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Denny's Nanerpus Superbowl Commercial

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It's Nanerpus! You can call me, nanerpus, nanerpus. And guess what? I love p... Aired during Super Bowl XLIII in 2009
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Text Comments (653)
Zurany (25 days ago)
Man super bowl commercials used to be so great
Austin Reed (3 months ago)
Anyone here to pay their respects to Burt Reynolds?
Harry Jameson Potter (3 months ago)
chicagoakland (4 months ago)
Damn you BarDown, why did you all remind me of this.
Aly Freeborn (5 months ago)
I remember watching this commercial at 8 years old when I was up at 11pm with the flu but I always assumed it was some wack fever dream
BananaPhoPhilly (5 months ago)
Hank, what the HEH are you doing?
Ilikedinglings (6 months ago)
Left eye says goodbye
dmobboss1 (1 year ago)
I just got it,that's Trevor Moore from The Whitest Kids You Know,he's NANERPUS!
DylanGamingXD n (1 year ago)
Incy Vortex (1 year ago)
Still funny after all these years
Jo Cox (1 year ago)
What da heck is dat blue stuff? Dawn?
BlaazeGaming (1 year ago)
Damn 8 years? I remember this being the funniest thing in the world when I was little
The Quirky Unicorn (1 year ago)
Uriel Septim (1 year ago)
Only in USA. :)
desertrose777 (1 year ago)
This is one of my favorite commercials ever, hell it is one of my favorite videos ever. After all these years I will always love Nanerpus. ♥♥♥
Silicon Carne (1 year ago)
Hank What the HEH are you doing?
Margi Stearns (2 years ago)
it looks good Denny s
SMTDDR (2 years ago)
It took me way too long to just find the original, unedited commercial. Thank you.
Angel Arias (2 years ago)
Keeping the Nanerpus alive!!!
xxnate dawgxx (2 years ago)
how do we all still remember this from 7 years ago and why did he rip out his eye
TIsaacs (2 years ago)
That moment when you realize Nanerpus gouged his own eye out...
Daniel Jaško (3 years ago)
Who came here for Undertale?
Saikurios (3 years ago)
e.e df?
Daniel Jaško (3 years ago)
+Chrisroder B The part where you are bilind during the Genocide ending & you'll see that comercial pop up out of no where.
Saikurios (3 years ago)
+Crota, Son of Oryx o.o who's
Bullshit Detector (3 years ago)
I can't believe it's been 7 years since this commercial. I remember it like it was yesterday. I thought this dumb shit was the funniest thing in the world.
Gabriel Atkins (3 years ago)
Who's here because ark v abridged
MoonStone (2 years ago)
Gabriel Atkins MEEEE
Saikurios (3 years ago)
+Gabriel Atkins i
Gabriel Atkins (3 years ago)
+HyperKnuckles01 hi
HyperKnuckles01 (3 years ago)
Ben Simon (3 years ago)
TIsaacs (2 years ago)
Kids: It's Nanerpenis! AHH!!! Nanerpenis: You can call me Nanerpenis, Nanerpenis. And guess what? I love mayo- Me: Isn't it about time for a non-sexual comment?
Darrin Liddy (3 years ago)
so old
Rad slime (3 years ago)
Kaitlyn Kaidraman (5 years ago)
I've watched this so many times, yet now is the first time I noticed his eye fall off o-o
Keana Bevett (5 years ago)
I'm at Denny's now and I just had to watch this again
thepantweaver (5 years ago)
How did I just realize the voice is Rob Heubel?
This is still hilarious lol
HelloJackiie (5 years ago)
I'm watching this is 2013. loooool
Kelsey (5 years ago)
I like how he pulled off his eyeball lol.
Brenda D Priddy (5 years ago)
Or 2013...
Brianna Hendrix (5 years ago)
Watching this in 2013
Kenta (5 years ago)
No, thumbs up if you're watching this in 2013.
Sunny Bones (11 months ago)
2018, baby
Luckky One (5 years ago)
I remember watching this during the Superbowl, it's my favorite! NANNERPUS!
Madeleine Winchester (5 years ago)
fine time (5 years ago)
His eye feel off xD
Francesca Troiani (5 years ago)
Who could dislike this
Francesca Troiani (5 years ago)
matt (5 years ago)
2013 now
mgssoutherngirl4 (5 years ago)
Nanerpus is so hardcore it knocked its eye off, trying to sell the pancakes.
