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Russia's Geography Problem

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Get 15 free days of knowing your data is safe by using this link with Backblaze: http://backblaze.com/wendover “What if Russia Never Existed” by AlternateHistoryHub: https://youtu.be/gU6UBXOHhDw “What if the Soviet Union Reunited” by RealLifeLore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-TFENSuJ5U This video was based on a chapter of the book “Prisoners of Geography” by Tim Marshall. It’s the best book I’ve read so far in 2017 so I highly encourage you to give it a read. Support Wendover Productions on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/wendoverproductions Get a Wendover Productions t-shirt for $20: https://store.dftba.com/products/wendover-productions-shirt Youtube: http://www.YouTube.com/WendoverProductions Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/WendoverPro Email: [email protected] Reddit: http://Reddit.com/r/WendoverProductions Select visuals courtesy http://www.Shutterstock.com The full script with sources can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2p-HoK9KXEAcFc1UTY0Q3VWZUU/view?usp=sharing Sound by Graham Haerther (http://www.Haerther.net) Thumbnail by Joseph Cieplinski (http://joec.design) Research by William Mayne, Sam Moran, Ollie Orton, Jakob S. Big thanks to Patreon supporters: Rob Harvey, Venkata Kaushik Nunna, Josh Berger, Paul Jihoon Choi, Huang MingLei, Dylan Benson, Maximillian van Kasbergen, Victor Zimmer, William Chappell, Eyal Matsliah, Sihien,Joseph Bull, Marcelo Alves Vieira, Jonah Paarman, maco2035, Hank Green, Plinio Correa, Connor J Smith, Brady Bellini
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Text Comments (8319)
Wendover Productions (1 year ago)
I hope you like this video! I know its a bit more serious than some others ones but hopefully its still an enjoyable watch. Also, people have been asking for them, so I’ve put a link in the description to a copy of the script with sources in footnotes. I’ll be doing that for every video from now on. Please also go and check out backblaze! Sponsors make this channel happen (seriously) and Backblaze is a legitimately good product that I’ve used for a while so at the very least go and try them out with their 15 day free trial. It helps both me and you out.
Kris Keersmaekers (14 hours ago)
Whats the chance that my drive is gonna crash in 15 days within my trail and im gonna say yea wow amazing service
Shvakystan (6 days ago)
Yeah, with that level of analysis I feel pretty safe here in Russia. Comparing GDPs per capita? Well, keep doing that, because I don't have to pay a fucking 500 thousand dollars for a cardboard house with plastic siding here in Russia and pay a 100 bucks to visit a doctor for prescription and then pay another 100 for a freaking pack of antibiotics. I remember when my American friend brought some state-of-the-art C-pro antibiotic, expensive as shit and was telling me how modern it was. I took him to the nearest drug store in Barnaul, Siberia and showed the same crappy Cyprolete drug for 1,5 bucks a pack. Americans are so brainwashed, really.
Shvakystan (6 days ago)
Kievan Rus is a product of Soviet historians who were basically told to name it like this by General Secretars with Ukrainian origins. Never in any historical document will you see Kievan Rus. It did not exist. And Rus (Russia) did.
K Will (11 days ago)
Ullo-Ragnar Telliskivi Actually those 20,000 Russians were already stationed in Crimea by TREATY, since the Russian Black Sea fleet is stationed there...and Crimea has ALWAYS been part of Russia...it was "gifted" to Ukraine by Nikita Kruschev when the Soviet Union was still the evil empire... what school did you go to?!
SEANJOHN 92663 (12 hours ago)
There are 9 time zones now it had 11 back in 2005
tOM (1 day ago)
So no one mentions Polnd being missed in this video?
Kell Schultz (2 days ago)
Russia did not invade Crimea!!!!!
Paul Sholar (1 day ago)
Crimea's 2014 referendum was unconstitutional!
