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How a Schott Motorcycle Jacket is made - BRANDMADE.TV

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BUY a Schott Motorcycle Jacket CLICK FOR DEALS -- https://brandmade.tv/product/schott-jacket/ For just over 100 years the Schott company has been making coats. In the early days The Schott brothers were making raincoats in the basement of their lower east side tenement, but by WWII they were making bomber jackets for the US Air Force. Later the military style spread to all branches of the military and law enforcement. So by the time Marlon Brando need a jacket for The Wild One in 1953 there was no other choice but the Perfecto. To this day, Schott NYC is still owned and run by the 3rd and 4th generation of the Schott family. And the manufacturing hasn't gone far either - now being made in Union, New Jersey, just across the river from Schott's main business office in New York City. We went there to learn how a Schott Motorcycle Jacket is made! ----------------------------------------­------------------------ BrandmadeTV posts several videos a day, subscribe for more! SHARE THIS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/v4ExmQghF7k Follow BrandmadeTV: MAIN CHANNEL: http://bit.ly/BrandmadeTV FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/Brandmade.TV TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/brandmadetv WEBSITE: http://brandmade.tv INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/brandmade.tv SNAPCHAT: brandmade.tv ----------------------------------------­------------------------ How a Schott Perfecto is made - the ultimate motorcycle jacket. The label for bad boys everywhere is black leather motorcycle jacket. The legend started when Marlon Brando wore the Schott Perfecto motorcycle jacket in the movie “The Wild One”. After the movies release the Perfecto, the first jacket designed with the rider in mind, was banned from schools and became the marker for every teen rebel. Since then the jacket has been adopted by heroes like Joey Ramone, Bruce Springsteen and Jay Z proving it is still the jacket of choice for cool. For just over 100 years the Schott company has been making coats. It wasn't all cool and leather. In the early days The Schott brothers were making raincoats in the basement of their lower east side tenement. But their business grew and grew, and by WWII they were making bomber jackets for the US Air Force. Later the military style spread to all branches of the military and law enforcement. So by the time Marlon Brando need a jacket for The Wild One in 1953 there really was no other choice but the Perfecto. To this day, the apple hasn't dropped far from the tree. Schott NYC is still owned and run by the 3rd and 4th generation of the Schott family. And the manufacturing has gone far either - now being made in Union, New Jersey, just across the river from Schott's main business office in New York City. ----------------------------------------­------------------------ If you see this, type "Leather rules!" in the comments - and please LIKE/FAV! ----------------------------------------­------------------------ How a Schott Motorcycle Jacket is made - BrandmadeTV © BrandmadeTV 2015 This format and title of this program is protected under Copyright and Trademark Law and may not be emulated or re-created in any way without express consent in any territory worldwide.
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Text Comments (338)
Jeremy N (5 hours ago)
these really worth the price
Daniel Diaz (7 days ago)
its a cool jacket but. above any competitor? shes not serious right? no elbow or shoulder armor? back protector? or even a pocket for a back protector? no ventilation of any kind which unless youre strickly riding in 60degree or less weather youre gonna need. they didnt even mention anything on the abrasion resistance of the leather. if its just regular leather then this jacket is about as protective as a 50 dollar coat i can buy at walmart. i feel like with as expensive as these coats are they should offer a little more protection. after all thats the whole point of wearing a motorcycle specific jacket.
Curtis Vandenabeele (11 days ago)
Reed leather jacket.
yoshimitsu411 (15 days ago)
What model jacket is the presenter wearing at 2:02?
M (18 days ago)
Leather was considered one of the toughest materials to handle abuse since Ancient Rome and Schott made the first motorcycle jacket without armor obviously. Don’t know why people can’t understand their point of design history since 1913 and claim it’s just fashion or hipsterish brand
John Carpenter (22 days ago)
Nothing close to an A-2.
Khanh Ho (23 days ago)
I found a Schott Motorcycle Jacket in my parents' garage. It fit me to a T. But it was just too cool to the point of costume-y. It was from the late 50's. Then, my parents told me that I could have a garage sale and all the money I got would be mine...if I could just do the work. I hung the Schott on a stop sign and somebody bought the jacket for 50 bucks. I was stoked!
MarvinGenaro (28 days ago)
Not for this square.
Spencer Du (1 month ago)
I'm Negan.
SparkxxSavage (1 month ago)
Marlon Brando as Johnny Strabler never wore this.
