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What Do Women Want: How To Turn Her On With Your Walk

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http://www.davidwygant.com What Do Women Want: How To Turn Her On With Your Walk. There are 3 keys to attracting women - the first one is to turn her on instantly with your walk. Find out what women really want in a man and what turns them on (or off) before they ever talk to you. For more FREE tips about what attracts women, visit http://www.davidwygant.com For FREE Advice Click HERE: http://www.davidwygant.com/free-advice/
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Fantastic View (5 months ago)
Just don’t be prissy. Look me straight in the eye when you talk. If your eyes are looking down and you fumble your words like you are insecure, I’m screaming “Next”!
BaldManLogan (2 years ago)
Y'all act like body language is the key to getting women. It's not. Brad Pitt or johnny depp could walk in somewhere all fast paced that nobody knows who they are and still get women effortlessly.
TheRexmoon (3 years ago)
You re a genious..!!! Thanks for your advice..!!! Really really works...!!!
KayKay Sharma (5 years ago)
Let’s get it out there. I am really envious of my cousin right now. He’s actually been alone permanently. Even so he’s caused a part-time model to state to him she is head over heels in love with him in less than a thirty day period. Just how is that actually manageable? He explained to me he tried the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone gorgeous said that to me… I cannot remember at any time seeing him so happy. Kinda makes me feel bad.
pankpoo (5 years ago)
yeah tube vids help make it basic to pickup ugly girls but if you want to score honeys you really need to know why girls tick or they wont even look at you study the video on PUA66.COM No matter where we come from, a little sugar is what everybody demands in life, what everybody needs in life. It's perhaps the main ingredient that keeps us alive.
ansh arora (5 years ago)
Life sucks. My buddy has started going out with a 10 basically because 60 days ago he registered to a site named Master Attraction (Google it if you'd like to learn more.) I'm so jealous since I want to just fall in love too. Why is it so hard? I'm going to take a peek at this Jake Ayres guy's material to check out if it can help somebody like me. Crazy point is, my friend previously had no luck with females. How do you transform so fast? His lady's like a model.
nguyen tho (5 years ago)
That was great content. I'd been so confounded witnessing my best mate move from being a loser to a ladies man. He began getting women instantly. I was amazed. He behaved as if it was standard for quite a while. He ultimately came clean two days ago. He told me he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you wish to know about it... He's seeing a beauty... Lucky bastard!
Laurelindo (6 years ago)
Why? How is, for example, socializing with other guys in order to appear warm and confident to other girls being a "douchebag"?
Laurelindo (6 years ago)
Girls certainly care about how guys walk. Your walking style is greatly affected by how self-confident you are, and self-confidence will affect the way you move and act. A relaxed walking style clearly looks better than a stiff and nervous one, and this will obviously make a much better impression.
Laurelindo (6 years ago)
A lot of guys here obviously don't understand that the way you walk ACTUALLY tells a lot about your personality. A relaxed walk shows confidence, and confidence is a turn-on for girls. Simple math. And think about this as well - have you never found a girl's graceful walk really sexy? You know, that soft, feminine graceful walk? There is a version like that for men as well, and it would have more impact on girls since girl care more about self-confidence than men do.
a084123 (6 years ago)
We lost it cause of women lol.
gerald dx (6 years ago)
@dekosyw yeah its funny if you understand seduction who you can meet also... some of the hottest girls ive met using the tech in this => bit.ly/MhZ7IN?=dmyub
Hemant Parmar (6 years ago)
@afiqhmd yeah ive met some babes that way and... if your looking for really powerful new tech have a look at this video >> bit.ly/Ih3zIR?=jvrdy
DumpinMyGun (6 years ago)
Excuses excuse.
Kevin Santos (7 years ago)
I didn't see him teach how to walk he just sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and sway and WHERES THE FUCKING WALLLKKK!!!!!
parafraceren (7 years ago)
@cas2daz yeh, and when you pull out a gun and point it at the cassier, ur also a suspect for robbery, ISN'T THAT WEIRD?
Genius by Design (7 years ago)
BS - Looks & Money that cuddle to their whims Ugly guy can strut all day long and walk his his way to Loserville.
stephjane31103 (7 years ago)
thumbs if your here cuz rodders113 mentioned it?
smurfers21 (7 years ago)
DeathdealerNina (7 years ago)
this is complete and utter bullsh*t
DeathdealerNina (7 years ago)
@10ovhearts YEP :D
k5lta (8 years ago)
cottoncactus (8 years ago)
@k5lta sorry but you do not see it from a girl's point of view and i can promise you that you're wrong (that should be comforting)
k5lta (8 years ago)
seeing it first hand a million times.
cottoncactus (8 years ago)
@k5lta you're saying girls, no matter what they look like, can get anyone they want? what is your reasoning?
k5lta (8 years ago)
but see,girls no matter how they look can still get anyone they want.
k5lta (8 years ago)
im not shallow at all,if i like you i like you no matter how you look.
cottoncactus (8 years ago)
@k5lta you say "most girls." i promise you that's not true. i can testify to that. also there is a difference between nice & creepy. get to know a girl as a person, don't dive in head first with an aim of romance. if you're not good looking, and if you're not the funniest guy ever, honestly you need to give girls just a little more to work on. if a fat ugly annoying girl started talking to you a lot, how would you feel about her? just try to put people's impressionable nature in perspective.
cottoncactus (8 years ago)
@k5lta it goes both ways. guys think that same way about hot girls vs average lookin/ugly girls, regardless of their personality. just be yourself. if you are going to be fake, to imitate something to receive what you can't get when you are being yourself, that's twisted.you're going to be building relationships on deceit, you're not going to find anyone who is going to care about you for you, and you're going to be alone. if you are being shallow, prepare to be in a very shallow relationship.
k5lta (8 years ago)
yeah most girls always say,bad boys are for making babies and fuckin,while nice guys are for raising them....fuck that shit,these bitches got the game fucked all ALLLLL the way up lmao.