John LaLone (2 days ago)
Civilization is self determined. It’s not chance. Gun policy in US influences our reality. Communist policy influences Russian reality. It’s not chance. It’s choices.
Max Serwicki (2 days ago)
Poland was also under zssr control
HistorywithNathe (3 days ago)
9:35 that moment when he took the the Nordic countries off the map..
Tron Norway (3 days ago)
Do Norway!
Joshua Goldman (3 days ago)
*reads the first chapter of prisoners of geography*
Nikolay Skripkin (4 days ago)
Just business nothing ideological. Sates attempts to supply Europe with LNG and do anything to destabilize situation with Russia. They had provoked situation in Ukraine to create "casus belli" to put pressure on Russia and make them take actions. If States was failed with Vietnam just try to imagine how they do with Russia? We need resolve this geopolitical situation by diplomacy as fast as we can.
Bonnie Hundley (4 days ago)
Can't everybody just get along without instigating war?
Patrick Star (4 days ago)
How does the government manage such a large country
Aleksandr Ostrovskyy (5 days ago)
Wouldn't the purchase of liquid gas from U.S. make Germany(and EU) even more dependent from U.S.?
Jesus Zavala (5 days ago)
So if they had better ports they would do better as a country? Anyway I’ve got a reading suggestion. Acts from the Bible. Just a suggestion and in the end you decide what you do.
Kasual Suck (5 days ago)
@ 7:25 pull out the Ukraine and Georgia for sure.
GenAndrei (5 days ago)
Annexation of Crimea huh... forgot that this was in response to the West spending billions to fund nazis in Ukraine... turn off the gas? Why would we? Even when war with Georgia starts orchestrated by the West the gas wasn’t turned off... keep to facts and not opinions
lolman533 (6 days ago)
The Russia's Geography Problem is that it exists.
Hello (6 days ago)
This is a poor video, the facts are loose and Russia has a warm water port. Its called Kaliningrad which is an enclave nestled inbetween Poland and Lithuania. This is a remnant of the USSR when after WW2 during the Potsdam conference it was agreed the Russians took it off the Germans. This port was ever so important for Russia due to it being their warmest port on the baltic sea and was extremely important during the cold war. When the fall of thhe USSR happened, because Kaliningrad was officially part of the Russian SSR it is stall part of Russia today.
GuhanIyer (6 days ago)
On a Geo strategic Level Russia had no choice than to secure Crimea and her Naval base. Russia is surrounded by Nato and tries to keep a buffer. its so sad that People dont work together instead of threaten each other with military Potential. Imagine what could be done. Im from Germany and i recognized anti Russian Propaganda since years in western Media, also the Countries of the Nato Alliance get forced to increase their military Budget on a high Scale. furthermore there is high activity of Troops and Material Deployment in the Baltic States, Poland ,Romania etc. there is also the so called anti Missile Shield being builded in eastern european States . Officially directed against the "Iranian Threat" others say it has the Potential to end the Nuclear Balance between Russia and the West and make a Victory in a nuclear War possible. Stop that Insanity the People want Peace !!! Lets work together and build up a better World
Igzom (6 days ago)
We make way less money per year
Visda58 (7 days ago)
Being in 11 time zones isn't as impressive when you're that far goddamn north. A one foot diameter circle around the north pole is in every time zone. Still though, Russia's big I get it.
hotjazzbaby (7 days ago)
You cleverly fail to state that there was a referendum in Crimea where over 90% of the people voted for the return of Crimea to Russia. Also I have to this day not seen any video evidence of russian tanks and troops invading Ukraine. No matter how much CNN pushes this narrative it does not make it true of you don't supply proof. Perpetuating this over ants over dies buoy make it true. This is why even the President has called CNN fake news. It makes me wonder how much of your video is not based on facts either but instead is mere speculation.
