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Wanna see something really funny?

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Thanks. CSGO Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDopakYbBerSc6PgIXUTjcFi6tK8E1iId
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Text Comments (15)
turtles (2 years ago)
huh bebe
Ali Bazz (2 years ago)
what ta jumping fuck just happened?!
Jayland Starns (2 years ago)
Shizz (3 years ago)
i miss u
Mittensさん (3 years ago)
sides are in orbit right now
behinderteleberwurst (3 years ago)
C. E. Stewart (3 years ago)
MLG pro strat
xXxMartin96xXx (3 years ago)
what the fuck did just happened?
yodawig (3 years ago)
+xXxMartin96xXx Just as a dumb joke.
xXxMartin96xXx (3 years ago)
+S.E. Cupp yes, i was once playing resistance and liberation on a D-day map, and we were like the whole server glitched into a landing boat, and i threw a grenade. Before i heard the explosion i got the message that i was kicked. Then again, why did the shotgun dude killed his team mate?
yodawig (3 years ago)
+Hat Dag Cat I apologize I remembered something like that happening in TF2 years ago glad to know that's not what happens in CS:GO.
gyra (3 years ago)
If you kill a teammate at the very start of the round you get instakicked. So what happened was that the guy with the shotgun killed the guy with the AWP, causing the attacking player to get kicked (hence the vanishing) and the AWP guy to die. Hence the... dying.
Hat Dag Cat (3 years ago)
+yodawig You just went full retard.
entogen (3 years ago)
Every match on my team

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