Dmitriy Ka (1 month ago)
Terminator 2 !!! The best.
weerob1jnr (1 month ago)
Jay Z ain't even wearing a motorbike jacket, that's just a fake as plastic bag.
ryan timony (1 month ago)
I don't mind paying at a premium if it means someone can make a decent living and itll give me good wear. Having said that, you can get a vintage one for $199-$200.
Syed Moin Ahmed (1 month ago)
We stand above you ................117leathers
Chaka Chhakchhuak (1 month ago)
Is that Consuela
Barbi Ferrari (1 month ago)
What about Lewis leathers!
Wolfox (1 month ago)
the price on the jackets are ridiculous, ridiculous to the point where most teens wont be able to afford one.. but yet they have sizes all the way down to like 33.. i dont get why they offer that small of sizing if most people that size wont be able to afford one until they're grown way out of that size range.. baffles me :/
Fethi Boughlita (1 month ago)
How much does it cost ?
Angrymonk 94 (1 month ago)
Keep in mind this jackets can outlive your age lol.
Jersey Paul (1 month ago)
Made in the hood in New York!
Aiden Scott (1 month ago)
it's not even that nice looking tho
Snd Sk (1 month ago)
MrF3nox (1 month ago)
Arzoo Othwal (2 months ago)
Please tell me which jacket was worn by Arnold in Terminator movie?
Robert Marshall (1 month ago)
If it ain't horse hide it ain't a motorcycle jacket, you can side a whole extra foot on horse hide before it burns thru.
ryan timony (1 month ago)
+Arzoo Othwal Schott or Bates? Cant go wrong with either! Bates is more expensive though.
Arzoo Othwal (1 month ago)
+ryan timony thanks a lot. I'm 5'11 so should I go buy that jacket? Or I'll just embarrass myself ..
ryan timony (1 month ago)
Nope. That was by Bates. Another quality American brand
StereoThrilla (2 months ago)
ryan timony (1 month ago)
Actually they are a union shop
Ashley Ament (2 months ago)
What the fuck is a yuppie
Mian Luqman (2 months ago)
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TJ (2 months ago)
lol "celebrity bad boys" *shows a picture of Jay z* I can't stop laughing! xD
papiXchuko (2 months ago)
I will not wear a general star on my shoulders .
Julio (2 months ago)
funny how the guy is wearing a different type of leather jacket
Flo Ro (2 months ago)
I adore this jackets but symbol of youth rebellion? For fucks sake it is rare to find an 17 year old teen with so much pocketmoney on his hand to buy these. This jacket has no longer the status off rebellion or is the garment of bad boys. It is am expensive jacket for people who dont need to care about money
Frostbitloser (2 months ago)
zebulun docallas (2 months ago)
Someone gave me a Schott peajacket and I just neglected it because it feels heavy. But now I know that it is luxury, might as well sell it. The jacket is brand new
Martin D (2 months ago)
zebulun docallas keep smilin, keep shinin
Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa (3 months ago)
Does that perfecto has shoulders and elbows grade 2 protections ? Back protection pocket to insert back protector ? No ? It's not a biker jacket then. Because if you think so and go meet the ground in an accident, you will not get out of it in good shape as a real biker jacket would. And most important : no biker will wear anything with a metal buckle in the front. All it's going to do is RUIN the gastank paint... Here is a real biker leather jacket : inserts for protections and no buckle front : https://media.motoblouz.com/images/catalogue/dxr0140-noir-3.jpg
Duy Tran Hoang (3 months ago)
Beautiful Jackets.
M. Shade (3 months ago)
Where's the magical unicorn leather? Fucking overpriced and poor fitting.
maruko does (3 months ago)
Who else owns one?
ryan timony (1 month ago)
Henry MacArthur (3 months ago)
Too bad they are overpriced as fuck because of "derher muh brand is popular therefore gimme money" and aren't worth it. Real shame.
Robin Sutanto (4 months ago)
What model is Jason Schott wearing?
Mini Panini (4 months ago)
Do they have a size for a short fuck like me?
Jessie Jones (3 months ago)
Mini Panini do they have a size for a tall fuck like me I'm 6-7 I need like a trench coat version of this.