Paul Sholar (1 day ago)
Controversy surrounds the 2014 referendum - "On February 27, amidst tensions in the region during the Ukrainian revolution, the Supreme Council of Crimea voted to hold a referendum on the status of Crimea on May 25.[43][44] Olha Sulnikova, head of information and analysis department of parliament, reported on the phone from inside the parliamentary building that 61 of the registered 64 deputies had voted for the referendum resolution and 55 for the resolution to dismiss the government.[45] Interfax-Ukraine reported that, "it is impossible to find out whether all the 64 members of the 100-member legislature who were registered as present, when the two decisions were voted on or whether someone else used the plastic voting cards of some of them" because due to the armed occupation of parliament it was unclear how many members of parliament were present." "According to article 73 of the 1996 Constitution of Ukraine[88] and article 3 of the 2012 Ukrainian law "On all-Ukrainian referendum", territorial changes can only be approved via a referendum where all the citizens of Ukraine are allowed to vote, including those that do not reside in Crimea.[89] The Central Election Commission of Ukraine also stated that there are no judicial possibilities, according to the legislation of Ukraine, to initiate such changes."" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crimean_status_referendum,_2014
Paul Sholar (1 day ago)
Your disinformation is facile when the refuting facts are so easily accessible, to wit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Crimea
Timothy Birmingham (7 days ago)
I like you video but leave your conclusions about reality to yourself.
MD (7 days ago)
Gre-nay-da not Gre-nar-da.
FS S (7 days ago)
"- Её ВВП на душу населения приблизительно таковой будто у Маврикии, Гренады, и Турции. И это опять, по последней мере отчасти, продиктовано географией." АХАХАХАХАХАХАХАХАХАХ, Они хотя бы знают что существует коррупция? я не говорю что это всё из-за коррупции, однако блять по большей части будто-один таки из-за наших депутатов и коррупции, по другому отчего у учителей заработная плата по 14.000руб, а у депутатов 300.000руб?
трибунал - это маленький бюрократ. Взятки он просит с таких будто ты, по тому, что такие будто ты их дают. А если коллективно на этих арбитров нажать, то наверное её (коррупции) меньше станет. То кушать, взаимная вина.
FS S (7 days ago)
В судах встречал коррупцию.
Ну если ты берёшь коррупцию в низах (взятка гаишнику и т.д.) - этак это проблема к обычным людям (таким будто мы). Если брать на верхах ... этак здесь трудно найти - там где больше средств, там больше и крадут, однако может быть если перечесть на долю роли на человека, то в различных странах будет по различному. Смотрел сатиру южноамериканскую про ядерное орудие США, этак там генерал в казино играл поддельными фишками (этот красть и заниматься коррупцией не будет). Так же слышал, что в Афган на инфраструктур потрачено 10 млрд баксов, а инфраструктуры этак и дудки . Так про какую коррупцию ты говоришь? Где ты лично сталкивался с коррупцией?
FS S (7 days ago)
У нас то на коррупции вся край, а у их это лишь будто явление (хз будто это ещё произнести).
а в других странах дудки коррупции? Там это лоббированием именуют и налоги с этого платят платят.
AKASH YADAV (7 days ago)
france and Germany should join BRICS in order to decrease its dependencies on US.
Ric Gaston (8 days ago)
I resisted a long time commenting on this, but from the comments, I feel I need to not keep my opinion bottled up any longer, so I will comment. Russia needs a warm water port, as is portrayed in this video. Crimea is a warm water port, and has been a major port for the "soviet union" for a long time - they built everything there - it belongs to them. When the "soviet union" fell, Russia lost all of the "border states" that used to protect them from the invading hordes that have always wanted to take them over. In the 1980's, the Soviet Union made a war against Afghanistan. This war was to stop the import of heroin into their country. The NATO countries wanted heroin in the soviet union, so they opposed the efforts of the "Russian" military. Russia, today is not the former Soviet Union it was. Even the Government is not what it was. The import of heroin into Russia is not the battle Russia faces today. The battle Russia faces today is the extreme Marxist based "all acceptance" immigration crisis that western Europe is being inundated with, and the invasion of its' southern borders of the invasion of islam. Russia, still wants a warm water port, bar all religion, and the transformation of the Continent of Europe into the caliphate of Eurabia. Russia, will do what ever it takes to get warm water ports in: Turkey; Syria; China; Cuba; and eventually - Iran. Did you know that Russia has almost half the GDP of Germany? And the German Government is almost TWICE the hatred of Capitalism as Russia? Think about that. Who is the enemy?
