minnie (9 years ago)
def agree! <3
MainelyButch (9 years ago)
Yeah, @" people need to lighten up with sex" so true, and the strap just adds a little spice, people shouldn't have such issues with toys, they are just made for more pleasure!
R OZ (9 years ago)
California !
iTBaby10 (9 years ago)
na dat don make u less of a lesbian?? i like fukkin ma guh wit a strap but me...i ain neva goin...na ah..lol

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