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How I Met Henry | Joseph Birdsong

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Be sure to subscribe for more chances for me to ruin your homepage for free. ▶ Twitter: http://twitter.com/josephbirdsong ▶ Tumblr: http://josephbirdsong.tumblr.com ▶ Site/Blog: http://www.josephbirdsong.co ▶ Facebook: http://facebook.com/josephbirdsongofficial Are you guys still getting the shiny pokemon at gamestop?! I got my shiny entei this week! I can't wait for black/white. http://youtube.com/disneykid1
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Text Comments (154)
Katherine Rumley (5 years ago)
You look so different joe wow!
HojoOSanagi (5 years ago)
I never had an imaginary friend. I just talked to myself and made everyone think I was crazy.
animeanime randomness (5 years ago)
I used to imagine Pokemon with me and manga characters
LetteeFine (6 years ago)
Whyyy suggg? LMAO. Subbed. ^.^
AbbyB (6 years ago)
Yes mine was jakey
Darkosmos901 (6 years ago)
I have too many - I'm even delusion 'cause hey I'm the God and you just don't believe me when I say so :D But it's okay we meet in the afterlife when I judge your sorry asses to the Hell! ^^ Peace!
Emma Day (6 years ago)
My imaginery friend was called Beberly (because I couldn't say Beverley... who was apparently someone on Neighbours (Australian TV Show.. I have no idea if you have that in the US)... Her hair changed colour every day and she always the same as me and I fed her salt and pepper by pouring it on the table and pushing it the side where she was "sitting"... I did this every meal... I don't know where she went :'(
Asia Consent (6 years ago)
Why suggg? I died! Totally reminded me of KOTH
lizzie karbs (6 years ago)
I have imaginary friends. Not anything to big but they are there when you need them
Reinababeina (6 years ago)
The accent is amazingly cute, I wish you werent gay, why is your accent so cute, why are you gay?!?!D: Your amazingly beautiful, gay people are awesome, I love you(:
ObviouslyFey (6 years ago)
I LOVE the King of the Hill reference. Me and my girlfriend say "Why Sug?" all the time.
rar3kainrandomness (6 years ago)
Im 30 and I still have a imaginary friend name ricktus...
Virginia Harp (6 years ago)
My imaginary friends were named George and Mexico , Mexico was Mexican and george was bald with glasses :)
makoonz564 (6 years ago)
do trash cans count??
Lyssia Ramirez (6 years ago)
his name was percy and he and i would read harry potter to each other... xD he had purple flames for hair and liked to hide people's things <3 he's still here but he hides in my closet. :D
Hotspot (7 years ago)
My imaginary friend's name was "I don't know" and I had him since I was little. There was also Why and another W lettered name.
Gretchen Aperson (7 years ago)
@ShinyCollector98 Joe is gay??? :O Really? xD
moojuiceification (7 years ago)
What state does you live in
ShinyCollector98 (7 years ago)
bobfanatic111 (7 years ago)
@disneykid1 wowowowowow
Jaya (7 years ago)
Ugh it SUCKS that I put up my video before this contest came out...:( Oh well, I'm glad you still liked it, Joe :)
Sam Murdock (7 years ago)
That filled me with joy! :)
logan millwood (7 years ago)
Your accent reminds me of mine :D... ....I live in Alabama...
sandra lopez (7 years ago)
my imaginary friend thinks you have problems...
sasukeichigo12 (7 years ago)
When you said "Why sug" You sounded like Nancy from king of the hill
Shy_Koneko (7 years ago)
@TheAsianwash It's like a southern thing. Like "why suggg?" Means like... why sweety D:?
susani sinn (7 years ago)
what does sug mean?? i dont understand T.T
kishuponastar (7 years ago)
"whyyyyyy sugggg" I nearly died laughing. I love you.
carolinaladivina (7 years ago)
i didn't have an imaginary friend but when i was six i invented a sister and told all my friends that i had a little sister. i don't knwo if that counts but i guess that's just the lonelyness of being an only child :) i'm ok with it now!
kriscarmi (7 years ago)
Who are you planning to choose at the beginning? Snivy, Tepig or OSHAWOTT? :D
kriscarmi (7 years ago)
Hahaha okay. Well. My friend just showed me one of your songs last night and I was like ohhh thats pretty catchy, and now that I've watched a few of your videos and found up you're up to date with Pokemon...YOU ARE MY NEW FAVORITE :) (I'm so pumped for black and white)
Fred Weinraub (7 years ago)
Henry's by bitch.