Rost Burov (8 days ago)
Why is there such a need for the authors of the video to conquer Russia?
Small Moustache Man (8 days ago)
9:30 What about Finland, we're not in the 1700s anymore lol
Small Moustache Man (8 days ago)
5:00 Russia has an ice free port in Murmansk. That being said Norway is a NATO country so what you said about NATO would still apply.
Levan Lolashvili (8 days ago)
georgia didn't join CIS
Вы вовек не слышали о Мурманске? Мурманск это порт, дающий доступ в открытый океан круглый год! "Географ" блин...
Diego Chamberlain (9 days ago)
The economic statistics used here are bunkum. It's GDP per capita (PPP) that should be used to compare countries, not raw GDP per capita. Using PPP (purchasing power parity) adjusts for differences in buying power. In PPP, Russia has closer to $27,000, which is well over three times as much.
Daniel Orchard (9 days ago)
"Sea of Japan" is a controversial statement for South and North Korean side and only half of its area is controlled by Japan. Cant agree with your explain on that section. Informative video though~ thanks!
Michal Prelovsky (9 days ago)
major reason of invasion of Crimea is: was always Russian and Russian lives there till now they just get back what Khruschov F*****d up
Michal Prelovsky (9 days ago)
Another bullshit video. Murmansk is a warm water port(2nd WW all support were going trough Murmans), Sevastopol on Crimea and Kaliningrad are warm port too. In between Russia has connection to all important countries over land(so railroad)=EU, Middle east,China etc... And one thing more, Russia has no geography problem is the largest country on the world with resources, water,wood and everything..
Paul Sholar (2 hours ago)
The primary stimulus for my comment are the comments of others about the significance of Murmansk as a strategic port. The U.S. Navy is decorative? Very bizarre idea. Both Russia and the U.S. have plenty of weapons that they cannot use. But do not believe that this leaves the US as a "paper tiger." As for the readiness TODAY of the Russian Army en masse, check again the rate of alcoholism in your country. China's economy and military are in face weaker than you are led to believe. Notice how they avoid military conflict and must constantly hand-polish their fragile Ponzi-like economy, which I call "kindergarten capitalism."
Michal Prelovsky (1 day ago)
max 20years and USA will be not military power anymore, will be China. get ready for massive change. they are every day better, they got plenty of smart brains
Michal Prelovsky (1 day ago)
Exporting over the see was always the cheapest option. Another thing is NATO is not a WAR capable, Their Navy is kind an expensive decoration. Another thing Russians know what is misery and war, so they are ready. But may be you are spoiled American what watch too much TV, spoiled with materialism and luxury than u can't see it. Russians fought the Ottoman Empire, Napoleon, Swedish, Nazis, Austrian Hungarian empire and they always won! At the end of the day they no need export anything, they are self efficient
Paul Sholar (1 day ago)
Sure, transport some major part of Russia's strategic exportable resources via Murmansk! What? Not cost-effective? Easily cut off by NATO navies? Well, that would be a problem.
Ted Cleveland (9 days ago)
lol flawed? just ask hitler or napoleo, they definitely would tell you that wasnt a flawed, that was a trapped!
Paul Sholar (1 day ago)
Hitler chose Russia's oilfields rather than invading Moscow, and there were loads of German-friendly partisans in Russia's south at the time (remnants of previously welcomed German settlers from 19th c). But Hitler's timing was faulty in that front.