藤井規子 (4 months ago)
ちょっと、ちょっと…凄いよ…このジャケット😏 耐えられないべやぁ~💦男❗バイク野郎❗知ってるべやぁなぁ~💦買えよ😁
TheDude4077 (4 months ago)
I mean it looks cool, but as an actual motorcycle jacket it's not very good at all by modern standards. There's no armor at all and it's unbearably hot in the riding season. The only thing it has going for it is it's heavy duty leather, but you can buy a jacket with armor and the same grade of leather for hundreds less. This is just a fashion piece these days, a very well made fashion piece, but still a fashion piece none the less
love4lust7301 (4 months ago)
What happened to blue denim jackets.. With patches
Skrodor (4 months ago)
I wish the jacket had a polyester lining without extra cloth between the leather and polyester
Skrodor (4 months ago)
Badboys shows Jay-Z 😂 okay
Greg Dundee (4 months ago)
Ugliest piece of clothing ever
Jessie Jones (3 months ago)
Greg Dundee well you're obviously fucking blind
Dan Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Some like it alot. Made for the true rebal.
Terry Hesticles (5 months ago)
jason moreno (5 months ago)
Im a big ol' boy and i found a jacket at a bike rally in New Orleans. Packed it up when i moved. It wound up in storage and no telling what shape its in now. 😡😡😡
ANTI SOCIAL FILMS (5 months ago)
perfect jackets produced by perfect hispanic hands
The Fallen Pixel (5 months ago)
So where’s the part when they show how they skin the cow alive whilst pouring chilli oil into its eyes so that it stands stunned from the pain so that when it’s skinned is torn off it can not register where the pain is coming from? Or are you not gonna show where leather is from? No? Thought not
Terry Hesticles (5 months ago)
Sounds like BULLshit to me....
Kroy Web (5 months ago)
Why the fuck it has to cost $800 a piece? Human skin?
Andrew Hines (5 months ago)
Them hoes are so expensive
genegeneish (5 months ago)
Thats why i took my tax return and invested in my 118. Great piece of americana. Im not against hard WORKING folks from other countrys. My mother is an immigrant.
Robert Marshall (1 month ago)
most likely they were Puerto Ricans not Mexicans and they are in the USA legally.
El Catrin C (5 months ago)
Is made in the Usa, is the most famous in the US, the name is in spanish....okay
Iggy Towers (1 month ago)
El Catrin C, you are an ignorant hick, you don't even know the history of your own country, shame
ryan timony (1 month ago)
Named after a cuban cigar!
ChompsLewis (5 months ago)
Not a single piece of armour in sight so wouldnt call it a motorcycle jacket. There are some modern materials used in armoured jackets that is very discreet and comfortable which could easily be added to the main impact points.
PLASMA TV (5 months ago)
I wear and see far superior moto jackets. You’re only paying for the corporate name here. Sad that it’s not about style anymore.
M G Horvath (24 days ago)
You're wrong they're superb quality. You just probably can't afford one and feel like because you have an inferior jacket you need to justify that somehow by shitting on Schott so that would make you feel better. Sadly typical of unevoled apes like you! But really, you want one so bad! :)
Randy Curtis (5 months ago)
Does it perform better than others if you drop your ride at 70 mph? Before you tumble you'll slide. Or maybe just slide if you're lucky.
demonocus metalocus (5 months ago)
Been wearing this style jacket since the 80s,they're great jackets that last for years.
yu Ryu (5 months ago)
my schott 641 jacket looks like 'b'grade I think lafe arm and right arm to used differnt leather
SparkxxSavage (6 months ago)
Brando never wore a Perfecto though, that wasn't a Schott jacket.
ryan timony (1 month ago)
This is true. Many people say it was actually by Durable. Long cuff zips.
alvin 0113 (6 months ago)
Pretty much exactly the same as how other leather jackets are made
dante love (6 months ago)
Complaining about how expensive these jackets are? There is a lot of work on them, these jackets probably will last you decades, but go head buy your fake made in china with led for 80 bucks
Thats leather? If it is then you killed animal
jordans (6 months ago)
The very hungry meme girl I eat memes good
kini5000 (7 months ago)
Looks quite rubbery.. not in a good way.
John Doe (7 months ago)
Made by Latinos in the U.S.A.
Terry Hesticles (5 months ago)
Should be printed on the label....
jeremy trimble (7 months ago)
11 hides...what type of disgusting wasteful bullshit...anybody who owns one of these is a piece of shit
bluzshadez (7 months ago)
Nothing screams HOT to me like a man wearing a leather jacket. It makes the shoulders wider. Makes me wonder what's underneath that.
varun009 (8 months ago)
Why the fuck do rappers always wear oversized shit?