Kuschel Monsterr (7 years ago)
I didnt have any imaginary friends, but I distinctly remember talking in *twin language* to my sister when we were extremely young.......and I remember how to say it, still....but I dont remember what anything meant. Actually, I don't even think WE KNEW what things meant, we just said stuff and responded accordingly. hahaha!
elleonhighheels (7 years ago)
You look like the male version of Helena Bonham Carter!! (And I mean that in a really really good way!!)
SerenityShootingStar (7 years ago)
Omg, you're so cute!!! >W<;;
Nicole (7 years ago)
my imaginary friends name was jessica. i didnt like her. she always followed me :P weird
briisizzle (7 years ago)
I think you should stick to just drawings that means I wouldn't have to see your face as often.
syrapickles32 (7 years ago)
@thebeluga You mean Nancy Hicks Gribble. lol You are sooo right.
cho474chang (7 years ago)
@thebeluga Who is Nancy Gribble? I feel like she's a cartoon...?
hopeonatenspeed (7 years ago)
can i danceparty with you and henry?
Joseph Birdsong (7 years ago)
@wecallitchemistry well, not quite back to where it was. a couple more months!
revorgp (7 years ago)
@disneykid1 OMFG I have been living a lie!!! All sorted now though! :-) xx
MusicIsMyLife4Eva89 (7 years ago)
I love your drawings! They're so adorable! I hope this new schedule works out great =)
CRIPESxo (7 years ago)
I am so glad there is someone else out there who diagnoses poo brain! Thank you for making my LIFE!
Hobgoblins (7 years ago)
I had a secret colony of mermaids (and mermen!) who lived in my closet. Fortunately, I never tried to make them a tiny ocean...
Alex A (7 years ago)
your accent is coming back!
revorgp (7 years ago)
If I was a Dad and my child was saying random shit on your youtube, would you sleep with me? Or can we just cut out the whole middle bit?
KeytarChris (7 years ago)
I had an imaginary friend called Lily. She was a cowgirl and she had a pony :D And then I decided Lily needed a friend to keep her company while I was at school, so I created Velma. I was a massive scoobydoo fan :)
Emma Mills (7 years ago)
your Dad's the only friend i need.
Mel Mendez (7 years ago)
I love your crappy Drawings, coz they are actually pretty good :D
ewgwf (7 years ago)
I'm confused, Henry isn't imaginary.
April Orange (7 years ago)
i love you.
Snapp Lepoet (7 years ago)
though one time i met this girl when i was eight and we chatted, but i came back the next day (around her house down the street) the house was empty and i was like ''ghost?'' ''imagination?" who knows :D ? ahhhhhhhhhh youth :)
Snapp Lepoet (7 years ago)
i was good friends with a tetherball dubbed by moi, as Bally, he listened to my problems, and i beat him up...with affection ;D
redlinepilot88 (7 years ago)
make a video without a shirt on ;) ;)
pasta1017 (7 years ago)
i used to have a pencil eraser that I named Suzanne. dont judge
CreaturesThird (7 years ago)
My imaginary friend's name is Noname, she's a hermaphrodite monster, sometime she threatens people's safety, sometimes I condone it. :)
Carson Tompkins (7 years ago)
I had an imaginary friend named Mia who was really good at soccer. Mostly because I wanted a my size barbie and my parents weren't about to shell out like 60 bucks for a doll I'd destroy. Mia lasted a good year or so before we parted ways* *I had a nightmare once that she came back a-la that episode of Fairy Odd Parents and was pissed at me for forgetting about her.
Olivia Jamieson (7 years ago)
yes, joe you are on tumblr too much. haha. (: and thanks for using my video idea.
musicalmist (7 years ago)
i have entei! it has all these new abilities.
Bamaboy87 (7 years ago)
I think one story should be Henry vs. Octillery! In the end, Joe captures Octillery and they become friends.
Shelby Little (7 years ago)
I love his fake & real accents, lol, & his tendency to tell stories through pictures.
ericsgotlegs (8 years ago)
I don't know if he is imaginary, but a turtle inside me forces me to eat soy sauce on everything.
blu3carp3t (8 years ago)
i had a penguin imaginary friend. his name was frederick and he wasnt very well behaved :(
Francis Valencia (8 years ago)
tell a story of how you draw your drawings!