Would their geography make it harder to get involved in rigging US Presidential elections?
I like they way you give the information: no emotions, no propaganda, no judgements etc, just analysis. Good job, keep on going man.
Chaim Mendel (10 days ago)
excellent video but can you explain or do any other video on what you mean by the role of chance and circumstance in history? that sounds like a fascinating theory
Alex Viv (10 days ago)
Hitler was very close to conquer Russia. He just didnt expect the fight would last till winter, so the Wehrmacht wasnt prepaired for it. They were already near Moscow. Russia was lucky. But we can be happy that Hitler failed there. But it shows one thing: Hitler fought on 2 fronts. And still Germany was stronger than the whole soviet union.
Paul Sholar (1 day ago)
US forces weren't present in Europe along one of the two fronts until mid-1944. (As in WW1, the US waited around until Europe's belligerents beat themselves up before engaging militarily.) Germany flexed its muscles for a while, but Hitler was inflexible about his Barbarossa implementation and ultimately came up short.
Gio Gio (10 days ago)
hello I am from georgia and you have a mistake here in video... not only latvia estonia and lithuania but also georgia is not a CIS member and is associated member of EU an nato aspirant member ))))))))))) FIX that info!!!
North American Mapper (11 days ago)
9:32 *removes Finland and part of Russia*
North American Mapper (11 days ago)
Who needs to sail on water when you can sail on vodka?
csrevolt (11 days ago)
The "warm water" bit from the history of Japan video suddenly makes more sense.
Frank Dirk (11 days ago)
I think that Germany keeps "good relations" for other reasons. I made some Research and found out that Germany gets only 10% of it's energy from gas. Moreover, only around 40% of this gas is from Russia.
Alek Shukhevych (11 days ago)
Kieren Rus is not Russia...
Michael Boyers (11 days ago)
265 million in the Chinese Ladies Army they alone could take over the world if it was not for weapons of mass destruction giant hydrogen bombs and now scaler weapons using the weather and nano particulate as a catalyst
Jason Wei (11 days ago)
The narrator sounds like Tina from Bob's Burgers
M G (11 days ago)
Talked a lot, but didn't say a thing.
GreeD RebellioN (11 days ago)
Lol 889 y. + Russia , u'r dumbass . (Russia was founded in 1991 ) . So u confuse and mix Kuiv Rus' and Russia . Rus'≠Russia !!!! That's foreign youtubers problem , that they don't know slavic history and try to discuss it .
Yurii Cherkasov (11 days ago)
I'm Russian, and I hate my terrorist country. I wish US to liberate us, because our useless nation can not do anything against mafia ruling the state
Yurii Cherkasov (12 days ago)
The only problem of Russia is a totalitarian shit, like China and North Korea
Alomo John (12 days ago)
"Reality is just a confluence of chance and circumstance" 👌🏾
Кира Noalarms (12 days ago)
Эхх Америкосик... конечно что ты знаешь про существование.. в России.. и про анексию?!! ;)
Кира Noalarms (12 days ago)
Ставлю диз за то, что не отметили Курильские острава будто русские!!!!((((
MaihoSalat (12 days ago)
We will think of you German Königsberg :(
Manuel Flores Escobar (12 days ago)
Russia dont need to invade countries... Russian have the largest country and natural resources of the world.....so the others countries are indeed who want to invade Russia or divide it!