Randy S (8 years ago)
I would understand him better if he was gay.
renaissancekids (8 years ago)
@cottoncactus girls like douchebags more than nice guys
missfun24 (8 years ago)
guys, can i juz say somyhin, u don hav 2 listen 2 this guy!! juz be urself, n of coz gals will fall 4 u for urself, not 4 the way u walk, or the way u eat or the way u dress up!! so, juz b urself n b confident in urself!
thelegendarypaki (8 years ago)
@mower2009 Its not about what women want, its about what men want. Sorry.
cottoncactus (8 years ago)
@mochopz blame yourself when you finally get the attention of girls who are just as fake as you are.
R K (8 years ago)
@cottoncactus yea, because being a "nice guy" has worked out so well for us LOL.
denis hlyvka (8 years ago)
that video as my friend says is fucking epic faillll
Danielle Franks (8 years ago)
*instant moisture* hahahhaa
robottii (8 years ago)
wow....men really have lost it now.
MrSoilsguy (8 years ago)
horseygirl019 (8 years ago)
I think this guy has a hard on for Clooney. GAY
katrinasiu52 (8 years ago)
seriously I do agree with the confidence part.
JESSIIImadden (8 years ago)
What....the... Ok, this guy is teaching men to become douchebags
cottoncactus (8 years ago)
i feel like he's just training guys to be douchebags
TheMintyMuffin (8 years ago)
I never want to hear the words "instant moisture" EVER again.
cuwhenigetthere (8 years ago)
you could have this mindset: You are talking with a woman that could qualify herself for the opportunity to spend more time with you. Why not flip the script? (women do this with men all the time)!
cuwhenigetthere (8 years ago)
As a former professional in the adult entertainment industry I have worked with and also have a social network of "Attractive Women". The opportunity this gave me beyond the obvious was to see that a lot of these "Beautiful Girls" are just as insecure as the men that look at them as goddess. Maybe their not insecure in the way they look; Maybe its some other insecurity for them. Once you have caught her interest talk to her with confidence and Listen!
cuwhenigetthere (8 years ago)
When it really comes down to it each and everyone of us as human beings are insecure about ourselves in some aspect of our lives. The good news is you can work on those areas that you see a need for improvement in. You can choose to let that insecurity hold you back, or move toward an opportunity to discover/learn something about yourself. Only you hold you back! David has some great observations/insights into what men are hope to attain watching these videos. "Understanding Women".
elliot deherrera (8 years ago)
yeah its pretty dam hard to walk up to someone feeling like a total idiot because your unsure about what if they will say no. would they laugh? david wygant helps men and wemon let go of their insecurities have confidence in themselfs and just have a good time with another person. i say this guy should be alot more popular because so many people are secretly insecure and lonely.
RussX5Z (8 years ago)
But when I cleaned up my image a little like shave, wear more mature and nicer clothes, and workout. Hmm I had a surprising more positive response from women, and not just women but from EVERYBODY. Yeah so for the dumbass that said women don't care about looks... They're WRONG! :) All the way!!
RussX5Z (8 years ago)
Okay!! :) A little harsh esp. on the other clients. but thanks for the respectable compliment. I'm not too sure about women picking me up but I'll take that anyways. :) Another thing I really realize fully is women are pretty visual not as visual as men. Because when my hair was a little long, and I had facial hair and when I didn't care too much for physical fitness and dressed a little grungy. I had pretty negative responses from women when I would do an approach.
RussX5Z (8 years ago)
What I do is find a women that is on a similiar social level as me and then I learn more dating and conversation tips and take it to the next level. This stuff does take time, its similiar to fitness regemes like losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time.
RussX5Z (8 years ago)
Its easy for you to say it that way. But unfortunately men cannot read a women's motives and mind like a expert psychic god can. Women just happen to be more complicated and sophisticated to accurately figure out completely. So its easier said than done. And don't get me wrong I still approach women even till this day, but its light approaches for social practices.
rolando mota (9 years ago)
what part of your talking about?
rolando mota (9 years ago)
whats the next video from this one?
rolando mota (9 years ago)
how do you walk? put a video.
rishie2002 (9 years ago)
move like a pimp, shake like a pimp
Jraybay (9 years ago)
lol he uses george clooney alot . clooney is the man! :D
Matthew Dearlove (9 years ago)
lol instant moisture
hmong337 (9 years ago)
instant moisture!!! you ROCK dude.
rmessenger (10 years ago)
I think it starts in the middle too.
jeager22 (10 years ago)
HA i just tried this and a girl told me "are you monglid? jk xD
TreeBudZ (10 years ago)
LOL dude dont worry about complicated techniques yet. since you only have them in your class, just talk to them. just tease them and act natural.

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