Vordes (8 years ago)
i LOVE the new schedule!!
Gino (8 years ago)
I had imaginary friends. I played with hem for an hour, forgot about them afterwards then proceeded to have a new one the following day.
DemAlez (8 years ago)
I still have imaginary friends.... They usually fight, and I always get headaches :(
Katie Versluis (8 years ago)
Recommended video: HENRY, Portrait of a serial killer.
456puff (8 years ago)
I have a bunch of non - extent pets. A black cat named Shadow, a hard to discribe colored cat named Moonshine that used to be a stray, a black dog named Magic.
Koubenlin (8 years ago)
i had a mouse who lived in my washing machine and had a submarine
Lauren Masserant (8 years ago)
When I was little my best friend had an imaginary friend that was my mom with the body of an octopus. Her name was "nettie octopus" and she was a very tiny octopus. I don't know why my friend's imaginary friend was my mom... Now that i think of it...thats kind of weird... ._.
Hailey Krueger (8 years ago)
I didn't have imaginary friends, but I did pretend I was a mermaid for the longest ass time.
scott5856 (8 years ago)
man you crack me up, whenever Im having a bad day I just watch you and I'm laughing... so thanks =) dont ever change, your perfect the way you are
Madison J (8 years ago)
I had a lot of imaginary friends. Now that I think of it, they were always hot older girls. Now that I think of it, that should have been a huge rainbow flag for my parents..
rickyfierce (8 years ago)
Forget it man, that kid is wack. He's got poo brain.
minedizzy (8 years ago)
Where the hell is My dad I know you have him somewhere....
luckycay (8 years ago)
i used to pretend that i had a imaginary pet dalmatian. but i didn't actually believe in it. i just did to past the time and make my mom happy. i also used to pretend that smarties were my 'special pills', just like my mom used to take. ah childhood.
Luke J (8 years ago)
romi (8 years ago)
joe, your hair is growing baaaack!!! yay.
Kyle Waller (8 years ago)
What is the buzzing noise I keep hearing in all of your video's lately?
ionlywanted1thing (8 years ago)
pandapandax (8 years ago)
Joe I can tell you're on tumblr too much.. "glorious" and "le toss"... hahah <3
TheVictoria106 (8 years ago)
oh. I not only had an imaginary friend, I had an imaginary horse and dog too. All until 5th (ok 7th) grade
TheBananaRiot (8 years ago)
I have a best friend/alternate personality named James.
Meow Cat (8 years ago)
when i was about 4 or 5 i had an imaginary friend called "purple mom" and she went everywhere with me. One day at the gas station she wouldnt come out and my mom decided to leave without her. My mom ran over purple mom. it was tragic :(
Kari Bennett (8 years ago)
Omigod poo brain! adventure time :D i love your humor
moscowmasha (8 years ago)
If you're ever back in the Northeast again, I would really love to actually meet you. All of your videos make me too, too happy. And there's nothing quite as sexy as an angry purple octopus.
Joseph Birdsong (8 years ago)
@thebeluga she is my idol.
Avery Reid (8 years ago)
you went to dumbville high school? NO WAY! that's where i went! small world, what year did you graduate?
thebeluga (8 years ago)
Your accent makes you sound like Nancy Gribble, sug.
James Newton (8 years ago)
I almost didn't see this because the homepage is shit.
Kaila Shier (8 years ago)
I had an imaginary friend named Victoria. I used to do all these things to get in trouble and blame it on her. One day my parents sat me down at the table and told me she died because she got hit by a car.. I was six...
NextBestThing34 (8 years ago)
I was hoping the question would be did you ever throw rocks at old people. Which the answer would be yes.
Alexandra Olsson (8 years ago)
I love this! You are so cute!
cassidylaynee (8 years ago)
I had an imaginary friend named Chrysanthemum. The only time I had conversations with her was when I was in the bathroom. I was strange.
GreggoMyEggo97 (8 years ago)
I Had an imaginary bear Called BoBo
disc0ndown1 (8 years ago)
instead of looking at the winners, i couldnt stop staring at the scraggly-armed joe in the corner
Nicole (8 years ago)
i had a imaginary friend named Jessica. I didn't like her, she always followed me.
Invictusheart (8 years ago)
My imaginary friend's name was Sarah and my parents thought she was a ghost lol

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