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Two teenage girls hunting in the woods of West Georgia

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Two teenage girls hunting in the woods of West Georgia
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The Wooded Beardsman (5 years ago)
Too much socializing ladies.
Miranda Randall (6 years ago)
@redneckgirlxd * begining
Miranda Randall (6 years ago)
@Zookei like what deer hunting is only one week unless your a bow hunter like me.. its a hobby and teenagers need to have fun in there lives.. i started when i was 8. what you want them to sit around all day and play computer games.. thats just my opion...
Miranda Randall (6 years ago)
hey whats that song called in the begging i love country but never heard that one
Miranda Randall (6 years ago)
@Zookei alot of girls hunt at that age....just because there a girl doesn't mean they can't hunt...
Miranda Randall (6 years ago)
you guys should try bow hunting more time to hunt and its really fun!!!!!!
nicholas betrozoff (6 years ago)
DAD: c'mon girls get up were goin hunting DAUGHTER: ok DAD:Dont forget to sraiten your hair
MeepDuckisan (6 years ago)
Kill dem deerz. An... watch out fur teh blair witch. :P
15Yan51 (6 years ago)

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