Charlie Bowen (5 years ago)
Watching this in 2013
Ookamithewarrior (6 years ago)
anyone notice that his left eye is missing?
-sunmask- (6 years ago)
I remember there being oen of these commercials with like a pink birthday cake. Anyone remember that?
buttercupisevil (6 years ago)
Tell me how I randomly remembered this commercial today after not watching it for at least 3 years......and was able to recite it perfectly. xD
StricknSTW (6 years ago)
Early 2013
EpicJonah (6 years ago)
ScarySwim (6 years ago)
i want the whole song
Evelyn Vera Flández (6 years ago)
TheCrafterPlace (6 years ago)
54 people had a serious breakfast
PsychFolk21 (6 years ago)
I'll take a little frivolity over diarrhea any day of the week!
Nerdsansintelligence (6 years ago)
andrew michael (6 years ago)
look at all those strings
halabrdave (6 years ago)
thumbs up if you're watching this in late 2012
Sagg8181 (6 years ago)
freddie quick (6 years ago)
hes eye comes off ofofofof
Rafeal Smith (6 years ago)
uBloo (6 years ago)
I want to hear the full song , I love this.
Givasti Hawking (6 years ago)
Weird Al Yankovic sings the song put to the ABC hit TV show about a plane crash and an island. Look up ‘(name of show) (name of song minus the first word [this means the song is 2 words]) pm.
Samantha Baldwin (6 years ago)
Yes, the talking banana will make me want a serious breakfast.
brehhkiki (6 years ago)
cobeoe (6 years ago)
there is another commercial like this with ballerina? that i cant find
Spawn Clan (6 years ago)
Can i have two Nanerpusses to go?
Mike Fratelli (6 years ago)
he asked >_>
Sanitytech (6 years ago)
thanks mister obvious :DDD
Travis Wolf (6 years ago)
This commercial gave me uber lolz when I first saw it.
Filthma (6 years ago)
SCREW SERIOUSITY! *transforms into Nanerpus*
catolog96 (6 years ago)
Haha his eye fell off. I have no idea why I was thinking about this commercial today.
Mike Fratelli (7 years ago)
@Bl3achCrazy pancakes
Singa (7 years ago)
lol in germnay soemthing would be a normal commercial and you go to your great superbowl to watch something hell
thirion1850 (7 years ago)
wolfeprocter (7 years ago)
It is time for a serious breakfast.
Softbidge (7 years ago)
notice how its right eye falls off
Javer80 (7 years ago)
@DoogelFrecdeper That is a very strange choice of obsession. I hope it passes.
Ben McNally (7 years ago)
does anyone realize that at 00:03 nanarpus takes off his eyeball....
MariahTheAwesome1 (7 years ago)
Thumbs up if you noticed the Nanerpus knocked his eye off.
ElJojiClub (7 years ago)
Ctfxc poopy
Kyle Phillip (7 years ago)
@CWonderer24 I know SOMEONE's been on hentaifoundry...
Ankyri (7 years ago)
And then someone made a porn out of it
TheSilver300 (7 years ago)
Paul Taylor (7 years ago)
stupid nanerpus knocked off his eyeball.
Moose Mizan Kamal (7 years ago)
macr0machine (7 years ago)
I wish they had made it a full length song.
McCoyTheBuilder (7 years ago)
Thumbs if you're watching this in 2215 because you're a freaking time traveler.
HelloJackiie (7 years ago)
I JUST noticed the grapes have eyes too!!
Drahveson (7 years ago)
Sounds like Trevor from wkuk. lol
rachael9911 (7 years ago)
@aznjimin i wish i had phants :(
Alice R (7 years ago)
CTFxC poop xD
Brianna & Amanda (7 years ago)
Krit (7 years ago)
Serious Breakfast you say, Dennys? Nanerpus it is!
Gamerboy (7 years ago)
Enter your text here.
village gate (7 years ago)
Most entertaining comercial Iv'e ever seen!!!!!!
laury santiago (7 years ago)
@Bl3achCrazy i dunno i thought dat cuz he dits on pancakes LMAO btw I LOOOVE PANDA!:P
laury santiago (7 years ago)
@Bl3achCrazy he loves pancakes LOL
SpookyGhosts (7 years ago)
Nannerpuss used to be a banana...until he took an arrow to the knee
shibunny2017 (7 years ago)
lol at lunch we got a banana peel and slapped people with it yelling NANNERPUS!!!!!!!!
carsonrulz101 (7 years ago)
@lacrosseattack3 I just saw that too and I thought WTF!?

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