Bronx one zero 466 (8 months ago)
we will never buy one of your jacket, you endorse drug dealer jay z.
Wolfox (1 month ago)
he wasnt even wearing a schott perfecto...
Horatio Caine (8 months ago)
Could be "made in mexico"
Nate Pill (9 months ago)
I got a Milwaukee jacket
Rico Benning (9 months ago)
Never heard from the Saint Laurent Blood Luster jacket?
Just Somebody (9 months ago)
4:27 did he just said "we're gonna cum into this hole right here"
SenpaiSeven (9 months ago)
Where else would we come? 4:27
Mr. Gaffar Sarker (9 months ago)
Can I get you these designs [email protected] whatapps +8801837931338
Mr. Gaffar Sarker (9 months ago)
Can I get you these designs
Sufyan Butt (9 months ago)
Which country is your favourite shop
Joe Guzman (9 months ago)
I love big time this jackets ,they're 100% the best they last for ever you can pass it to your kids and ever grandkids
Paul Lynch (9 months ago)
Looks lightweight too me... My leather motorcycle jacket weights 15 lbs. Asphalt and concrete aren't very forgiven when you're sliding down the road on it... Thin lite weight leather jackets don't cut it with me.
ryan timony (1 month ago)
Bout five lbs. Not thin but not as heavy as say.. Vanson
tom thompson (9 months ago)
11 hides ,,,, they must be dwarf cows
Kevin Hincapie (10 months ago)
made in mexico
Ash ! (2 months ago)
Kevin Hincapie made in mexico is SHIT STUFF
Mind rules (10 months ago)
You people killed innocent animal for their skins f****krs....
Santosh sapkota (10 months ago)
Thanks for curious video .
Demesvar Clerge (10 months ago)
Damn it’s $800
Nhat Nguyen (10 months ago)
I want one
kntwing (10 months ago)
Werewolf (10 months ago)
I would love one but that quilted liner means I could wear it like 1 day a year in Texas.
hipsabad (10 months ago)
designed for motorcycle posing not riding
GENZ (10 months ago)
"I can't think of another piece of clothing anywhere that has the same notoriety." Ever heard of Levis 501's?
CorkKNIFE (10 months ago)
You keep using that word, but I don't think it means what you think it means. notoriety - the state of being famous or well known for some bad quality or deed.
Hussein Taso (10 months ago)
Thank you all. I want to give me the address I want you to work with I am from the Middle East Jordan
Jessie Jones (3 months ago)
Hussein Taso I'll give you 60 bucks if you promise to use it on English lessons
Terry Hesticles (5 months ago)
Jane Leelavathi (11 months ago)
Interesting jacket for a particular time in history. But solely for motorcycling, it just isn’t as protective as modern motorcycle jackets. The leather and seams, I’m sure are really durable, but they should utilize built in armor. And $800, nah I’ll stick with Alpinestars, Rev’It, Dainese, or Spidi.
CorkKNIFE (10 months ago)
Sportbike rider I gather.
Maso24k (11 months ago)
Love these jackets man
Bernard J Fortin (11 months ago)
The orchard branded leather jackets are an improvement of the perfecto. Better quality leather, custom features and a lifetime warranty
CorkKNIFE (10 months ago)
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. No one knows what "orchard branded" is but... actually I think that's the whole point. And they are going to give me a "lifetime warranty"? How long have they been around for?
James Day (11 months ago)
I have one
funny leaks (11 months ago)
World #1 cheap prices leather products with nice quality www.louisleathers.com
Doug UK (11 months ago)
but it looks so cheap, that tacky pocket on the front for your loose coin - yuk, then the zip cuff that are mean to grip your wrists to close of and drafts when the gloves on , well these do nothing. Its a shame when the biker jackets is so recovered from the biker. Then to add insult you silly money for it.
CorkKNIFE (10 months ago)
"Its a shame when the biker jackets is so recovered from the biker." Care to rephrase that? It makes no sense. "Then to add insult you silly money for it." It costs the same it did when it came out, about 100 hours of work at minimum wage (USA of course). If yo can't save 3 weeks worth of wages to buy something that will outlast you, then there is no sense in discussing anything of quality with you.
rodrigo ac (11 months ago)
Karin Jeffrey (1 year ago)
Best Jacket ever.

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