Kochan (12 days ago)
>90% russian territory is useless and that is why russian economy is shit
Konstantin Vedernikov (12 days ago)
Nice video, how ever when it come to talk about Russian life style and earning a small amount of money comparing to others country, it's not accurate. Since they life style are much better than western. The psychology of life from both side are very different. Let me give you an example: Western ( Canada for my example: 1 family, paying rend, mortgage, or others debts and have 3 kids.) Both parent need to work, 40hours + per week. And probably some of kids will need to pay for they school by them self , working at a part time job. In Russia, it's not unusual to see a family of 5 , living already in payed home or soon in 5 years. FAther work full time, and mother probably part time and taking care of kids. Kids once growth, don't have to fully pay for school, so they can keep a normal life style. Also, many doesn't want to work to much, since they rent it's already paid, and can take more time for day own stuff. Most of them travel, it's not unusual to see people making 10k/moths and others living on the edge, like french teacher, and be very very happy. In western world, everything is calculated by cash, in slavian, it's not this case. For those who want to take the country from Siberian side... good luck :)
Alianger (12 days ago)
Interesting but I have a few questions: What is the average earnings for the "european" russians? 2:35 How can they have manpower without resources, I mean which resources were you referring to there? 4:00 Only certain parts of the country are important to conquer in this way though and their own army is not that big? 5:10 How is the access worse than Alaska's though? 9:45 What about potential for solar and wind power, district heating and geothermal heating in Russia?
The MX Guru (12 days ago)
Love these vids
Malaika Kalia (12 days ago)
Do a video on South and North Korea
Anya (12 days ago)
3:20, why da fck did you start Russian history, you do realize its capital was Kiev for like ever...
Noah Chicoine (12 days ago)
So... in short. Russia got all the leftover land mass that no one else wanted.
Askhat Aitimov (1 hour ago)
Except for Crimea) Everyone wanted Crimea.
Flubadubdub The Great (12 days ago)
Do yourself a favour and avoid the vitriol in the comments section.
Jodiann Walker (12 days ago)
Do you know what is a geography problem? The fact that three large cities are in a land locked desert known as Nevada! The only water source, the Colorado River, flows away from the state or province or district or whatever! That river is on the border of Nevada, and Reno, Carson, and Las Vegas are in the middle of that province where there's nothing but desert! Not only do the urban planners of those cities know nothing about geography, they don't know how to read a fucking map! Geography requires more than just reading a map, you have to understand how certain trends in the landscape affect the population, for instance. But these urban planners don't even know how to read a fucking map! It's there on the map that the place is a complete desert. And guess what? If I tell any American that, they will be shocked. They're the craziest people on the planet! As for America, they have more than a geography problem, it has a mental problem!
Jodiann Walker (12 days ago)
Americans should learn how to read a fucking map and fucking book before they talk to people about any geography. They have a mental problem...oh sorry...mental problems!
Artan Gashi (12 days ago)
1:37 it is mediterrian sea not ocean
Lordofall Infinite (12 days ago)
Hahah No Russia Just sucks corrupt and Bad
Alexander Petrov (12 days ago)
Crimea is not recognized internationally as the territory of Russia, you've made a major mistake in your video!
cyber dragon (12 days ago)
obrigado por colocar legenda.
Tom Kelly (13 days ago)
Russia has gone to space and is taking over the galaxy since it can not go to sea so easily. It will be interesting to see how this pans out over time. I am surprised that with such vast resources that people would not be much much richer. Isn't communism gone there? Don't people need to work to survive now?
Georgian Voice (13 days ago)
20% of Georgia(country) is occupied by Russia !
Lag Breaker (13 days ago)
3:15 mongolia: *triggered*
Ronripen (13 days ago)
The intro sounded like the audible intro
dongato (13 days ago)
This is the reason because global warming is good for Russia.
Michaela Beimler (13 days ago)
you completely fell back to propaganda and contradict reality on the issue of ukraine there was no "more and more europeanization", they rejected a treaty with the EU as it was completely one-sided through the entire history of their elections they always voted the same, the voting maps are clear on this and it's hardly an annexation when you have a vote on it by the ones being "annexed" after their elected president in kiev was couped illegally nice job distorting the facts you dumbass pentagon shill
Paul Sholar (1 day ago)
you mean the PRETEXT unconstitutional referendum of 2014? Thou art the shill. You believe that the whole world are idiots about Putin?
persistimo persist (13 days ago)
4:02 including Russia...
Kyril Jordanov (14 days ago)
And yet for over one thousand years Russia has been and will be until the end of the world. And Russia didn't "invade" Crimea but that's your propaganda so I won't even try to argue.
Paul Sholar (1 day ago)
Russian annexed the Crimea. Russian already had a long-term lease with Ukraine for its naval base. What changed in Putin's mind? He took a gamble, and so far the world's retaliatory economic sanctions are truly hurting Russia's economy. Now, if he can compromise Turkey, he might be truly doing something historic.
Meghana Thakur (14 days ago)
Russia is f*cked
Океан не выручил краснокожих)
Rodger Murphy (14 days ago)
Nothing saved eastern Europe or russia itself from Stalin either
hauskalainen (14 days ago)
Finland is not very dependent on natural gas as it only covers about 10% of its energy needs. For cost purposes, Finland is expanding its domestic gas distribution network but it is also planning LNG import terminals to reduce dependency on the Russian feed source. Estonia is doing the same I think and planning interconnection with Finland.
onefodderunit (14 days ago)
"reality is just a confluence of chance and circumstance." -- Foundation of the Atheist faith
Salvador Allende (14 days ago)
when it comes to Russia, China, India, geography is a problem but suddenly in your video about the US, geography equals strengths. Unfair, unbalance?
Paul Sholar (1 day ago)
U.S.'s "manifest destiny"
Salvador Allende (14 days ago)
Rodger Murphy (14 days ago)
It does weather you like it or not. US is kept safe by vast oceans but is also at the crossroads of the new and old world.....and have the navy and maritime ability to bridge the two
Galios (14 days ago)
Warning, butthurt vatniks incoming!
ломалстекло (15 days ago)
Тупой школьный доклад двоечника. Основан не на фактах а на клише. Очень слабенькая и не приготовленная труд"
Macci Torkonen (15 days ago)
Finland is no where near to fully dependent on Russias gas...
myroseaccount (15 days ago)
Very biased and quite Anti-Russian
Pekka Kohonen (15 days ago)
Finland does not need a lot of natural gas, so Russian political influence due to gas is largely irrelevant. Of course Finnish politicians have traditionally been afraid of Russia, even hysterically. But it is not related to natural gas ...
Kian Seibel (15 days ago)
Can I not live in Russia? Pleeaasee! x)
Ryan Prentiss (15 days ago)
Russia did not "invade" Crimea. Crimea was a Russian state which wanted protection from the US supported Ukrainian coup and democratically voted to remain part of Russia.
Ionasku Alexander (15 days ago)
yeah France is protected geographically however if it is invaded France just surrenders
I'd say Europe would never sign up for US gas because of the cost. The political turmoil exists there to keep the sheep(us) busy. However, when the business comes to the real bucks, you'd be surprised how little political agenda is being includeded when it comes to decision making.
Rus Z (16 days ago)
The biggest enemy of russians is their own government, who oppressed and robbed them for centuries, be it monarchsit, communist or present - post-communist, dictatorial KGB government. Russian people have developed a mindset of slaves and obediently follow what their masters in Kremlin tell them. People in Russia don't want to take responsibility for their destinies, they just blindly follow. That's why the population is so poor, despite vast territories and abundant resources that Russia has ot offer. If you look up the number of billionaires that lives in Russia today, you would be surprised, how a nation with such low GDP per capita has so many ridiculously rich people. Instead of taking action and try to establish truly democratic government for themselves, russian people are trying to oppose west, believing that it's the western world to blame for all the miseries.
Al D (16 days ago)
Did not Crimea have a referendum?? what invasion???
학준 (16 days ago)
6:05 Sea of Japan -> Sea of Korea!!
wize oldfart (16 days ago)
Bendover productions would be a more appropriate name as you have a very cock eyed view of reality.
MARILYNANDERSON88 (16 days ago)
Now I understand, thanks. Exceptionally educational.

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